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Talisman, The

David Berg

—Animism & the Sphinx!DFO 1369France, 23/1/79

—A Family emergency just before Tim Concerned's defection!

1. THERE'S MORE THAN SUPERSTITION TO TALISMANS! That's why the Lord didn't like gods & goddesses in graven images, because the evil spirit frequently accompanied the graven image. Any kind of talisman, an idol is a talisman‚ it's a picture‚ a token of something.

2. A LOT OF THESE PEOPLE WEAR A TOOTH, have you ever wondered why that is? It comes from an age-old custom of wearing one of the Devil's horns to protect you from the Devil! In other words, it's like we wear the heart of love to show we belong to the Lord, they wear the Devil's horn: "Okay Devil, I already belong to you, now don't bother me." A lot of people do that.

3. DID YOU EVER SEE ONE OF THOSE HORNS HANGING ON A NECKLACE? It's one of the commonest kinds of neckpieces. the funniest part about it, I have seen Madonna medallions hanging right next to the horn on the same chain around the same neck! They want God & the Devil both to protect them! Well, I'll tell you‚ it's not funny, because there is something to animism!

4. MODERN CIVILISED MAN HAS SAID THAT THE SAVAGES OF THE JUNGLES & THEIR ANIMISM IS ALL PURE SUPERSTITION, but if you've ever watched a yogi levitate, you'll know it's not superstition! Or if you've ever watched a yogi's little boy climb a rope that's just flung straight up in the air & stands there, then you know it's not superstition!

5. LIKE THAT FUNNY OLD MAN MR. BLANE WHO HAD TROUBLE WITH HIS NOSE, sinus trouble, some kind of polyps & stuff. A Christian Scientist was sitting by him on the bus & he was complaining about his sinus trouble. The Christian Scientist said, "Ah, it's just in your mind!" He said, "Brother, it's not in my mind, look, it's in my nose!"

6. SO THERE'S MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE TO ANIMISM. You've heard of what animism is? They worship all kinds of inanimate objects—everything from dolls & voodoo dolls & graven images & idols, even pictures, to talismans or trees or stones or sticks or anything. And there's more to Druidism too than modern man's willing to admit.

7. THE DRUIDS WERE A VERY FLOURISHING RELIGION FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, still are in some places. Common people think Druidism is the worship of trees, but it is the worship of the spirits that have inhabited or possessed the trees! We used to have a beautiful picture of that on the wall, where the spirit, a nude girl, is stepping out of the tree in some story, some mythology or something. So don't knock it!

8. ANIMISM IS PROBABLY THE WORLD'S MOST WIDESPREAD RELIGION. Druidism is just another form of animism. Any kind of religion in which they worship inanimate objects, trees, stones, images, the general classification for all of them, the worship of spirits that are supposed to inhabit these objects, these things, is generally known as animism.

9. WHY THEY CALL IT ANIMISM, I DON'T KNOW!—THEY ARE INANIMATE OBJECTS, THEY'RE NOT ANIMATE. Inanimate means it doesn't move, animate means it moves, has life. Maybe that's where they got the idea, that the objects did move sometimes! It's the World's largest religion because it encompasses a whole lot of different religions. It encompasses most of the African & Oriental religions.

10. IT'S THE THING WHICH GOD ATTACKED ALMOST THE MOST, the thing He hated the most outside of hypocrisy & self–righteousness‚ which is self-worship, was the worship of things, idolatry. It's idolatry. That's what's so horrible about all these new African decorations that are becoming so popular‚ I wouldn't want one in my house, I'll tell you!

11. I TOLD YOU THAT STORY ABOUT THE BUDDHA THAT MY MOTHER PRAYED AGAINST. This doctor brought it back from Japan & had it in his garden. My Mother was horrified & said, "How could you have this idol here‚ you're a Christian!" "Oh‚" he said, "that's no idol, it's just a souvenir, a very beautiful work of art that I brought back with me from Japan, it doesn't mean a thing to me except it cost me a lot of money, it's beautiful, look at it!—Gorgeous ceramic!"

12. SHE SAID, "IT'S AN IDOL, IT'S AN IMAGE, & I THINK IT'S A BAD TESTIMONY for a Christian to have a Buddhist image idol in your garden! I'm going to pray against it, I think you ought to take it out!" And that Scripture came to her, "Like the god Dagon in the temple of the Philistines‚ God will destroy it." Next morning the thing had fallen off its pedestal and fallen to the ground & broken off its head! That ought to show you God doesn't like them!

13. AND THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOD DAGON OF THE PHILISTINES. (1Sam.5.) When the Children of Israel got in a battle with these Philistines, they lost & the Philistines captured the Ark, the thing which symbolised the presence of God. That shows you again how accustomed people were to having some thing to symbolise the presence of their god.

14. GOD HAD TO TAKE THE JEWS WHERE THEY WERE, AT THAT TIME, FROM THE EGYPTIAN INFLUENCE & have a thing the Ark, to symbolise the presence of their God! And He did actually inhabit it! He said nothing can contain all of Me‚ but did you read about the Shekinah Glory in the Bible? (1Kgs.8.) A light actually hovered over the Ark between the two angels, & when that was gone, God was gone! His presence was symbolised to the Jews that way.

15. ANYHOW‚ BECAUSE OF THEIR SINS THE LORD LET THEIR ENEMIES CAPTURE THE ARK. But He was still going to protect His own reputation, so when they did, the Philistines began having all kinds of plagues. They thought, "Well, if this God of the Hebrews is that powerful we'll put Him in our temple along with our god & we'll worship them both!"

16. THAT'S LIKE THE ANGLO-SAXON GOD WODEN after which the day of the week Wednesday is named. Did you know most of our days of the week, Anglo-Saxon names, are names of Anglo-Saxon deities? When this king of Saxony heard that there was another god besides Woden he put up another altar at the other end of his temple to the other god. And when he heard about the Devil he put up another altar to the Devil!

17. THAT'S LARGELY THE PRINCIPLE OF ANIMISM, THEY TRY TO WORSHIP ALL THE GODS & all the devils & all the demons so that they'll all stay away & won't bother them. But it's obvious, of course, they bother them plenty! Animism. I wonder how they ever called it animism when it's the worship of inanimate objects? Do you know what flashed on me just then? That picture of that Russian woman making those things move on the table—animate'm!

18. TO MAKE AN INANIMATE OBJECT MOVE BY THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT IS TO ANIMATE IT. Now that would make a good study, to go into the study of the meaning of those words, where they came from, or why they call their religion animism. Maybe it's because originally their power was to make these inanimate objects move, because they could, & they did, but so can God, TTL! He makes all kinds of inanimate objects move‚ including you & me!

19. SO THEY PUT THE ARK OF THE COVENANT IN THE TEMPLE OF DAGON in front of this huge idol to Dagon. And in the morning the idol had fallen off its pedestal to the floor & whacked its head off! God wouldn't tolerate any other gods before Him! I'm telling you all this because I have something to tell you about to pray about that's pretty serious.

20. BELOVED‚ WE ARE IN A WAR! We're not fighting against animate or inanimate objects. The Apostle says we're fighting against wicked spirits of the Spirit World, this is the literal translation of what that nice old English means. "We wrestle not against flesh & blood‚ but against principalities, against powers‚ against the rulers of the darkness of this World‚ against spiritual wickedness in high places," or Heavenly places. Another translation is heavenly, meaning the Spirit World. (Eph.6;12.)

21. HIGH PLACES. PRINCIPALITIES & POWERS. They often name a local city government a principality. It comes from the word "prince‚" some prince ruled that area. So if there are wicked princes in the Spirit World, demon princes, they have principalities. They have certain areas that they rule—doesn't it say rulers of the wickedness of this World?

22. THE DEVIL HAS HIS ORGANISATION TOO, & it's probably a lot better organised than man's. Virtually every square inch of this Earth is ruled by some man or some government, & they've got it all divided up‚ borders & countries & provinces & States & counties & all kinds of things; cantons, parishes, cities, principalities & municipalities.

23. WELL, THAT'S HOW THE DEVIL'S KINGDOM IS ORGANISED TOO—principalities powers ruled by wicked spirits, think of that. The Devil is pretty practical too, but so is the Lord, TTL, He has His princes who are also ruling and more powerful, but right now Satan's devils are allowed to do battle with'm!

24. THE PRINCE OF PERSIA HAD A BATTLE WITH THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL while Michael was trying to come give Daniel a message. (Dan.10:13.) That Prince of Persia was not the King of Persia, that was somebody else. The Prince was a Demon Prince who was in charge of the country of Persia. So, the Devil's well organised, you can tell that by the way he works, but the Lord is better organised‚ thank the Lord!

25. "THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH" (Rom.1:17), that's a good one, huh? faith in what?—The Lord! What kind of a God do we have? What is the basic & the major difference between our God & the gods of this World? He's love, that's good, but I'm speaking more along the lines of physical, material characteristics. He is a Spirit & therefore is He usually seen or unseen? Unseen. (Jn.4:24; 1Co.6:17; 2Co.3:17; 4:18.)

26. ALTHOUGH THERE ARE WICKED SPIRITS BEHIND WHAT THE WORLD WORSHIPS, the World itself worships mostly the things that can be seen. Materialism is really the major religion of the World, & animism is just a form of materialism, the worship of things. Modern man worships things too, he worships his house & his car & his television & his wife & his money & all kinds of inanimate objects‚ so he's just as much an animist as the savages in the jungles of Africa! What's the difference?

27. THAT'S A VERY GOOD POINT YOU BROUGHT OUT‚ OUR GOD IS THE GOD OF LOVE! The Devil is literally the god of hate! But as far as the other characteristics of God, the most outstanding thing about our God & what the World can't understand is He can't be seen. We worship the unseen God.

28. YOU CAN TAKE A SCRIPTURE OUT OF CONTEXT, the Bible does not say that no man has seen God at any time. But you say, "Yes, Dad, but the Bible does say that!" Wait a minute‚ you didn't finish the Scripture—"And lived"! (Ex.33:20.) He could not stand to see God in this flesh, this flesh could not take it. I've never seen God.

29. MOSES WANTED TO SEE GOD SO GOD SAID HE'D LET HIM SEE HIS HINDER PARTS! (Ex.33:23.) The Bible's a pretty funny book! Moses came away with a permanent glow on his face just from looking at God's hiney! Ha! What God really meant, of course, was "the very least of Me, the very least I can show you, the very lowest part of Me that could come even close to being seen or understood or comprehended at all!"

30. OF COURSE GOD DOESN'T HAVE A HINEY, HE'S A SPIRIT! Sometimes He has a theo-fanny! Ha! I never thought about that. That's a theological term I've told you before, only I just now mispronounced it. A theophany, which literally means a God-body. In other words God's fanny, theophany. I'm sorry‚ I can't help it! With all these hungry faces looking at me it just pulls it out of me like a magnet!

31. WELL, I'M WORKING ON SOMETHING TO TELL YOU, THAT MIGHT BE HARD FOR YOU TO BELIEVE, & I'm building up a case for it. You like arguments‚ I'm not arguing about this one, I'm just giving you the case & that's it. That's one nice thing about having a rulebook‚ a law, you can't argue with the Bible.

32. "NO MAN HATH SEEN GOD AT ANY TIME & LIVED," he couldn't live & see God in this body. Some of the prophets fell down sick just from seeing angels, & John from seeing the Lord Jesus who does have a body. PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! So we worship God how? Yes, in the Spirit, by what? By faith.

33. IN OTHER WORDS, WE WORSHIP A GOD WHO IS NOT EVEN SEEN EXCEPT IN YOU. We can't prove Him to the World, can't prove Him to anybody except in us, that's all. We worship the Unseen God, & that is totally the exact opposite from what all the rest of the World worships today & has always worshipped.

34. THE WORLD HAS ALWAYS WORSHIPPED SOME KIND OF SEEN GODS, even manifestations‚ materialisations of spiritual gods, as in all those stories of mythology & all that stuff. All that stuff probably did go on at some time or other in the past, although I think some are pretty wild tales that probably got a little bit exaggerated & embellished as it went along.

35. SO WHAT IS IT THAT GOD HELD AGAINST MAN? Read it, Romans 1:18,19: "For the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against all ungodliness & unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness. Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them."

36. IT SAYS HE'S INVISIBLE, BUT IT SAYS THAT YOU CAN SEE EVIDENCE OF HIS EXISTENCE, IT'S MANIFEST. All you have to do is look around at the World & see His handiwork. His creation proves His existence. That's why the Devil has evolution as the cornerstone of his doctrine‚ & his major place of attack is Creation, because it's the greatest living proof that God exists!

37. THE DEVIL HAD TO CREATE EVOLUTION TO TRY TO DENY THE CREATION OF GOD. Because everything about the creation, everything in creation proves God exists, everything! It's perfection, it's organisation, it's synchronisation, it's harmony, it's unity, it's balance in ecology—everything!

38. LIKE DR. MILLIKAN SAID, "IF YOU SAY THAT THIS WATCH JUST PUT ITSELF TOGETHER, INVENTED ITSELF, YOU'RE CRAZY! Just like behind the synchronised perfection, order of every watch, there had to be a watchmaker, behind the perfect synchronised perfection of the Universe there had to be a Creator!"—Those were generally his words, that's the idea.

39. IT REMINDS ME OF THAT OTHER STORY ABOUT THE CHRISTIAN BUSINESSMAN WHO HAD A COMPANY THAT MADE MEAT GRINDERS. That's a big business, food processing. Some sceptic was making fun of his faith because he was a Christian, believed in God, & said: "Ah, it all just happened by accident!"

40. HE SAID, "WELL, LOOK AT THE WORLD AROUND YOU, THAT PROVES THERE'S A GOD!" The guy said, "Ah, it all just happened by accident! All the materials were there floating around through space & they just happened to run into each other & put themselves together." He said, "Listen buddy, even if you had all the parts to one of my meat grinders, you could put them into a washtub & shake them up from now until doomsday & you'd never make a meat grinder! Somebody's got to put it together!" Well‚ we're almost getting to the core of the whole thing right there.

41. "FOR THE INVISIBLE THINGS OF HIM FROM THE CREATION OF THE WORLD ARE CLEARLY SEEN." The wording here is a little difficult‚ if I had been translating I think I would have made it a little simpler. What it really is saying, is that His invisibility, His invisible existence‚ is manifest or proven by the things you can see, His Creation. The existence of our invisible God is proven by the visible creation, get it? That's what that's saying.

42. DEAR PAUL & I DISAGREE ON QUITE A FEW THINGS‚ GOD BLESS HIM! You know‚ Paul, I'm not really running you down any, I think I'm probably even worse! Some of my sentences are longer & more involved! Sometimes I read some of these rough drafts & I don't even finish lines! I get started off in a sentence & it gets so involved & I run off on some sideline & never even finish what I started to say!

43. WELL, AT LEAST PAUL GETS AROUND TO FINISHING WHAT HE STARTED TO SAY! So I have no complaints, really‚ although I'm convinced he didn't care much for women‚ probably due to sad experiences maybe. He's not as crazy as I am, I love them anyway! No matter how crazy they are! PTL! Hallelujah! "For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the World are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made even His eternal power & Godhead; so that they are without excuse." (Ro.1:20.)

44. THE WORLD'S WITHOUT EXCUSE BECAUSE THEY CAN JUST LOOK AROUND & SEE THE CREATION. You can gaze out in the yard & just look at the trees. I was admiring the perfect balance & I told Maria, "Look at that tree! I agree with Joyce Kilmer that there's hardly anything in the World more beautiful than a tree, except a beautiful woman!" In fact, the whole poem & song compares a tree to a woman, very sexy poem!

45. MAN WITH ALL HIS SMART-ALECKYNESS HAS NEVER BEEN ABLE TO CREATE ONE LIVING CELL, has never been able to create anything alive, really, nothing! He's created all kinds of imitations & machinery & engines, nearly all of which are destructive, potentially destructive, but I've gone over this before.

46. ONLY GOD'S CREATION IS ALIVE‚ REPRODUCTIVE & SELF-REPAIRING, & about the longest-lived machine in the World is the human body. There's no other machinery that can last as long as the human body, because machinery doesn't repair itself continually. Every seven years you have an entirely completely totally new body, not one cell left from the old model. Think of that!

