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Time Is Short

David Berg

DFO 134712/82

1. WE JUST SENT FOUR MORE GNs FOR PRINTING, 128 PAGES!—NEARLY ALL LETTERS, TTL! And two more done today & more to come, TTL! I'm really trying to push along, because I'm convinced our time is short! Whatever we do, we must do quickly while it is yet day, for the night cometh when it's going to be pretty hard to work! (Jn.9:4)

2. WE'RE NOT TO FRET FOR TOMORROW, which means we're not to worry about tomorrow, but the Lord sure has had a lot to say about tomorrow, so He certainly must want us to be informed about tomorrow! The whole point of prophecy is to let you know what's going to happen so you won't worry about it. You'll know what's going to happen. Doesn't it give you a wonderful feeling?

3. WHAT EFFECT DOES IT HAVE ON YOU TO KNOW THE FUTURE? Think back to when you were just a Worldling & you didn't know anything about Bible Prophecy & you didn't know the future & it looked pretty grim & glum & dark with all the atom bombs & everything else. Don't you think you were a little more worried & nervous & uncertain & concerned about the future when you didn't know what was going to happen? Don't you now feel more at ease, more reassured‚ more calm? And even though you know some of the bad things that are going to happen‚ it's even good to know about them, isn't it? At least you know & prepare!

4. THEY SAY UNCERTAINTY & THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN IS THE WORST FEAR OF ALL!: People fearing the unknown & uncertainty & not knowing what's going to happen. Just think!—We know what's going to happen! We know the future!—In detail & exactly! Even the exact number of years & days & months, etc., of some parts of it, & exactly what's going to happen! Think of that!

5. GOD HAS BEEN SO GOOD TO US TO TELL US IN HIS WORD & even fill in some of the gaps in present prophecy to show us exactly what's going to happen so we won't be worried about it, or frightened, surprised or shocked when it happens. He said in one of the great prophecies which we received through my Mother, the Warning Prophecy, that there's going to be a mighty widening of the eyes of those who discern not the signs of the times! There's going to be an awful lot of people absolutely stunned, shocked, astonished, eyes wide with amazement & fear when it happens!—The Great Confusion!—Obviously that greatest of all confusions.

6. I'M CONVINCED HE'S TALKING ABOUT THIS VERY PERIOD OF THE ENDTIME THAT WE'RE ENTERING NOW, & maybe it will help put the beads on the string a little clearer in your mind if I just work back from the known quantities of the equation to the present & tell you what I think! It's a funny thing about us & Bible Prophecy, we know more about the future than we do the present! We know more about what's going to happen at the End than we do right now! The Lord's even given us the number of the days when we get near the End—exact days, exact months, exact years! Think of that!

7. MOST PEOPLE THINK THEY KNOW THE PRESENT & THEY'RE QUITE SURE OF THE PRESENT. They're worried about the future‚ but they're certain that the present is as is & will probably not change too much too soon—they think! It's funny how most people‚ as I've told you before, spend most of their time worrying! Don't most of the Worldlings worry a lot? What do they worry about? What did Jesus say they worry about?—Mostly about tomorrow!

8. AND WHAT ARE THE THINGS THEY WORRY ABOUT?—Food‚ clothing, shelter, the very things that the Lord told His disciples not to worry about! He said, "Don't worry! If I feed the birds & I clothe the flowers, don't you think I'm going to take care of you? Fret not thyself for the morrow, you know not what a day will bring forth. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." He said not to worry about "wherewithal shall we be clothed, what shall we eat, what shall we drink‚" because after all these things the World worries all the time. But what did He say? What was that most wonderful promise there at the end of the 6th Chapter of Matthew? What is that marvellous promise? "But seek ye first the Kingdom of God & His righteousness‚ & all these other things will be added unto you!" (Mt.6:25-34)

9. JUST THINK, WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT FOOD, CLOTHING, SHELTER, ALL THOSE THINGS! Have you been worrying about your salary lately or whether it will stretch to the end of the month? Boy, when I was working for a salary, that was the worst problem of all! You always ran out of money before the end of the month & you were scraping the bottom of the barrel to make it, even to have enough to eat till next payday! At least I was, I don't know what kind of job you had!

10. THE LORD LET ME GET A LOT OF EXPERIENCE IN A WIDE ASSORTMENT OF JOBS SO I WOULD KNOW A LITTLE BIT ABOUT EVERYTHING! You've heard about the "Jack-of–all-trades & master of none"? Well, Lord forgive me, I can't really honestly say I'm master of none, because the Lord has made me master of at least one, but I was a Jack-of-all-trades! I've done about everything there was to do, & now I know why! I had to know a little bit about everything to teach you, for one thing, & to do a lot of the things we do. Just think!—I've worked at everything from construction, lumbering, post office, District Attorney's office, all kinds of things, almost everything you can imagine!—All things that I now need to know about, really, & I've needed to know about since then. PTL!

11. SO JUST THINK, YOU DON'T HAVE A THING TO WORRY ABOUT NOW! You don't have to worry about your salary, whether you're going to have enough to eat, to be clothed or a place to lay your head! You're rich by comparison! You're revelling in luxury by comparison even with perhaps what you used to have, even if your parents were wealthy. Maybe you had a better home than this, maybe you had a bigger pool, but I bet you didn't have more fun! I bet you weren't as happy & as contented & satisfied & fulfilled & felt like you were really accomplishing something—know that you're accomplishing something! PTL?

12. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO WORRY ABOUT? "Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee‚ because he trusteth in Thee." (Isa.26:3) We have the Lord‚ so we don't have anything to worry about! We know the Lord's going to take care of us, we know He's going to feed us, we know He's going to clothe us, even house us—which is one of the things He hasn't even guaranteed! Because you can actually live without a house, you can survive out camping, & we've done it! Pretty luxurious camping we did in all those nice trailers!—Ha!

13. BUT MOST OF US HAVE CAMPED OUT IN A TENT SOMETIME OR OTHER & KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE, & have built a campfire to cook our food‚ etc., Maria & I spent two or three weeks doing that in New Jersey, of all places‚ in Cheesequake Park while we were waiting for our passports & tickets, etc., before we left on our first trip to Europe! It was a little pup tent just big enough for an air mattress for two! The tent just barely fitted over the double bed on the ground!

14. WE COOKED MOST OF OUR MEALS ON THAT LITTLE CAMPFIRE‚ & oh boy, I don't think breakfast ever tasted so good! That bacon sizzlin' there & those eggs! We even made our toast just holding it on a fork over the fire. And that coffee, I'll tell you‚ it really just seemed like it always tasted better outdoors! So we know how to be in want & we know how to abound‚ & we enjoyed it all, didn't you? So we have so much to be thankful for!

15. AND YET THE WORLD SPENDS MOST OF ITS TIME WORRYING! They worry about the present right now too, some of them wonder how they're going to make it through the week, especially if they're on a weekly salary. Others wonder how they're going to make it though the month, & I've even known & heard a lot of people in their middle age worrying about old age, even my Mother & Father used to worry about it once in awhile: "What am I going to do when I get old? Who's going to take care of me then?"—Worrying about years in the future! Well, it never happened. Like Mark Twain said, "I'm an old man & I've had many troubles—most of which never happened!"

16. JUST THINK OF ALL THE THINGS THEY WORRY ABOUT THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT! Isn't that wonderful? You don't have to worry about the present, do you? We have to be concerned about it in some respects, we've got to watch our step & be careful, we've got to be cautious about our security & we've got to be wise about our conduct & our business & our finances & we have to work & we have to take care of these things, but we don't have to worry about'm!

17. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU SEEN ME WORRIED ABOUT MONEY? (Peter: Not at all!) I don't think you've ever seen me worried about money! A few times you might have seen me mad about money‚ not mad for it but angry because I felt like either we weren't accomplishing enough or maybe we weren't economising enough, or the Family wasn't giving enough. The few times I ever get concerned about it at all, it's usually from their lack of giving or our lack of economising or trying to get the most for our money.

18. I WANT TO MAKE EVERY PENNY COUNT! Like my Mother used to say about my Grandfather: "He could squeeze the dollar till the eagle screamed!" Well, I don't know what they've got on the money here, most money nowadays is paper money & could hardly scream at all! In fact, it's not even worth a scream!

19. WE ARE IN A WORLDWIDE DEPRESSION NOW, NOT IN A MERE RECESSION! They're trying to keep it quiet & avoiding the word "depression" like the plague, but a few people have had the nerve to come out & bluntly & flatly state that we are in just as great a depression as the World Depression of the '30s! In fact, worse, because it's more widespread & affects more people & is measured in more money & more unemployment & all kinds of things. So the World is pretty bad off economically right now.

20. THERE'S AN INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE DEPRESSION GOING ON! They keep calling it a recession & they keep saying that "recovery is just around the corner, just around the corner, next year it will be better." I never saw so many prophets in the World, & the pitiful part about it is they're all prophesying things that seldom come to pass—at least the good things don't! And they worry about these things.

21. THANK GOD WE'VE GOT A SURE THING, WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY! We've got Somebody we know will take care of us no matter what happens! Isn't that wonderful? You don't have to worry about losing your job, you don't have to worry about losing your salary, you don't have to worry about getting it cut, you don't even have to worry about raises! You've got a cover-all salary! You've heard about these guys with expense accounts? You've got an unlimited expense account—God will take care of you whatever the expenses are, that's that!

22. WHEN I WAS ON SALARY WE WERE ALWAYS WORRYING ABOUT GETTING TO THE END OF THE MONTH, but when we are living on faith & living & trusting & working for the Lord, I never have that problem! The only finance conferences we have to call are usually to figure out how to give it away—who to give it to & how much! And once in awhile we've had to talk about economising.

23. DURING THIS TRANSITION THE FAMILY'S GOING THROUGH, WE WENT THROUGH A PERIOD IN WHICH WE WERE IN A FINANCIAL PINCH because our income was down between 10 & 15% for about three months, & we had to cut cheques about 10 or 15% for each of the three months because our income had dropped below our expenses. So when our income drops below our expenses, we just cut our expenses. We just cut all the cheques across the board that much, everybody's, including ours, just whatever the percent our income has dropped below our expenses, in order that we can all stay & live within our income. So everybody had to tighten their belts a little bit, not too much, but just try to get by on a little bit less.

24. BUT I'LL TELL YOU FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT, THANKS TO THE LORD & THANKS TO OUR FAMILY WHO MUST BE PRAYING MORE, WORKING HARDER & OBEYING MORE & maybe getting settled in their fields now & finding new means of income & working harder on their mailing lists & ministries, I don't know exactly what it is, but thank the Lord the income was up considerably this past month & more than covered our expenses! So I have sent the word to our Treasurer that all cheques can go out at 100%, no cuts!—Except one or two people‚ & they deserve a cut, they had too much!

25. IT'S NOT VERY OFTEN WE FIND ANYBODY WE'RE GIVING TOO MUCH TO—ONLY ONCE IN AWHILE. We especially don't like to pay people who aren't producing & accomplishing something! We don't like to pay people for expenses they haven't got‚ either, & work they're not doing. So we're pretty tight with our funds.

26. BUT YOU CAN THANK THE LORD HE HAS ANSWERED PRAYER & THE FAMILY INCOME IS UP THIS MONTH above our normal expenses for the first time in about four months! In fact, up enough that we can even reimburse a little bit of their reserves that they've had to live on during some of the cuts.

