KEYWORDS: church, king, people, testament, building, new testament

Jewels on the Holy Spirit

David Berg

DFO 130210/82

1. I GOT REALLY INSPIRED ON THIS! I WENT THROUGH TEN VOLUMES OF OUR KOMIX—5032 PAGES!—AND I FOUND 176 PICTURES OF HER! It's unbelievable how many pictures there are! The point is, I wanted to pick those where She already had been mentioned or shown, or the artist under inspiration had been picturing Somebody & he probably didn't even know Who it was! Time & time again I think the Lord has inspired them to picture Her & they didn't even know Who it was! They just figured it was an angel or something‚ like a lot of people saw Mary, or thought they saw Mary, & they were probably seeing the Holy Spirit, Queen of Heaven, Mother of the Trinity!

2. I THINK THIS IS GOING TO BE QUITE A THEME! It's quite a doctrine & it's one of our pet doctrines, our shibboleths! PTL! And I believe it! I really do! I mean, it's there undeniably, right in the Scriptures! There're one or two places in the New Testament that some of them claim are contradictory where an indefinite pronoun was translated "He" or "Him" instead of "She" or "Her", but I think it was strictly those Jewish translators who couldn't bear the thought of a Female Holy Spirit! (Jn.14:16‚26; 16:13)

3. I BELIEVE THEY HAD A BUNCH OF JEWS WORKING ON IT THERE UNDER KING JAMES TOO, INCLUDING DEAR SHAKESPEARE, that just couldn't quite stomach a "She" for a pronoun which could be translated either way, so they just went ahead with the "He." I'm talking about the King James translation. For example‚ the King & the Archbishop had to make the decision between using an English word for a church building‚ "church" which came from "kirk," for the Greek word "ecclesia‚" which actually meant "the called out ones" or "the group" or "the assembly of the Saints," the people, & not the building at all!

4. THE ARCHBISHOP ADVISED THE KING THAT THAT WOULD BE A DANGEROUS DOCTRINE to make a distinction between the body of the people & the building, & that that would take them out from under the power of the Church. It was quite a raging controversy amongst the King James translators in 1611, & of course the Church & King won! So every place where "ecclesia" is translated it uses the word "church" which came from "kirk" or "the building," even though the original Greek meant "the body of the believers", "the called out ones"—the people! Think of that!

5. AND LOOK WHAT IT HAS DONE TO GENERATIONS! That one little compromise they made with the Devil just about wrecked the church for generations & kept them under the power of the ecclesiastical system & the denominations & the buildings! That has become their major sin‚ those buildings! They spent more money on them than anything! Just because they didn't want to have to translate it to mean what it really meant for fear it would destroy the grip of the religious hierarchy! But it destroyed the power of the people & their witness to the World by emphasizing buildings & meetings instead of Missions!—So they failed to evangelise the World, & so those buildings damned millions!

6. AND I THINK THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE ONE OR TWO VERSES IN THE NEW TESTAMENT where it says "He" & "Him"! I think it may even be "She" or "Her"! Because they just couldn't stomach translating it as Female! Those Jews, after all, they couldn't stomach it that it should be a "She"!—Those male chauvinists!

7. I MEAN, WHEN ONE LITTLE TRANSLATION OF ONE LITTLE PRONOUN CONTRADICTS ALL THE REST OF THE MASS OF SCRIPTURES—INCLUDING BOTH NEW TESTAMENT‚ OLD TESTAMENT, PROVERBS & GENESIS AS WELL AS THE REVELATIONS OF GOD, YOU KNOW SOMETHING'S HAYWIRE! I'll stick to my revelations! If one little tiny controversial contradictory translation of one single pronoun in the New Testament contradicts what I've seen with my own eyes, then I'll stick to what I've seen!—If it contradicts not only that but all the other Scriptures as well! Amen?—So I'll stick to my guns & I'm gunnin' for Her! HAL!—You too?—GBY! ILY!—And I love Her!—Do YOU?