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Sexual Honesty

David Berg

DFO 1339Switzerland, 14/4/78

1. YOU SAID EVERY TIME YOU'D GO TO TIMOTHY'S ROOM YOU'D GET SO HOT YOU WANTED TO TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF. But you're ashamed to! You're not honest & you're ashamed to that's pride! You get hot & then you're not honest & you don't take your clothes off, you're too proud to take off your clothes. (Maria: I told him last night, "I'm too proud; I'm sitting here & I'm so hot & not even taking my robe off because I'm afraid of what you're going to think!") That's so stupid, Honey! (Maria: l know it's stupid, it's pride‚ I know.)

2. I THINK MAYBE THAT'S ONE REASON THEY THINK I'M SO SEXY, BECAUSE I JUST DO WHAT I FEEL LIKE DOING! I just love & love & I'm not ashamed to make love. I just do what I feel like doing without worrying about what people think. I could have sat here & thought, "Well, now if I rush this thing Joanna's going to think I'm really rushing things‚ like a jump on, jump off thing." But I just say to myself, "Well‚ I love her & I went to make love to her & I like it & I think she'll like it!" I just have to go a head by faith & take the chance that she'll like it.

3. I THINK IT'S PARTLY PRIDE & IT'S PARTLY FEAR. (Maria: But fear is born of pride.) Well, partly, yes. Usually when I say that, I'm talking about sensitiveness. In this case‚ this kind of fear, I think, is born of pride. There are other kinds of fear which are not pride, but this is the kind of fear that is born of pride, worrying about what people will think.

4. SEE, YOU WERE WORRIED ABOUT WHAT TIMOTHY WOULD THINK, That he would think that you were trying to really give him the rush, that you were trying to tempt him by taking your clothes off. I could have sat here & thought, "If I start petting her now she'll think I'm very carnal, very fleshly & what a nasty old man! How can he always be so sexy‚ & doesn't he ever think about anything but sex?" I could have thought you were thinking all kinds of things!

5. BUT I JUST GO AHEAD & FIGURE, "WELL, I'M NOBODY & NOTHING ANYHOW SO WHAT HAVE I GOT TO LOSE? I love her & I want to love her & I hope she likes it & I hope she'll be happy!" I think the Devil tests me a lot. All those things were going through my mind, the Devil testing me: "Oh, you nasty old man, you're always wanting sex, & she'll think you're horrible! She can't even bring you your breakfast without hauling her down!" (Maria: We got this morning that love is an emotion, & if you're not emotional, if you're cold, you don't have love, you're not loving, then you're not like the Lord wants you to be, you're not natural.)

6. I GOT A VERSE FOR IT, "AND THEY WERE ASHAMED!" They weren't ashamed until after they got on the Devil's side & fell & had wicked minds, they weren't ashamed until then. And they knew that they were naked & they were ashamed. They weren't ashamed before the fall, see? It's all the Devil's business making you ashamed of being natural. Here I was making love to you here & the Devil was saying "What's this girl going to think of you anyhow?—She's going to think all you ever think of is sex & all you ever want is sex!"

7. YOU JUST HAVE TO FORGET ANY KIND OF PRIDE & JUST BE NATURAL & DO WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE DOING, what comes naturally. The Devil himself‚ though they give him so much credit for sex, has made people ashamed of sex, literally, made them be secretive about it, ashamed of it, like it's something bad—that's all the Devil's doctrine!

8. THAT WAS GOOD BREAKFAST! I SAW THOSE PRETTY LEGS & I WANTED TO PUT MY HAND ON THEM & STROKE THEM‚ SO I DID! But the Devil says, "She'll think all you want is sex all the time, you nasty old man!" Well, I do like a lot of it, it's natural, why should we be ashamed of it? It's the Devil that makes it a shame; it's pride, absolutely pride. I just do what comes naturally. I thought, "Why should I be ashamed?"—And I think she liked it!