47. I SAT THERE ON THE TERRACE & I LOOKED AT THAT BEAUTIFUL TREE IN OUR YARD LAST SUMMER. I said, "You talk about computer programming, do you realise how heavy a huge tree like that is? It weighs tons & tons, & yet it stands up there on one little trunk & spreads out yards & yards this way & that way & that way & that way & that way in all kinds of directions and doesn't fall over!" You know why? Because with every leaf that grows over here on this side, another leaf has to grow over there to balance it.

48. EVERY LEAF THAT GROWS HERE & EVERY LIMB THERE, HAS TO BE IN PERFECT BALANCE. Every tree is perfectly balanced, that's the only reason it stands there. If it were not perfectly balanced it would just fall right over no matter how thick & how tough that trunk is. Perfectly balanced.

49. IMAGINE WHAT KIND OF COMPUTER PROGRAMMING DOES THAT IN GOD'S ORGANISATION & His control of some kind, that makes a tree grow just the right amount of leaves, twigs, branches, limbs on this side‚ to balance just the right amount of leaves, twigs, branches & limbs on the other side so it won't fall over one way or the other!

50. IT EVEN TAKES A GOOD BIG HEAVY WIND TO EVEN BLOW ONE OVER, a real strong wind, it's so strong & so perfectly balanced. Think of it! And what tells the tree to grow another limb over there because there's one growing over here, & another leaf out there because there's one that's growing over here?

51. JUST ONE TREE IS SO MARVELLOUS A MECHANISM, A CREATION OF GOD, THAT MAN CAN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND IT! Oh yes, he can pick it apart & analyse the whole thing & tell you how it works & what it does & what works, he can even tell you lots of times how it works, but he can't tell you why!

52. THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW ONE SINGLE MUSCLE CELL OPERATES. Well, they know from observation, you might say, how it operates, but they don't know why. Why does it do that? Why does it contract & expand? What makes it do that? Muscle cells are totally different from other kinds of cells. Well, not totally‚ they're still cells, they've got nucleus & protoplasm, fiber, etc.

53. "EVEN ONE LITTLE CELL IS BEYOND MAN'S COMPREHENSION‚" as quoted Dr. Steiner, obviously German–Jewish‚ considered the World's greatest authority on the living human cell & famous for his faith also. After studying it for 30 years somebody asked him something about it & he said, "After 30 years of study of the human cell I cannot help but marvel at the Divine Designer who made it!"

54. THAT'S TRUE SCIENCE, THEY ACKNOWLEDGE THE EXISTENCE OF GOD‚ they know there's Something, Somebody‚ some Planner, some Designer. The only ones who don't are the oppositions of science falsely socalled. "The vain & the profane babblings," Timothy says, "of science falsely so-called." (Tim.6:20.) Why is it falsely so–called?

55. WHAT DOES THE WORD "SCIENCE" MEAN? It comes from the Latin "Scio," meaning, "I know." Something you know. Therefore science is supposed to be something that you know! That God-damned evolution, they don't know one God-damned thing about it! It's pure lies!—By other nice sounding names like theory, hypotheses, conjectures, educated guesses, & all lies!

56. THEY DON'T KNOW ONE THING ABOUT EVOLUTION AT ALL BECAUSE IT DOESN'T EXIST! How could they know? It's a science falsely so-called. Evolution is not a science because you can't know it. Even Margaret Mead, who is at least an honest scientist said, "We as honest scientists must confess there's not one iota of concrete evidence to prove it!"

57. YOU KNOW WHAT AN IOTA IS? Well, it's a little Hebrew character. Some of you have the names of the different parts of the 119th Psalm & you may also have the Hebrew characters there. Find the Jod. It's a little tiny apostrophe. The smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet is called Jod, from which we get our word "jot."

58. IT'S NOT MUCH BIGGER THAN THE HEAD OF A PIN, RIGHT? Well, that's what Margaret Mead said, they haven't found that much evidence, not even that much evidence, a little speck of evidence to prove evolution! Not one speck! Do you know what they're doing now?

59. THEY'VE HAD SO MANY OF THESE GOD-DAMNED FOSSILS PROVEN TO BE GOD-DAMNED FAKES, that they're now finding some new ones. They've run out of old ones, all have been either faked or debunked‚ & so now the latest one is the African man, Homus Erectus Africanus or blah blah! Sounds like they're talking about somebody's penis!


63. … Like that little girl we met on the train, we asked her what she did & she said she was an actress. We said, "Oh, what are you in? We'd like to come see your plays!" Beautiful girl! She looked at us with a little slight smile, a little slightly embarrassed—she really didn't look like the type—& she said "Super Dick." Dick is an American Word for penis.

64. WELL‚ THAT'S ONE OF THE WONDERS OF GOD'S CREATION‚ I didn't really get away from the subject. …

65. IT WAS AMAZING THIS MORNING, WASN'T IT? Once in awhile mine still functions, PTL! One of the wonders of God's creations. It's one of the wonders of God's creation that I should last so long! PTL! Nobody laughed, how about that! I guess they didn't want to hurt my feelings! OK Son‚ let's get sober & get back to the subject.

66. WHAT PROVES THE EXISTENCE OF GOD'S CREATION? The greatest proof that Paul gives here that God exists is His Creation! So the Devil had to attack that fundamentally & try to make people believe it just happened by accident. When it so obviously had this certain pattern or design to it, they couldn't then say it was totally accidental, so they created the doctrine of "natural selection." In other words, yes, there's a design to nature, as they call it‚ it not only creates itself, but it designs itself by what they call the process of natural selection. How about that?

67. IN OTHER WORDS, IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT LONG ENOUGH & YOU LIKE TO CLIMB TREES like I did when I was a boy, after a few million years, thousands of generations, you might grow a prehensile tail that would help you hold on to the branches, evolution in reverse. Well, the funny part about it is, it can't come in only one generation‚ you've got to have thousands of generations with the same desire & this same will power & power of positive thinking to think yourself a tail!

68. I'VE TOLD YOU MY LITTLE STORY OF CREATION ABOUT HOW EVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE TELLS US IT ALL BEGAN WITH ONE LITTLE LIVING CELL floating around in the sea, & it got tired of floating, it wanted to swim. So several thousand generations cells concentrated on growing a tail that it could wiggle & paddle itself around with & swim. It took millions of years, of course‚ they even tell you exactly how many million years. Well, it's pretty hard to prove that it didn't take that many million years because you weren't there.

69. BUT AS ONE GEOLOGIST SAID AT GRAND CANYON, DR. CHRISTENSEN—they had about six geologists there—he got up one day & he said, "Listen, these geologists tell you that that certain strata of rock is so many million years of age, & that rock is so many million years old. You just ask him, 'Vas you dere, Charlie?’ They don't know anymore about it than you do!" An honest lecturer! I wondered how long he was going to last there anyhow.

70. HE SAID, "THEY TRY TO PROVE THE AGE OF THOSE ROCKS BY THE FOSSILS IN THE ROCKS, because the evolutionist says that the fossils are that old. Therefore the geologist knows that the rock is that old. And you know how the evolutionists know the fossil is that old? Because the geologist said the rock is that old!" Two liars proving each other! It's crazy! You talk about fairy tales, even mythology is more believable than evolution! At least they've got some plan & some plot to the myths & the legends. There's no rhyme nor reason to evolution, nothing at all!

71. NOW, FIRST OF ALL, ROMANS 1:20 ENDS WITH THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT THAT MAN IS WITHOUT EXCUSE. God's own handiwork, the material Creation, is the proof of the existence of the immaterial God. The visible Creation proves the existence of the invisible God, so He says they're without excuse. Why?

72. IN OTHER WORDS, THESE PEOPLE WHO CLAIM NOT TO BELIEVE IN GOD, smart scientists & teachers & evolutionists & all the rest of them, I can prove from the Bible that they are liars, they do believe in God.—Unless they are insane idiots, morons, really absolute fools like a demented or retarded child, & maybe some of them are! Because what does the Bible say?

73. WHO ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY SAY IN THEIR HEARTS THERE'S NO GOD? "The fool hath said in his heart there is no God." (Ps.14:1.) These guys say it with their mouths all the time, but they're like Ralph Underwood who was the head of the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism, the Four A's, one of the most active & bitter atheistic outfits in the U.S. before the communists came along. Afterward he got marvellously saved.

74. HE USED TO LECTURE & WRITE AGAINST GOD ALL THE TIME. He said, "Dave, all the time I knew there was a God but I hated Him! Therefore I didn't want anybody to believe in Him, therefore I fought Him!" They know there's a God! No man in his right mind can look at one tree & not know there's a God, or study one insect‚ little tiny speck of life that you can see with your naked eye! Life! An ant!

75. "GO TO THE ANT, THOU SLUGGARD," one little tiny bug! Man can't even create one little bug. Well, they say he creates Volkswagens. When they first came to the States they used to have little stickers on the back windows: "Don't squash me!" They used to call them "bugs‚" the Americans made fun of them because they were so small.

76. OH‚ IT'S SO RIDICULOUS FOR MAN NOT TO BELIEVE IN GOD! Well, it's even more ridiculous to say he doesn't believe in God, when he can't help but believe in God just by looking at Creation! If you're not an absolute fool, if you have a reasoning mind at all, all you have to do is just look at the Creation to know somebody had to put it together & design it & pattern it & make it work like that.

77. EVEN THE ECOLOGISTS NOW ARE ALMOST GETTING PEOPLE BACK TO FAITH IN GOD because they're showing the balance of nature & how if you destroy one thing‚ that if you somehow or another upset the thing‚ the whole thing can get upset because it's so perfectly designed & so delicately balanced‚ Man & his destruction is wrecking the creation.

78. SO HE SAID "THEY'RE WITHOUT EXCUSE, NEITHER WERE THANKFUL." That's one of the worst things about it, they're not thankful. They see His Creation, they know He exists, therefore, but they're not even thankful for the Creation‚ much less for Him. "But became vain in their imaginations." If that isn't a description of evolution, I never heard one! "Vain in their imaginations!" It's all a fairy tale, imagination, pure fiction! Ridiculous fiction. Vain imaginations. (Ro.1:21)

79. "AND THEIR FOOLISH HEART WAS DARKENED." They rejected the light so of course they have darkness. "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." Doesn't that sound like our professors of today, our so-called scientists of geology & paleontology? (Ro.1:22)

80. TALK ABOUT ONE OF THE FAKIEST PHONIEST SCIENCES IN THE WORLD TODAY, IT'S PALAEONTOLOGY, the study of the various ages of the Earth & the fossils & the geology & how old the rocks are & how old the fossils are & the Ice Age, & the Bronze Age & the Iron Age, & blah blah blah blah, all that tommyrot! Pure lies, every bit of it, yet they have whole courses in school on paleontology, just one branch of lies!

81. THERE ARE COURSES AFTER COURSES IN MODERN UNIVERSITY TODAY THAT ARE ALL LIES, total phoney lies, not a word of truth to the whole thing! Pure vain imaginations‚ somebody's dreams—nightmares! Pure concoction of some man, not a word of truth in it, & yet they have whole courses in college & university on it, think of that!

82. "PROFESSING THEMSELVES TO BE WISE THEY BECAME FOOLISH IN THEIR VAIN IMAGINATIONS" & what else? I'm getting around to something that depicts this right here in the house, Beloved. "And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, & to birds, & fourfooted beasts." (Ro.1:23)

83. CHANGED THE GLORY OF OUR UNCORRUPTIBLE GOD INTO AN IMAGE! You say, "But man doesn't worship images today, only primitive man, only the backwoodsy superstitious savages worship images today!" Well, you might get a few people to agree with you even that man worships television & he worships his car & house & things like that, but I can show you how the whole educational system is built on worshipping images, particularly evolution. Get these images!

84. "INTO AN IMAGE MADE LIKE TO CORRUPTIBLE MAN & TO BIRDS & FOURFOOTED BEASTS & CREEPING THINGS"! That's what the evolutionists worship!—Man, birds, beasts‚ fourfooted things. "Behold, these are your gods‚ O ye people, these are the gods that have made you, this little cell, this little tail, this little tadpole‚ this little lizard‚ this snake‚ this serpent‚ this reptile, he's your forefather‚ not God! This monkey, he's your forefather!" That's what the evolutionists worship!—Animals!

85. I HAD THIS BIG DISCUSSION ON THE PORCH WITH PEPE, THIS HISTORY TEACHER from the university in Tenerife one night. Carlos Harbour, the head of the Mafia of the islands down there was one of my adorers, God bless him, he used to squeeze me so hard he nearly cracked my ribs, a regular gorilla! He brought out this history teacher one night to argue with me about evolution.

86. HE WAS HIS BEST FRIEND & HE WAS CONCERNED ABOUT HIM, because Carlos got saved & now loved the Lord & believed in the Family, so he brought out this history professor. And this guy right away starts spouting off his evolution, blah blah blah blah & monkeys: "I don't believe we're made by God‚ I believe we came from monkeys."

87. WELL, AFTER A LOT OF THIS HOT AIR I FINALLY JUST LAUGHED IT OFF. There's no use arguing with people like that. I said, "Well, you can believe in monkeys if you want to, but I'm going to believe in God!"—& everybody laughed, of course, because it showed how silly it was. He was literally believing in monkeys, & I was believing in God! He was a little bit miffed at that because everybody laughed at him, because it made him look as silly as he was!

88. AND DEAR OLD CARLOS, HE CAME TO ME & NEARLY CRUSHED ME AGAIN AS USUAL, even kissed me—he was always kissing my hand, like a bishop. He whispered in my ear, "You got him! You won, you won! You made a fool out of him!" Well, it just shows you never know how much good a thing is doing, just one little crack like that, but dear old Pepe apparently got to thinking how silly that was to believe in monkeys instead of God, & he finally came around, he got saved! And they became two of our best friends, our best promoters, TTL! And what does the next verse say?

89. "WHEREFORE GOD ALSO GAVE THEM UP TO UNCLEANNESS THROUGH THE LUSTS OF THEIR OWN HEARTS." Here is more worship of the Creation, right? This doesn't mean that your body is evil or that your sex is unclean, that's what some of the preachers & some of the religionists say, they jump off the other deep end, they go from one extreme to the other. (Ro.1:24)

90. IF SEX & YOUR BODY ARE UNCLEAN, THEN WHY DID GOD MAKE THEM? If sex is bad & evil‚ why did God make it? He's the One who made the nerves that feel good! I'm not ashamed of it! Maybe you're ashamed of me when I sit over there & goose the girls one after the other! I like to make them happy! To me it's like an art, like playing an instrument! I love them & I want to make them feel good!

91. EVERY GIRL TEACHES ME SOMETHING NEW! They all have pretty standard equipment, but every girl's a little bit different! Thank God for variety! Some girls go boom‚ & some girls go whooooosh, some girls don't have an explosion, they just have a gradual rise & gradual abatement. There's as much variety in sex as there is in creation, as much variety in women as there is in men.

92. ALTHOUGH MEN ARE A LITTLE MORE MONOTONOUS THAN WOMEN‚ because men operate pretty much the same & there's an explosion & that's it, boom! Whereas women are so different & so varied‚ & different things affect them & influence them, & different things are important to them, & influence them, & different things are important to them, & different places & different methods & different manners & different atmosphere—everything!

93. YOU WOMEN ARE UNFATHOMABLE! We're not supposed to understand you, we're just supposed to love you, that's all! You're supposed to understand us! You were made for us, to understand us‚ we're not supposed to understand you. Well‚ the Lord helps us though. We kind of passed over something there, have we hit it yet?

94. PAUL'S LIKE A WOMAN GOING TO TELL A SECRET. He starts you off & gets your appetite all whetted for it‚ then he rambles around like I do, & like I'm about to tell you a secret tonight. I've been going clear round creation to get around to it, whet your appetite for it. so that you'll understand it when I tell you. So what happened? 25th verse (Romans 1):

95. "WHO CHANGED THE TRUTH OF GOD INTO A LIE." What do the evolutionists do, the modern scientists who are not true scientists? I'm not talking about the true scientists who actually believe there's some divine Designer, Creator or Power behind the Universe, I'm not talking about true science.

96. I'M TALKING ABOUT THESE LIARS, THESE COOKERS OF ABSOLUTE POISON, in which is no truth & nothing good in it, pure lies & fabrications & imaginative concoctions. It couldn't have happened because they never happened. They changed the truth of God into a lie. They changed the truth of God's creation into a lie of evolution! And why?

