KEYWORDS: circles, u.n., blue circles, were, circle, territory

Dream about Blue Circles

David Berg


1. I HAD A LITTLE DREAM THAT I WAS FLEEING, & I got to this place where there were blue circles‚ like the U.N. circles or the Olympic circles; they use those circles as symbols. I got to the place where there were all these blue circles all around & I was safe, like it was U.N. territory or something, like those buffer zones in Cyprus. (Maria: Blue circles on the ground?)

2. THEY WERE UP ON SIGNS & BUILDINGS & SOME OF THEM WERE JUST SITTING HANGING IN THE AIR-here & there & right & left & every where! (Maria: But you don't know where it was?) All I remember was it just seemed like it was U.N. territory. They're big wide circles kind of like discs. Like if this is a circle right here if the circle is this big, then the circle would be this wide.

3. IT LOOKED LIKE THEY WERE ALL ABOUT TWO OR THREE FEET WIDE IN DIAMETER. The circles themselves were about two or three inches wide & they were made of maybe cardboard or plastic, just like they were signs or symbols all over. And I got to this land of circles & they were all blue just like that U.N. blue. You know how the U.N. soldiers all wear those blue berets? (World Government)