27. WE HAVE A STANDARD POLICY IN ALL WORLD SERVICE UNITS of making sure that every Unit, if possible, has at least one month's reserve equal to their usual monthly budget, so that if we were suddenly cut off from them, or them from us, they'd have at least a month's money to live on & to keep working on in such an emergency. In times past we've had it up to as much as 3 months for most of our Units‚ a few 4, 5, & 6 months' reserve. But it looks like in the present days of World recession‚ those days may be over! We're thankful if each Unit has at least one month's income in reserve that they can fall back on in case we have to cut off their cheques—which is what we had to do one month. We simply sent out no cheques‚ or very few cheques, & told everybody just to live on their reserves.

28. BUT I THANK THE LORD HE'S ANSWERED PRAYER & THINGS ARE BETTER! The Family is doing better, giving better! I'm sure it's the Lord, but I don't know just exactly whether it's their prayers or their work, probably just a combination of a lot of factors! I think a lot of them are getting settled now in their fields‚ & the ones who are successful on the field are doing better. Perhaps the ones who already failed on the field have gone home & gotten a job & they're doing better too!

29. NOT EVERYBODY IS APPARENTLY CUT OUT TO BE A MISSIONARY‚ at least it seems that way. About all some people can do is go back to the System & get an ordinary job & try to help support a missionary. So God bless'm! The Lord said in His Own Word, "Those that stand by the stuff shall receive equally with those that go forth to the battle!" (1Sa.30:24) So don't knock it, don't minimise'm, don't criticise'm, maybe that's the best they can do!

30. THE GREAT MULTI-MILLIONAIRE, R.G. LA TOURNEAU, STARTED OUT AS A POOR MAN, broke, worse than broke, bankrupt, with tens of thousands of dollars in bills he couldn't pay! He asked God what God wanted him to do, & the Lord told him He wanted him to make money for His work! He was an engineer‚ building manufacturer of construction machinery, earth-moving machinery, who made some of the biggest earthmoving machinery in the World, & God made him a success at it, he made millions!

31. HE STARTED OFF PROMISING GOD 10% OF HIS INCOME IF HE'D PULL HIM OUT OF THE HOLE, so God did, & he started giving 20%, & he kept upping it & upping it, since he still didn't need any more to live on. Finally, last I heard he was giving 90% of his income to foreign missions & living on the other 10%. PTL! What do we do, Peter? We live on less than that, don't we? We give something like 95% of our income to foreign missions, & our work of course, our publications, etc.

32. SO THANK THE LORD, I'M SURE GLAD I TOOK THE LORD AT HIS WORD THAT DAY WAY BACK THERE ON CHRISTMAS IN LONDON & gave that dear little half-blind waitress that five-pound note! I took God at His Word & said, "Okay, Lord, I'm gonna do it, so You've gotta do it!"—And I've been prospering ever since! (See No. 540:25-36.) The more I gave, the more He gave me to give, & you can never outgive God! I've been giving more & more & more ever since, & the more we give‚ the more we get! The Lord really blesses it!

33. EVEN IN THOSE TIGHT MONTHS OF THE PAST TWO OR THREE MONTHS, WE DIDN'T STOP PUTTING OUT! We didn't cut down on our ministry or our publications. Well, we cut a little bit here & there where it wasn't necessary, economised & made things a little more efficient & effective‚ but we've still been dishin' it out in heaping servings!

34. DURING THIS SO-CALLED RECESSION & TIGHT PERIOD WE'VE BEEN PUTTING OUT JUST ABOUT AS MANY BOOKS AS EVER, ALMOST MORE! They just mailed the beautiful colour calendar with two GNs, & they're just mailing out the diary! And we're going to get out about 3 FNs within a month or so, still trying to catch up! The Family's like the Lord, they pour out more than we can hold! We keep trying to catch up‚ but we just seem to keep running behind with all the material they send us! And how about Komix Books? (Peter: We had four Komix go out & this coming month coming up is the Heavenly Helpers book & six GNs!) How about MO books? (Peter: Volume 9 & 10 is going to go out this month, Lord willing.)

35. SO IF ANYTHING, WE HAD PREPARED TO EVEN PUT OUT MORE ON LESS INCOME! We were racing like mad to try to get all these things out by Christmas‚ for Christmas gifts, & it just seemed like they all stacked up here at the end of the year, even when our income was lower than usual. But the Lord's always paid for it. We've never had to go in debt one penny for one publication yet‚ not a penny! We have never borrowed money yet, not a penny! And every time a bill was due to be paid, we paid it! How's that for a record?

36. I KNOW OF PEOPLE THAT LIVE ON BORROWED TIME & BORROWED MONEY ALL THE TIME, including the owner of this house & almost every government in the World! Brazil's a big country‚ but they're not that rich—rich in natural resources that they haven't even got out of the ground yet, it's mostly jungle—& they're 80 billion dollars in debt! And the U.S. Government is now 3 trillion dollars in debt! They're running on deficit spending, what they call their deficit budget—in other words, they're going further in the hole every year!

37. WHEN THEY KEEP TALKING ABOUT CUTTING DOWN THE BUDGET, they don't mean they're balancing the budget, they're not balancing it, they're bouncing it! The total budget was to be about 800 billion dollars this year, & they're trying to keep the deficit down to something like half of that. In other words‚ they're spending about twice as much as they're making, going further & further in the hole every year! That's got to come to an end, & it's beginning to come to an end now!

38. AS I TOLD YOU A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO: "THE CRASH IS HERE!" (No.854) It was already here but the World just didn't know it! But they're gradually waking up to the fact, & as they wake up to the fact that the money just isn't there, then they start slowing down their spending & their production & the manufacturing & jobs & more & more people are out of work, there's more & more unemployment & less & less money in circulation. But they've got the price support systems & their government-regulated price-fixing so fixed now that the prices refuse to go down, because they've got'm established by law!

39. AT LEAST IN THE GREAT DEPRESSION I WAS IN, when incomes & employment plummetted—& unemployment skyrocketed — at least the prices plummetted too, along with income & jobs! You could go down to Dinner Bell on First Street in Miami‚ very nice restaurant, below average, & you could buy a seven-course meal for 15 cents! And the more average restaurant served you the same meal for 25 cents! And you could go to a real nice upper high-class place & get a full-course dinner for 50 cents! Think of that! A gallon of gas for 10 cents! Quart of milk, 10 cents! Loaf of bread, 10 cents! What is it now?

40. NEARLY ALL THOSE THINGS THAT USED TO BE TEN CENTS ARE ABOUT A DOLLAR NOW, TEN TIMES AS MUCH! And because of inflation & those government regulations, the businessmen have got the government with its neck in a noose so they don't dare let the prices come down. That's what this big GATT Conference was in Europe, & the big fuss was about, because nearly every government is supporting the prices, particularly of the farmers. Why the farmers?—Because there're so many of'm & they've got so many votes! Every government does it!

41. THE U.S. IS ACCUSING EUROPE OF TOO MUCH AGRICULTURAL FARM SUPPORT, & I was glad to see that Britisher had the guts to fire right back at him & say, "Well, you do the same thing! The U.S. has got a mountain of butter & a mountain of dairy goods that they have paid for & bought from the farmers at supported prices too!"—Just to keep the prices up.

42. DO YOU KNOW WHAT "PRICE SUPPORT SYSTEM" MEANS? It just means that if the farmers can't sell it at a certain price, the Government promises to buy it at that price. So the Government stockpiles mountains of butter, mountains of dairy goods, mountains of wheat & grain & corn by the hundreds of thousands of bushels‚ sometimes millions! If the farmers can't sell it‚ the Government buys it. But where's the Government going to get the money?—They print it!

43. WELL‚ THAT JUST CAN'T GO ON FOREVER & THINGS ARE FINALLY GRINDING SLOWER & SLOWER & SLOWER & SLOWER TILL ONE OF THESE DAYS THEY'RE GOING TO COME TO A HALT & CRASH! That U.S. National Debt of three trillion dollars will never get paid! Impossible! They can't pay it. That's why the people who hold those bonds & certificates & government loans & whatnot, guarantees‚ they just keep on holdin'm because they know there's no chance of getting paid back. They're just thankful if they keep getting the interest off of'm, they know they'll never get the principal back. The money is spent & gone forever & they'll never get it back!

44. THE TROUBLE IS‚ LOTS OF GOVERNMENTS ARE NOW DEFAULTING ON EVEN THE INTEREST PAYMENTS! They not only can't pay back the money to a tune of billions of dollars but can't even pay interest!—One little government like Brazil 80 billion dollars in the hole! Those are such astronomical figures you can hardly even comprehend them! So it's gotta come to an end some time, & the way it comes to an end is the way it's coming to an end right now! Things get slower‚ just like they did in the Great Depression.

45. AFTER THE FIRST WORLD WAR THERE WAS A GREAT BOOM, & that war was over November 11‚ 1918, just three months before I was born. And the big War-Boom caused by all that spending on war materials & the war that created jobs & war factories & armaments & manufacturing guns & bullets & planes & everything else kept on rolling & coasting after the war for how long? When did the Great Depression hit? In fact, when did the Big Crash first come?—Just about 10 or 11 years later in 1929. The people still had enough faith in it—"Well, the government is still finishing off its war contracts & everything"—the jobs were still there, they were still making money, still spending money, still making things, still manufacturing & the government was still spending money & it kept on rolling for ten years.

46. BUT EVENTUALLY THAT WAS THE END & IT CRASHED—BOOM!—& EVERYTHING ALMOST WENT TO ZERO!—WORLDWIDE! Because the whole World, at least the industrialised Western Capitalistic World, were all involved in that war one way or the other—Europe & the Americas, etc.—in fact virtually the whole World. You could hardly go anywhere where they weren't involved somehow. Even the neutral countries were filled with intrigue & spies & all kinds of things! Argentina was a great spy-infested place because there were so many Germans & Italians living down there, & Japanese during World War 2! So it was a terrific hotbed of spies!

47. SO FOR TEN YEARS AFTER THE WAR THE WAR-BOOM COASTED ON, THE PROSPERITY OF THE BOOM WENT ON & THEN IT CRASHED!—Because then they didn't have all this government regulation & price support & laws to guarantee prices & guaranteed jobs & guaranteed Social Security. Now everything is guaranteed & legalised & authorised by law! They passed all kinds of laws, more laws than you can possibly think of, to try to guarantee that there would never be another Depression—to guarantee prices, guarantee wages, guarantee even if you lost your job you'd be supported by Social Security, guarantee contracts‚ guarantee everything, everything's guaranteed by law!

48. THEY GUARANTEED THE BANK DEPOSITS TOO! The government insures your bank deposits so you can't lose all your money any more, $10,000 minimum Federally guaranteed! In any bank you put your money in, if the bank goes broke you'll get at least $10,000 back. Well, $10,000 isn't very much money nowadays. It's about what $1,000 used to be.

49. NOWADAYS THE AVERAGE WAGE IN THE U.S. OF THE AVERAGE MIDDLE CLASS CLERK OR ALMOST ANYBODY IS ABOUT $1000 A MONTH, DID YOU KNOW THAT? It's been a long time since you've been in the States! The last time you saw the States, a clerk might have been doing well to get $50 a week or about $200 a month. Believe it or not, the last time we were in the States the average income of clerks & waitresses at the bottom of the scale was about $400 a month. $100 a week was considered average wage, minimum wages guaranteed. What was the last minimum wage guarantee you heard of? When we left the States it was about $3.50 an hour, that's how much a day? $30 a day? You work six days a week, you've got almost $200 a week!