97. "AND WORSHIPPED & SERVED THE CREATURE MORE THAN THE CREATOR WHO IS BLESSED FOREVER." Worshipped & served what? The creature! They worshipped creation more than the Creator, more than the One Who created it! All right, now we're back to animism!

98. SOME OF THESE LEARNED SCIENTISTS WOULD BE INSULTED IF YOU CALLED THEM AN ANIMIST, but every evolutionist is an animist, he worships things, fossils & bones & rocks & tadpoles & the creation, the materialistic creation. He says that it created itself, it designs itself‚ it even changes itself, it adapts itself, all this junk you learn in evolution, mostly in biology, is animism!

99. IT USED TO BE BIOLOGY WAS A BEAUTIFUL STUDY OF THE MARVELS OF GOD'S CREATION, of flowers & plants & animal life. Do you know what biology has become today?—Nothing but a course in pure naked evolution! That's all! The whole course is to try to prove evolution, the whole thing. The worship & serve the creature, or the creation, more than the Creator.

100. NOW GETTING BACK TO THE QUESTION I ASKED YOU A LONG TIME AGO, what has God against unbelieving man? What makes Him so angry & so furious with unbelieving man? Hmm? From all that we've said & all we've read, why is God angry with the unbeliever? It tells you! Because what, first of all? It's obvious that He exists because of His creation, but man refuses to be thankful even for the creation, much less for God, & he insists on worshipping the creation instead of the Creator.

101. EVERYBODY WHO IS NOT A TRUE BELIEVER IN THE TRUE SPIRITUAL GOD IS AN ANIMIST!—In the broadest sense of the word, & I'm broadening it a lot more than you'll find in the dictionary‚ I'm giving you my interpretation & I'm convinced it's so. How can you prove it by the Bible?—By that passage you just read. He worships the creation‚ things, instead of the Spirit, right? PTL! TYL! Well, now, to get down to something a little more close to home, & some of you may find this hard to believe.

102. ONE OF GOD'S GREATEST INTERESTS IS IN GETTING YOU TO BELIEVE IN THE UNSEEABLE, getting you to believe in the unseen. "For the things which are seen are temporal‚ but the things which are unseen are eternal." (2Co.4:18.) Now‚ what is seen? I was just telling Maria last night that the average age of a house is about the average age of a man, I mean to say without having to have a lot of repairs & constant upkeep like poor Emanuele's properties.

103. A LOT DEPENDS ON THE KIND OF HOUSE & THE WAY THEY BUILT IT & everything else, & I'm particularly thinking perhaps of housing in the U.S. because I have more experience with those & they're made out of either wood or blocks, etc. But even if you make it out of bricks, because so much of it's wood‚ the floors are wood, ceilings are wood, roofs are wood, the average house will last about a generation‚ at the most two, from 40 to 80 years. I don't know about those houses in Tenerife, they will last because there isn't hardly a stick of wood in them!

104. EVERYTHING IN THIS LIFE IS SO TEMPORARY! This World is temporary, it's all temporary. Temporal means temporary, just for a time, that's all. Everything you can see is temporary. Temporal, the Bible says so: "The things which are seen are temporal‚ but the things which are unseen are eternal." It says, "Set not your affection on things on the Earth, but on things Above," the Heavenly. (Col.3:2.) He's using this type of wording to help you understand what he's talking about, the spirit world‚ the spiritual.

105. WHEN THE BIBLE TALKS ABOUT HEAVEN & THE HEAVENLY IT'S USUALLY TALKING ABOUT THE WORLD OF THE SPIRIT, it doesn't necessarily mean some place a thousand miles high or way off somewhere in space. There are seven heavens, & believe it or not, you're living in one them right now! You are living in the atmospheric heavens. The air you breathe is a part of that heaven, & then there are other heavens above & beyond.

106. IN FACT, THERE'S ANOTHER HEAVEN IN THE WORLD OF THE SPIRIT THAT'S ALSO RIGHT HERE, & you're living & moving in it without even realising it. He says, "In whom we live & move & have our being," meaning in the Spirit, in God. (Ac.17:28.) So if we're Christians and love the Lord & we have His Spirit, then we live & move in the Spirit World as well as in the temporal World.

107. IT'S A MARVELLOUS THING WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT, you & I today belong both to time & eternity. It's like one foot in Heaven & one on Earth, We're living in both time & eternity already. For those of us who believe & have Jesus in our hearts & are born again in the Spirit, we are already eternal! We are already immortal! PYJ! (Tongues:) "Hear ye the words that I have spoken with the wisdom that I have given unto thy father!" TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah!

108. THERE WAS A FAMOUS PLAY OR BOOK OR SOMETHING, "ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN," wasn't there? Well, you've got one foot in Heaven & one still on Earth. Pretty soon the Lord's going to let you one of these days pick up the one that's on Earth & put that one in Heaven too, & you won't have to worry about this old World anymore. Well, I wouldn't say that either, you might have to help us, in case you go first, or I'll be helping you most likely. I will still be concerned about you.

109. "BUT THEN WE SHALL KNOW‚ EVEN AS ALSO WE ARE KNOWN" (1Co.13:12)‚ thank God! PTL! "We shall be like Him‚ we shall see Him as He is." (1Jn.3:2.) TYL! We don't know all we're going to be like, but He says we shall be like Him. It's too marvellous to even understand or fathom, but that's the World of the Spirit!

110. YOU & I ARE MOVING IN TWO WORLDS ALREADY. I can see you & you can see me‚ but you don't really see me‚ you only see my body, this flesh‚ & this really isn't me! I live on the inside here somewhere, & the real me is inside & you can't really see me. You come closest to seeing that person inside through their eyes, the windows of the soul.

111. IT REALLY GIVES YOU KIND OF A WEIRD FEELING TO LOOK INTO PEOPLE'S EYES because you can see that something unseen, that thing inside staring out at you! Pretty weird! Ha! that spirit that lives inside. Some people are very weird, they don't just have one, they've got several—like me! TYL!

112. YOU LIVE IN TWO WORLDS, IN A WAY. You don't really belong to this one, you really belong to the next one‚ but you're still in this one. We are in this World, He said, but we're not of this World. (Jn.17:14.) In other words, we're in it but we don't belong to it really, we're not of this World. We belong to the spiritual realm.

113. WE HAVE THE SPIRIT OF GOD‚ WE HAVE AN IMMORTAL SPIRIT, your spirit as well as God's Spirit. Well, that gives you two spirits to start with! So don't look at me & think I'm so weird, you've got a couple yourself, your own & the Lord's! I used to tell some of my students, "Your problem isn't evil spirits, it's your own stubborn wilful spirit you have the most trouble with!"

114. THE EVIL SPIRITS ARE SUBJECT UNTO US, IT'S YOUR OWN SPIRIT THAT IS OFTEN NOT SUBJECT AS IT SHOULD BE, that's the one you have the most trouble with. Don't blame it all on the Devil, don't blame it all on evil spirits, because it's your own spirit that's still not conquered if you don't yield it to the Lord.

115. IN A WAY, WE WHO LOVE THE LORD & BELIEVE & ARE YIELDED, WE'RE IN TWO WORLDS AT THE SAME TIME. We're here & we can see each other, & at the same time we're living & operating in the World of the Spirit!—Which is also here, & is co-existent with this present World. It's here, not only there! It's also there, but it's also here!

116. THAT'S WHY ABRAHIM CAN SUDDENLY PUNCH THROUGH & SAY SOMETHING. He's here, he's not there‚ he's right here! Praise God! Every now & then he steps in & he's right there, think of that! He pushes something out of me I didn't even plan to say. Talk about miracles‚ I don't understand it either. He speaks in a language I never learned, & he speaks the wisdom that comes from God. What did the Lord say? (Maria: "Hear the words that I have spoken with the wisdom I have given unto thy father!") Hallelujah! PYJ! TYL! That's encouraging‚ I needed that‚ TTL!

117. NOW, ALL THIS TIME I'VE BEEN PROMISING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING‚ the thing I was driving at. You're living in two Worlds. You & I are children of God by faith, we are children of faith, we believe in the unseen, & what we can seen encourages us to believe in the unseen God.

118. IF IT IS GOD'S BUSINESS TO TRY TO GET YOU TO BELIEVE IN HIM, THE UNSEEN‚ WHAT IS THE DEVIL'S BUSINESS? What does God say in this passage that He hates?—that they worship the creation or the things instead of the Creator. So one of the Devil's main lines of business is to keep you from worshipping God & believing in the unseen God‚ the spiritual God, to get you to worship the things that you can see, the creation, the creature, the material universe.

119. MODERN MAN WORSHIPS ALL THESE THINGS, he's just as much a worshipper of objects & things & creations as the most superstitious so-called savage in the deepest darkest jungle. But of course he wouldn't be complimented if you said so, but it's true. For what does the savage worship?

120. DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ANIMISM, SAVAGERY, WHAT DO THEY WORSHIP? We just got through talking about it awhile ago, you just got through reading about it.—Images, objects, animals, trees, rocks‚ sticks, stones, the most horrible ugly-looking African carvings & stuff, demonic! I mean, they look like devils! I've only seen one devil that I ever remember & that was Oplexicon, & he wasn't ugly. I think it was either Satan, almost like an image of light, or at least he wasn't all that bad looking.

121. BUT I'M CONVINCED THAT SOME DEMONS & SOME DEVILS ARE HORRIBLE MONSTERS! I think they're probably a lot like the spirit that they are—fiends, diabolical, fiendish! I don't like to talk about the Devil's business but I might as well tell you because I think we're dealing with something along that line. "We wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against principalities & powers & wicked spirits in the spiritual heavens." Therefore we must use weapons which are not carnal, but are mighty, spiritual weapons that are mighty to the tearing down of strongholds. Jesus help us!

122. SOME PEOPLE GOT VERY FLIPPED OUT BECAUSE URI GELLER COULD BEND SPOONS WITHOUT TOUCHING THEM, but he wasn't doing the bending. They call it psychokinesis. In other words, they're saying it's the power of the mind, mind over matter, that if you concentrate on something strong enough you can shatter a window, you can bend a fork, stop the hands on a clock, move objects across the table. You say, "Well, what the hell's that got to do with it?" Well, what is the creation of God that man worships the most?—Man. Himself.

123. THIS WAS THE DEVIL'S FIRST ATTACK IN THE GARDEN—TO GET ADAM & EVE TO WORSHIP THEMSELVES! What was his temptation? "And ye shall be as gods!" (Ge.3:5.) You'll be such a god you can even worship yourself, you'll be so powerful & you'll be so smart!—And that's exactly where man has gotten to today, he worships himself & his own accomplishments. Good night, they even call that big exposition in Montreal, "Man & His World!"

124. LIKE THE HORRIBLE POEM WRITTEN BY A DEVIL, "INVICTUS." We used to have to memorise it in high school! What a horrible thing to teach kids:

"I am the captain of my fate,

I'm the master of my soul,

My head is bloody but unbowed!"

In other words, "I'm my own boss, to hell with God!" Man worships himself most of all.

125. ALL THIS YOGISM, TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION, GIVE IT ALL THE NAMES YOU WANT TO, IT'S A VERY CLEVER COUNTERFEIT. It's a subterfuge, it's a phoney false front. They really start you off thinking that you're worshipping yourself & your own mind, the real you. It's all the rage, by the way, in the States today, the worship of you, your mental powers, your mind, your spirit—self-realisation, isn't that one of their terms? "You don't really realise the power that you have!"

126. WELL, THAT'S TRUE, MOST PEOPLE DON'T REALISE WHAT SPIRITUAL POWER THERE IS EVEN WITHIN THEMSELVES exercised in the Spirit World. But what they don't know that they're getting into is when they start realising this self-power, in the yoga exercises & the yoga positions & the yoga expressions‚ if any of you have ever studied it, it is horrible, demonic! I started doing yoga for exercise, probably some of you have taken lessons in yoga, anybody?

127. IT STARTS OFF REAL GOOD, VERY GOOD POSITIONS & EXERCISES THAT ARE GOOD FOR YOUR BODY. What a clever attack of the Devil‚ huh? It starts off in the physical, but you wind up inviting the Enemy in to take over! To hold certain positions for hours, even to the point of suspending your breathing, to the point of letting spiritual power, demonic power enter in and take over. That's what nearly all of the Oriental religions are! They are demonic! Self-realisation.

128. TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION, WHAT DOES THIS WORD MEAN? What is to transcend? To go across from where to where through meditation? Well, literally what it means is to cross over in your mind from the physical World—they may not say it & they may not even warn you of that in such simple terminology—but through meditation & through all these exercises to cause your mind to be able to pass over the portal into the spiritual World.—Where‚ Beloved, if you're not a child of God protected by the Lord, you will be at the mercy of demon powers‚ & they don't have much mercy! Demon-possessed!

129. IT'S NOT THE POWER OF URI GELLER'S MIND WHICH BENDS SPOONS & SILVER! It may seem silly & foolish to you, but the Lord showed me it's child's play in the Spirit World. Did you know there are children in the Spirit World?—And apparently some of them have nothing better to do than going around bending Uri Geller's spoons & forks & stopping the hands on the clock. Nothing instructive about that‚ in fact, it's very destructive!

130. HIS WHOLE POWER WAS NOT AT ALL CONSTRUCTIVE, IT WAS DESTRUCTIVE. People watching the program phoned in from all over England & said‚ "Would you please get that guy back on television & tell him to fix my watch, my clock—they've all stopped, the hands are bent & we can't get them going again!"

131. WE LIVED DOWNSTAIRS IN BARCELONA UNDERNEATH A GUY WHO LIVED UPSTAIRS, & I wondered why we had so much trouble sleeping in Barcelona. It turned out this guy put on a show at a local club every night with this girl who was under hypnosis or drugs or something, & he ran these steel pins clear through her body without her feeling it & could perform stunts of levitation & several other very weird things. They lived in an apartment over our head, the Penthouse. That's another story!

132. WELL, URI GELLER TRIED TO GIVE THE CREDIT TO GOD. He's an Israeli. ... I'm not trusting these Israelis! What do you think that did for the people that watched the show? Now you use your own mind & try to think, now what did it do? (Daniel: Made them want to be able to do something like that.) Yes‚ & what do you think they thought did it? His own mind or mental power did it. There again is man's own self-worship.

133. ON THE RUSSIAN MOVIE WHERE THE WOMAN MOVED THINGS ACROSS THE TABLE, to what were they giving the credit for this power? God? The Devil? No, to psychokinesis, power of mind over matter, to our own mind. Look to what lengths the Devil will go to encourage the worship of man & his mental powers! Now that's something modern, not too modern at that, there're lots of instances all through history, but what I'm getting around to now is that's just a part of the worship of creation instead of God.

134. MOST OF THESE SELF-REALISATION TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION & YOGA & ALL, they start out telling you, "Well, it's your power‚ it's your mental power, it's your mind, the power of your spirit, & we're going to get you to be able to exercise your whole power of the self that's within you, the spirit within you"—& eventually they want so much power that they get it! It literally amounts to what Pentecostals call in the Christian spiritual world, "tarrying for the Spirit." Tarrying, praying, waiting to be filled with the Spirit of God, & they'll pray for hours & tarry to be possessed of the Holy Spirit.

135. THE HARE KRISHNAS SAY THIS NAME OVER & OVER & OVER AGAIN, constantly the name of this god. I know he's not our God, he's not my God, so it must be the name of some demon spirit, some evil spirit king who wants to be worshipped as god! If you worship him enough & say his name over enough & chant it enough & get in the spirit enough, yes, you'll get him! That demon will possess you & you'll be able to have supernatural miraculous powers to levitate, move things on a table, whatever!

136. PEOPLE CAN GET TO THE POINT WHERE THEY WANT SUPERNATURAL POWER, where they love themselves & worship the creature so much they want that creature to have more power than it's got & they are willing to submit themselves to a higher power, a spiritual power which will give them supernatural powers to move things on a table‚ bend spoons, stop clocks, levitate, all kinds of things, self-worship‚ worship of man.