9. IT WAS THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE INTELLECTUALLY, THAT STARED ALL THE TROUBLE, RIGHT? The Lords calls it the fear of man, "men-pleasers with eye service." (Col.3:22.) In other words, you want people to think well of you, you don't want them to think evil of you, & because the Devil has got people so brainwashed that sex is evil‚ he makes you ashamed of it. He makes you ashamed of your natural desire to want it & enjoy it.

10. (MARIA: I'VE BEEN READING SUCH A GOOD BOOK CALLED THE SENSUOUS WOMAN. The book is based on the premise that the woman, of course, should be very sexy & she has to discover her sexuality by different means before she can even realise her womanness.)

11. BUT SEE HOW THE DEVIL HAS EVEN TAKEN A WORD LIKE THAT & MAKES IT A DIRTY WORD & makes you ashamed of it? "Oh, he's so sensual, she's so sensual," as if it was bad & something to be ashamed of to be sensual. My God, He made all those senses & those nerves, why should you be ashamed of being sensual? What's wrong with being sensual? The Lord made you to be sensual; He made the senses!

12. SHE DID SO MUCH BETTER THE SECOND TIME! She was more relaxed & not so fearful. The first time with me so often the girl is scared to death. For some reason or other they seem to think it's such an awesome experience to be in bed with me! I don't mind if they think it's awesome, but I hope they don't think it's awful!

13. SHE WAS SO MUCH MORE RELAXED & NATURAL & ALL & she was saying about how she seldom has an orgasm when she's making love. She's always ashamed to ask for it, & ashamed to ask the man to keep on going as long as possible for fear that it's asking too much of him or he'll get tired, & in consideration for the man will fake it—Which is again another form of being dishonest & not truthful, being ashamed, & it's all pride.

14. (MARIA: BUT YOU KNOW ALONG THAT LINE ABOUT BEING AFRAID TO TELL THE MAN‚ you're worried that he's working too hard & you're not going to make it before he tires out‚ that was the most interesting thing in that book The Sensuous Woman, she had the solution to that. You know how girls who masturbate a lot know exactly what they want, or they have more of an idea than the girls who don't‚ because & how it reacts to stimuli.

15. (HER BIG THING IS WOMEN SHOULD TAKE A LOT OF TIME TO MASTURBATE THEMSELVES so that when they're with the men they don't waste time The poor men, they don't know!) Especially if the woman doesn't know either! (Maria: So that's her big thing, to masturbate. Find out what you like & what turns you on so you don't have to spend precious moments with the man not knowing what to do & you not knowing what you want so you can get right into the pleasurable part. This is a real revolutionary idea; the book is really interesting. She didn't even sign her name; it's by J.) No kidding? Maybe she's afraid she'd be besieged by lovers!

16. THE DEVIL HAS REALLY GOT THE WORLD BRAINWASHED! He's even got the World brainwashed to the point where his kind of righteousness, what the World thinks is righteousness, is just the opposite of God's ideas of righteousness. Isn't that sad!

17. YOU SEE, HONESTY REALLY IS RIGHTEOUSNESS, TO BE HONEST & TO DO WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE DOING. Of course as long as it's right‚ I'm not talking about perverted people who want to do wrong. But to do something which is perfectly all right & perfectly legitimate in the eyes of God when you want to do it, to be honest with yourself & be honest with her. (To Joanna:)

18. JUST LIKE I WAS WITH YOU SITTING HERE IN THIS CHAIR‚ I WAS BEING HONEST WITH YOU, REALLY. I wanted to make love to you, I really really really wanted to love you because I felt real love for you. When you put that plate down I thought, how much hard work she does to cook me all these meals & everything, I really want to show her that I love her & appreciate her. It makes me cry!

19. I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THAT APPLE PIE! I said, "Send for Joanna, I want to make love to her!" Apple pie really is a way to a man's heart! Well, you got right straight through to my heart, honey! I wanted to get you up here right then but I think they said you were sleeping or something, so I figured I just had to forego it for a little while.