50. SO EVEN THEN UNDER THE MINIMUM WAGE GUARANTEE OF $3.50 AN HOUR, PEOPLE WERE MAKING NEARLY $800 A MONTH WHEN WE LEFT THE STATES! Think of that! Minimum wage, any kind of wage. It was guaranteed by law & if you paid anybody less than that it was a criminal offense! They could put you in jail for it! So that's why a lot of people didn't even record their domestic help or part-time help, they didn't file. And of course that was a criminal offense too, if you didn't file, because if you hired anybody, even a maid in the home, you had to pay Social Security tax & this tax & that tax & the other tax!

51. MY GOD, THE POOR AMERICANS NOW ARE SO HEAVILY TAXED, THEY FIGURED IT OUT THAT THEY WORK 3 DAYS A WEEK FOR TAXES ALONE! About 50% of their income is spent on various taxes—Federal taxes, local taxes‚ city taxes, sales taxes‚ county taxes, property taxes, school taxes‚ state taxes—they even have State income taxes! They are so taxed they're absolute slaves now, it's horrible! 50% of the average person's income goes to taxes. They work half their time just for taxes, just for their governments‚ think of that!

52. WHEN I WAS A KID IN SCHOOL THEY USED TO BRAG, "YOU KNOW‚ IN ENGLAND & EUROPE THEY CAN PUT YOU IN PRISON FOR DEBTS, in what they call the debtor's prison, until you've paid your debts! We don't have that here in free America! There's no such thing as imprisonment for debts here in the good old U.S.A.!" Oh yeah?

53. DURING THE DEPRESSION‚ DEAR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DICTATOR FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT GOT ALL KINDS OF EMERGENCY POWERS & RAILROADED THE FAMOUS INCOME TAX BILL THROUGH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! Why they ever approved of it, I don't know, I guess it was the State Legislatures, because all it takes is to get 2/3 of the State Legislatures to vote for it. He promised them all kinds of kickbacks & millions of dollars that he'd give back to the government for this & that, the State governments for this & that if they'd just vote for the income tax bill! "Look at all this gravy we're going to get, all this free money we're going to get from these people by taxing their incomes! But we're going to give it back to you! We'll give it back to your schools‚ we'll give it to your local governments, we'll give you millions back!"

54. YOU TALK ABOUT KICKBACK, YOU TALK ABOUT CROOKED RACKETS, THE U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS IN THE BIGGEST RACKET IN THE WORLD! And they're the biggest counterfeiters in the World, too, printing worthless money! They got all these hoodlums up there in the State Legislatures to vote for income tax, to tax their people with such burdens they're not able to bear, on the promise they'd give'm back so much money. And so they did, they gave it back. But the Federal Government got bigger & stronger & richer & got more & more money & gave back less & less to the State governments & the local governments & the schools & everything, so that now they're screamin' & hollerin': "We're not getting our fair share of all that income tax money we voted for & let you have!"

55. NOW THE U.S. GOVERNMENT CAN'T GIVE IT BACK‚ IT CAN HARDLY EVEN RUN NOW ON WHAT IT'S GETTING! I'll tell you, they are in a horrible mess! They're all going broke! The little town where my brother lives in Northern California used to be one of the most prosperous little tourist towns in California, just loaded with tourists all Summer & nice rich comfortable people & homes all Winter & Winter sports as well as Summer sports, beautiful little place, considered a rich little town! The local city & county governments just recently went broke, absolutely broke, because the people are going broke! Think of it! They couldn't pay their bills, couldn't pay their employees, didn't have enough taxes, because the people just couldn't pay'm, they just didn't have it!

56. AS JESUS SAID OF THE SCRIBES & THE PHARISEES, THE GOVERNMENTS HAVE BURDENED THEIR PEOPLE WITH BURDENS THAT THEY ARE UNABLE TO BEAR, & yet they will not lift them with one little finger! Not one little finger! (Mt.23:4) What do they do? They just keep taxing them more & make the burdens heavier, & the war burden is the worst of all, preparations for war!

57. YOU MAY HAVE A HARD TIME BELIEVING THIS, BUT DID YOU KNOW THAT TWO-THIRDS OF THE GREAT U.S. MULTI-BILLION-DOLLAR BUDGET IS SPENT ON WAR? You say, "What do you mean? They're not even in a war right now! How come?" Well, they're getting ready for the next one! They didn't ask for all that this year, they only asked for 230 billion dollars this year for the next war! Of course they've been asking that every year so it kind of mounts up! You say, "Well, that's not two-thirds of the deficit!" Well, what about the past wars? They're still paying veterans, they're still paying for veteran's hospitals‚ they're still paying all the past war debts & the cost of past wars.

58. NEARLY A THIRD OF THAT TWO-THIRDS THEY SPEND ON WAR IS SPENT ON PAST WARS! They haven't finished paying for World War 1 yet, much less World War 2! They're so far behind they can never make it! It's only because of the simple little dumb sheep‚ the trust of the people that just keep lettin'm go on—& they have to! If they don't pay their taxes they throw'm in jail! They have debtor's prisons in the U.S. now, sorry to tell you. It's no longer the free country it once was & they can't brag about not having debtor's prisons any more. They slap'm in jail for not paying their debts, especially the Federal Government most of all!

59. THEY'VE HEAPED ON THEIR PEOPLE BURDENS THAT THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO BEAR‚ UNTIL THEY HAVE HAD A TAX REVOLUTION IN THE UNITED STATES! People have just gotten so angry they've refused to pay their taxes! And they've gone to the polls & voted down taxes in State elections, Proposition 13 in California! They got so angry at all the high taxes they just flatly refused to vote for taxes & big school taxes, etc.

60. SO THAT NOW THE STATE GOVERNMENTS ARE CRYING FOR ENOUGH MONEY TO EVEN RUN THEIR SCHOOLS‚ & a lot of the schools are having to close, they can't pay the teachers, can't pay for the schools. They can't run their local governments. The States are going broke, the counties are going broke, the cities are going broke, New York's been broke for years, living on borrowed money! The Federal Government has gone broke already—only the people just don't like to hear about it & the Federal Government doesn't like to admit it! They are bankrupt!

61. WHAT DOES BANKRUPT MEAN‚ ANYHOW? (Hope: Broke the bank!) Yes, they broke the bank, that's for sure! Well‚ that's not quite the same. If you go to Monte Carlo & break the bank, that means you won a lot of money! But if you go bankrupt, that means the bank goes broke! If you go bankrupt, that means you go broke! It's usually when a company gets to the point where it's got more debts & liabilities than it has assets or profits & it just cannot pay! It's impossible! They just are losing money every year & they're not only not making money, they can't even pay their debts!

62. SO THEY'VE GOT A NICE COMFORTABLE SYSTEM IN THE UNITED STATES WHERE THEY CAN JUST DECLARE BANKRUPTCY & ABROGATE ALL THEIR DEBTS. Like that bank I told you about in Miami, they just closed with all the investors' money, & later we were thankful to get back 15 cents on the dollar! Bankruptcy means that you just declare, "So sorry, I haven't got the money to pay my debts, I'll have to go into receivership & let the government take over my company & sell everything & get what it can out of the assets & then pay off all the creditors according to how many dollars they've got invested‚ so much on the dollar."

63. WELL, THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES & NEARLY EVERY GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD TODAY IS THAT BADLY IN DEBT RIGHT NOW! A business, a company, a manufacturer or an industry can go bankrupt & throw all the responsibility on the government & let them handle it & figure out how to pay it off at maybe 10 or 15 cents on the dollar, sell what they've got. But let me ask you a question, how does a government go bankrupt? How do they go into receivership? How can they declare "I've gone bankrupt!"? Who can they turn over the responsibility to? What government can they turn it over to to sell all their assets & sell off all their properties & see how much they can get out of the whole thing to pay back the poor tax-payers a few cents on the dollar?—NONE!

64. HOW CAN A GOVERNMENT GO BANKRUPT?—IT CAN'T! There's no super-international government to throw the burden on to take over the responsibility. There will be, but the only way they can pull out of this mess is to completely change the system, destroy the system, start all over again. It's impossible! They have all gotten themselves into such a mess that they cannot pull out of it! It is physically, virtually financially, mathematically impossible to pull out of this mess! They can't! And they know it, & they ALL know it, & even now the PEOPLE are beginning to find it out!

65. WELL, THE POOR PEOPLE, THEY KNOW CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. They keep voting a different government in every so often‚ hoping they can change the situation, but nothing has made it any better. No government can pull out of this mess! No government, no president, no political leader who is voted in now was responsible for it to begin with, most of them weren't even born yet when this mess started & they started going into debt like this!

66. I CAN REMEMBER WHEN I WAS STILL YOUNG & IN HIGH SCHOOL, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT STILL BALANCED ITS BUDGET & DIDN'T GO IN DEBT! Think of that! It was under FDR that they began this deficit spending, hundreds of millions of dollars of make-work jobs to pull'm out of the Depression. "So it's counterfeit money, what difference does it make? We're getting us out of the Depression, we're making jobs & we're paying'm a dollar a day to stand out there with a hoe & look like the man with a hoe or a statue & count the nuts on the tree or the squirrels or whatever it is, or bury the cattle or the pigs & plow the crops under so that the prices will go up & the government will pay you for whatever you lose & for whatever you don't produce!"

67. I TOLD YOU THE STORY ABOUT THE GUY IN THE NOT-RAISING-HOGS BUSINESS! He was in the army & he found out the government was paying so much to not raise so many hogs that year, so he decided he was going to go back after the war & go into the not-raising-hogs business! The first year he wasn't going to raise so many hogs, & he figured out how much money the Government would pay him for that. Next year he was going to increase the crop of hogs that he wasn't going to raise, & the government would pay him so much more for that! Until he was really going to make money not raising hogs!

68. THAT'S JUST HOW CRAZY THE SYSTEM IS! The Government is paying farmers now for stuff they don't produce & paying'm not to produce it to keep the price up, think of that, when some people in the World are starving! I can remember the days in California when they burned truckloads & truckloads & truckloads of oranges just because they said the price was too low! They'd rather burn'm than try to sell'm, when little children were starving for orange juice all over the World! They could have sent it on refrigerator ships or something!

69. IT STARTED BACK UNDER F.D.R. & THE U.S. SET THE EXAMPLE TO THE WORLD THAT YOU COULD LIVE ON COUNTERFEIT & BORROWED MONEY & run up huge monumental monstrous National debts that you knew you could never pay & never expect to pay, just to try to solve your financial crisis & problem! The fact of the matter is that we never really did pull out of the Depression. The cure was artificial, like putting a Band-Aid on a cancer or like giving you some kind of a drug so you don't feel the pain any more!

70. THE SITUATION WAS NEVER CURED & THE COUNTRIES KEPT GOING FURTHER & FURTHER IN DEBT! It's become a practice of businesses, banks & governments to literally live on borrowed money. You read about it in the paper all the time! Every government's looking for more loans & more banks that'll loan'm more millions or more hundreds of millions or even more billions to try to help it keep going—living on borrowed money, paying their bills with borrowed money!

71. AND THE BANKS HAVE PRACTICALLY GIVEN UP‚ THEY KNOW THEY'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO COLLECT ALL THEIR LOANS! They're just thankful if the borrower can pay them the interest so they've got a little money coming in & they can pay their depositors the interest, that's all. They'll never get it back. The depositors will never get it back, the banks will never get it back‚ the industries will never get it back‚ the governments will never get it back, & worst of all, the people will never get it back, it's gone forever!

72. THE ECONOMY OF THIS WORLD IS GONE FOREVER! It is already bankrupt‚ totally bankrupt! The only thing that keeps it going is the people's faith in their governments & their paper money & their paper securities‚ & a little trickle of interest that keeps some of the investors going, & the heavy taxes that keep the governments going‚ & the jobs that the people have had so they could at least pay those taxes, to just try to meet the current expenses, so to speak.

73. WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT BALANCING THE BUDGET, THEY'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT PAYING OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT! They're just talking about, "Maybe this year we can manage not to spend any more than our income from taxes. Forget the three trillion dollars we already owe!" That's what they call balancing the budget! Imagine if you owed three trillion dollars & you were just thankful if maybe this year you wouldn't spend more than you took in this year. But the pitiful part about it is, they don't even do that! They've long ago given up doing that.

74. THAT'S ONE THING REAGAN GOT INTO OFFICE ON‚ HE PROMISED TO BALANCE THE BUDGET. The last guy that balanced the budget was Eisenhower, & he never paid the past debt, he just insisted on running a tight ship & refusing to let the Government spend more money than it took in. Well, it was after the war & they were able to do that.

75. I GOT A LITTLE CARRIED AWAY ON THE PRESENT CONDITIONS WHEN I WAS GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE, but I'm showing you by the present conditions why the War has got to come & why it's gonna come & it's gotta come soon! This just can't go on forever! Every time you pick up the paper you read about a new big company going broke! Telefunken of West Germany, one of the biggest companies in Germany has gone broke! International Harvester, one of the biggest companies in the U.S. has gone broke!

76. THEY HATE TO EVEN PUBLICISE IT IN THE NEWSPAPER & they say very little about it, little tiny squibs about so big that back in the old days would have made headlines! But they have a gentleman's agreement between the governments & the companies & the economists not to scare the people this time. They don't want another Black Monday! They don't want another Crash! "Don't wake the people up‚ don't frighten'm, don't cause a panic, don't cause a scare, don't really let'm know how bad things are & how fast they're going!"

77. BUT ALL OVER THE WORLD COMPANIES ARE GOING BROKE, GOVERNMENTS ARE GOING BROKE & THERE'S NO WAY OUT!—Except what?—Their usual solution! As Hitler used to say about the Jews, the final solution! The way to solve the Jewish problem is the way the World is right now planning to solve the World economic problem—kill'm, slaughter each other, have another war!

78. WHEN I WROTE "WAR-BOOM-BUST" 12 YEARS AGO (No.H), it was not some kind of a little joke or some kind of a little something to play around with & a nice little thing to twist your tongue with: "War-boom-bust, war-boom-bust, war-boom-bust!" But that happens to be the cycle & exactly the way it goes!

79. BECAUSE OF GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS‚ THEY'VE BEEN MORE CAREFUL ABOUT FINANCES IN SOME WAYS‚ mostly‚ however, just about wages & prices & their relationship & investments‚ but not about government spending. Worldwide Government spending has gone completely out of control, it can never be controlled & never will be. But to try to keep inflation under control, they put on so many kinds of brakes & controls & have spent most of their time trying to figure out how to control wages & prices‚ to control inflation & to guarantee jobs & Social Security‚ etc., so they say, it'll never happen again the way it happened then, that people would actually starve to death & so many businesses go broke & all this. But it's happening!

80. THE ONLY THING THAT'S KEEPING IT RUNNING IS FAITH—FAITH WITH A FALSE FOUNDATION, faith in their politicians, faith in their industries‚ faith in their industrialists, faith in their World leaders, that somehow they're going to find a solution. Well, they are one of these days, but it's not going to be the kind of solution that it has been in the past. It will be a completely new System, as you know, because there's no way out of this one.

81. WHEN YOUR HOUSE IS BURNING DOWN, YOU DON'T TRY TO PATCH IT UP! If there's no way to put it out & save it, then you just have to let it burn—& that is literally what the World is doing today! Its house is burning down economically & there's no way to save it‚ they just have to stand back & watch it burn! The pitiful part about it is that pretty soon it's going to literally burn!

82. THE ECONOMY IS GETTING WORSE, THE WORLD IS GOING INTO ANOTHER WORLD DEPRESSION, it's already in a depression, & several men have been courageous enough to say so, that it's going to get worse & not better. The peace prophets & government leaders always try to tell you the rosy view that things are going to get better, because they know that the only way they can keep going is on the faith of the people, to continue to have faith in their government & their money & their debts & their system, to keep it going—even though it's already gone, really.

83. AFTER WORLD WAR 1, THE BOOM ROLLED ON FOR TEN YEARS, THEN THE DEPRESSION HIT! And the Depression continued, Beloved, for about how many years, really? The Government & the country & the World didn't pull out of it until when?—World War 2 in 1939, only seven years after the Crash! Well, exactly ten years after the big crash in '29 & '32 was considered the depths of the Depression.

84. THE BOOM LASTED TEN YEARS, THE CRASH LASTED TEN YEARS, & THE ONLY THING THAT PULLED'M OUT WAS ANOTHER WAR—WORLD WAR 2! And that lasted how long? Actually it started in '39. Europeans know how long it lasted, most Americans don't realise that it started before 1941. December 7, 1941 was not the beginning of World War 2. It began September, 1939 with Hitler's invasion of Poland. I know it was September, 1939 because I remember right where I was sitting listening to my shortwave radio when I heard from Europe over shortwave that Hitler had just invaded Poland! So the war lasted 5 or 6 years.

85. HOW LONG DID THE BOOM LAST AFTER THE WAR? The war pulled'm out & created false prosperity again, war jobs, war incomes, war salaries, war taxes, war prosperity, all built on war & death & destruction—not creative production, but totally on death & destruction! That's why I've said the World lives on a war economy, the only time it really prospers is when it's making war! That's the Devil's business, see? He really blesses his favourite business, & that's war, that slaughters & kills & destroys & wrecks, because he's trying to destroy you & the Earth & all God's Creation!

86. SO HOW LONG DID THE PROSPERITY OF THE BOOM LAST AFTER WW2? When did this present recession begin? (James: Early '60s?) I would say more into the '70s. In fact, the present recession & real bottom started dropping out '77 or '79, somewhere back about in there. Around the time of the great Youth Revolution of the late '60s when the U.S. crushed that & they chased us out, God withdrew His blessings & things began to go down right then‚ & that was beginning about the '70s. But the whole World didn't really begin to feel the big pinch & the Worldwide recession until the late '70s. We'll have to go back & get the stats on that, you can almost go by the price of gold. (James: And the Oil War in 1973.) Yes, that was really the beginning of the present slide, because the industrial nations couldn't make quite as much money off the poor any more. So, roughly speaking it began in the '70s.

87. WELL, WORLD WAR 2 ENDED IN '45—SO, HOW ABOUT THAT! They staved off a World depression & the Boom continued with all kinds of false infusions of false blood for about 30 years! They managed to prolong that particular boom artificially. Just like they do today with people in the hospital‚ they put all kinds of machinery to work to keep the body alive when really it's already dead!

88. SO THEY'VE HAD ALL KINDS OF GOVERNMENT MACHINERY & FINANCIAL MACHINERY PUMPIN' AWAY NOW FOR THE LAST 30 YEARS TO KEEP IT ALIVE & KEEP IT GOING, & it managed to stay on another 30 years instead of just ten years. The Boom has lasted for 30 years, & the Crash began with the Oil War & the rise in oil prices in the '70s. It goes two steps down, one step up, two steps down, one step up, back & forth until it's gotten now to where there is a serious general worldwide dangerous economic Depression! Right now!

89. YOU SAY, "SO WHAT? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO US‚ DAD?" Well‚ it just means to us what we've been telling you for years, it's nothing new to you! It's funny how so many people can be surprised & the Great Confusion should cause a mighty widening of the eyes of most of the people‚ because they're so blind! There're none so blind as those that refuse to see! They don't want to see it so they shut their eyes & hope it will go away! They won't even talk about it! They get mad if somebody mentions it publicly! They get angry if anybody admits it! "Oh‚ you're not supposed to believe in the Depression any more‚ we're not going to have one! It's all a matter of faith. Just don't talk about it, don't think about it, don't admit it & it'll go away somehow!"

90. BY ARTIFICIAL TRANSFUSION THEY HAVE KEPT THIS ECONOMIC BODY POLITIC ALIVE FOR ANOTHER 30 YEARS AFTER WW2—incidentally, don't forget, with a few small wars in-between as well, including the Korean War & the Vietnamese War, & each one of these wars helped to pick it up about every ten years to manage to revive it again a little bit. When was the Vietnamese War over, the last major war the U.S. was in? It was '75, I think, wasn't it? We'd just been about a year down in Tenerife. '75 was the last war they had & it hasn't even been ten years since then, has it?

91. WHAT WAS THE DATE OF THE KOREAN WAR? They hardly really ever got out! The Korean War was really the tail end of WW2‚ they never really finished the war over there. When did it end? After Truman made such a mess of things, Eisenhower promised to end the Korean War, & he did. So it was during Eisenhower's administration & I think it was somewhere around 1953. It went on for quite awhile, 3 or 4 years at least.

92. WELL ANYHOW, THE KOREAN WAR KEPT THE ECONOMY GOING FOR AWHILE, & then when it began to flag again under J.F.K., he began to get the States into the Vietnamese War, which revived them enough to keep them going a little longer. Every time, if not a World war, at least some war to keep the economy up. (James: The real big build-up of the Vietnamese War was '64.) The French had been fighting that war about 30 years before the U.S. got there, & the U.S. fought it about ten years after that, from the mid-'60s to mid-'70s.

93. THEY SPEND BILLIONS ON THESE WARS & WAR MATERIALS & FACTORIES & WAR JOBS, so the economy continues to roll on till it's rolled on now for seven years, not even as long as the others. (James: One thing the papers point out from time to time is how America is by far the leading arms-supplier for the World & how that has become the biggest business in the World.) Yes, the U.S.' biggest business is arms, supplying the World with arms, & that business is of course run by the U.S. Government more or less—& the Devil!

94. "SO WHAT, DAD?"—WELL, THAT'S LOOKING AT THE FUTURE FROM THIS END‚ & THAT'S TRYING TO PROVE TO YOU THAT THE WORLD HAS ALREADY CRASHED, BUT THEY JUST DON'T KNOW IT! The body is already dead, but they're just keeping it alive artificially & trying to conceal the fact from the relatives & still lying to them & telling them that it's OK, it's going to make it, it's going to pull through: "They'll make it‚ just keep the pumps going & keep the machinery going & the infusions going & somehow your dear dead one will revive!" But it won't, because it's already dead!

95. LORD HELP ME TO WIND THIS UP, IN JESUS' NAME, WITH THIS FINAL WARNING, LORD, TO GET BUSY & GET OUR JOB DONE, BECAUSE OUR TIME IS SHORT! Well, we know this much from history, although the rest of the World never seems to learn anything from history, God help that not to be true of you! You know it from history, you know it from the teachings, you know it from the Letters, you know it from God's Word, that this is a set constant pattern & never fails!

96. WE HAVE PASSED THROUGH THE POST-WAR BOOMS OF THE VARIOUS WARS, WE ARE NOW IN ANOTHER GREAT DEPRESSION & they're actually beginning to admit it, & there's only one thing that's ever pulled'm out, & it's the one thing they always have recourse to‚ & the one thing they always resort to to pull'm out, & they'll do it again!—WAR!—Only this time on a grand scale never equalled before, in such a horror holocaust that the World has never seen before!

97. THE BODY IS NOT ONLY ALREADY DEAD‚ THEY'RE GONNA BURN IT, CREMATE IT! Well, they might as well‚ because there's no salvation, there's no hope, there's no way out the way they've been going & the way they try to do it with the present system‚ it is impossible! It's too far gone‚ it is too dead. It's not just dying, it's dead! It died quite a while back, but the doctors have just managed to keep it going artificially, that's all. And to try to save it, they're gonna blow it up!