137. HE'S NOT SATISFIED WITH THE POWERS THAT GOD'S ALREADY GIVEN HIM, he wants a higher power, a supernatural power. Now that is not wrong, is it, to desire such power? Don't we? It just depends on who you're asking it of, you'd better be careful who you get it from, which God, which power, good or evil‚ God or the Devil?

138. YOU'D BETTER BE SURE YOU'RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK & THE RIGHT BEAM & THE RIGHT CHANNEL & THE RIGHT DIRECTION! Of course, thank God, we as Christians who love the Lord & believe the Bible & have received Jesus Christ as our Saviour, who have faith in the Son of God & have received His Holy Spirit, you can't get us off the right channel, TTL!

139. SUCH PEOPLE I DO NOT BELIEVE CAN BE DEMON-POSSESSED. They might temporarily tune in sometimes‚ or the Devil might squeeze in with his static sometimes, like when you're trying to tune a radio‚ but if you're a child of God, you're not going to sit there & listen to static.

140. WHEN YOU'RE LISTENING TO YOUR RADIO TRYING TO GET BBC‚ you don't feel around till you get the loudest noise & the worst static & sit there & enjoy it‚ do you? You tune it out as far as you can until you find the good music or the good sounds, right? Some of these people, they don't care what kind of static it is as long as it's loud & it's supernatural & it's spiritual, they covet it, even if it's static. Sad, isn't it?

141. WELL, IN A WAY I'VE GOT MORE SYMPATHY FOR PEOPLE LIKE THAT THAN PEOPLE WHO DON'T WHAT ANYTHING. I've got more sympathy with the kids that take drugs to go into the dreams of the Spirit World & to take spirit trips to find the realities of the spirit, even if sometimes they find the wrong ones, at least they're searching, right? They're searching for spiritual reality. In a sense they're searching for God.

142. WE'VE HAD HIPPIE AFTER HIPPIE IN OUR EARLY DAYS TELL US HOW ON LSD & DRUG TRIPS THEY FOUND GOD, they met the Lord or angels or they knew that there was a God. Some trips were hell on Earth, hell, they saw hell & the Devil & whatnot & it was demonic! But you know‚ it just shows you how some people are the Lord's children from the creation of the World.

143. MOST OF OUR KIDS WHO GOT SAVED & JOINED THE FAMILY HAD SELDOM EVER HAD A BAD TRIP. When they got on the drugs & got in the Spirit World, the Lord protected them even there, even before they were saved. They're already His child, He knew it, He knew they were going to find Him, He was doing His best to lead them to Him & He protected them from having bad trips.

144. A FEW OF THEM HAD A BAD TRIP THAT LITERALLY SCARED THE HELL OUT OF THEM! The Lord gave them a bad enough trip to nearly scare them to death so they didn't want to go to Hell or have anything to do with the Devil & all of that! If you had a bad trip, that's probably why the Lord let you have it. But most of their trips had been good trips because you're already God's child & He was already protecting you, isn't that wonderful? Before you even found Him He'd already found you, PTL! TYJ!

145. MODERN MAN WORSHIPS HIMSELF & HIS OWN MIND & HIS OWN GENIUS & his own mental prowess & his own spirit. Even those who have gotten into the spiritual in the Oriental religions still think they're worshipping their own spirit or their own mental power through meditation, yoga, etc. They eventually discover that they get into another spirit, the World of demon power! Of course, the Devil doesn't always expose himself right off the bat, some of the manifestations will be good & marvellous & create wonder.

146. I TOLD YOU THE STORY ABOUT ONE OF OUR ALLIANCE PIONEER MISSIONARIES WHO WENT TO INDIA. First time on the field & they sent him to this little village to pioneer, to go there & rent a house sort of like we do to try to witness to the people & live like the people.

147. SOME LOCAL YOGI HEARD ABOUT IT & CAME TO PAY HIM A VISIT. He sat down on the floor cross-legged in front of him, folded his arms & said, "So, you're going to preach the Gospel‚ & you think you're going to get these people to believe in it & to no longer believe in their former gods?" Most of them worship a variety of idols.

148. THEN HE SMILED & LOOKED AT THE MISSIONARY, NODDED HIS HEAD‚ LEGS FOLDED UNDER HIM, & GRADUALLY ROSE FROM THE FLOOR, & floated until his head touched the ceiling! Just smiled very friendly like‚ nodded his head & floated back to the floor! He said‚ "Well, you're going to have a very hard time!" Now don't misunderstand me‚ I'm not going to do any stunts with you tonight, but what he was telling the missionary was what? He was wrestling not against flesh & blood but against very powerful spiritual powers. He was showing him a visible example.

149. IN OTHER WORDS, "HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET PEOPLE TO BELIEVE IN YOU & YOUR GOD when look what I can do‚ look what my god can do. I can float to the ceiling, let me see you do it! They'll believe in me because I can demonstrate power of my god that I have, what can you do to prove your God exists?"

150. WELL, MANY PEOPLE HAVE SEEN THE STUNT DONE BY THE YOGIS, my grandfather witnessed it several times while he was in the Orient in the old days. A yogi gets crowds, takes this big thick hemp rope, throws one end of it up in the air & it would shoot about 50ft. up into the air! Now you couldn't do that with that kind of a rope if you tried! You couldn't even throw it that high, much less have it stand up straight & stay there & then tell this little boy to climb the rope! That's quite a demonstration of spiritual power! And the yogis can do it.

151. THAT'S A FORM OF LEVITATION TOO, OF COURSE, & WHAT GOOD IS IT DOING ANYBODY? Not very constructive, is it? It's just a show–off!—The Devil showing off what he can do, that he can do supernatural things, he can do miracles, bend spoons, silver‚ stop clocks. But how constructive is it, what good does it do? Hmm? Just proving that he has power. That's all. The Devil has persuaded modern man to worship himself & his own mind & even some to worship spiritual powers within themselves or activated by themselves.

152. AND WHERE DOES ANIMISM COME IN, THE WORSHIP OF INANIMATE OBJECTS? Trees, rocks, graven images, idols, where does that come in? Hmm? How does that fit the picture of the Scripture we read? Doesn't that come under the same heading, the worship of the creation more than the Creator? If it is the Devil's business to try to get you to worship the creation, he either does his best to inspire the worship of man, or I might say in evolution the worship of animals, or in strict animism the worship of inanimate objects.

153. I'D LIKE TO STUDY ABOUT THE ORIGIN OF THE NAME ANIMISM because literally it is the worship of in animate objects, meaning objects that do not move & do not have animation, do not have life. So why did it get the name animism? It is because the spirits move'm?

154. EVEN THE CATHOLICS GET INTO THIS—images that cry & pictures that bleed. You say, "Well, they're worshipping Christ, didn't God do that?" Does this really inspire the worship of Christ & of God, or that particular image, that idol or that picture? Beloved, to me it is a deception & a form of animism & cast images, or a form of idolatry.

155. NOW THE MODERN ENLIGHTENED CATHOLIC IN AMERICA WILL TELL YOU HE DOES NOT WORSHIP THE IMAGE & he does not worship Mary, it's only an adoration, isn't that the word used? Aren't you taught that you don't worship the image, you don't worship the crucifix, you don't worship the picture, you merely admire it or respect it or adore it like you would your mother or your father? Isn't that one of the doctrines pushed? Veneration, that's a funny word too. It comes from a Greek goddess of the sexual parts, Venerus.

156. SOME CATHOLIC CHURCHES OR CHAPELS GO WILD, or some Catholic peasant or peon or little girl or someone sees some kind of a picture cry or the hands bleed or the brow sweats or something, whatever it is, & I mean the people would flock there by the thousands to make it a new shrine! "This is the Madonna which wept! This is the Madonna that said something! This is the Madonna that did something!"

157. NOW MAYBE WE'RE GETTING TO THE SECRET OF ANIMISM. If the Devil wants you to worship an inanimate object that does not move nor have life, what would he be most apt to try to do to make you believe in it, that it does have power?—To have it move or do something, to animate an inanimate object, to give life to something which does not have life! Can he do it? How?

158. WHAT WOULD HE DO TO TRY TO MAKE YOU BELIEVE IN THAT STATUE or that picture or that rock or that tree? He would try to manifest some form of life or movement. By what power? (Family: Some spiritual power.) Exactly, by spiritual power. Can he do it? There are thousands, probably millions of incidents where he has caused an inanimate object to move or speak or cry or bleed or manifest some power.

159. IF YOU'VE EVER BEEN IN A SPIRITUAL SEANCE where you all put your hands on the table & the medium invokes the power of her familiar spirit, the table begins to tremble or vibrate, shake, & sometimes will levitate. Why? Can a table do that? No. So who's doing it? Some spiritual power!

160. I'M GOING TO SHOCK YOU NOW—I'M A MEDIUM! But I'm going to shock you even more!—You're a medium! Everyone who has the Spirit of God, everyone who has Jesus in his heart is a medium! What is a medium? Someone whom a spiritual supernatural power can possess & use to do things which normally under their own power they could not do.

161. ISN'T THAT WHAT GOD DOES WITH YOU? Isn't that what He has done with you? Perhaps you haven't performed miracles‚ but isn't the fact even that you're here tonight a miracle? Considering from whence you came & who you were & what you were‚ hmm? Isn't the change in your life from what you used to be to what you are now a miracle? Who did it? You?

162. SOME WEIRD POWER, UNSEEN‚ MANIFESTED ITSELF IN YOUR LIFE & changed your whole life! Makes a man even willing to leave his own wife & children to serve the Lord! That's a sacrifice! And God may have more reasons for it than you realise. Jesus help us, Lord.

163. DID YOU KNOW THAT ROMAN CATHOLICISM IS NOT THE PREDOMINANT RELIGION OF LATIN AMERICA, South America, Central America & the Caribbean? Although most people there will tell you they are Catholics, over 60% of Latin Americans actually practice voodooism! If they really want help or are in trouble they will not go to the church nor the priest, they will go to the witch doctor, the voodoo doctor & ask for a potion or a dolly or whatever it is they want to do to get it done.

164. THEY CAN GET MORE ACTION OUT OF THEM THAN THEY CAN OUT OF THE PRIEST, because the priest in the Catholic church pretty much long ago sort of abandoned the supernatural. Well, they don't deny it but they put most of it in the past somewhere, that God has done miracles on a few occasions. The little girls in Northern Portugal did see the Virgin of Fatima & get a message‚ by the way, which is another story, a genuine manifestation.

165. MAYBE IT WAS THE VIRGIN!—Of course she's no longer a virgin!—Maybe it was an angel! But there's part of their testimony which was sealed by the church & has never been revealed, & I think the girls are either old ladies or gone by this time, I don't remember. It seems like it was just about 1900, just about the turn of the century.

166. (TIM: IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE REVEALED IN 1960.) But the Pope never let it out, because I think it was something they thought was detrimental to the Catholic Church. Jeane Dixon‚ the famous medium & prophetess of the U.S., says that it was revealed to her that it predicted the death of the Pope & the destruction of organised religion & the rise of an anti-Christ World power, & the church didn't want to let that kind of bad news out. All right‚ down to cases, Jesus help us Lord, in Jesus' name!

167. HAVE I GOT YOU TO ADMIT NOW THAT THE DEVIL CAN USE INANIMATE OBJECTS & GIVE THEM SOME FORM OF LIFE, movement or even power? To give an example of a case of voodooism, talismans are inanimate objects supposedly blessed by the witch doctor. Well, the Catholics even use that. Don't they use brass medals, meaning that medal is then supposed to have some power to protect you?—A talisman to carry some kind of a spiritual power. That object is from then on to carry that spiritual power, possessing it wherever it goes to protect you. Isn't that what you're taught? Well, so are the animist savages of the deepest jungles by the witch doctor!

168. HE WILL GIVE THEM SOME TALISMAN LIKE THE LITTLE HORN, the tooth or something, & say this has the power to protect you from evil spirits. And sometimes those things have been proven to seem to carry such power with them. Now, you say how can that be, how can an inanimate object, a created thing, creation, carry spiritual power, & why?—Because the Devil in many cases wants the savages to worship the thing & thereby defeat God's purpose, & have them worship the creature more than the Creator. But is this possible?

169. WELL, ANYBODY WHO KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT VOODOO & ANIMISM has probably heard some of the stories of what some of those things seemingly could do by the power which they seem to carry‚ but only because the Enemy gave that power to accomplish his purpose. Did the thing itself really have any power? According to Uri Geller's religion, if you keep that up long enough maybe you get people to believing in bent spoons as having some power of their own!

170. IT'S A PRETTY WEIRD FEELING, I MUST ADMIT, I HAD IT HAPPEN TO ME ONCE & I'll tell you, it nearly freaked me out! Abrahim just almost sneered with contempt, & at the most unexpected time. We'd just seen Uri Geller on television a few days before‚ & I wasn't even thinking about him at the time, we were sitting in a restaurant talking away about something else entirely. I didn't have Uri Geller on my mind or anything, that was about the last thing I was thinking of.

171. WE WERE JUST SITTING THERE TALKING & ALL OF A SUDDEN MARIA & I LOOKED DOWN AT MY FORK & IT WAS BENT LIKE THAT! That would give you a pretty weird feeling, wouldn't it? I'd been thinking about that, I thought, "Now that's a pretty sure visible sign that you have power. I can't even bend forks, Lord, here's this guy on TV can bend forks!" I looked down at that fork & it nearly scared me! Abrahim said, "Yeah, sure, you want to bend forks?—I can bend forks, but what good would that do compared to all the good you do? That's child's play, child's play!" The prank of little impish spirits!

172. BUT IT CAN SHOW ON TELEVISION BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE VERY CHILDLIKE WITH VERY CHILDISH MINDS. Whereas they are so foolish they might reject your message because they've already rejected the Lord & the truth, but they want to believe in something else, so they believe in bent spoons & bend forks & anything else to get their mind off of God, really.

173. IN A WAY I WAS THANKFUL FOR IT BECAUSE IT SHOWED IT WAS THE SUPERNATURAL, & if you get people at least to believe in the supernatural, which modern man does his best not to believe‚ then maybe you hope they might believe in God. It's sure taking me a long time to get around to something. Now I'm really really going to shock you & I might even hurt you, & I wouldn't tell you if it weren't for the fact that I know, I believe with all my heart that God showed it to me.

174. I'VE OFTEN SAID I WOULDN'T HAVE ONE OF THOSE DEMON IDOLS IN MY HOUSE or one of those African statues or anything. I wouldn't have one of those things for anything, because who knows what witch doctor may have "Blessed" it or cursed it with some accompanying spiritual power or demon spirit. "Oh‚ come on, Dad, there are millions of those things in the World‚ they're all over the place!" Well‚ there are also millions of evil spirits in the World all over the place!

175. IF GOD HAS ENOUGH GOOD SPIRITS TO GIVE EVERY ONE OF HIS CHILDREN A GUARDIAN ANGEL, & every little child a guardian angel, Well‚ that's an awful lot of spirits to begin with. He has enough good spirits in the Spirit World to go around to meet every single person who dies to take them where they're going‚ good or bad! That's an awful lot of spirits too because millions of people die everyday. So there're already millions of spirits—guardian angels & welcoming angels & some cursing angels.

176. NOW I'M NOT SAYING THIS TO YOU, FOR GOD'S SAKE, TO GET YOU TO BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF INANIMATE OBJECTS, don't misunderstand me, then I'd be defeating the whole thing that I'm trying to get across to you! But you must recognise that Satan‚ the Enemy, does have certain power that's not even as great as your power because you have the Lord, so don't let that scare you, don't let it worry you, not for a fraction of a second! Because "Greater is He that is in you than that is in the World"! (1Jn.4:4.) Hallelujah?

177. YOU HAVE ALL POWER GIVEN UNTO YOU IN HEAVEN & EARTH‚ & even the spirits, evil spirits are subject unto you. All Spirits are subject unto you, both good & evil! You can have your own genie at your command, your heavenly angel who will do what you want done—not to play tricks & bend spoons, but if you're sincere & you want the Lord to do things, you'll have your own personal messenger to help you carry out the work of God, amen?

178. HAS GOD EVER DONE A MIRACLE FOR ANY OF YOU? Well, do you believe in miracles? Can God do miracles? Can the Devil do miracles? Yes, he can do miracles also. Does he also have spiritual power? Does he also have his angels & his spirits that obey his command & that try to affect our lives for evil?

