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Rulers of the World, The

David Berg

1970DO 1346


3. WHAT DO THE LAWS CONDEMNS THE MOST & what has society … condemn[ed] the most?—What they call anti-Semitism or racial discrimination.


13. I AM NOT DENYING THE FACT THAT THERE WERE MANY INJUSTICES done & terrible persecution of both races‚ but they were for reasons. Remember‚ God doesn't allow persecution of minorities, including us, without some reason.

14. IN OUR CASE I'M CONVINCED PERSECUTION IS FOR GOOD REASONS. As the Lord says. "If you are persecuted for righteousness' sake & My Name's sake, then blessed are ye." (Mt.5:10,11.) But these other people were not persecuted for righteousness' sake, nor for Jesus.


25. I WOULD SAY THE MOST POPULAR RACIAL PREJUDICE IN THE WORLD TODAY IS ANTI-WHITE PREJUDICE, believe it or not. And the most popular religious prejudice is anti-Christian. …

31. THE MAJOR COMMUNIST POWERS ARE PRESENTLY ANTI–JEWISH & ANTI-BLACK AT THE SOURCE. They have only used the Jews & used the Blacks as their excuse to take over some of these countries. They have used them & are still using this idea of Black nationalism.

32. THEY EVEN PROMOTED JEWISH NATIONALISM [ZIONISM] FOR A LONG TIME. Now it's gone too far & they're fighting against the Jewish nationalism of Israel & America, because it sort of backfired on them.

33. THE JEWS WERE THE FATHERS OF COMMUNISM & were the major leaders of communism. It has only been just recently, within the past 20 years, that Russia began to wake up to the fact that they didn't want to leave it in the hands of the Jews & particularly I think, Israel.


40. ... I WOULD SAY EVEN THE CHINESE ARE SUPPORTING THE BLACK CAUSE ALMOST MORE THAN THE RUSSIANS. The Russians are doing it reluctantly because they are trying to get a foothold in Africa for the purpose of international military strategy, etc. They have gotten ahold of a whole bunch of those little countries that are nothing but Russian puppets now.

41. THE CHINESE HAVE A FEW AFRICAN COUNTRIES WHO SUPPORT THEM, & THEY'RE ALWAYS CRITICISING THE RUSSIANS that they don't really do enough for them & blah blah, but they don't really like them either. The Chinese are probably right when they accuse Russia of just supporting'm for advantage. Of course that's the only reason why the Chinese support them too.



52. EVERY DICTATOR TAKES SOME PROPAGANDA THEME AS HIS CAUSE THAT HE KNOWS IS GOING TO BE POPULAR with the majority of the people or the most powerful of the people, or the people that can shoot the guns. Then he plays up on it & plays up on it.

53. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF THAT MAY BE THE ISSUE That's almost the major issue of the World today, the battle between the Whites on one side & the Blacks & the Jews on the other.


55. IF THERE IS A STRONG ENOUGH WHITE CHRISTIAN BACKLASH I WOULDN'T BE A BIT SURPRISED THAT THE REDS WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. … If the World begins to wake up & begins to react & backlash enough against this tide that is sweeping the Whites & the Gentiles & the Christians completely out of power …, then we shall see, we shall see.

56. THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO RISE OUT OF EGYPT, APPARENTLY‚ or have something strongly to do with Egypt. And although Godahfi plays that same refrain of anti-discrimination against the Blacks, you'll find nearly all the Arab or Muslim countries are predominantly White except the Asian ones & Egypt.

57. IF THEY'RE CLEVER ENOUGH TO APPEAL TO ALL PEOPLES‚ IT COULD BE THAT HE WILL BE A BLACK-ARAB-EGYPTIAN! If he were, that would appeal to the Blacks. But if he is going to win the Jews, he certainly couldn't very well be an Arab unless he's going to fight the Jews & conquer them. That's what it looks like in the Bible, that the Arabs are going to win the war with the help of Russia.


59. LET'S FACE IT, JESUS HIMSELF IS GOING TO PERMIT THE ANTICHRIST TO RISE & "all things work together for good to them that love the Lord." (Ro.8:28.) It is going to be for some reason.


61. THERE ARE, OF COURSE, OTHER WHITE NON–ARAB MUSLIMS like the Persians, etc. When the crunch comes, blood is thicker than water, & they will side with the Muslims because of religion.

