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Constellation Names & More on the Holy Spirit, Queen of Heaven

David Berg

10/82DFO 1307

1. GOD'S GOT HIS OWN NAMES FOR THEM! He names them after His heroes, His great Christians. How about that, huh? The World erects monuments & stone obelisks & plaques to its heroes. God names whole constellations after His heroes! The Daniel Constellation to the consternation of the system & to the consolation of yours truly! I never realised all those words rhyme! I kept getting my tongue tied & twisted & almost got'm mixed up. Constellation, consternation & consolation, how about that? Hm? Kind of like those rhymes & alliterations that kind of help it stick with you.

2. DO YOU KNOW WHAT A CONSTELLATION IS, KIDS? IT'S A BUNCH OF STARS up in heaven, a group of stars, & because of their shape & arrangement, the Greeks named them after a bunch of crazy animals & Greek gods‚ & the whole world is following after the Greek naming! Isn't that something? Those are man's wicked names! Thank the Lord for the Daniel Constellation! That shows God's got His Own names for'm! I mean things like that never even occurred to me before! It never even occurred to me that of course God's got His Own names for them, until I had this dream! Isn't that amazing? TG for the truth!


3. MY MOTHER USED TO SAY THAT SHE ALWAYS PICTURED THE HOLY SPIRIT AS BEING THE MOTHER OF THE TRINITY‚ or like a mother. No wonder the Lord was jealous & forbade the old Jews to worship the Syrian heathen goddess that was called "queen of heaven." I mean He was jealous, He didn't want some heathen goddess being called "queen of heaven" when he already had His Own Queen! I believe it! You can take it or leave it! That's one of the things you don't have to believe to get to heaven! Ha! But you might be a little bit ashamed if when you got there you'd meet Her & She smiles & kind of looks a little bit mischievous at you & says, "—And you didn't even believe I existed!" Ha! Thank You Jesus for His Holy Spirit!—The true "Queen of Heaven"!—GBY!—D.