179. WE'RE AT WAR, & WE FIGHT NOT AGAINST FLESH & BLOOD. Our battle, you may think it's with the dishes or the cooking or the writing or sometimes the children or the typing or whatever it may be, but we're not fighting inanimate objects, we're fighting spiritual wickedness in spiritual places in the realm of the spirit! Therefore our weapons are not carnal.

180. HE DOESN'T SAY TRY TO GET WEAPONS THAT AREN'T CARNAL, HE SAYS YOU'VE ALREADY GOT THEM! Our weapons are not carnal but they are mighty to the tearing down of strongholds, praise God? Hallelujah! Praise God! TYJ! Whew! That really gave me a shot! Hallelujah! We don't have to worry about it, we simply have to recognise the power of God & pray & rebuke the Devil & get the power that we already have into motion against that thing!

181. GOD WANTS YOU TO BRING IT OUT IN THE OPEN & RECOGNISE THE POWER even of the Enemy in order that you might pray or ask God publicly, that when God does it, it will be manifestly the power of God, your God, that did it! You understand? That's why He asks you to lay hands on the sick & pray for them! Openly! Visibly! Audibly! Even anointing them with oil in the name of the Lord, the prayer of faith shall save the sick & the Lord shall raise him up! (Ja.5:14,15.)

182. YOU MEAN GOD COULDN'T DO THAT WITHOUT ALL THAT?—OF COURSE HE COULD! Then why does He want you to do all that before He'll do it? "Is any among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church & let them pray over him, anointing him with oil."—Why? Why! You say, "Oh, I can pray silently. Can't we just offer a little silent prayer to the Lord about it?"—No!

183. THEN WHEN GOD DOES IT EVERYBODY WILL KNOW IT WAS GOD & THE PRAYER & THE OBEDIENCE TO THE WORD OF GOD!—Because you quoted the Scripture, you obeyed the Lord, & you did what it told you to do. Thereby in exalting the Word of God & obedience to Him & His Word, you did it & did what He told you to do, & then He answered & did it. And when that happens, who's going to get the glory?—God! PTL? Do you believe it?

184. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE DEVIL‚ JUST FIGHT HIM‚ DEFEAT HIM BY THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT!—Not working up some kind of energy of your own in the flesh. I yell sometimes, I pound the table, maybe I'm trying to wake you up‚ maybe it'll sink in awhile. I'm like the little boy who stuttered, I may not be able to preach a lot but I can sure pound a lot!"

185. WE ARE NOT IGNORANT OF THE ENEMY'S DEVICES. (2Co.2:11.) Devices, there's a good word for it. What does the Enemy use? He uses things, devices, contraptions, voodoo dolls‚ talismans, sometimes even photos!

186. PAUL USED TO PRAY OVER HANDKERCHIEFS to take back to the sick & they were healed. Why? By the handkerchiefs? Not really‚ but by the person's faith in the power of God symbolised, you might say‚ by the handkerchief. That talisman symbolised the power of God or even the power of Paul & his gifts of the Spirit of healing, miracles, etc.

187. THEY USED TO WANT PETER'S SHADOW EVEN TO FALL ON THEM BECAUSE THEY WERE HEALED BY IT. Why? Does a shadow really have power? A shadow is nothing but an absence of light. But because of the people's faith that Peter had power, therefore his shadow must have power. (Ac.5:15.)

188. PEOPLE GO TO SHRINES, THEY PRAY‚ THEY HOPE FOR MIRACLES, because that thing, that picture, that idol, that statue‚ that shrine is supposed to have some kind of power for healing. Some people get it & some people are healed & some miracles are performed. If something didn't happen to some people, those outfits couldn't stay in business.

189. THEY'RE JUST NOTHING BUT THE DEVIL HIMSELF, HEALING THE DISEASES & THE AFFLICTIONS THAT HE HIMSELF HAD LAID ON THE PEOPLE! If he sent it, he can take it away, can't he? So therefore it looks like it performed a miracle, or he performed a miracle, or that religion or that object or that shrine or that statue or that thing or whatever. Jesus help me, Lord, in Jesus' name. Help me to get across the point to these people. Do you think you're getting what I'm driving at at all?

190. THE WOMAN TOUCHED MERELY THE HEM OF CHRIST'S GARMENT & WAS HEALED. Did the garment have power? Not of itself, no. But Jesus wore it & her faith had power. So in a way, if the Enemy can give power or demonstrate power with inanimate objects, bend them, move them, cause them to talk or bleed or cry or whatnot, is it possible that the Enemy can do this? Then he can, you might say, give power to that thing by his power, right? And it can convey a certain spirit.

191. I AM CONVINCED THAT THE REASON GOD HATED THE IDOLS & the idolatry was not only the demon spirit or evil god, pagan or heathen god which those idols pictured or represented, but which some of them possessed! You say, "Now Dad's getting off in deep water! This is a little bit too far to say that statues are possessed with evil spirits! He's getting to be an animist himself, he believes that things can have evil spirits!"

192. WELL, BELOVED, HAVE I SPENT THIS LONG TALKING TO YOU TONIGHT & YOU STILL DON'T GET THE POINT that it's possible for things by the power of Satan to be possessed of evil spirits? My Lord, if God can possess you of His Holy Spirit, or the Devil can possess some people of evil spirits, it should be a lot easier to possess a spoon or a watch, or a picture & have it carry that evil spirit!

193. NOW, I DON'T WANT TO HURT ANYBODY'S FEELINGS, BUT WE HAVE TO FACE THE FACTS, & if we don't face them we're never going to get the victory. If you don't recognise the Enemy's work, how are you going to get the victory over it? If you don't recognise who is behind it & what it is, how are you going to pray, unless God reveals to you what's wrong!

194. YOU'D BE LIKE A DOCTOR GIVING A PRESCRIPTION WHEN YOU HAVEN'T EVEN ASKED THE PERSON WHAT THEIR SYMPTOMS ARE or what the problem is! How can you give the prescription, how can you find the solution if you don't know what the problem is, hmm? Jesus help us, Lord, in Jesus' name! (Tongues:) "O Jesus, give power to the words of Thy father to help these to understand, in Jesus' name!" PTL! TYJ! I must tell you something tonight that's going to be hard for you to believe, but as sure as I know that if I ask for a fish He'll not give a serpent. And if I ask for bread He's not going to give me a stone, He will answer!

195. I ASKED GOD LAST NIGHT WHAT'S WRONG WITH DAVIDITO that all of a sudden after visiting your (Tim's) children he suddenly started wetting the bed nearly every night, after visiting with four children who have wet the bed nearly every night of their lives until they're four & five & six years old! You say, "Well, that happens to a lot of children, so what? A lot of little kids don't get over wetting the bed for years!" Maybe you had that problem, maybe your children even had that problem, & maybe you didn't even know there was something spiritual behind it.

196. IS IT GOOD? IS IT GOOD FOR A CHILD TO WET THE BED EVERY NIGHT? Then what is it? Then it's bad! So who's the author of it? It's certainly not of the Lord! Huh?! Just that simple. The old elders of the church asked the little boy after he was saved, "Ha! How do you know you're saved? How can you tell? How are you going to know what to do when the Devil comes & tells you to do something bad, how are you going to know the difference between the voice of God & the voice of the Devil?"

197. I'VE HAD GROWN CHRISTIANS ASK ME THAT QUESTION! "How am I supposed to know the difference between the voice of God & the voice of the Devil?" Can you imagine?—Grown church members who did not yet know the difference between the voice of God & the voice of the Devil! It's hard for me to believe people like that are saved, & I'm quite convinced quite a few church people are not saved. But the little boy had a very simply answer. He said, "If something tells me to do something bad, I'll know it's the Devil! If it tells me to do something good I'll know it's God!" It's that simple.

198. BEFORE HE WENT & PLAYED WITH TIMOTHY'S CHILDREN, David had not wet the bed for a year. (Sara: He was two years & five months old when he was trained.) He might have occasionally, very rarely for some unusual reason have wet the bed once in a great while, very rare—I mean months & months without ever having an accident—maybe because we failed to take him to the toilet before he went to bed or failed to get him up in the night or whatever. I'm talking about a specific problem.

199. WHY DO YOU THINK GOD LET THIS HAPPEN? Well, for one reason to teach you all this lesson tonight. God's Word says of the children of Israel that these things were written, not only written, but He says these things happened unto them as a lesson or an example to us. He let them happen to them to teach us a lesson. Don't most of these things that have happened to us, even bad things, doesn't the Lord use them to teach us a lesson? (1Co.10:11.)

200. ALMOST EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THIS FAMILY GOES ON THE RECORD & quite often, probably more often than not‚ it goes out to the whole World as a lesson of some kind. Even the talk I'm giving you tonight will probably wind up on paper one of these days and maybe in Letters to teach others the same lesson that you are learning tonight.

201. WE KNOW THAT CHILDREN LEARN BAD HABITS FROM OTHER CHILDREN BY ASSOCIATION SOMETIMES, RIGHT? Now this is a Family problem, Beloved, & it's a serious one. If it's serious enough to wake me up several times in the night & cry out to the Lord in prayer & get desperate for an answer‚ it should be serious enough for you to worry about & pray about, it's something that's affecting our whole Home!

202. IT'S CERTAINLY AFFECTING POOR LITTLE DAVID, & certainly affecting the poor people that are having to take care of him, & it's not good. But like most of the Devil's tricks, the Lord can turn cursing into blessing & even cause the wrath of man to praise Him & cause all things to work together for good to them that love the Lord!

203. I'M SURE THE PROBLEM OF YOUR CHILDREN HAS WORRIED YOU‚ DID FOR YEARS‚ but they finally just resigned themselves to it & put diapers on them & let them wet the bed every night, or their diapers, until they were how old? His oldest boy didn't stop wetting the bed till he was six years old! That's unheard of for Davidito! He hasn't wet the bed since he was two years old until now. Until after he went to visit with Tim's children & played with them.

204. YOU CAN CALL IT WHATEVER YOU WANT TO—PSYCHOLOGICAL, ASSOCIATION, IMITATION, they've got all kinds of psychological words for it—but he didn't wet the bed till he went to play with Tim's kids on an innocent little seemingly harmless trip.—Which I recall before he took it I said to Maria, "Are you sure it's a good thing to let David go on this trip?" I had a kind of a check about it. I thought, well, maybe the trip's too hard for him, I just felt checked in the spirit about letting him go.

205. I SAID, "MAYBE THE TRIP WOULD BE TOO HARD FOR HIM." "Oh no no, it's going to be easy, a nice train ride, he loves it & he'd get to fellowship with some other children‚ have a good time" & all that sort of thing." And besides, it will only be a few days."—But in two days he found out that all four of Tim's children wet the bed & have for years, all their lives! The oldest one didn't stop till he was six & the other three are still wetting the bed & the oldest one of them is five!

206. NOW THAT'S SAD, & I KNOW THIS IS A HEART–HURTING PROBLEM WITH TIMOTHY. It's nothing against Timothy, please don't misunderstand me, I know this hurts him as much as Davidito's wetting the bed hurts me‚ maybe even more. Maybe he's just gotten used to it, I don't know, finally gave up & just let them wet because it seemed there was nothing they could do about it. But I would say, Timothy, that in the Family, four, five & six years, is almost too much!

207. NOW YOU CAN GIVE ALL KINDS OF PHYSICAL REASONS, but you had them examined by doctors & everything else & there seemed to be no physical problem, right? (Tim: I didn't have them examined by doctors.) You didn't, oh‚ I thought you did. Well, there didn't seem to be anyway, huh? I mean, they didn't seem to have anything wrong with them. Did they have to go to the toilet every few minutes during the day? (Tim: No.) They were normal in the daytime? (Tim: Yes.) Well, then they should have been normal at night.

208. MAYBE I'M TAKING SO LONG TO TELL YOU THIS & EXPLAINING SO MUCH BECAUSE IT MIGHT BE HARD FOR YOU TO BELIEVE, because the thing the Lord showed me was so almost unbelievable, it was almost hard for me to believe! And therefore I am convinced that in this case it is a spiritual thing, absolutely spiritual. I don't know how to explain these things, I don't even know how sometimes to interpret them, I don't know how to help you understand them.

209. ALL I CAN DO ABOUT MANY OF THE THINGS GOD SHOWS ME IS JUST TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED, describe the dream or describe vision or describe the thing that happened & try my best to interpret it the best I can, or the best with the Lord's help that I can. I never thought of it that way before, that never occurred to me before, that bed-wetting could be a spiritual thing, but if it's bad, it is therefore evil, & evil is spiritual, Beloved.

210. JUST BECAUSE IT HAS A PHYSICAL EFFECT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT'S NOT SPIRITUAL. You can say all you want about his two days of playing with them & knowing they wet the bed every night all the time, therefore he just got the idea he can do it, that it was purely mental, psychological. Well, that's what I thought too.

211. I DON'T THINK I EVEN BROACHED THE IDEA THAT IT COULD BE SPIRITUAL, HAD I? (Maria: Yes.) When? (Maria: Several days ago about David, you said you thought maybe it was spiritual.) Well‚ I believe everything that happens to David is spiritual because he is so important & he is so spiritual.

212. (SARA: YOU REBUKED THE ENEMY IN THE PRAYER THAT YOU PRAYED FOR DAVID, which opened my eyes to the spirituality of it, the day he ran into your room & you prayed for him & they taped it. And then of course when you heard that he'd said the Devil came to him in a dream‚ you said, "That shows how spiritual it is!")

213. WELL, I AM CONVINCED ALMOST EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO DAVID IS VERY SPIRITUAL. It doesn't just happen, it's not just an accident, because he is very spiritual, he's extremely spiritual, he's so spiritual it's almost weird! Sometimes you look in his eyes & it almost scares you—those deep dark eyes! Whew! Lord help us! But he's the Lord's, he loves Jesus. Sometimes I'd be worried about him if I didn't know he loved the Lord & belongs to Christ & has the Holy Spirit of God. I think if he didn't, he really would be weird! He's a bit weird anyhow!

214. I HATE TO HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THESE THINGS but I've just got to tell the Family something to show you how serious it is & let you know we're not up against just a psychological problem & a little physical affliction. We wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against spiritual wickedness in this thing! And now I will tell you how I know & how the Lord proved it to me. I didn't even realise that I had prayed that way.

215. I HAVE KNOWN‚ OF COURSE, ANYTHING HAPPENING TO DAVID HAD SOME SPIRITUAL APPLICATION or relationship of some kind because of his spirituality & his importance to the Lord.—Nothing happens to him by accident. And having only met those children & being with them for two days‚ to pick up such a habit from them in such a hurry! ... I don't know if he ever witnessed them do it or was with them after it was wet or what. He just heard them talk about it. (Sara: He saw the wet pajamas & stuff.)

216. GOD PROTECTS CHILDREN, BUT HAS ANYTHING BAD EVER HAPPENED TO YOU SINCE YOU WERE A CHRISTIAN? How come? Has the Lord ever let the Enemy touch you in some way, accident, affliction‚ mistake‚ trouble, since you were a Christian? Not a hair of your head falls but what the Father knoweth it, but He allows it sometimes.—I've lost quite a few! I don't lose any more, TTL‚ I guess the Lord knows I've lost enough!

217. I'VE OFTEN SAID, THE ENEMY CANNOT TOUCH YOU WITHOUT THE LORD'S PERMISSION. Did God give him permission in the case of Job? So is He apt to in some circumstances give him permission to touch us to teach us a lesson? In fact, if it hadn't been for this experience, you wouldn't have had this lesson tonight. Do you think this is going to do you any good? I hope!

218. AND I WANT TO TELL YOU THE WEIRDEST THING OF ALL NOW. You can interpret this any way you want to, but David woke up about 2:30 last night & he wet the bed. (Sara: He refused to go potty, he just stood there & peed all over.) Did you notice, he said something very strange at the table here tonight, he was almost bragging about it. (Sara: He soaked his bed at naptime‚ the entire bed was wet, I've never seen anything like it!)

219. YOU SAY IT'S PSYCHOLOGICAL, YOU SAY HE'S TRYING TO IMITATE THE OLDER CHILDREN because younger children always imitate older children because they want to be older & do things older people do. And you say, well, he knew they wet the bed, so he's trying to be a big boy by wetting the bed, because they were all two or three years older than he & therefore he's imitating them—"They're all older & they all wet the bed, so that's a sort of a sign they're older, & if I wet the bed too, maybe I'll be older."