62. THERE'S A TREMENDOUS PART OF THE MUSLIM WORLD WHICH IS NOT ARAB—Including one of the leading nations of the Middle East, Iran, whose leader is smart & powerful & really really fanatical.

63. THE U.S. WAS ARMING THE SHAH OF IRAN TO THE TEETH thinking he was a conservative & on the West's side. He was playing a real smart game to make them believe that when the war came he would help them grab the Oil States, some or whom were his perpetual & ancient enemies, including Iraq & Saudi Arabia.

64. BUT THE U.S. TURNED ON HIM when the rub came & sided with Khomeini because of politics. Although the Shah was very anti-Communist, ultra–conservative & pro-Western, he was one of the biggest‚ critics of the West & particularly of the U.S.

65. ALTHOUGH A FRIEND HE WAS AN ADAMANT FRIENDLY CRITIC OF U.S. POLICIES & all the stupid blunders they've made causing this whole situation to arise over [Israel].

66. IN ISRAEL, IF THE U.S. DIDN'T BACK THE [ISRAELIS] THEY COULD SETTLE THIS THING If those little pipsqueaks like Begin did not have big brother behind them, they wouldn't be able to say a word or hold a candle against the Arab World.

67. THEY ARE OUTNUMBERED TEN TO ONE, but the Arabs are beginning to be almost outgunned now by the U.S. with 2.5 billion dollars' worth of arms a year!

68. THE JEWS ARE SCREAMING BECAUSE THE U.S. WAS SELLING ARMS TO IRAQ, SAUDI ARABIA & EGYPT & the situation's become a little more equalised & more balanced. If the situation is better balanced‚ like it has been between the U.S. & Russia, either side is afraid to start a war because they are not too sure they are going to be able to win it or survive.

69.SO FAR THE [ISRAELIS] HAVE HAD EVERYTHING ON THEIR SIDE & THEY ARE POSITIVE THEY CAN WIN any war they want to start. They just didn't want to start it because they knew they were going to have some pretty heavy casualties in the first few days—& they did!

70. THE RUSSIANS'R GOING TO PULL OUT THEIR BIG GUNS NEXT TIME & shoot their rockets. They are not going to be annihilated & they are going to shoot. They may even start it, who knows.

71. SO NOW THE [ISRAELIS] ARE GETTING COCKY since they are more heavily favoured now & quite sure they are going to win.—But according to the Bible they're going to lose‚ & apparently some of them are getting worried about it. So anyhow, that's about the way the World looks from here.

72. 1982—P.S. WELL, THAT'S THE WAY IT DID LOOK THEN! But since then we now all know who's winning! …


75. WORLD WAR 3 WILL FURTHER HELP TO ANNIHILATE THE WHITES & CHRISTIANS. … So I'm more & more beginning to suspect the Antichrist may turn out to be—may have to be—a Black-Jewish-Arab Red! Ha! That's really please'm all!—All but the Christian Whites!—And the World won't have to worry about pleasing them any more!—There won't be enough of'm left!

76. THEN THE WORLD WILL BELONG TO THE FORCES OF ANTICHRIST!—TILL JESUS COMES! Then there'll be no more Jew nor Gentile, Black or White, bond nor free, Red, White or Blue!—All will be one in Christ Jesus! (1Co.12:12-13.)—& those not in Christ will be ruled by those who are! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! GBY! ILY!—In Jesus' name, amen!


Dear Dad & Maria, 11/82

GBY! Here's a little space filler–filler for the tiller! It's an amazing prediction Sara found in the "Garden or Eden" Series ("The Last Trump"—8/5/81) written over 1-&-1/2 years ago about the Palestinian massacre & just recently fulfilled! It's so specific!—Even mentioning how they would be massacred, tortured, bulldoze & rescued by Jesus (through death). "Those same little Christian Arabs that you torment & persecute & slaughter & massacre & torture & drive from their homes! No, you're not even satisfied with driving them from their homes! You have to come along with a bulldozer afterward & bulldozer the home to the ground & leave them hopeless! Hopeless, with no hope except in their God‚ the One True God, & in Jesus their Saviour, Who's gonna come pretty soon & rescue them!" (ML #1187:66).

We thought you would be encouraged & inspired to see how He's fulfilled His Word! What He says always comes true!—TYJ!—Pearl.