20. I KNEW I WAS WANTING TO MAKE LOVE TO YOU FOR SOME REASON! I couldn't remember what it was, & I remembered it was the apple pie! Oh Honey‚ it wasn't just the apple pie, it's all your sweet love! Every one of those dishes is a labour of love; it's a sacrifice of love!

21. A LOT OF PEOPLE TALK ABOUT THE PATIENCE OF JOB & ALL, but the main lesson that I get out of Job is—& I think it's pointed out by one of his counsellors, they're really right on about it—Job kept protesting his own righteousness. "Why did you do this to me‚ Lord? I haven't done anything wrong," etc. And he was a righteous man, he was‚ & that's why the Devil wanted to attack him & wanted to show him up.

22. THE DEVIL IS LIKE THE PROSECUTOR & HE WAS TRYING TO SHOW GOD THAT JOB WASN'T ALL THAT RIGHTEOUS & if He put the screws on tight enough he'd crack, & in a way he did. In a way, the Devil was really right, believe it or not‚ because he showed that Job's righteousness was pretty much self-righteousness. Because when he got really under it, he blamed God for it all.

23.THE SELF–RIGHTEOUS ALWAYS BLAME GOD FOR IT ALL INSTEAD OF THEMSELVES or instead of accepting it for whatever reason. And his counsellor who said to him, "Can a man be found righteous with God?"—That's exactly what Job was doing! He was protesting his own righteousness as against the way the Lord was treating him.

24. I HAVE NEVER EVER HEARD A PREACHER CONFESS THAT JOB WAS WRONG & that really his self-righteousness was being shown up through the Holy Spirit. First of all he protests all the time, "Why did You do this to me? I didn't deserve it & I was good," & all that. But finally he breaks down in the very end & confesses that God is the only One Who's really righteous & he really had no righteousness.

25. AND THEN HE FINALLY SHOWS HIS FAITH BY SAYING, "THOUGH HE SLAY ME, YET WILL I TRUST HIM!"—Even though his wife said, "Why don't you just go ahead & curse God & die!" Well, he wasn't cursing Him‚ but he certainly was objecting & protesting that God was being unfair! God was not giving him what he deserved; he didn't deserve all this, etc. He was protesting his own righteousness, & it wasn't until he really got to the point & confessed that God was good & it was all right whatever He did, he'd still trust Him, that's when he finally got delivered.

26. SO JOB, CONTRARY TO BEING A LESSON IN PATIENCE, well, it was a lesson, it showed in the long run that his faith—& it takes faith to have patience—that his faith did come through, he did have faith. So it was a lesson in faith & it was a lesson in patience‚ but almost more than anything else it was a lesson against self-righteousness. This has so much to do with sex!

27. THE WHOLE DOCTRINE OF THE DEVIL IS THAT SEX IS THE LOWEST, & you should try everything else first before you finally yield to those "baser instincts" they call them, & that intellectuality is the greatest, mind over matter, you should be able to control yourself. God made those so-called baser instincts so strong that they are virtually uncontrollable!

28. I'M NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO CONTROL MINE MUCH LONGER IF YOU KEEP SHOWING ME THAT‚ HONEY! It makes me want to dive right over there & kiss it! My baser instincts control me! They are uncontrollable! He made those so-called baser instincts so uncontrollable that a man will even kill to get sex!

29. BECAUSE OTHERWISE, IF PEOPLE COULD CONTROL IT, LET'S FACE IT MOST PEOPLE WOULD NEVER HAVE CHILDREN, They're so selfish. The human race would have committed genocide if they could control those urges! And of course, now they've got science doing everything in their power to control it without controlling the sexual urge‚ sex itself. They have managed to control reproduction so they can get out of having to so-called "suffer the consequences," as they call it. I mean, the Devil's got the World so screwed up, it's pitiful! I don't know that we can even blame it all on the Devil‚ people are just so stupid!