220. WELL, I COULD HAVE BELIEVED ALL THAT TOO, BUT THE LORD APPARENTLY HAS ALREADY BEEN SHOWING ME THAT IT WAS SOMETHING SPIRITUAL. I prayed absolutely desperately with strong desperation, & when you get desperate with the Lord the Lord answers! I said, "Lord, please deliver that poor boy, please show us what's wrong!" And I don't know when I got this, I don't think it was right then or I would have told you, so I'm sure I got it during the night sometime.

221. BUT WHO UNPACKED THE BIG RADIO? Wasn't I there too when you were cutting the cords & unwrapping it & I said, "Now here's the way you take it out of the box, because it has these packing things on each end," & I think I myself took the box & turned it over, didn't I? I said, "Look, here's the way you do it, you turn the box upside-down & the radio slides out, but you have to have somebody else there to catch it"—& something else slid out first & hit the floor, a picture of Tim's daughter Maeve!

222. WHO PUT THAT PICTURE IN THE BOX? (Sue: Richard helped me pack it.) Did you put the picture in the box? (Sue: I don't recall—where would I have gotten it from?) Yes‚ where would you have gotten it from? Did you have the picture in Malta, you say? (Tim: Yes.) Where was it in Malta? I'm not trying to blame anybody, don't misunderstand me, I'm just trying to say how did it get in the box so that when I & you unpacked it here & dumped it out, this picture dropped out of the box & fell to the floor, how did it get in the box?

223. WHO TIED UP THE BOX? WHO PACKED THAT RADIO IN SWITZERLAND? We used it regularly to record those conferences we had in Switzerland with Peter & Shem & all of them. (Sue: I don't remember putting the picture in the box, because the picture was in Tim's room.) Why would you have gone to Tim's room & gotten the picture & put it in the box? It's not likely‚ is it? There was nothing else from Tim's desk in the box. Richard wouldn't have felt like it was his place to decide to take one of Tim's pictures & throw it in this box with my radio!

224. WHEN YOU LEFT YOUR ROOM IN SWITZERLAND PACKED UP, WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE PICTURE? (Tim: I don't remember‚ really.) You certainly wouldn't have put it in that box. And you (Sue) don't remember putting it in the box. How did that picture get in the box? (Sara: Could it be the children put it in the box?) All I know is this, & you can just interpret this anyway you want to.

225. THAT WAS THE FURTHEST THING FROM MY MIND, I might have thought about your kids‚ I might have thought about Maeve wetting the bed, how he liked her & all that & played with her, but I certainly had no cause whatsoever to think about that picture, & I know when I ask God for something He is not going to deceive me. He gives me the answer, even as weird as it may be sometimes, & it is always proven true.

226. I ASKED GOD DESPERATELY, WHAT IS WRONG WITH LITTLE DAVID & why is he defiantly wetting the bed in spite of everything we have done. … First of all we told him he was going to have to make his own bed & change his own clothes if he wet the bed‚ & then when that didn't do it I said, well, then you're going to have to spank him on top of it, & that didn't do it, he was stubborn & defiant! And I told you now you're going to have to threaten him that if he doesn't stop it he's going to have to wear diapers.

227. YOU SAY, "MY GOD, DAD‚ YOU MEAN YOU'VE BEEN TALKING TO US NOW FOR THREE HOURS & THAT'S ALL YOU WANTED TO TELL US?" But when I asked God for the answer, "Why is he not getting over this, why haven't You answered prayer about this thing when we all prayed about it?" I think the whole Family prayed for him, didn't you? We layed hands on him‚ everything! Why?!

228. NOW FRANKLY, THAT MADE SO LITTLE IMPRESSION ON ME, I cannot even remember now that the picture fell out of the box when we turned it upside-down & dumped out the radio. I said, "Now here's the way to get it out, Alf, I turn the box upside-down & the radio slides out with those two packing ends on it & you catch it." Sometimes they have a lot of other stuff in the box, the microphone, earphone, antenna, instruction book, stuff like that. And I was so worried about the radio it didn't impress me that something fell out of the box.

229. I WANT TO KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED, BECAUSE THAT PICTURE WAS NOT IMPRESSED UPON ME AT THE TIME AT ALL, it was told me afterward as I recall. (Maria: We gave it to David because he liked her so much, & he said, "Oh look, here's a picture of Maeve!") Who picked it up? (Sara: Maybe Alf just picked it up & put it on the shelf or something.) Too bad Alf's not here. David is so sensitive to the spirit he even senses when Alf's gone even if he didn't wake up. He used to sense when I was upset when he was a baby, & he used to get upset. Even if he was in another room sleeping & I was upset in another room.

230. DON'T THINK ANYTHING JUST "HAPPENS"! All I know is I don't even remember really about the picture coming out of the box. (Dora: At the dinner table he saw the picture & it was like a shock to him, & then he had the picture & wouldn't let go of it.) (Maria:? We were all laughing & giggling & having a good time, & every few minutes he would get really depressed.)

231. THE PICTURE HAD A VERY STRANGE INFLUENCE ON HIM. I don't even remember it falling out of the box really, somebody told me afterwards. I think when I saw the picture I said‚ "Who's that?" "Oh, it fell out of the box when we emptied the radio." Because I was expecting stuff to fall out of the box & so I wasn't really paying attention to what it was, I was more concerned about the radio & Alf catching it.

232. ALL I KNOW IS THAT WHEN I GOT DESPERATE WITH THE LORD LAST NIGHT after the second time, five o'clock in the morning, sometime during the night, & I woke up this morning, it was just as clear as a picture still. When the Lord gives me a revelation it's clear. I can dream sometimes all night long a lot of silly crazy stuff from the business of the day and its like watching movies all night or something, it's not even important.

233. YOU CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE! You can dream all night & it's not important, but if you get something from the Lord it's as clear as crystal! And I told you that before, almost always I wake up immediately afterward & I can remember every detail, that's why I can describe it in such detail because it's so clear in my mind, as clear as anything!

234. ALL I KNOW IS THAT SOMETIME LAST NIGHT, I DON'T KNOW WHEN IT WAS, I REALLY GOT DESPERATE, we got desperate, we were praying together. You're really going to think I'm strange. I woke up & told you about it this morning. Now that's funny too, because I was holding the box & dumping the stuff out‚ but in the picture I had last night, I was over on your side watching the box being emptied!

235. WHEN YOU RECALL A MEMORY YOU RECALL THE SAME PICTURES IN THE SAME POSITIONS & SO ON. But in this dream that I had last night I saw the box in front of me being dumped out by someone this way‚ saw the box upside–down, & saw the picture clearly fall out of the box, real clearly.

236. NOW IF YOU ASK GOD, "LORD, WHAT'S WRONG WITH DAVID THAT HE'S WETTING THE BED? What's the problem?" & you have the feeling that maybe it's something spiritual—at least it's certainly something spiritual he wants us to learn‚ or trying to teach David or something else—& instead of getting the kind of an answer you might expect, you suddenly see that radio box turned upside–down & out falls this picture, what would you think? Hmm?

237. GOD SELDOM EVER GIVES A PICTURE WITHOUT A MESSAGE, either the words are in the picture or they're audible or visible or you get the impression with it. I might have thought just what you thought, "Well, what's that got to do with it? Why am I thinking about that, why am I remembering that?" And I really honestly didn't even remember about it falling out of the box. I certainly didn't see it as clear as I did last night‚ but last night I saw that picture, & I was on the other side of the box looking at the box being emptied‚ & saw the picture fall out of the box onto the floor!

238. MAYBE THE LORD'S TRYING TO TELL US ALL SOMETHING, BELOVED. We are getting into serious days in which the work of the Enemy is going to be more & more manifest & more & more supernatural & more miraculous, & more active, even in our own midst. I mean, who else would he like to fight more than us?

239. IF HE CAN'T GET AT ME THROUGH YOU or something that happens directly, who would you say‚ in a sense, is the weakest, most impressionable amongst us?—The children, & particularly Davidito. I don't think Davida is really quite that spiritual. She's much more interested in the material & food & things like that. But David has always been extremely spiritual, I've told you lots of weird stories about him. And you say he really acted weird about that picture. "You mean you spent three hours telling us all this to tell us that?" Yes! It has something to do with that picture!

240. I'M QUITE SURE MY FIRST IMPRESSION IS ALWAYS THE RIGHT ONE, but I think I almost immediately rejected that because I didn't want to believe it. It's pretty hard to believe, Beloved, in weird things like enchanted talismans! And I tried to push that aside & I thought, "No, it's just because it's a picture of her, & of course looking at it he associates that with those children & their visit & their bedwetting. It's a natural association of course, it just reminds him of them, therefore it reminds him to wet the bed." But that was not the answer I got when I saw the picture fall out of the box!

241. I'M QUITE SURE THERE WERE NO WIZARDS THERE THAT WE KNOW OF TO ENCHANT THE PICTURE or to cast any spell over it. We don't even know who put it in the box or how it got in there. That is really strange. You certainly wouldn't have put it in the box with the radio, would you? Well, maybe you did. You may have found it on Tim's desk & thought, "Well, this is the radio Tim uses."

242. YOU CAN FIGURE OUT A NATURAL EXPLANATION FOR ALMOST ANYTHING. I read a whole book once in college where they figured out natural explanations for every single miracle in the Bible! "The manna that fell down from Heaven was coriander seed from a little bush that grows out there in the wilderness & when it falls down‚ the blossoms break open & it looks like snow & blah blah!"—The book also said,

243. "AND WHEN MOSES CROSSED THE RED SEA, the Red Sea at that point is only three feet deep, very shallow, if a big wind would come along, it's possible it could have pushed the water out of the way. And the healings that Jesus did, they were psychological, really, the people didn't necessarily have those diseases, but if they did, it was the power of mind over matter.

244. PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TO BELIEVE IN THE SUPERNATURAL, the miraculous or the spiritual or the weird are going to try to explain it away naturally. You know that I've let Tim use that radio, so you might have put the picture in the box. Where did you tie up the box? (Sue: In your office.) Where did you get the box? (Sue: In the bedroom.) It had nothing to do with his room! Where did you leave the picture? (Sara: On the bureau in Tim's room.)

245. THERE WEREN'T OTHER THINGS FROM TIM'S BUREAU IN THE BOX, WERE THERE? There was a coil of wire that the antenna used‚ there was an instruction book, & I think an earphone. That was the only thing in the whole box that didn't pertain to the radio, so why would you have gone into Tim's room & picked up that photo & walked clear back in there & gone to all that trouble to put it in the box?

246. DID YOU KNOW‚ SON‚ THE IRISH ARE PRETTY WEIRD? Did you know in Ireland they still see gremlins & they still have hexes, & they still believe in a whole lot of stuff that's a hangover from before dear St. Patrick ever got there? Was anybody in your family in spiritism that you know of? (Tim: Not that I know of.)

247. I HAVEN'T TOLD YOU EVERYTHING YET, SO HANG ON! Lord forgive me, I don't always get it clear‚ but as clearly as anything, as I saw the picture fall out of the box the words came just as clear as anything, & I don't know whether it said, "It's a talisman" or "It's the talisman." That's all I know.

248. DAVID WAS ALREADY GONE WHEN YOU PACKED THE BOX. I can imagine a little child perhaps going in & figuring the box was going to go with us & maybe picking it up & wanting the picture & putting it in the box, but he wasn't there! I want you to pray & think back, Honey, & I want you to ask the Lord to help you try to remember exactly the occasion on which you packed the radio, who was there‚ where they were, where you were, where the radio was & try to figure out how that picture got in the box. How could it have got in the box?

249. CERTAINLY YOUR CHILDREN WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN BOLD ENOUGH & wouldn't have had any purpose or motive for wanting to take the picture out of your room & carry it into a perfectly strange room to a normal stranger who's packing a box & put it in her box! That's not logical. Well‚ Beloved, I don't think you're going to find out how the picture got into the box unless the Lord shows us.

250. WAS YOUR AUNT EVER INTO OUIJA? DID YOU EVER DO OUIJA? (Tim: No. Maybe she did, she wasn't into it that I know.) Neither of you ever attended spiritual seances? (Tim: No.) Anybody that you know of was ever in witchcraft? (Tim: Not that I know of.) I'm asking these questions for a reason, Beloved, & maybe it's a lesson to you because quite frequently these things are inherited. They run in families. (His wife led him away!)

251. SPIRITS ARE REAL PERSONALITIES & THEY HAVE TO LIVE SOMEWHERE, & they usually like to live with people, especially if there's some reason why they're either assigned to live with people like Abrahim is with me, or they are cursed to live with people to suffer for their sins to see the damage that they caused, members of families that have died & are confined to the house of the family in the Spirit World to see the effect of their sins on the family as part of their punishment. That's quite logical & reasonable, pretty wise of the Lord, huh?

252. OR HAVE GOTTEN INTO THE FAMILY THROUGH SOMEONE IN THE FAMILY WHO DABBLED IN WITCHCRAFT‚ black magic, spiritism, or voodoo or any of that occult. You don't know of any of your family who were in any of those things at all? Father? (No.) Mother? (Not that I know of.) Brother? (Not that I know of.) Anyone in Deborah's family? (Tim: I don't know exactly all that they were doing, but not that I know of that I can say yes, they did that.)

253. ALL I KNOW IS, WHEN I ASKED GOD WHAT IS WRONG, I SAW THAT JUST AS CLEAR AS I SEE YOU RIGHT NOW, & from a different angle from which I emptied the box, I saw the picture slide out of the box onto the bottom flap & then off onto the floor. And not with these ears but somewhere in my mind or something: "It's the talisman"! And how did it get in the box? We don't even know how it got in the box!

254. BUT BELOVED, IF A SPIRIT CAN PICK UP A PENCIL & WRITE WITH IT, which is a very common spirit thing, or if it can bend forks & move ouiji pieces across a board, vibrate & levitate tables, or have a yogi rise to the ceiling & back, it's no problem to pick up a picture in one room & take it to the next! I suppose the picture would have to go through the door, but the spirit wouldn't unless it were materialised. Now you really think I'm weird, don't you!

255. IF IT HAD A PURPOSE, & IF THAT SPIRIT WANTED TO SEND ALONG WITH IT THIS CURSE—I would say it's a curse! I would say that bedwetting that much that many years, Son, is almost a curse, & it's more than just physical. I could have thought of all kinds of reasonable explanations, logical, normal, physical, mental, psychological & everything if I hadn't seen that picture just as clear as anything when I was desperate in the night & I got that picture, I saw that picture slide out of the box to the floor with the words, "It's the talisman!"

256. I HOPE YOU GUYS LOVE ME ENOUGH TO FORGIVE ME FOR KEEPING YOU SO LATE, but I'll tell you, it was kind of a pretty weird experience! It's taken me all day to get up the courage to tell you. I didn't even want to tell poor Timothy, but you may have been fighting, Timothy, in the bedwetting of your children, something which it's no wonder you couldn't cure!

257. I HAVE MORE OR LESS DESCRIBED TALISMANS TO YOU, little trinkets & horns & medals & stuff like that, I don't think I would really have thought of this particular word‚ or did I use it? Did I say anything about the word "charm"? I said "enchanted." With the words "It's the talisman" came the feeling just as strong as I can possibly express it to you‚ that the thing was enchanted in some way.

258. NOW WHO ENCHANTED IT?—AND WHO PUT IT IN THE BOX, THAT'S SOMETHING WE DON'T KNOW. But since it is so mysterious as to how it got in the box‚ that could have a pretty close relationship. If no human being put it in the box, whoever did is the one probably responsible & who enchanted it!

259. AS I STARTED TO SAY‚ IF THESE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUCH SPIRITUAL POWER CAN BEND SPOONS or move objects across the table—really it's the spirits that are doing it of course—pick up pencils & write move a ouija on a ouija board, they could certainly move an object from one room to the other. (Reads definition of "talisman" from dictionary:)

260. "A CHARM, AMULET‚ THING CAPABLE OF WORKING WONDERS. A magical figure cut or engraved & capable of benefiting its possessor, hence, talismatic, French‚ Spanish & Portuguese‚ talisman." Have you ever heard me use the word "talisman" before? It's really a pretty ancient word that you don't hear much anymore.

