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Why Didn't God Stop Hitler?

David Berg

DFO 13256/7/82

1. IN THIS AGE OF GRACE, FREE WILL & CHOICE, GOD WON'T FORCE YOU TO DO HIS WILL. The only thing He can do is wipe you out! He can stop you, kill you if you go too far, but the rules of the game now are, He won't make you be good. He can limit you in some way, He's got the power. But my mother used to preach a sermon called,

2. "WHY DIDN'T GOD STOP HITLER?" - And do you know what the answer was? If God had stepped in & intervened & stopped Hitler, He would have had to stop every sinner in the World from doing his sin & wickedness! He would have had to interfere with the power of choice & the free will of man & man's choice in determining his own fate.—And He's not going to do that until the Millennium!—Maybe not even then! (Rev.20:8–9)

3. HE WOULD'VE HAD TO STOP ADAM & EVE IN THE GARDEN & not just forbidden them to eat from the tree of the knowledge of Good & Evil or merely warn them not to eat of it, but He would've had to forcibly prevent them from eating of it! But in order for them to have free will & choice, to demonstrate what would happen if man could have his own way & choose to do evil, for the whole plan of God to succeed in showing the awful consequences of evil & the blessings of doing good, He had to let them go ahead & have their own way. He's let man go ahead & have his own way & do as he pleases ever since, in order to especially save & bless those who voluntarily choose to love & serve Him forever!

4. IT'S A GIGANTIC LESSON, ESPECIALLY TO THE WHOLE WORLD & TO THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE OF MEN & ANGELS (& God knows what other creations throughout space!), to let the Earth be an example of what rebellion against God is like & what a mess man & angels can make of themselves & His creation if they do not follow God's laws & obey God, but defy Him!

5. SO TO MAKE THAT GREAT DEMONSTRATION AN ENORMOUS EXAMPLE & WORK, HE'S GOT TO LET THEM HAVE THEIR OWN WAY & DO AS THEY PLEASE, within certain limits. Once in awhile He will step in & stop'm when they have gone too far & their cup of iniquity is full & God's had enough. During this age of free choice He doesn't force them, He doesn't make them do right or compel'm to be righteous, He just slaughters them, kills them if they go too far! The only way He can stop a rebel is kill him, & then he probably goes to work for the Devil on the other side! Ha! His forces are full of evil spirits, he's probably running Hell with'm like God runs Heaven with saints & angels!—How about you?—Whose side are you on?