30. WHEN YOU BEGIN TO TAKE GOD INTO ACCOUNT ON EVERYTHING—& that's one thing the Lord was really faithful by His spirit, ever since I was a tiny kid, ever since I can remember I thought of almost everything in relation to the Lord. "Now why did He do that? Now why did He make things that way? Now why is this like this?"—And almost always in the spirit He would give me the answer.

31. I WAS ASKING THE QUESTIONS & HE WAS GIVING THE ANSWERS, & I REALLY LEARNED A LOT THAT WAY! "Why hast Thou made me thus?" And why are things this way & that way, even the way certain animals are‚ flowers & things. I was always thinking these questions & the Lord would give me the answers.

32. SO IF YOU THINK OF EVERYTHING IN RELATION TO THE LORD, THEN YOU GET THE ANSWERS, God's reasoning, Heavenly wisdom, the wisdom that is from Above. Man thinks of everything in his own earthly wisdom & trying in his own earthly wisdom & trying figure it out himself. I mean, it's no credit to me, that's the way the Lord made me, where I really wanted to know & I wanted to know Him, but I also wanted to understand His creation. So if you think of all these things in relation to the Lord & why He made them this way, then you realise it all has a purpose & God did it for a reason.

33. HE MADE THAT SEXUAL URGE ALMOST UNCONTROLLABLE! If God made it that way, how can it be wrong? And yet man says‚ with his doctrines of devils‚ "It's a baser instinct, it's a lower urge‚ you should control it with your mind & you should have greater self-control, self–discipline."

34. HERE IS AGAIN BUILDING UP THE WORSHIP OF YOURSELF & THE WORSHIP OF MAN in direct contradiction to God's natural laws, those so-called "baser instincts" which He gave you‚ & which in following, you are literally simply obeying His laws of nature that God Himself created "Oh no, it's bad! In the first place, sex is evil; it's bad"—that's the number one cardinal doctrine of the Devil!

35. IN FACT, AS DIAZ PLAYA BRINGS OUT IN HIS BOOK, THE SPANISH & THE 7 DEADLY SINS, he said the Spanish enjoy sex all the more because it's supposed to be a sin! In other words‚ the very fact that they feel like they're sinning gives them an extra kick & they enjoy it all the more.

36. NOW THAT'S WHERE THE SIN REALLY IS, IN THINKING THEY'RE SINNING & ENJOYING IT! That's where the wickedness really is! Whereas all the time actually‚ If they're doing something which God made them to do & enjoy & to want it & they're doing it in some way that's not hurting somebody else, there is no sin! Of course, usually the women enjoy it or they wouldn't be letting them do it!

37. I ALWAYS FIGURE, IF THE WOMAN DOESN'T STOP ME SHE MUST LIKE IT! Maybe sometimes they do it just to please me, but why would they do it to please me? Because it pleases them to please me, it's love, so she still likes it, even if she's just suffering it to please me. I don't think too many of them suffer.

38. SO IF YOUR MENTAL ATTITUDE IS RIGHT & YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS IS THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD, & you're looking on it with the right attitude, knowing that‚ for example, sex is God-created, He expects you to enjoy it you're with someone who enjoys it & expected you to enjoy it & you're not doing a thing wrong at all, you're just fulfilling God's laws, His natural laws, His emotional, laws, physical laws, you can enjoy it without compunction, without being conscience-stricken or self-condemned or anything else.

39. THE APOSTLE BRINGS OUT VERY CLEARLY THAT THE BUSINESS OF THE DEVIL IS TO TRY TO BRING ABOUT CONDEMNATION. And that's why He says that "blessed is the man who condemneth not himself in the thing which he alloweth." (Ro.14:22.) Blessed is the man! In other words if you know it's fight & God ordained & God–made & God expects you to do it‚ then you don't have to be condemned & you don't have to be conscience-stricken or have feeling of wrongdoing, because you know it's of the Lord, & then you can enjoy it & so can she.