98. BECAUSE THEY LOOK AT IT THIS WAY: GOVERNMENT LEADERS KNOW, FINANCIERS KNOW, BUSINESSMEN KNOW, THE GENIUSES KNOW THERE IS NO SALVATION FOR THE WORLD TODAY, FROM THEIR WAY OF THINKING & THE WAY THEY'RE RUNNING IT! They know there's no way to save it, so they fall back on the usual formula of salvation by another war! Only this war is going to be so disastrous it is not going to save it, neither is it going to save the World, nor its population, nor its system, nor its economy! It is not going to save anything, it is going to destroy it! Not all of it, thank the Lord, that's why we're in the South, but it's going to destroy the nations & the countries who have been ruling it & running it this way‚ & ruining it this way!—The entire Western Capitalistic World, & maybe a good piece of the Communist World with it!

99. WHAT KIND OF CONDITIONS WILL PREVAIL AFTER THAT SUDDEN FIRST STRIKE & RETALIATION? They're all trying to figure out how to hit so hard the other guy can't retaliate, but neither side's ever been able to figure out any way to completely wipe the other fellow out so there will be no retaliation. So it's going to be mutual destruction & they both know it, they admit it! They're just counting on being to the point where they can push the button soon enough that they can hit the other guy hard enough that at least he will get the worst of it! They'll get it plenty bad, but they're hoping the other guy will get the worst of it, & they'll come out on top as rulers of the World!

100. WHAT CONDITIONS WILL PREVAIL AFTER SUCH A DAY? Thank God this next war is only going to last a day! The worst will be over in one hour! The Bible says so! I know it because God's Word says so! It's right there plain as day in the 18th Chapter of Revelation: "In one hour are so great riches destroyed!" In one day all these catastrophes will come upon them & the merchants of the World will lament that so great riches are destroyed! They will stand afar off & watch the burning of Babylon, the Western Capitalistic World, especially the U.S.A. One day! (Rev.18:8,10) Thank God it's not going to last much longer, but the aftereffects are going to be one hell of a mess with fallout & sickness & death continuing afterward for weeks & months & years!

101. NOW TELL ME, WHAT CONDITIONS DO YOU THINK WILL PREVAIL AFTER SUCH A WAR in which the major leading countries of the war are destroyed, their governments destroyed, half their people destroyed, their industries, their commerce, their finances destroyed! What kind of conditions are going to prevail in those countries in North America & Europe after such a war? How would you describe it? I've described it quite a few times in some Letters, actual dreams I've had. Give me a term for it that God has already given us, something definite! God has put it in exact words & called it the Great Confusion! He used that term several times, so Great Confusion, so sudden! That's obvious, the atomic war is going to be very sudden!

102. NOW WE'RE GETTING INTO THE REALM OF EXACT PROPHECY, THE GREAT CONFUSION! It's going to be sudden, it's going to be by tremendous surprise. What does it mean when people widen their eyes?—Shock! Surprise! Of course, a lot of them are going to widen their eyes because they're going to burn right out of their sockets! So obviously such a great Worldwide Confusion could only come out of such a horrible holocaust, horrible horror of Hell-on-Earth War, right? I don't think that anything short of the atomic war could bring on the Great Confusion, so if you want to imagine Great Confusion, that's what you can call the conditions that will exist after the War.

103. WHO IS THE AUTHOR OF THAT GREAT CONFUSION? Of course, basically, he's the same author as the Bible says has always been the author of confusion—the Devil! (1Co.14:33) But in this case he's going to be the Devil in the person of a man!—The Antichrist! 20 years ago this man was alive already! Jeane Dixon predicted it, my Mother predicted it. Jeane Dixon claimed he was born February 1962‚ something like that, but the Lord told my Mother in the Warning Prophecy in '66—what a year!—that the Author of Confusion was not only already alive, & not only four years old as Jeane Dixon's prophecy would have it, but already gathering his forces! I'd say perhaps he got his anointing or began to get his power maybe in '62 when Jeane saw him as a baby‚ but that doesn't mean he was a baby then. She may have just been seeing what had already happened.

104. GOD HIMSELF SPOKE TO US & TOLD US THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION WAS ALREADY GATHERING HIS FORCES FOR THE GREAT CONFUSION!—16 YEARS AGO! If He's not just merely speaking of the Devil alone, & the Antichrist was already powerful enough to be alive & working on getting into power‚ in order to get into power any time soon—especially after the atomic war, as soon as it's coming—he would have already had to be in training & working behind the scenes now, & was, according to that prophecy!

105. THEREFORE, LET'S SAY HE WAS AT LEAST A TEENAGER OR IN HIS 20s THEN, although it's doubtful he was that young. Most people don't hit the top of World leadership until approximately what age? The average age of the leaders of Russia is the upper 60s & 70s! The age of the present U.S. President, 72! Beloved, you don't hit most top positions of World leaders & presidents at 40, not even at 50‚ & most of the time not even at 60! It's usually in their 60s & upper-60s & even into their 70s! Most of the top World leaders of today are up around 70 years of age!—Although I have a feeling maybe to appeal to the youth he might be younger.

106. NOW LET'S START WHERE WE KNOW & THE MOST EXACT DATES WE KNOW‚ BELIEVE IT OR NOT, ARE NOT NOW, BUT WHEN? What time period is the Bible the most exact about? You have to take this problem, this equation, & you start working at the end & work backward‚ right? What is the pivotal point, the crisis point at which all of this will end on this Earth as it now is‚ & our existence here, our life here as we now are?

107. THE COMING OF JESUS CHRIST IS CONSIDERED THE PIVOTAL POINT, THE END, WHEN TIME SHALL BE NO MORE FOR US! It'll still be for the World, but for us time shall be no more! That'll be the End as far as our present type of life & living & work on Earth—at the Coming of Jesus Christ! What do we call that Coming? What event takes place at that time?—The Resurrection first & then the Rapture! We're probably going to see the dead rise from the graves! "Then we which are alive & remain shall be caught up together with them in the air!" (1Thes.4:17) Think of that! So there is the end date, right?—The Coming of the Lord!

108. THE COMING OF THE LORD MARKS THE END OF WHAT SPECIFIC TIME PERIOD that is exact in the Bible & mentioned over & over again in several different ways? It's given in years, months, even in days!—The Great Tribulation! But the Great Tribulation is only the last half of another specific time period that is given, & what's that?—The Last Seven Years—which is the reign of the Antichrist. In other words the period of the Seven-year Covenant which he breaks in the middle.

109. NOW, IF THIS AUTHOR OF CONFUSION IS GOING TO BE IN SUFFICIENT POWER TO PRECIPITATE THAT WAR WHICH WILL BRING ON THE GREAT CONFUSION, then he certainly will have to be in sufficient power to be either in control of one of the principal Superpowers who is going to precipitate this war, or be such an influential man behind the scenes that he's going to take control as soon as it's over—engineering the Great Confusion so that he can take control of it & rise out of it as the World conqueror! Isn't that the picture the Lord has shown us? Isn't that the picture painted by the Word? Isn't that the obvious, logical, reasonable course of events‚ that this World dictator, this Superman is going to rise to supreme power as a result of the Great Confusion?

110. HE DELIBERATELY BRINGS IT ON SO THAT HE CAN TAKE OVER! He's like the Devil. He destroys the Earth so he can save it, so he can have it & rule it & they'll worship him! The Devil even heals people! He often gives them sicknesses so he can heal'm through false cults & isms & false religions & witchcraft & whatnot, in order to heal'm from the diseases he gave'm! The Devil is a healer of his own diseases, think of that! So he can get the glory & the credit & the worship! (Rev.13:3,4)

111. SO HE IS GOING TO DESTROY THE WORLD IN ORDER TO TAKE IT OVER & BE PROCLAIMED AS ITS SAVIOUR, the false Messiah, ushering in the false Millennium, the false Trinity, of whom the Devil is its god, the Antichrist is his son, the Devil's own son!—And the False Prophet is his Unholy Spirit!

112. I'M SORRY IT TAKES ME SO LONG TO PROVE A POINT & work up to something, but I'm trying to show you something that is maybe going to shock you, & I think the Lord wants you to be convinced of it in order to realise how little time we have left, & to do your best to put everything you've got into it so we can accomplish as much as we possibly can, while we still can!

113. I'M GOING TO TRY TO PROVE TO YOU TONIGHT THAT IT'S GOT TO HAPPEN VERY SOON! You say, "Oh Dad, you've said that before! You've said that almost every year! You thought maybe it would happen last year, but here we are, we lived through this year after all, everything's fine, nothing happened yet!" Well, it's going to, in fact it's even about to!

114. IF YOU WERE RUSSIA, CONVINCED THAT THE U.S. WAS OUT TO DESTROY YOU & that as soon as they had sufficient nuclear power & missiles available to ensure a first-strike superiority that they would use it—I brought this out in the World Series—what would you do to prevent it? Would you wait until the U.S. deploys hundreds of Pershing missiles in Europe in 1983? Would you wait until the U.S. was in a better position to have a more accurate aim to destroy more of Russia? Would you wait until she gets all those missiles in place in 1983? Russia'd be a fool to wait & let the U.S. place all those missiles in Europe in 1983!

115. THE THING THAT AMAZES ME IS WHAT FOOLS THE AMERICANS ARE & THE WEST ARE, TO ADVERTISE WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO DO & WHEN THEY'RE GOING TO DO IT! But you see‚ they have to do that to try to reassure their people that they're going to stay on top & the Russians aren't going to win: "Don't worry‚ we've got the weapons! Just give us a little time‚ give us another year, next year we'll have'm over there ready for the war & they can't lick us!"

116. DO YOU THINK THE RUSSIANS ARE GOING TO WAIT FOR THAT? If you were Russia‚ would you wait for it? I tried to prove this to you in the World Series! I've just been waiting for some sign or some indication of what will be the last straw that'll break the camel's back, that the Russians are just not going to wait for, & I am convinced that that is it! I do not believe the Russians are going to wait till those Pershing missiles are all in place in Europe & aimed & programmed & ready to fire! Do you? I think it would take a miracle of God to delay it or delay the Russians!

117. ANOTHER REASON WHY I THINK IT'S GOTTA BE SOON—& I've been telling you a lot about that—the West is desperate to save itself from this economic crash that they can see is coming, but won't admit except to themselves & at high levels. They've probably already agreed: "Well, as soon as we can get those missiles in place‚ then we've got to start the war in order to save ourselves! At least we can blot out Russia & we can take the World over, then we'll run it to suit ourselves & be able to solve all our problems!"—Still thinking they can do it the old way, the same old deficit-bankrupt selfish capitalistic way! Do you think Russia's going to wait for that? I don't!

118. THE ANTI-NUKE MOVEMENT IS GROWING IN EVERY COUNTRY, INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES! They're growing to such proportions that it is doubtful that the U.S. will be able to get some of those missiles into Europe in 1983! Especially if those nuke movements get powerful enough to sway elections where they elect men like Foot of England who has promised to kick out the missiles if he gets elected! He's now head of the Labour Party‚ a radical who was once reputed to be a Communist‚ & that's his promise: If the Labour Party wins the next election, they will absolutely insist on kicking out the missiles—the missiles the U.S. already has there, much less put any more in!