261. IF YOU WERE GOING TO SAY SOMEBODY HAD SOMETHING HANGING AROUND THEIR NECK, WHAT WOULD YOU CALL IT? Normally I would say medallion or pendant. You wouldn't normally use the word talisman, would you? If you thought of a word like that at all you'd probably say a charm. "An object supposed to be endued with magical powers. An amulet, charm. From the Arabic tilsam, & the Greek telesma, meaning payment, certificate & later completion, rite, consecrated object. Telein, to complete, fulfil or consecrate." It comes from the Greek & the Arabic principally then, originally.

262. WELL, THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE WHAT A CHARM OR TALISMAN IS, some object which has been prayed over or charmed or as it says‚ dedicated, consecrated apparently in a rite. Payment or certificate, that's a funny thing. Maybe they used them for payments or certificates. Consecrated, a consecrated object. An object like that, somebody has to get it consecrated or charmed. Who? I know it wasn't you, Timothy, don't worry. I know you had nothing to do with it, so don't worry. We're still getting to the root of the problem, but we haven't yet talked about the solution.

263. WELL, LIKE IN EXORCISM, THERE ARE TWO WAYS OF GETTING RID OF AN EVIL SPIRIT, & what are they? First by the power of the Lord & prayer & the laying on of hands & rebuking of the evil spirit to remove the curse & to exorcise the demon through prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. What is the other way?

264. I'M NOT SAYING THAT DAVID HAS AN EVIL SPIRIT, DON'T MISUNDERSTAND ME. You can be afflicted, you can be obsessed, without being possessed. You can be afflicted & annoyed & bothered by an evil spirit such as apparently this bed-wetting. My interpretation was then that this thing carries some kind of curse with it. How it got it, nobody knows, nobody even knows how it got in the box, & most of you already testified that it had a rather weird effect on David right away. (Tim's wife Deb?)

265. YOU MAY THINK THIS IS MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, but Beloved, when I get an answer like that which is pretty freaky, it's pretty weird, & I see that picture from another angle falling out of the box & I get these words, "It's the talisman!" I have a strong impression that there's something wrong with the picture, that it's, I hate to say, it's cursed‚ that it's somehow enchanted or charmed by somebody or something that's trying to cause us trouble!

266. WELL‚ YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT IT & TALK IT OVER WITH ALF & see if you can figure out how it could have possibly gotten in the box. Was Deborah in there at any time? (Sara: To talk on the phone‚ she was in there.) Deborah wouldn't have known the radio was going possibly to Tim for his use, & therefore slipped the picture into the box? If you ask me‚ the whole thing is pretty weird! It's certainly not the kind of thing you would have packed in with a radio that would rattle around & possibly damage it.

267. IT'S VERY UNLIKELY THAT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN PUT IN THE BOX BEFORE THE RADIO WAS IN THE BOX, because then it could have gotten trapped under the end pieces & kept the radio from going all the way in. You always have to have that box completely empty before you can slide the radio in, & then you put the other junk in. Well, you can figure it out anyway you want to‚ or give any kind of a natural explanation you want to, all I know is what I saw when I asked the Lord last night what's wrong!

268. THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE PICTURE, & THE ENEMY HAS USED IT APPARENTLY ALREADY TO HELP GIVE DAVIDITO PROBLEMS & to almost like strengthen his hold. You came back from Zo & Davidito's already wetting the bed & started immediately wetting the bed here. Well‚ I want you guys to try to remember how the picture fell out of the box, & I want one of you to try to remember something very important, whether it fell out of the box up–side-down on the floor or face-up. Sometimes you confirm things as to whether they're from the Lord or not by finding out if everything jives or not.

269. BESIDES EXORCISM IN ITS VARIOUS FORMS & MANNERS OR METHODS or whatever, through the name of the Lord, what's another way of getting rid of an evil spirit? (Tim: Fire?) Well‚ the world has played that sort of thing up, there might be something to it, I don't know, but I certainly wouldn't want to have to burn the house down! What's another way of getting rid of an evil spirit in the case of a person who's demon-possessed? The answer's going to be so simple when you hear it, it's going to be like Columbus & the egg when I tell you! It's so simple that you're not thinking about it!

270. THERE'S ONLY ONE OTHER WAY TO GET RID OF THE EVIL SPIRIT, if a person is demon-possessed, you either exorcise the spirit in the name of the Lord & get rid of it permanently, or you get rid of the person, if it is a person demon possessed.—Or if it is a talisman or a picture or whatever it may be & it has some kind of spiritual power on it, or is accompanied with an evil spirit or whatever it is, which apparently was my feeling. That was a strong strong feeling, it said, "It's the talisman!" It acted as a vehicle for an evil spirit!

271. NOW BELOVED, YOU SAY, "WELL, I DIDN'T KNOW SPIRITS HAD TO HAVE VEHICLES, I thought they could just fly through the air!" What happened when Jesus cast a legion of demons out of a man, what did they ask the Lord to do? (Family: To go into the swine.) Why? If spirits can be attached to human beings, if they can be attached to animals, if they can be attached to objects, then how are they transported?—By the person or the animal or the object. Do you think I'm a little bit crazy? But they have to have vehicles, they're like hitchhikers, they are associated with things or people or animals or objects or even places! Some spirits are confined to houses or buildings or rooms.

272. DON'T LET IT WORRY YOU, YOU HAVE POWER OVER THE SPIRITS‚ & one way to get rid of an evil spirit if you can't or don't cast it out of the person or the thing or whatever it is, you get rid of that person or that thing! You must command the demon to leave the house & the premises & not come back, or he or she will look for another place, object, habitation, room, person, animal, whatever, to reside in.

273. NOW YOU DON'T WANT THE SAME SPIRIT IN THE SAME HOUSE. It's not going to do you much good to have the spirit from one chair go to another one & still sticking around & causing you trouble. So this proves that evil spirits can do what?—Although they need vehicles of some kind, it seems there's some type of association, there's some kind of relationship between them & material things. You could say that about yourself.

274. NORMALLY, IS NOT YOUR SPIRIT ATTACHED TO YOUR BODY? It's only under unusual circumstances you take a spirit trip where your spirit leaves your body, right? Some of you have had that experience‚ & I have, the problem is to make sure it gets back! But if they are attached & travel or have vehicles, what did the experience with the man who had Legion prove? They can hitchhike & hop from one to the other! I think you're already getting the point.

275. BECAUSE THE LORD SHOWED ME THAT PICTURE, MAYBE GETTING RID OF THAT PICTURE WOULD HELP, just to get it out of the house. I don't know what the trashman would do if he found a picture like that in the trash, he might think you accidentally put it in the trash & give it back to you, although I presume they toss most of the stuff into the grinder‚ don't they?

276. I HATE TO HAVE TO THROW AWAY YOUR PICTURE OF MAEVE‚ SON, but I saw it as clear as I ever saw anything, & that was the answer as far as I'm concerned. I'm convinced! It's taken me four hours to try to convince you. But that's the problem of being a teacher‚ I want to be sure you understand the background. That's a long way to go to do it, but I hope maybe it did the job‚ PTL! With the Scripture & a Bible Study, we've had quite a few things tonight, even a dictionary study.

277. SO AMEN‚ LORD, NOW GIVE US WISDOM WHAT YOU WANT US TO DO ABOUT IT. You showed us when we asked You Lord, what was the trouble. We certainly never expected to see that kind of an answer or that kind of a picture, but our question was what is it or why, & as clear as anything it was the talisman! And that, Lord, was our first reaction, our first answer, & our first impression, & that one is almost always the right one.

278. IF WE'RE IN THE SPIRIT & WE'RE SINCERE & WE'RE ASKING FOR A FISH, YOU'RE NOT GIVING US A SERPENT. If we're asking for bread‚ You don't give us a stone, Lord, You give us good things when we're sincere in asking for them. And we believe the answer came from You, Lord, because I certainly had never dreamed of such a things, never thought of such a thing, & that was the furthest thing from my mind, Lord, You know.

279. BUT I SAW THAT PICTURE AS CLEAR AS ANYTHING, & WE ARE CONVINCED, LORD, THAT YOU SHOWED IT TO ME, that it is the talisman, somehow that has some relationship with it. If that is the answer then, Lord, perhaps there's still hopes to get rid of it before it causes any more trouble. We know You're protecting David & we trust it hasn't been able to hop off & hop on to him, Lord.

280. IT'S A BAD INFLUENCE & HAS ACTED AS A VEHICLE TO BRING THE ENEMY INTO THIS HOUSE, undoubtedly‚ Lord, to teach us a lesson about these things, that they're real & they happen & we must be always on our guard‚ Lord, & aware, not ignorant of the Enemy's devices (2Co.2:11), the things that he uses to try to get in. We don't know how that got in the box or who put it there or what put it there, but we know that You showed me‚ Lord, & we ask Thee to help us now to get rid of it‚ in Jesus' name, deliver us.

281. WHERE IS THE PICTURE RIGHT NOW? (Maria: I moved it today from Tim's radiator into the drawer in Tim's room next to his desk.) Does David ever come to your room? (Tim: He was in the other night reading a story.) Where was the picture then? (Tim: I guess it was on the radiator.) Was it where he could have seen it? (Tim: If it was on the radiator, yes.) Well, I'm sorry‚ Son, but as far as I can gather from all of this, we're going to have to get rid of the picture. (Tim: Yeah, I agree.) Who wants to volunteer? (Tim: I'll volunteer.) PTL! You'd better pray when you do‚ Son. Amen. PTL! I suggest you send it with the trash now!

282. AMEN, WE HOPE THIS WILL HELP‚ LORD, if it hasn't already done its dirty work in influencing David & strengthening the Enemy's persecution & affliction. Let's hold hands, shall we? We ask Thee again together tonight, we ask in Jesus' name, Lord, we ask Thee right now to rebuke the Enemy! Deliver us from this thing in the name of Jesus Christ! Rebuke the power of Satan! We resist you, Oplexicon, in the name of Jesus! Thou confusing & entangling spirit!

283. WE REBUKE THEE IN THE NAME OF JESUS, & Lord, we ask Thee to send this spirit away with the picture, in Jesus' name! We command you, evil spirit, whoever or whatever you are‚ in Jesus' name! In Jesus' name! TYL! In Jesus' name! PYL! TYJ! TYL! Jesus, help us Lord Jesus! TYL! Hallelujah! PYL! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! PYJ! TYL! Hallelujah! You never fail! (Weeps) We thank You, Jesus! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!

284. THOU SPIRIT OF MISCHIEF, WE REBUKE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! Depart from this house with that picture & be gone & return not hence again, in Jesus' name! And now, Lord, deliver this Thy little child. Lord, don't let that picture do anybody else any harm if possible unless they deserve it. (Tim left in a few days!)

285. WE ASK THEE FOR DAVID, LORD. We ask Thee to destroy the power of the Enemy that's afflicting & affecting him, Lord, & whatever influence that this evil spirit has had, this spirit of mischief, whatever influence it's had, Lord, we ask You to destroy it. Any hangover from it, any remnant of the power, we ask Thee, Lord, to rebuke it in the name of Jesus! We rebuke it, Lord, in Thy name, in Jesus' name, right now!

286. DELIVER DAVID, STRENGTHEN HIS KIDNEYS & BLADDER & HIS SPHINCTER MUSCLE or whatever it may be that the Enemy is afflicting. We ask Thee in Jesus' name! PYL! Hallelujah! PYJ! TYJ! TYJ! TYJ! TYJ! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name, TYJ! TYJ! TYL! Amen‚ hallelujah, TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

287. TIMOTHY, YOU WERE STUDYING FOR MEDICINE, HOW FAR DID YOU GET? (Tim: I nearly finished my pre-med course, I didn't get to medical school.) What is a sphincter muscle? (Tim: It's a muscle that closes, it constricts‚ it's a closing muscles.) Does it have anything to do with urination? (Tim: Oh yes! It's the muscle that controls the passage from the bladder to the urethra.) In other words it keeps you from wetting. Excuse me, I've got something else I want to look up. God is full of surprises! TYJ! Hallelujah! PYJ! (Tongues & weeping:)

288. "OH LORD, WE ASK THEE TO GIVE US FAITH IN THE THINGS THAT THOU SHOWEST THY FATHER!" PYJ! TYL! Help me to believe it, Lord! Some of these things the Lord shows are so strange I have a hard time believing them! I have a hard time even telling you about them, because I'm afraid you're not going to believe it!

289. I SPENT FOUR HOURS TONIGHT TO TRY TO HELP YOU SEE & HAVE THE FAITH & put your faith in God's Word & experience & everything else I could tell you‚ to believe such a weird strange story as the revelation I had last night. I don't know whether you noticed what happened just now when we were praying about this spirit. What did I say? (Maria: Whoever or whatever it is.) Whoever‚ whatever it is.

290. YOU CAN COMMAND THE DEMONS TO TELL YOU THEIR NAME & I WANTED TO KNOW THAT SPIRIT'S NAME, what kind of a spirit is it, & instantly‚ it was almost like I saw something black like a spider crawling on that picture, & it said "Mischief!" I got something else though, too. Because I'm such a poor instrument & I'm so damned slow, I guess I'm so damned slow, I guess I'm so thick myself, I figure you're as thick as I am & I have to convince you. I guess I'm so thick myself, I figure you're as thick as I am & I have to convince you. I guess I'm so sceptical I figure you're as unbelieving as I am‚ therefore I have to build a pretty strong case! PTL!

291. I GET A LOT OUT OF THE DICTIONARY, BELOVED. After all‚ don't cast aside the wisdom of man entirely or the things he's learned, the facts. Now I want to see what "mischief" means. The Lord gives you words & sometimes you need to know really what it means. Only I got another word too, we're going to work on that.

292. "MISCHIEF—AN ILL CONSEQUENCE." This has sure been an ill consequence! What is a consequence? Something that follows something else, the result of something else. We've certainly suffered an ill consequence from this Mischief! "Evil, injury, damage, the troublesome fact, source of harm"—sounds like source of harm"—sounds like sorcery!" Petty misdeeds or annoyance"—not anything really apparently gravely serious‚ it hasn't killed David, it hasn't made him sick, but it certainly is a damned nuisance! It's had a bad effect on his spirit. "Pestering playfulness."

293. I'VE HEARD OF MISCHIEVOUS SPIRITS, THOSE WHO PLAY TRICKS ON PEOPLE. They just do little annoying pestering things like knocking all the stuff off the bathroom shelf & stuff like that. Did you ever hear of that? (Tim: Aren't poltergeists mischievous spirits?) Geist means ghost or spirit. We can look that one up too. It's a spirit that throws things down or upsets things.

294. MISCHIEVOUS, CAUSING MISCHIEF, INJURIES, PRONE TO MISCHIEF & SO ON. One who stirs up strife, mischief-making. From the old French "meschef," from "mes" meaning minus or less, & "chef," from the Latin, caput or the head. In other words, without your head, out of your head. Some of these things really are pretty far-fetched. Mischief, in other words, insane or out of your head, it's the opposite of being sensible or sane.

295. POLTERGEIST: "A MYSTERIOUS INVISIBLE AGENCY, ASSERTED TO THROW THINGS ABOUT. A NOISY GHOST." From the German "polter," to make a racket, & "geist," a ghost. I lived in a house one time where the ghost kept knocking on the wall, did you ever live in a house like that? Well, a few nights of that & we moved out! He'd wait till everybody was nicely asleep & all quiet & then knock on the walls right by our heads!

296. (MARIA: DID YOU EVER THINK OF HAVING AN EXORCISM AT THAT HOUSE?)—Me? Not me! I was a young teenager then, it scared me to death! I didn't want to go back near that house! It was an apartment on Miami Beach. And it turned out that some medium or sorceress or something had lived in there before us. Well now, what I want to look up is something entirely different. Because of something very strange I just got:

297. "SPHINCTER—A MUSCLE WHOSE CONTRACTION NARROWS OR SHUTS AN ORIFICE," from the Greek "sphinkter." Now you said something very interesting, you said Sphinx! Now, dear Sue, we need the encyclopedia. Where did I get the idea that the Sphinx has anything to do with a sphincter muscle? What in the World could the Sphinx have to do with sphincter muscle?