40. BUT THIS IS SORT OF A SELF-CONDEMNATION IN WHICH I THINK A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE TO BE ALMOST RE–EDUCATED, brainwashed, indoctrinated, change their whole wiring‚ get re-wired by the Holy spirit in this, because it's been drummed into us since we can remember‚ that it's wrong: "It's dirty, nasty! No, don't do that, that's no nice! Tsk, tsk! Shame on you running around naked!"

41. ALL THE THINGS THAT LITTLE KIDS JUST DO NATURALLY BEFORE THEY'RE EDUCATED OTHERWISE! It's horrible it's really pitiful! Now you have to educate them that they must not do those things in public or before strangers or all the time, particularly because others don't understand & they've been educated otherwise. It's pitiful.

42. (MARIA: SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY ARE MADE SO THEIR MINDS DO RULE, they can enjoy sex but sex doesn't have that predominant a place with them. Is that wrong?) Of course there are differences in personalities, just like the signs of the Zodiac, & certain signs the intellect rules more than other signs.

43. BTU I'LL TELL YOU ONE THING, THOSE SIGNS WHERE INTELLECT RULES & the have so much self-discipline, self-control & mind over matter, they are inclined & tempted to be the victims of the greatest sin of all‚ pride & self-righteousness!

44. THEY USUALLY PRIDE THEMSELVES IN THE FACT THAT THEY'RE NOT VERY SEXY & THEY CAN DO WITHOUT IT, they don't have to have it. They pride themselves in it, because it's supposed to be something that's very low & common & base & animalistic, & they are a man, a proud man that can do without it!—And that's a lie, they're really believing a lie!

45. INTELLECTUALITY IS THEIR TEMPTATION, THEY'RE MENTALISTS, & they pride themselves that they don't yield to their baser instincts & they don't have to have sex & they really sort of exalt themselves above other species who are so low & so nasty they have to have sex all the time!

46. WHEREAS THE ONE WHO IS CONFESSING HIS NEED & ASKING FOR IT & GETTING IT IS MORE NORMAL, natural & more righteous than the one who's pretending he doesn't need it, doesn't have to have it, can do without it & looks down on the others who do. I think he convinces himself of this. I'm very intellectual too‚ but I'm also very sexy. so I think it's quite possible to be both! (Maria: So therefore God's way is to be sexy.) Right!

47. JESUS HIMSELF TALKED ABOUT EUNUCHS, & when He was, He was obviously talking about the rare exceptions, people who are really rare. (Mt.19:12.) He said that some are eunuchs, but that is a freak. Some one who's naturally a eunuch is not normal, he's some kind of a freak. And He said, "Some are eunuchs made so of men."

48. ON A FARM WHERE THEY CUT OFF THE TESTICLES OF AN ANIMAL so it won't have sex, it's called castration. It takes away the sex drive & they can't even get it up for that matter! It takes away the sex desire, in fact they become almost immediately effeminate & their voice rises, they speak in a high sort of squeaky voice, I'm talking about people. But on a farm they do it to fatten up animals—pigs‚ calves—because you get a higher price the heavier the animal is. See this is something which is exceptional though, it's not normal & not natural.

49. JESUS DID SAY SOME ARE EUNUCHS FOR THE SAKE OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD. In other words, it's not natural, not normal, but they deny themselves in order to do some job for the Lord. Of course the Catholics take that to the extreme & have whole orders of celibates, as though that was supposed to be "the ideal." Jesus was recognising the fact that it was a rare exception, but now all of a sudden they all want to be that way!

50. POOR JOANNA, SHE MUST BE AWFUL TIRED‚ SHE WORKED SO HARD TODAY! She can hardly hold her eyes open! I'm so sorry I'm talking so much. You don't need to be ashamed of being sleepy! God-damned pride! The Devil makes us ashamed of all these things that are completely normal & natural & human! Jesus Himself said, "The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak." (Mt.26:41.) You'd like to listen, but you're just naturally sleepy, so it's nothing to be ashamed of. He didn't condemn them for it, He just felt sorry for them.