119. DO YOU THINK THAT THE U.S. IS GOING TO WAIT UNTIL THE ANTI-NUKE MOVEMENT IS SO STRONG that they're going to defeat their armaments bills & their nuke bills & their deployment of missiles in both the U.S. & Europe? Do you think they're going to wait for the election of Foot in England, for all of their nuke bases & nukes to be kicked out of England? Huh?

120. THEY ARE ALMOST TO THE POINT OF NO RETURN! They have come to the point where the tide is turning against them & if the U.S. doesn't act by sometime this coming year (1983)—& only by the mercy of God not much more—it'll be too late, she won't be able to get the nukes in! The people will turn their governments against it & see that they would rather be Red than dead!

121. THE BIGGEST DEMONSTRATIONS IN EUROPE TODAY BY THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS ARE ANTI-NUKE DEMONSTRATIONS‚ & IN ALMOST EVERY COUNTRY! The people are beginning to wake up! They don't want to be nuke-fodder! They'd rather be Red than dead, they'd rather make some kind of peace! "Get the nukes out so we won't be targets!" And of course the militarists & the fanatical warmongers are saying, "Well, if you get our nukes out, then you're open prey for the Russians, they'll just walk in then!" Well, a lot of them feel like, "So what? We'd rather have Russians rolling in than nukes falling on us!"

122. NOW THINK OF THIS: DO YOU THINK THE U.S. IS GOING TO WAIT UNTIL SHE CAN'T GET THOSE MISSILES OVER THERE & SHE CAN'T EVEN KEEP THE ONES THERE THAT SHE'S GOT? And do you think the Russians are going to wait until she puts more in? The U.S. can't get'm over there until next year (1983)—do you think the Russians will wait for it? I just don't see how they could! I don't see how they would & I would certainly be surprised if they did!—Unless there's some hitch, some delay & the U.S. doesn't get'm in & couldn't get'm in, if power politics & the play of the game somehow prevents it, maybe even the nuke demonstrators will prevent it! So, if the U.S. were prevented from putting the new missiles in Europe & they see they've lost their best chance of winning the war, they might get so desperate they'll shoot quick before they lose their last chance! So one way or the other, somebody is going to be tempted to shoot first—& soon!

123. I HAVE BEEN READING THE PAPERS & WATCHING FOR AN INDICATION OF "WHAT WILL IT BE, LORD? WHAT SHALL BE THE SIGN OF THE COMING OF THIS WAR?"—And when Reagan has declared how many missiles he's going to implant & how many missiles he's going to put in Europe, & when he said he's going to put all those Pershing missiles in Europe next year (1983), that's pretty definite, Brother! That's pretty solid evidence that not only is he planning to start the war if he can, but as far as I'm concerned, that the Russians aren't going to wait for it!

124. YOU SAY, "OK, DAD, NEXT YEAR, 1983!" The Antichrist was already working clear back in '66, that'll be 17 years next year. Let's say if he was even 30 years old, men begin to work pretty strong in power & politics as underlings in their 30s. Say he was 30 years old even back there 15 years ago & he's theoretically 45 now, that's a pretty good age to get pretty powerful. What if maybe he was 40 years old?—He'd be 55. What if maybe he was already 50 years old?—He'd be 65 now , about the age of some of the top leaders of Russia!

125. ANDROPOV IS 68, & OF ALL THE LEADERS RUSSIA HAS EVER HAD, HE IS PROBABLY THE MOST POWERFUL MAN THEY HAVE EVER HAD, because he has been the leader of the KGB, the Secret Police, for years! He knows the inside & out of everything & even the politicians & even the leaders of the country! He knows everything about'm, their weaknesses, their frailties, their faults, their sins, their crimes, & he can control'm with blackmail if nothing else! I consider he's probably the most powerful man that's ever headed Russia since Stalin, only I think he's even smarter & more clever!

126. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE SAID IN HIS OPENING SPEECH? They haven't played this up because they don't want to scare people much, but because of Reagan's reluctance to have arms talks, etc. Andropov said‚ "We don't have to get down on our knees & beg the West to reduce arms, the time for that is over!" I marked it‚ I hope you cut it out! I underlined it! Words to that effect: "The time for begging the West to disarm is over!" And what did the Lord tell me the other morning about Brezhnev's death?—It was the Death of the Era of Peace!

127. THIS YEAR PEACE DIED, SO WHAT WILL NEXT YEAR BRING? Before Reagan can get his missiles into Europe, before he can shoot first, any nation in their right mind like Russia is going to shoot first!—And it looks to me like Russia is more in their right mind than the U.S. is! I'm sure they've got it all planned & figured out how to do it & they're just getting ready for it. Most of all, how to do it so that they can survive the best way possible, as much as possible. Because if they don't survive, there's no point in it!

128. WE AT LEAST KNOW ONE GUY WHO'S GOING TO SURVIVE, & THAT'S THE ANTICHRIST!—In order to pull them out of it & pretend to be the saviour of the World!—And really save the World for a little while, be an effective enough saviour to make'm believe it, solve the war problems & the economic problems & all the rest & bring some kind of order out of chaos! Because he's got to do that in order to make any kind of a pact, especially with all the religious opposition he's going to have‚ to guarantee some kind of religious stability & freedom & operation & probably neutralise Jerusalem & all that sort of thing & keep everybody happy—Christians, Arabs, Jews, Muslims & whatnot!

129. IT CERTAINLY WILL TAKE A SUPERMAN & A GENIUS TO DO THAT, TO STOP ALL THIS BICKERING & WARS BETWEEN THE RELIGIONS—which have been the greatest cause of wars throughout history! As Toynbee said, "The only way you're ever going to have peace is a One-World Government, & the only way you're ever going to have a One-World government is a One–World religion!"—Arnold Toynbee, considered one of the greatest World historians that ever lived! I often quote him. He's the one who also said cities were festering sores on the body politick! And he also said‚ "One thing we learn from history, is that we never learn from history!" The World doesn't, but we should!—And he also said: "The World is waiting for a Superman!"

130. YOU SAY, "HOW COULD THAT BE‚ LORD? HOW COULD YOU LET THE WAR HAPPEN IN 1983?" Why not? For one thing, what's happened to us?—At least two-thirds of the Family, thank God, are now out of the North, & at least half of those are in the East! And most of them are in fairly safe areas that will certainly not be under actual attack by atomic bombs & will not be targets, most of them even out of the areas where there will fallout. Because most of the fallout of the war in North America & Europe will go skyhigh into the stratosphere & the drift is Eastward, at least that's what I always heard. The drift is Eastward, yes‚ but in the Northern Hemisphere, not the Southern Hemisphere, thank God!

131. POOR RUSSIA & CHINA WILL SUFFER PROBABLY MORE FROM FALLOUT THAN ANYWHERE ELSE! Pitiful! But of course they could stand to lose a few hundred million & not even feel it, India too. Some places would like to lose some population! Who knows, maybe that's God's will to relieve some of the poor of their suffering & get'm out of this present World & into the next World where He can take better care of'm! You say, "Dad, what a merciless, heartless, cruel‚ hardened way to think of it!"—Not if you're a Christian & you have faith in the Hereafter & a better World to come! That's not a bit cruel, that's merciful! That's loving, kind & rewarding to think that, thank God, there's a way out! And the only way out is up!

132. LET'S BACK IT UP FROM THE END & SEE HOW THE PICTURE FITS. What year did we interpret to be the Coming of the Lord? Now remember, I'm not guaranteeing it & I'm not swearing by it, but that is the thing that came to me in the way I interpreted it, & I'm not going to promise it! All I know is what I heard & what I felt & the interpretation that came. I'm not going to go into the 21 years & all of those things, but our guesstimate date for the Coming of the Lord is 1993, right?—And that we only know by prophecy, dreams, experiences, revelations & interpretation.

133. THERE COULD BE MANY SLIPS 'TWIXT CUP & LIP ALONG THE WAY, so I'm not going to be foolish & be too firm about that like some prophetic interpreters & teachers have been & missed the boat!—Had'm standing out on roofs in white sheets clear back in the 1880s waiting for the Coming of the Lord! Later about 1912 the Jehovah's Witnesses were doing the same thing, & when their figuring didn't come out right & He didn't come, they said, "Well, He came but we just didn't see Him & He's suspended up there somewhere going over the books right now!" I hope I don't have to make any kind of a re-interpretation & re-explanation if 1993 rolls around & the Lord hasn't come yet! Well, frankly, I'm that convinced of it that I don't think I will!

134. LET'S JUST TAKE IT THEORETICALLY, SHALL WE? If 1993 is the Coming of the Lord, then the Antichrist has to take power seven years before that, right? We don't know if it's the first part, middle or end of 1993, but just for conjecture & theory, a guesstimate, if the middle of 1993 is the exact END of the seven years, what is the exact BEGINNING of the seven years?—The MIDDLE of 1986!

135. DID YOU KNOW THAT THAT'S WHEN HALLEY'S COMET IS GOING TO RETURN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 70-SOME YEARS?—And it's always been a sign of something big! The last time it was World War 1, which sort of began the era of World Wars & the horrors that have followed ever since, World Wars & Depressions. Talk about Great Confusion, we've really had it for a long time, but still not equal to the Great Confusion!

136. SO HAVEN'T WE ESTIMATED THAT PERHAPS THE ANTICHRIST WILL BE IN SUFFICIENT POWER TO SIGN SUCH A PACT which will undoubtedly guarantee his supremacy, because he has by this pact made all the religions agree to let him reign. It seems to indicate in all those prophecies‚ that that is the beginning of his reign & that's when he really takes over & rules the World. Well, you don't become a World leader overnight! It takes a few days, weeks‚ months, even years of planning & working your way up! How many? Maybe three? To pull the World out of the mess it gets into in next year's war?

137. I'M NOT PROMISING YOU THE WAR'S GOING TO BE NEXT YEAR IN 1983, BUT I DON'T SEE HOW IT CAN GO MUCH LONGER! I don't think the U.S. is going to wait & I don't think Russia's going to wait—in fact I believe Russia's going to be smart enough to strike first! I think they realise, & Reagan is practically advertising, that of course they're not going to strike until they get all these new missiles in place when they're sure they can win. Well‚ I certainly don't think Russia's going to wait for the U.S. to succeed in starting to get those missiles over there—which some of those stupid idiotic governments have actually agreed to!

138. I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY GERMANY WOULD AGREE TO THAT! But Germany is really a conquered‚ occupied country & there's not much she can do about it—occupied by a half-a-million American troops & a whole bunch of missiles & arms & tanks already! What can she do? She's virtually an American colony & she's got to do whatever the Americans tell her to do‚ period! I'm surprised at the spunk they've had to talk back once in awhile. God bless Schmidt & Brandt & a few of them that have talked up to the U.S. once in awhile, but when it comes to the final crunch, they've gotta say "Uncle!" If the U.S. says the missiles have gotta go in, they'll go in!—Unless the people rise up & throw out such leaders & refuse—& I don't think the U.S. is going to wait for that either!

139. SO IF THE ANTICHRIST HAS GOT TO TAKE POWER SOMETIME IN 1986‚ he's certainly got to have a little time to pull the World out of the horrible chaos & the Great Confusion that it has been in, is in already, & going to be in even worse after the war. So it wouldn't be unreasonable to suppose, in that case, would it? Wouldn't that give him a fairly reasonable time to do it‚ to get into sufficient power that he could be in supreme power by 1986? I think 3 years is a pretty short time even to get that far, when he's as yet virtually unknown. At least as far as we know, he's unknown! He may be pretty well-known behind the scenes in Russia!


141. … According to the Bible, he'll be suddenly "revealed"! (2Thes.2:3)—So he's hidden now!


