KEYWORDS: maria, sail, jesus, lord, they, eduardo

Sail Away

David Berg

—With Jesus!DFO 1370Portugal 13/8/77

1. THE DAMNABLE AUTOMOBILES, I WANT THE LORD TO GET RID OF THEM! The horrible horrible outrageous noise offends the Lord! God is the author of peace, He's not the author of confusion. (Maria: You damned the automobiles so that the people will walk orderly & respectfully & quietly.) Especially the motorcycles, the demonic horrible noise they make, like a demon! God damn them! I damn them in Jesus' name!

2. THEY WOULDN'T BE QUIET, SO ONE OF THESE DAYS THEY AREN'T EVEN GOING TO HAVE ANY GASOLINE, they'll have to walk & be quiet & be still. God damn them! Take away the gasoline, Lord, take away their tires, take away their spare parts! God damn them to silence & peace! Deliver us from these horrors of oil‚ the black demon of oil! O God deliver us! The black demon of oil is going to start the next war!

3. DEAR EDUARDO, DID YOU SEE HIS EYES WHEN I SAID "LET'S GET A BOAT & JUST SAIL AWAY?" It was just like he lit up, it was beautiful! It's the first time he really looked like‚ "Ah, what a dream, that's what I'd love to do!" I wish I was rich enough to buy a boat so he could be the captain & sail us away! Poor fellow. Lord forgive us for being so poor. Jesus, You could do it, in Jesus' name. You could do a miracle & give us a boat. I said, "Eduardo, can you still sail a boat?" (Maria: He said, "That's my job! That's my life!") He looked at me & smiled like that was his greatest love, the sea! (Eduardo was Lisbon Harbourmaster.)

4. O JESUS, YOU COULD DO A MIRACLE! You could do something to give us a ship so we could sail away, in Jesus' name. (Maria: With Eduardo?) Yes! We could get away from all this noise & all this confusion. (Maria: Do you think he'd come?) If we had the ship, he would come. Oh, I know he'd come. You know he'd come. (Maria: He has a beautiful spirit, doesn't he?) Oh yes‚ yes yes yes yes yes! Honey‚ do you love him? (Maria: Yes of course, Honey.) Do you show him you love him? (Maria: I try to, but I scare him!) Well, what does he do? Does he act like he loves you? (Maria: Yes.) Oh, TYJ!

5. DID YOU SEE HOW HE SMILED? DID YOU SEE HOW HE LIT UP & HOW HAPPY HE LOOKED? He said "Destination Unknown!" He just looked like, "Oh, there's my dream, there's my dream, to sail away!" It must be possible, there must be some way! O Jesus, I know there's a way in the spirit, but we still have this flesh, Lord. (Weeps.) (Maria: Eduardo needs to be freed in the spirit, that's true.) Oh, he does, he does! (Maria: He needs to find Jesus.)

6. HE'S SO FULL OF FEAR NOW THAT HE HAS TO BE FREED IN THE FLESH, LIKE THOMAS, TO BELIEVE IT. Thomas had to be freed in the flesh‚ remember? (Maria: Yes, but in this life, how can he be?) Thomas was in this life. (Maria: I know, but how could Eduardo be?) You've got to prove it to free him in the flesh‚ give him a sign in the flesh.

7. GIVE HIM A SIGN IN THE FLESH, LORD, PROVE IT TO HIM, LORD JESUS! Wouldn't that be wonderful? The Lord did that for that guy, Ron Hubbard, for Scientology, why couldn't he do it for us? (Maria: What do you mean? How?) Give us a ship & we could sail away! (Maria: Is that what you mean, a sign for Eduardo?)

8. I THINK THAT WOULD BE A SIGN! I think that's his dream, to have his own ship. It's always been my dream, but I'm not a good sailor. I wish I was a good sailor that I could sail away, & we could take Francisco with us. But we didn't sail away, we rode away. (Maria: With Francisco?) Yes, in my dream‚ through the red gates. (See No.393.)

9. BUT IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DREAM, HE LIKES IT! He loves it! Maybe God could give him a boat to sail away. See‚ they don't even have those passenger boats anymore, poor fellow, they took away his ships. Now all he can do is watch the Harbor & take care of the freighters & try to help them. Like a father with his children. (Maria: Is he happy?) Well, in a way, of course, but he'd like to sail away.

10. (SINGS:)


Sail away, sail away home!

(Weeps.) We haven't got long to be here. Wherever the Lord calls me, He calls me, by the thunder, the trumpet sounds deep in my soul! We haven't got long to be here.

"Sail away‚ sail away‚ sail away home.

We haven't got long to be here."

(We did leave soon.)

11. THAT'S WHAT HE'D LIKE, HE'D LOVE TO SAIL AWAY! He looked at me & he was happy. (Maria: Does he want to sail away with Jesus?) He wants to sail away with me. He knows I have Jesus. (Maria: But doesn't he want Jesus too for himself?) Yes, I think he does, in a way, because he wants to be good & right, he wants to do good.

12. THE PORTUGUESE LIKE TO SUFFER, THEY ENJOY SUFFERING. They want to let you know they're suffering. He says, "I work too hard!" And Francisco says, "I work too hard!" They all let us know they work too hard & they're suffering, & they enjoy it, because they want sympathy & love. (Maria: Do you think I pushed Eduardo too hard?) No. No. No. He knows somebody loves him, he likes to know you love him. He knows you love him & he knows I love him, & he's just afraid. Sweet baby‚ I love you! We need to go to sleep! I have to get up to sleep a little bit more in a little while, a little sleep, a little slumber‚ in a little while, in Jesus' name.

13. THEY DON'T KNOW WHY, BUT THEY KNOW THEY HAVE PEACE WITH ME, & THEY LIKE IT. He said so last night. What did he say? Something Francisco said. (Maria: He said, "You know everything.") He said, "I feel the good spirits when I'm with you." Jesus help us to go to sleep. O sleep, O sleep! I need You, Jesus! Give us the blessing of sleep. O God have mercy, in Jesus' name.

14. THEY LOOK AT ME LIKE THEY WANT TO BELIEVE! They're hungry but they don't know whether I'm real or not. It's just too good to be true, they want to believe it, so I think they do. But it's hard to believe it's true‚ you know? I need you! TYL! Make me know you're real‚ make me feel you're real. Shepherdess of David Steepmountain. Where is she? Where is she? (Falls asleep.)