51. I'M ALWAYS SUSPICIOUS OF PEOPLE WHO CLAIM THEY CAN DO WITHOUT IT, THEY DON'T NEED IT.—It's a form of God-damned self–righteous pride‚ because it is not natural for them not to need it & to be able to do without it. It's not normal, it's not the way God made them. so they are that way contrary to the natural laws of God!

52. THERE'S HARDLY A MAN IN THIS WORLD WHO WOULD OBJECT TO BEING WAKED UP THAT WAY! I've said to Maria sometimes, women can be that way too. I said to her, "Well, I didn't want to wake you up." (Maria: And I said, "What a wonderful way to wake up, it's just like you're dreaming!") I've heard about those people & I've criticised them myself, men who just jump on quick without preparing the woman. But once I'm up at my age, I'm apt to lose it if I don't jump on pretty quick!

53. I CAN'T WASTE TIME WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING HARD! I need to use it pretty quick or I'll lose it, & I can't take a lot time getting her ready. I've got to use it right away! That's a little bit different, I've got a pretty good excuse. Older men don't go as quickly, so it does give the woman a little more time anyway.

54. HOW MUCH TROUBLE WE'D SAVE OURSELVES IF WE'D JUST BE HONEST WITH EACH OTHER & JUST ADMIT TO EACH OTHER! You're afraid to wake Alfred up by grabbing a hold of his handle & start working on him‚ for fear he'll wake up & think, "What kind of a nymphomaniac is this?" or something!—When it's perfectly normal healthy woman who just needs it, that's all!

55. YOU SHOULDN'T BE ASHAMED OF WAKING A MAN UP THAT WAY BECAUSE YOU WANT IT! It's perfectly normal & natural & the way God made you & expects you & intended for you to be, & wants you to be because that will make you happy! And if you forego it & deny yourself & have self—control & all that, well, self-control doesn't always make you happy! Men miss a lot in this World by having too much self-control. I guess I don't have any!

56. ALL THOSE YEARS‚ PARTICULARLY AS A YOUNG TEENAGER & ALL, I HAD SO MUCH SELF-CONTROL, I DIDN'T HAVE MUCH FUN! And all those girls that had so much self-control when I finally did get around to it, I don't think they had very much fun either & I certainly didn't have much fun with them! They expect you to have self-control at the age when you need it & want it & God made you to desire it the most!—When you ought to get married!

57. IT'S AGAIN THAT INDOCTRINATION OF THE CHURCH & THE SYSTEM, the mores of Western society & its Judeo-Christian influence. I say Judeo-Christian because it's not Biblical, it's Judeo-Christian religious influence which is contrary to God & the Scripture. It's just drilled into you that you're to be ashamed of those things & that's not Christian, it's not righteous, it's not spiritual you're being carnal, fleshly & it's not right.

58. WELL‚ THE LORD, AS I POINTED OUT THE OTHER NIGHT, MAKES A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CARNAL & THE SPIRITUAL, but He's not making it in the sense that it's evil‚ that everything that's carnal & everything that's fleshly is evil. He's just trying to point out that you must differentiate between the two & that there's a time to be spiritual & there's a time to be carnal, if you understand what I mean. There's a time for everything, in other words.

59. NOW THIS RELATES BACK AGAIN TO THOSE EARLY YEARS OF PUBERTY WHEN YOU WANT SEX THE MOST! God made you to want it so much, so that normally, naturally, if it were not for the mores & the customs of society‚ you would go find yourself a boy & you would go at it—& he would be happy too! But you're taught that it's wrong & bad & absolutely insane to even think about getting married at such an age!