298. SPHINX: "A MONSTER OF GREEK MYTHOLOGY WITH THE HEAD OF A WOMAN & the body of a lioness that proposed riddles to travellers & strangled those who could not solve them. Any similar monster or representation of one. An enigmatic or inscrutable person." Again from the Greek, "to draw tight." I get fascinated by these things & I want to know what's it got to do with that? Jesus help us, Lord!

299. AMEN, LORD‚ YOU HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS & YOU CAN GIVE THEM ALL, IN JESUS' NAME! PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen, well I still don't see what the Sphinx has to do with it except that the sphincter muscle is named after it. (Sara: And you just prayed about the sphincter muscle!) Amen Lord‚ do help & strengthen his muscle & help him to be able to retain. Rebuke the Enemy that's tried to weaken him. It's a weakness, Lord, it takes strength to exercise that muscle, & weakness to relax it & permit urination. We just ask Thee again to help him & rebuke it, deliver‚ for Jesus' sake, & for his sake, Lord‚ & for our sake, & help us to learn whatever lesson You're trying to teach us through all this, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory.

300. I WAS THINKING, WELL COULDN'T WE AT LEAST SAVE THE FRAME? I don't think we could. Maybe we could save the picture? I guess we better not take a chance on it‚ I guess we'd better get rid of the whole thing. Let's trust that will help & there'll be no influence left. Ever if the damage is done & the dirtywork is done & it accomplished its purpose, the Lord is able to deliver just the same, amen?

301. I WISH YOU'D TRY TO PRAY & ASK THE LORD WHAT'S THAT GOT TO DO WITH THE SPHINX? It doesn't sound to me like the Sphinx was anything good, it sounds like it was evil, whoever that demon was! You don't suppose that sort of thing could still be around after all these years? You don't suppose that sort of thing would actually try to show its power by showing its power over that muscle or something? (Tim: Even epilepsy has spiritual roots & that definitely has power over muscles.) Well‚ it's possible‚ I suppose, but what for? For self-glorification, to show it still has power?

302. IT'S A SMALL THING, BUT THAT'S THE WAY I FOUND AS FAR AS THE LIFE OF A CHRISTIAN, the Lord usually doesn't let the Enemy manifest himself in anything very big or extremely serious unless you really are out of God's will or something. But He will allow him to annoy you, like a spirit of mischief‚ to bother you. Like flies or mosquitoes, they are an annoyance & a nuisance!

303. WELL, I GOT SOMETHING VERY FUNNY WHEN I WAS PRAYING ABOUT IT, as though that spirit has some power over that muscle! I don't know why or whether it's because the muscle's named after it or it's trying to show its ugly face that way or get some glorification for itself. (Sara: I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that all of Tim's children never could control their sphincter muscle? David was trained. His sphincter muscle was trained. In the potty training books it says that's what you're trying to accomplish in potty training is training that little muscle, & they can't control it till a certain age, but his children never have been able to control it!)

304. (TIM: DAVIDA NEVER WET. DELFINA WET THE BED. Didi & Joseph did not, & the twins don't.) Well, that shows you it runs apparently in your family. (Tim: Myself, I wet the bed until I was at least five years old!) Did any of the other children in your family wet the bed? (Tim: My younger sister.) Why do you remember that? (Tim: Because she was pretty close in age, & I was growing out of it & she was still wetting the bed.) Of course you were thankful or proud that you were not because she still was.

305. I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT'S GOT TO DO WITH THE SPHINX unless that damned evil spirit is still around trying to show its power! That would be a hell of a way for it to show its power, wouldn't it, to cause kids to wet the bed? I mean nothing big, but it sure is a nuisance! (The Sphinx Goddess!)

306. (DAD READS SARA'S NOTE:) "He wet at nap again. I had gotten a more victorious attitude & told him before nap we were really helping him to fight the Enemy & would all learn to be fighters, & he said, 'Except Techi.'" Of all the funny things to say!

307. (MARIA: IT CAME TO ME THE OTHER DAY THAT IT ALSO HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE BABY COMING.) (Sara: Because we had told him it's babyish, but I'd never brought up Techi!) It's in the books somewhere that sometimes when a mother is going to have another child—but usually it's after the baby's born—& the baby wets the bed, sometimes the older children or an older child will deliberately wet the bed or for some reason wet the bed. Did it say it was in jealousy?

308. IMAGINE HIM SAYING "EXCEPT TECHI"! We're all learning to be fighters except Techi! Sara says, "I asked why & he said, 'Because she wets the bed!'" She's not even born yet! Why would he say a thing like that? (Maria: We mentioned to him that she'll wet the bed, but that'll be all right because she's a little baby.) (Reads Sara's note:) "Referring to babies wetting the bed, not big boys. We read Eph.6 & really prayed, did not rebuke the enemy but said, & if wet"—in other words you warned him if he did wet you'd put diapers on him. Did you? (Sara: I laid them out on the bed for Alf to do.)

309. IT SEEMS LIKE A RATHER RIDICULOUS THING THAT THE LORD WOULD ALLOW A DEMON TO HAVE SOME LITTLE POWER LIKE THAT! Of course it's a nuisance & annoyance & mischief! Well, I guess he does. (Sara: I was in Egypt & saw the Sphinx, & sat through a show where they talked about it on film.) (Maria: You said that Sara brought back some of the power of the pyramids with her.) When did I say that? (Sara: When you were sick in Switzerland.)

310. LORD DELIVER US! I DON'T WANT TO FOOL AROUND WITH THIS KIND OF STUFF! I didn't even want to go to Jerusalem, I was afraid I'd get inspired & explode & tell the [Israeli] Jews off! I probably would have. I could just see myself at the Wailing Wall! I'm sure I would have had something to wail about!

311. WELL, THAT WOULD BE A REAL RIDICULOUS THING IF YOU ASK ME, for the Lord to give a demon by that name power over that muscle to cause trouble. I guess the Lord never put a sphincter muscle on our mouths & that's why I never shut up! Just about every other opening in the body has a sphincter muscle! Well, it's almost one o'clock, we've got to let you go. (Tim: Daniel just told me that they pick up the garbage soon.)

312. WHILE WE'RE ALL HERE TOGETHER IN THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT, WHY DON'T WE PRAY FOR YOU to go get that picture & get it in the garbage now! Tell us exactly where it is & what position it's in. We live in a weird World‚ a lot of funny things are going on! Thank God for a sense of humour, PTL! The Lord must laugh sometimes, it's so funny!

313. HONEY, YOU DON'T MEAN TO INSINUATE YOU MIGHT HAVE BROUGHT MRS. SPHINX BACK WITH YOU FROM EGYPT! (Sara: I didn't like that at all! I liked the pyramids.) Dear Sara, help her not to feel bad about this, it's not her fault. It wouldn't even be her fault, Lord‚ if Mrs. Sphinx did hitch a ride back to cause us trouble. Of all people & of all places in the whole World!

314. YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT OUR WORK IS, LORD, & how important our Family is‚ & what an influence we have on the World. So regardless of what caused it or who caused it or what power caused it‚ we know You're going to work it out for good & it's going to be a lesson to all of us & already has been‚ TYL! We've already learned a lot tonight, TYJ! PTL! In Jesus' name, amen.

315. NOW WOULDN'T THAT BE SOMETHING IF YOU BROUGHT THE SPHINX BACK WITH YOU FROM EGYPT, HONEY. Now you really think I'm crazy! (Maria: But it seemed like from what you said that the power she brought back was good though, & that you wanted to go get some too.) Madame M saw us in Egypt. Honey, you never showed me that! How can you sneak these thing out on me & let everybody else read them & I don't even get to see them myself? Well‚ I don't know, maybe the reason she saw all those temples & the Sphinx & pyramids & stuff is just because in our Letters we've dealt with those things or something. PTL! Let's pray for the boys. (Tim & Daniel.)

316. LORD BLESS THEM & KEEP THEM SAFELY NOW AS THEY GO‚ PROTECT THEM BY THY SPIRIT IN JESUS' NAME. And help these folks not to be afraid of every little thing now just because of this thing tonight. This is a very special case, Lord. What was that? With my eyes shut I even noticed that the lights dimmed. Whenever the lights dim like that it means somebody's on the elevator. I thought maybe I was seeing something else weird! Lord help us, in Jesus' name. TYL! (To Tim:) You didn't go with him? You should go with him, Son, by all means! "One can chase a thousand‚ two can put ten thousand to flight"! GBAKY. Don't stay too long. I don't want them to get gobbled up by the Sphinx or something!

317. GOD'S WORD SAYS, "I WILL VISIT THE SINS OF THE FATHERS UPON THEIR CHILDREN UNTO THE THIRD & THE FOURTH GENERATION." (Ex.20:5.) So there could be somebody back in Tim's line who did something for which the children are still suffering. You say, "What kind of a God is that monster that causes the innocent children to suffer!"

318. WELL, BELOVED, THE INNOCENT SUFFER EVERY DAY. You & I are innocently suffering persecution from the Enemy right now, the Family's suffering, right? You & I are still suffering for the sins of Adam & Eve, right? Of course, mostly we suffer for our own sins. But nevertheless I suppose the Lord has allowed that to show us what a horrible effect sin has & how much trouble it can cause to disobey the Lord. (Tim leaves.)

319. AMEN, LORD, BLESS & KEEP THE BOYS, IN JESUS' NAME! TYL! The idea of Timothy sending poor Daniel down there all by himself with that picture! I was surprised, weren't you? Poor Daniel, I've got to hand it to him for guts, going down there by himself with that thing! Has anybody ever taken it apart to see if there was anything else in there? Any other picture or anything else inside? (Boys return.)

320. HOW COULD YOU GO OFF & LEAVE DANIEL ALL BY HIMSELF, TIM? Didn't you think it was a little strange that Tim deserted you? You poor thing‚ had to go down there all by yourself with that thing! Where did you find the picture? (Tim: In the drawer next to the desk where she put it.) Face down or face up? (Tim: Face down.) Did you put it face down or face up? (Maria: Face down.) And so what happened?

321. (TIM: SO WE PUT IT IN THE GARBAGE BAG THAT HE HAD & HE TOOK IT DOWN.) And Tim didn't go with you! I never dreamed he wouldn't go with you! You rascal you! You're going to have all these people thinking you were afraid to go with him! (Tim: I thought I was doing pretty good to go to the room by myself & get it!) I thought Daniel went to the room with you to get it. Well, now you're even!

322. IT WILL PAY YOU ALL TO STAY STRONG IN THE LORD & THE WORD & IN PRAYER & THE SPIRIT & don't let the Enemy have any opportunities to annoy us or cause us any more mischief. A mischievous spirit, how about that! Well, if a poltergeist can throw stuff off shelves, I suppose they can carry stuff from one room to the other. It would be interesting to hear Alf's side of the story tomorrow, what happened about that picture. I'm sorry Alf had to miss this tonight, but Sara's had to miss a lot of things too. They haven't gotten much sleep, they've been really suffering from this.

323. WELL, WE WERE PRAYING—DID WE EVER SAY AMEN? We were holding hands & praying, did I ever finish the prayer? Huh? Well let's pray the Lord's Prayer together then. Amen. PTL! TYJ! As we pray together, Lord, the prayer that You taught us to pray: (Prays Lord's Prayer.) Amen, PTL! TTL! Hallelujah! Amen!

324. HIS IS THE KINGDOM & HIS IS THE POWER, HIS IS THE GLORY! That's why these little rascals keep trying to show you they have power & try to get some glory, they want to take it away from the Lord, & sometimes it gets your minds off the Lord. So keep in prayer & in the Spirit & in the Word & keep your mind on the Lord! "Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee," amen? (Isa.26:3.) You're not worried, are you. TYL! TYJ!

325. WE WERE JUST MENTIONING, TIMOTHY, HOW THAT SOMETIMES THE INNOCENT HAVE TO SUFFER FOR THE GUILTY. The Lord said that the sins of the fathers are visited unto the third & the fourth generation, & this thing seems to run in your family, even with Delfina. I think this is another proof Delfina is yours.

326. IT SEEMS TO BE NO FAULT OF YOURS* THAT GOD HAS VISITED ON THE CHILDREN FOR YOUR SAKE‚ it could have been your father or grandfather. Of course the Lord is able to deliver you from these things & from the curse by the power of His Spirit if we really pray & ask the Lord to deliver us. So let's really pray for David because that thing has apparently really affected him, & it's affected him spiritually‚ he's been more defiant. Keep his room warm tonight & maybe that will help. Of course, if it's spiritual it won't help. (*Tim soon left us!)

327. WELL, PTL! GBYA! I GUESS YOU KNOW NOW WE'RE A PRETTY WEIRD FAMILY‚ "THE MUNSTER FAMILY"! Our Europeans don't know what I'm talking about. It's a TV comedy series that used to be on in the United States called "the Munster Family," it was a family of monsters with Frankenstein as the father, Dracula was an uncle & his wife was a witch & the children were little monsters. It was supposed to make fun of monsters & vampires & things like that. By the way‚ did you know one of the biggest newest hit movies is a revival of Dracula & vampirism?

328. WELL, I HOPE YOU AREN'T ANY WORSE-THE-WEAR FOR ALL THESE GHOST STORIES TONIGHT, BELOVED! Now please don't be fearful at all, because it's the Lord's house, we're the Lord's Family. Just because the Devil manages to slip us a Mickey once in awhile doesn't mean he can do very much, TTL! And all these things I'm sure are happening to you that we might be examples to the whole World & teach them some of these things that they need to know, that they are real & they do happen & we need to not be ignorant of his devices.

329. I DON'T LIKE TO DWELL ON IT TOO MUCH, I DON'T EVEN LIKE TO TALK ABOUT THE DEVIL VERY MUCH. I don't like to give him that much credit or glory‚ but we need to recognise the fact that we're not dealing with just natural normal things, but we're dealing with things of the spirit. But PTL, we have greater power & we have the protection of the Lord‚ so we don't have to worry, amen? Anybody afraid to go to bed alone tonight? You can always ask somebody to sleep with you!

330. TIM REMEMBERS THE "CLOSE ENCOUNTER" NIGHT IN LISBON, THAT WAS PRETTY WEIRD! That was enough to scare anybody, it nearly scared me out of my wits! I'll tell you, if I was ever pretty close to being really scared, that was one of the few times in my life! Lying there in that pitch dark room not able to see anything & afraid to move, & if you can imagine‚ to see this thing bending over Maria in the dark!

331. I WANTED TO REACH OUT & TURN ON THE LIGHT BUT I WAS JUST ABSOLUTELY AFRAID TO MOVE, & finally, it must have been some kind of thought communication, because the moment I made the decision to reach for the light she whirled around & dashed out of the room! Before I got my hand on the light she was gone! They're afraid of light, believe it or not. They don't even like natural light, much less spiritual light! So PTL. (No.710.)

332. YOU'RE NOT WORRIED ARE YOU, HONEY? The Lord's with you, PTL, & the Lord's going to help David. He's been through some pretty rough trials. Poor David, maybe he's going to have to go through more things than most kids, because what happens to him the whole World hears about, & it's a lesson to everybody.

333. I THINK I PROBABLY WENT THROUGH MORE THINGS THAN MOST KIDS HAVE TO GO THROUGH, because I was going to be a lesson to you. I'll tell you, the things I went through, even David hasn't begun to go through what I went through! By the time I was his age I think I'd had most of the childhood diseases, I had all kinds of falls & bangs & knocks & accidents & the Devil tried to kill me my whole life long! But I'm still here!—TTL!

334. SO, WHO'S AFRAID OF A LITTLE PICTURE? I'm not afraid of it, but I don't particularly want to have to have it around! You're not to be afraid of the Devil, but neither are you supposed to enjoy having him around, sort of like an unwelcome guest!

335. I THINK TIM WENT TO BED THAT NIGHT WITH ALL THE LIGHTS IN HIS ROOM ON! (Tim: And the radio!) Ha, ha! Oh me! Well, I'll tell you, we didn't go to bed in the dark either after that! PTL! I guess the Lord always lets these things happen so we can learn something & tell the rest of the World.—You!—Amen?

(P.S. Tim left us only a few days later & soon backslid with his wife & kids! Then within a few days I began having vomiting attacks from a sudden stricture (or sphincter?) in my esophagus which I had off & on for four years!—Attacks of the evil Sphinx Goddess?) (Nos. 1403‚ 1405, 1407, etc.)