146. SOME OF YOU GUYS REALLY MISS SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS! You ought to watch a little news & a little television once in awhile! You shouldn't be so busy you can't keep your eyes on things! God's Word says to watch! "Watch ye therefore!" Well, that includes watching television! Why do I watch TV?—I'm looking for signs of the times! Even some of the sci-fi movies are almost prophetic!

147. SO, DOES THE YEAR 1983, & CERTAINLY AT THE LATEST 1984, FIT THE SCHEDULE FOR THE WAR? I don't see how it could come any later for him to save the World from its chaos & bring it out to the point where he can take over the World & have World control to the point that he can persuade all the World's religions to sign a pact in 1986! It's getting late, Brother, he's getting squeezed for time! It's later than you think, there's not much time left! He hasn't got very much time to work. "He knoweth that his time is short, therefore his wrath is great!" (Rev.12:12)

148. ALL THAT JUST TO SAY THIS: I DON'T SEE HOW THE WAR COULD BE MUCH LATER THAN 1983 OR 1984! I've already indicated that to you in a lot of my former guesswork & guesstimates & analysations of present conditions & Bible Prophecy & the things the Lord has revealed to us, but it looks to me like it's all heading up to a head, & that head is going to be one Hell of an atomic warhead—next year, or at the latest, the following year!

149. I THINK PERHAPS THE ONLY THING GOD'S WAITING FOR IS MAYBE IN HIS MERCY FOR A FEW MORE OF THE FAMILY TO GET OUT OF THE NORTH so they won't be slaughtered or suffer so much, & so they'll get into the will of God & obey God & go into all the World & preach the Gospel, that's the main thing! Not just to save the dirty, filthy necks of a bunch of backsliders, but to try to persuade'm to go & get out where they belong!

150. LET'S TAKE OUR FAMILY FOR EXAMPLE‚ DO YOU THINK THEY'VE HAD ENOUGH WARNING? Do you think by next year they will have had enough time? Don't you think God's been patient enough? Wouldn't He be justified in letting them get caught in the rain of destruction, even if He'd let it loose next year, '83, or at the latest '84? Don't you think God has been merciful enough & patient enough & waited long enough for them to obey? If they refuse to get out & refuse to obey & don't leave & don't go, don't you think God would be justified in letting the rain of judgement fall on the wicked that He has to judge?—Even if some of us are still there?

151. WELL, HE DID ON SOME PLACES BEFORE! I doubt if He's going to send angels in to pull'm all out by the hair of their head or the hand like He did Lot! In fact, He didn't save the husbands, He didn't save some of the rest of'm, & He only barely managed to get Lot & his two daughters out!—And Lot didn't even want to go then!

152. I'M JUST ASKING YOU, DON'T YOU THINK GOD'S WAITED LONG ENOUGH? Do you think it would be unjust & unfair of God to destroy America even next year? Do you think it would be unjust or unfair or impatient of Him to let the war happen next year? Do you think He'll be unjust & unfair & unmerciful to His children who are still in the U.S.?—And not only just our Family! Let me tell you, we have given them that message for the last not 10 years, not 12 years, & I have been giving this message for the last 20 years, that God is going to rain destruction on America & judge it for its sins, & telling the Christians to get out!

153. I'VE BEEN TELLING THEM THIS FOR 20 YEARS, LONG BEFORE MY MOTHER GOT THAT PROPHECY! If you don't believe it, read our little Warning Prophecy! We got Scriptures like that & we were passing out warnings like that & preaching that 20 years ago! Don't you think God has given those Americans enough time?—Those American Christians & Church people, as well as our Family? Don't you think He's given them enough time?

154. HE CANNOT HOLD BACK THE FLOOD & THE WHEELS OF HISTORY FOREVER! The time has to come that the judgements of God must fall, when the cup of their iniquity is full, & God cannot allow it to go any further or they will destroy the Earth!—The whole Earth! God has got to intervene soon or it will be too late! He has got to stop it soon or there will be nothing left! If He lets them keep on making more missiles & more atom bombs & more devilish, fiendish, diabolical ways of slaughtering billions of people, they'll get to the point where they can slaughter the whole Earth's population—& they're almost there already!

155. WELL, LET ME ASK YOU THIS QUESTION: WHICH IS BETTER FOR THE WORLD, THAT THE WAR HAPPENS NEXT YEAR, 1983, OR 1984? (James: '83.) Why? (James: Because the Americans won't have their missiles in place & they can do less damage.) Both sides are making more & more & more missiles & more warheads & more atom bombs all the time, & if God waits another year, that means that many more millions are going to be slaughtered!

156. EVERY YEAR HE WAITS IT MEANS MORE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO GET KILLED, more of the Earth's surface is going to be destroyed, not only beyond recognition‚ but almost beyond redemption! About the only part of this Earth that's going to be worth living on is where you're at now‚ & where most of the Family are‚ throughout the Southern Hemisphere, thank God! It's about the only part that's going to survive without being seriously affected.

157. THE LONGER GOD WAITS, THE WORSE IT'S GOING TO BE! So the sooner He lets it happen, the less worse it's going to be! So what's He been waiting on? Why didn't He do it sooner? Why didn't He let the war happen this year? We were even still up there this year‚ sitting right on top of NATO Headquarters! Think of that! We could have almost walked over there! I showed some of you when we passed by in the taxi right where it is. They've even got a sign up telling you how to get in! So it's underground, so what? When those bombs begin to rain down, Brother, most of the damage is going to be above ground, not underground. But that's not going to help'm any!—They'll just bake there!

158. BECAUSE THEY SAY THE DESTRUCTION IS GOING TO BE SO BAD NOW THAT IF NUKES LANDED ANYWHERE NEAR AT ALL, THOSE UNDERGROUND SHELTERS ARE NOT GOING TO BE ANYTHING BUT OVENS TO JUST COOK'M‚ THAT'S ALL! God's Word says there'll be no place to hide! "They shall be neither gathered nor lamented nor buried‚ but they shall be as dung upon the face of the Earth!" (Jer.8:2) They will be slaughtered by so many millions they can neither gather them nor bury them, just like dung on the face of the ground!

159. SO THE LONGER GOD WAITS, THE MORE SLAUGHTER, THE MORE MAYHEM, THE MORE CARNAGE, THE MORE HOLOCAUST! There wouldn't be enough people left to carry on His program of what He wants to happen—& He's got a few things left on the program that have to happen before we can take over! If He lets this kind of thing keep on going much longer, there won't even be anything left for the Kingdom of God to rule over, there won't be any nations of the wicked to rule over, there won't be any nations of the World to rule over! There won't be any need for a rod of iron‚ there won't be anybody left or any Earth left if He waits much longer!

160. HE'S GOT TO INTERVENE SOON! He's got to stop it soon, it cannot go on & on much longer! If He let it go on much longer, they'd destroy the whole Earth & all mankind & there wouldn't be anything left! But God has a few more things to work out in His program, a few more lessons He wants to teach during the Millennium—& you've had some I've given you on the Millennium, but not by any means all of it. I haven't even got it all yet! The more I think about it, the more amazing it becomes! Praise God!

161. SO IF OUR ESTIMATES OF THE INTERPRETATION OF SOME OF THESE REVELATIONS ARE ANYTHING NEAR CORRECT AT ALL, even approximate, & if you just look around you at the conditions of the World today, the war is imminent! Let's go over it again: The economy is already shot. What do they always try to do to rescue it?—A war! The World is on the verge of it now, each one is just jockeying for position to try to make sure he's in such a position that he'll be the winner.

162. BUT FROM WHAT I'VE ALREADY TOLD YOU, I DON'T SEE HOW RUSSIA CAN WAIT FOR THE U.S. TO PUT ALL THOSE MISSILES IN EUROPE! And I don't see how the U.S., on the other hand, can wait for all those countries to get so fed-up with them that they throw'm out! One way or the other, somebody's got to start it soon or they're not going to win it!

163. AND OF COURSE FROM WHAT GOD'S WORD SAYS, IT'S PRETTY OBVIOUS WHO'S GOING TO BE THE WINNER—RUSSIA! Virtually named! Meshech, Moscow; Tubal, Tobolsk! (Ez.38:3) He even named some of the leading cities of Russia! Those two cities are the capitals of the principal parts of Eastern & Western Russia, named in Bible Prophecy as the parts of the kingdom of Magog‚ of whose leader is Gog, the Antichrist!—Clear as can be in Bible Prophecy, plain as day if you know the history & the names & a few things like that. Specific!

164. SO WE KNOW IT'S GOING TO BE RUSSIA, therefore we know Russia has to make the first strike! Therefore we know Russia's going to make it soon, 'cause she's not going to wait till the U.S. is in a better position to do even more damage! Maybe I'm repeating myself, but we know that God's got to let it happen soon so it won't be as bad as it would be if He waited.

165. AND FRANKLY, I REALLY FEEL LIKE HE'S JUST BEEN WAITING FOR US, LIKE I'VE TOLD YOU BEFORE! You say, "Oh Dad, come on! A little handful of people, even if you call it 20,000 people with all the Clubbers now, how could that be important enough to affect World history & God's mind?" Well, if He could stall off the destruction of a whole city, in fact it was a whole country, to save one man, Lot, & his two daughters, don't you think that He could stall off the destruction of the North in order to save at least 20,000 of His children, or close to it? Especially as important as we are & as active as we are!

166. I CONSIDER US THE MOST ACTIVE WITNESSES & SOUL-WINNERS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH TODAY, BAR NONE! I don't know of any other group of people who are doing so much & accomplishing so much & witnessing so much & winning so many & influencing so many & affecting the World so much & getting out the Message as much as we are! I think we are God's chosen people of this hour & the most important people on Earth to God, & that He is concerned & interested, in fact, very concerned about saving us for His use so we can continue as long as possible in the part of the World that's left!

167. IF ANYTHING, PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE MORE DESPERATE, just like they are in times of trial & emergency & catastrophe & in illness or accidents, they're more receptive then than ever! They can see that there's no hope, they can see that the World is a mess & gone to Hell, Hell-on-Earth! God's Word says they're going to come to you & beg you to teach them the ways of the Lord! They're going to come to you! "Them of understanding shall instruct many!" (Dan.11:32,33; Isa.60:2-5; Zech.8:23.)

168. THEY'RE GOING TO BE LOOKING YOU UP TRYING TO FIND OUT‚ "WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT BIBLE PROPHECY? What's going to happen next? Now we believe it! You had the program‚ you've got the schedule, let me have one!" They're going to be begging for our help & our teaching & our lit‚ it's just going to be a little more difficult to get it to'm after such a catastrophe!

169. THANK GOD, IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE, IN THE AREAS LEAST AFFECTED, WE HOPE THAT THINGS WILL REMAIN FAIRLY INTACT, AT LEAST FOR AWHILE. Governments will survive to some extent, people will survive somehow. The nice thing about this part of the World is, it's the poor part of the World that's done most of the borrowing. And do you know where most of their creditors are?—In the North! They won't have to worry about paying their bills after that! They won't have to worry about repaying their debts after that, their creditors will be gone! Ha! They got the money‚ they got the results of it‚ & the creditors are gone! They got the benefit of it‚ thank God! PTL! Amen?

170. THAT'LL PROBABLY BE THE BIGGEST BOON & THE BIGGEST BLESSING THE SOUTH EVER HAD, IS IF THE NORTH GETS WIPED OUT, because they owe most of their money to the North! And then they can maybe get organised by the new regime, the World dictator, into something more sensible—a more sensible economy & a more equal arrangement of things where everything is under control & everybody at least gets fed & everybody has some kind of a job to do & things get better organised all the time! I believe it!

171. THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO BRING ORDER OUT OF CHAOS OR HE COULDN'T BE THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD, he couldn't be the false Messiah‚ he couldn't be the Antichrist & the Superman unless he did!—But he will, he'll save the World & he'll try to salvage what he can & reconstruct what he can & restore some kind of order & economy & peace on Earth, the false Millennium!

172. SO WE ARE WHERE IT IS LEAST LIKELY TO BE AFFECTED, & almost anything would be better than being atomic targets! But that's in the Lord's hands. He doesn't have to tell us all these things now, we don't need to know'm yet, we just need to keep busy & get everything done we can now—& that's why I've been telling you we've got to do it now, & I've been working like mad to try to get as much of the Word out as we can now while it can still do some good & we can still get it out!

173. I TOLD'M TO GO AHEAD & MAIL ALL FOUR GN'S TOGETHER—& I've got two more ready & there's more comin'! We'd better feed'm as fast as we can now & get it out as fast as we can now while we still can! Only God knows if we can still get it out next year or even after the war, or how much we'll be able to do!

174. EVERYTHING WILL GET MORE & MORE UNDER RIGID CONTROL AS THINGS GET ORGANISED, more government control, & we may not be able to get away with hiding out like this where the government doesn't know anything about what we're doing. Everything will be under control. The mails will be under control, communications, telephones‚ you won't be able to operate as freely.

175. I CAN'T SEE HOW ANY WORLD DICTATOR COULD TAKE OVER & ORGANISE THE COUNTRIES & HIS WORLD EMPIRE WITHOUT MAKING IT VERY RIGID & VERY STRICT & VERY STRONG CONTROL! The Lord is going to have strong control! He's going to use a rod of iron & have very strict rigid control, so anybody that runs this World has really got to put the clamps on! So I don't think anything's going to happen that they don't know about, except by a miracle of God! There's not going to be as much freedom, it's not going to be as easy, the economical side of it is not going to be as easy as it is right now.

176. SO WE HAD BETTER WORK THE WORKS OF HIM THAT SENT US WHILE IT'S YET DAY & do everything we possibly can, right now, today, tonight! Maybe this is the last chance I'll have to talk to you so long, but I just had a strong feeling that I should talk to you & give you this warning tonight, that whatever you do, you'd better do quickly! Whatever we do, we'd better work fast while it's still day, for the night is coming when no man can work & we won't be able to work like we're working now!

177. WE'D BETTER GET AS MUCH INFORMATION IN THE HANDS OF THE FAMILY AS WE CAN TO GUIDE THEM, EVEN IF WE'RE CUT OFF & HAVE NO FURTHER COMMUNICATION. We'd better get as much organisation, indigenuity, finances, supervision, self-government, self-supporting, self–propagating power in the local hands of local Families & local Family government as we can right now while we still have time to get'm organised! That's what we're working on now. Well, we've been working on it‚ really‚ for a long time‚ & the beginning of this present reconstruction of organisation was the Fellowship meetings‚ the Combos, & next the NROs.

178. WE WANT TO GET IT DOWN TO THE NATIONAL LEVEL so every country can take care of itself, if necessary, even if they're cut off from every other country. Even if they're cut off from the CROs, the Continental supervision, much less World supervision. We want to put'm on their own & help'm to be self-supporting, self-governing‚ self-propagating, indigenous!

179. THANK GOD WE HAVE SPREAD WORLDWIDE INTO OVER 100 COUNTRIES & 40 LANGUAGES & 112 NATIONALITIES—WE ARE EVERYWHERE! We've got the men‚ we've got the tools to do the job, God has given us the money & is still giving it, thank the Lord, to get it done, & we'd better get it done now while we can! But we need to get everybody organised so if anybody gets cut off from us, they'll be able to carry on on their own. That's what we're working on, & it actually costs more money. It's not to benefit us at the top, it's going to cost money to maintain & help those folks get started & take care of themselves at the bottom, & we're trying to figure out how to do it.

180. I THINK THE LORD HAS GIVEN US THE RIGHT PLAN‚ & AS USUAL, ALL HE HAS TO FIND IS THE MAN FOR THE JOB! He'll supply the money if the man will do the work, & a man who can be a good leader & find the people for it. And He'll certainly supply the place, amen? So we're trying to finish up all these loose ends & get everybody organised so that when the cannonball hits, everybody can even be on their own, if necessary, & survive! Maybe we'll be able to pick up a few pieces after the war & carry on for awhile, we don't know, but we hope so.

181. ONE THING I KNOW, IF THE LORD KEEPS US ALIVE, HE'S GOING TO USE US SOMEHOW! It'll be for a reason. He doesn't give you a life for no reason. God is going to keep you alive for a purpose! If we're still here after the war, which I expect to be, then He's going to have something for us to do—somehow, someway, if we have to courier slips of paper in the soles of our shoes or carry the scrolls around like they did in Paul's day by courier, by messenger, horseback, ship, whatnot!

182. IF THEY COULD DO IT THEN, WHY CAN'T WE DO IT TOMORROW, AFTER THE WAR? I think we'll probably still be better off then & have more transportation & communication than they had in the Early Church! They got the job done in their generation, & I think we're still going to be able to do something, or there wouldn't be any point in us being here, the Lord might as well take us home! Amen?

183. AND ACCORDING TO WHAT HE HAS SAID & HIS WORD SAYS, THERE'S GOING TO BE SOME OF US HERE RIGHT UP TO THE BITTER END‚ enough people to be raptured & enough people to have some witnesses still going strong, so strong that they have to be slaughtered by the Antichrist System! (Rev.11)






185. SO DON'T WORRY JUST BECAUSE I SHOCKED YOU BY TELLING YOU I THINK MAYBE THE WAR IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN 1983! But I don't see how it can stave off much longer! I'll be very thankful if it does‚ don't misunderstand me‚ I'm not wishin' for it! The longer it staves off the better, the more we'll get done! But God has certain things He has to balance against certain other things, & He can only let certain things go on so long or it's going to get worse, & the effects & results will be worse. So He's gotta stop it pretty soon!

186. LET ME TELL YOU, BUDDY, THE WAR WILL STOP IT! It'll stop most of the bad things that are going on in this World, perpetrated by the powers that be now, which will not be then, afterward! The Antichrist's reign is going to be bad enough, in fact, it's going to be the worst time in the World's history, but at first it's going to be better in some ways. Maybe not for us‚ but for some of the World‚ at least, & let's hope we can reap some of the benefits & enjoy some of the benefits of that Worldwide reign of peace & plenty & false Heaven–on-Earth, false Millennium with the false Messiah!

187. I BELIEVE GOD'S GOING TO USE US, SO IT'S NOT GOING TO BE THE END FOR US, DON'T THINK THAT! I'm just trying to tell you what we're doing NOW & the way we're doing it & what we're producing, we'd better do as FAST as we can & get it to the folks & in their hands as fast as we can! I was even thinking of sending some of the pubs surface mail, but it takes those boats six months to get to some places! I thought, "My God, what if a war happened while the boat's on the way‚ it would never get there!" We'd better get it out as fast as we can, airmail, so they'll have it as their guide & their food & their hope & instruction when maybe there's no other way to get it to'm, amen?

188. WELL, PTL! I'M SORRY, BUT YOU KNOW ME, I HAVE TO START AT THE BEGINNING‚ GO CLEAR OVER THE WHOLE STORY, ROUND THE WHOLE WORLD & COME BACK to where we started to show you that that is why I believe it, & that's why I think it's so, & you can take it or leave it! You just pray about it, & in the meantime, work like everything depended on work space & pray like everything depended on prayer! And know that everything depends on the Lord—& you—'cause He needs you! You're His hands, His feet & He needs your mouth, PTL? Otherwise, if He could have done the job without us, we wouldn't be here! Right? PTL!

189. AMEN, NOW LORD, DO BLESS & STRENGTHEN THESE HERE & keep them & do give them a good night's rest. Help this to have been profitable & not wasted time, Lord. Forgive me if I take so long to explain all these things, but You know I just do it as it comes, Lord, & that's just it. We've done the best we know how, we've given'm the best we know how to give'm, we've delivered our souls & we don't want the responsibility in our hands of not having told them that we feel that the End is near, so that we will work hard to do as much as we can while we still can!

190. BLESS & KEEP US, & WE KNOW YOU'LL HAVE A PLACE FOR US! You even promised a place of refuge, Lord, a place where Thy children shall rest the soles of their feet! Hallelujah! "There is therefore a rest for the children of God!" (Heb.4:9) TYJ! You've got a place prepared for us, Lord, a hiding place, even if it be in death! TYJ! (Rev.12:6,14)

191. AND WE KNOW YOU'LL CARE FOR OUR LITTLE ONES, YOU HAVE NOT CREATED THEM FOR NOTHING! You have made them for a reason, to serve Thee & be Endtime Witnesses for Thee‚ Lord‚ & a blessing even in these last terrible days! TYJ! PYL! Have Thy will. Help us to teach them all we can, to fill their little minds & hearts as much as we can with Thy Word & that which will give them power & strength‚ Lord, to survive in such days, & guidance, Lord‚ that which will save their souls & minds & hearts & perhaps even bodies for some time—Thy Word, Lord‚ knowledge of Thee, Thy Spirit‚ Thy Love!

192. HELP US ALL, EACH ONE, IN OUR RESPONSIBILITY, WHATEVER IT MAY BE, LORD, THAT HELPS THIS WORK TO CONTINUE, & our whole Family throughout the World, Lord‚ & all sincere Christians of Thy great Family everywhere. Help them, Lord, to see it & know it, & we know You must be warning them somehow to believe it & to do what they can to prepare to serve You now, Lord, as best they can before it's too late! In Jesus' name. Amen. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

193. (SINGS:)




He will take care of you!

God will take care of you!"

If you'll take care of His work & His business & His children & His people, if you'll obey Him & take care of His business, He's got to take care of you! Amen?—Unless your job is done, & then He'll take care of you for sure & take you Home! Amen? PTL! GBY!

194. THAT'S THE WAY I SEE IT, THAT'S THE WAY I BELIEVE IT, & I DON'T SEE HOW IT CAN BE MUCH LONGER!—For all those reasons. I've given you the economic picture, the military picture & the political picture—I have to tell you the whole story! I don't know how to abbreviate! I would never be good at making condensations, because I have to tell you everything in detail! So PTL! There it is for what it's worth & you can take it or leave it‚ but I hope it'll help you to work even harder for the Lord & faster! Don't over-do, I don't mean that, but it just kind of inspires me when I know it's gettin' so close!

195. I'VE BEEN SITTIN' UP DAY & NIGHT READING LETTERS & PUSHIN'M THROUGH & PUSHIN'M THROUGH! Some folks think I push myself too hard, or others too hard, but I'm not. I'm not overworking, thank the Lord, the Lord's good to us. We take it pretty easy, really. I enjoy it! Some other people may not be able to go as fast as I'm going, but at least it won't be my fault, that's their responsibility. I shove it off to'm & if they don't get it done, that's between them & the Lord! Amen? God bless'm! They're workin' night & day doing all they possibly can, & I know you are too! So the Lord bless you & help you! Don't overdo, just do over! Do everything you can!

196. YOU'RE DISMISSED! You guys never have learned the lesson of that story about Mike & the truck! You'd better go while you can get away or I might get inspired again! Do you like this little Magazine? It's shrinking, getting smaller, but it's getting more powerful—like the atom bomb! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! I'll love you forever!—IJNA!