60. THE SAD PART ABOUT IT IS, BY THE TIME A MAN IS 25 & UNMARRIED HE IS AN OLD BACHELOR & VERY HARD TO CHANGE. You'll find him hard to live with because he's been used to living alone so long, selfishly, or whatever you want to call it. In a way it's a form of selfishness. Partly, he's been a victim of the System because he wasn't allowed to get married either, when he first felt like it.

61. AND THE GIRL, BY THE TIME YOU'RE IN YOUR UPPER 20s YOU ARE AN OLD MAID! You have lived alone so long, & you might say, liked it or not, you have been accustomed to living alone & it's a very difficult thing to marry then because you're not young enough to adapt to each other. You're hardened in the mold & you're almost unchangeable.

62. GOD INTENDED FOR YOU TO GET MARRIED AT AN AGE WHEN THE METAL IS WHITE HOT & MOST FLUID & LIQUID & MALLEABLE & when you could most easily adjust yourself & learn to get used to each other & living with each other, the age, as they call it, of decision. It's the age of malleability. It's the age when you can be bent & molded into whatever shape God's going to mold you in, or your mate's trying to mold you into, or whatever.

63. BUT IF YOU'VE LIVED TEN YEARS BEYOND THE TIME THAT YOU WERE INTENDED BY GOD TO GET MARRIED, then you're hardened in the mold & it's very difficult to get adjusted. You've gotten used to living alone you've become accustomed to it & it's very difficult to adjust to sleeping with another person‚ to have them there all the time‚ all the time, all the time & you can never get rid of them. I mean you've just gotten used to living alone & liking it‚ in a way. It's really a shame! The system has just ruined you because of its customs & its tradition!

64. THEY TALK ABOUT YOUNG MARRIAGES NOT WORKING OUT. You know why most young marriages don't work out? Because the in-laws & the parents see to it that they don't work out! I've never seen a real young marriage yet that the parents didn't try to break it up or make it rough or difficult. They didn't agree with it in the first place, didn't want you to get married, & if they can break you up, especially before you have children, they'd be very happy! It's pitiful!

65. (JOANNA: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT FALLING IN LOVE?) I BELIEVE IN IT! I'm in love! I fall in love every day! I fall in love with every girl! I'm in love with you, I mean it! I'm in love with you, I am! (Joanna: I'm in love with you too!) Well, there it is! God meant for us all to fall in love with each other! Of course, we love some more than others, we can't help that, we just are drawn more to some people than we are to others. I even fall in love with the boys & think they're all so sweet! (But not sexually!)

66. HERE AGAIN WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HONESTY. We started off talking about honesty, I think it all started over Maria not wanting to take her robe off! But you see‚ even as young people of puberty age when we have that drive & we want o have that drive & we want to have sex, it's not really our fault that we don't get it. We're honest with ourselves, you might say, & we know we want it & we'd like to have it if we can get away with it‚ but they won't let us be honest, see?

67. THEY WON'T LET US OBEY THE LAWS OF GOD! They've made His laws of no effect with their traditions (Mt.15:6), & they won't allow us to be honest—Literally will not allow us to be honest! By 25 you are such an old maid & an old bachelor, you are so hardened & so set in your ways, it is very very difficult to get used to another person being around all the times. You get critical of others. The smarter you get in a way, you might say, the less fun you have!

68. WHERE IGNORANCE IS BLISS‚ 'TIS FOLLY TO BE WISE! You get so intellectual & so smart & so educated that you can't really enjoy anything. You can hardly enjoy anything because you think too much & you analyse too much. Whereas when you're young, that's why the Lord says, "Except ye become as a little child you cannot even enter the Kingdom of God!" By the time you've grown old & mature & hard in the mold, you've got set ideas & set ways & it's vary hard for the Lord Himself to overcome those things, It's a miracle of God that He over comes them at all!

69. SO WHY DON'T WE JUST BE OPEN & HONEST WITH EACH OTHER. humbly admit our needs & not be ashamed to confess them & just be natural & normal & happy the way God made us, amen? GBY!—Have fun! It's later than you think!