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Pubs Revolution, The

David Berg

—More & Faster!DO 129610/82

1. PRAISE THE LORD, DEARLY BELOVED! GBYA! GREETINGS IN JESUS' NAME, AMEN! WLY! And thank you for all your wonderful love & good hard work for the Lord & beautiful contributions to our publications, including those gorgeous pictures of you loving lovelies which I have all around me & I'm surrounded with your love everyday all day! GBY! And thanks a lot—it helps me to remember to pray for you. What lovely prayer reminders, your cute little nudie cuties all around my table & my desk & inspiring me to be inspired & in the spirit spurting all day! PG! God bless you & thanks a lot!

2. I'VE ALSO JUST BEEN READING THROUGH THE GREAT BOTM 2, THE GREATEST BOTM WE EVER PUBLISHED & PROBABLY THE LAST because we're going back to the good old fashioned tried & proven Mag–size Family News Magazine again, as these BOTMs have gotten too big! Your BOTM is too big Beloved, although I like big bottoms, nevertheless this one's gotten too big & too heavy & too expensive & we just cannot afford it, sorry. Also it's too slow. It's taken about three or four months to six months to get out BOTMs like this‚ & by the time you get the news it's getting pretty old & stale & outdated.

3. SO I'M TALKING TO YOU NOW ABOUT A PUBLICATIONS REVOLUTION! In this case in this revolution we are reverting again to our original Family News Magazine style of approximately 250-350 pages per issue, & God helping us we're gonna get it out to you fast, at least once a month every month, so you won't have to wait for months for it until all the news is old & stale & the volume is too big to even carry around! I found in reading it yesterday I even had a hard time holding it up while I'm reading‚ it's so heavy & it certainly was too heavy for the mails & the postage!

4. I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF YOU ALL GOT'M ALL SAFELY OR NOT‚ BUT I HOPE SO because it sure is packed through & packed full of beautiful beautiful family news contributed by you, as well as much valuable permanent information. God willing I hope you'll be able to at least keep the permanent information which was mostly in one section, helpful information which retains its usefulness continuously & doesn't become old or outdated like Family news. You our Family are so busy moving around & making new news, that your former news becomes old very fast & is soon out of date, so that we have to keep publishing a regular periodical Family News at least once a month to try to keep up with you.

5. SO FRANKLY IN CONFERENCE YESTERDAY WE DECIDED THAT I THINK YOU'D RATHER GET A LIGHTER–WEIGHT FAMILY NEWS MAGAZINE REGULARLY ONCE A MONTH fast & furious & quicker & newsier, with much quicker publication, faster distribution while the news is still fresh & you're still there & it's still news‚ rather than getting out some of these gigantic monstrous tomes such as BOTM 2 & being unable to publish it more that once every three or four months! I just decided that is too lengthy an operation & takes too long & gets to you too late. Why couldn't we do it regularly monthly, & instead of collecting three or four or six months' information & news in one huge monstrous tome like BOTM 2, why couldn't we get out a little magazine of 250-350 pages every month?

6. BOTM 2 HAD ABOUT FOUR TO SIX MONTHS' INFORMATION & FAMILY NEWS IN IT & RAN ABOUT 1100 PAGES! I figure we might as well have gotten out four 250-page magazines, one every single one of those months while the news was still fresh & hot & in a lighter–weight magazine style that you can get every month & right on time & have time to share it & pass it around like the newspaper & like the GN!

7. SO WE'RE GOING TO MAKE A DRASTIC CHANGE IN THESE PUBLICATIONS & THERE WILL BE NO MORE BOTMs! I'm afraid that word book got to be taken a little too literally. Since it was getting to be a book, we thought we'd try naming it a book, but that seemingly sort of tipped the lid off & pulled out all the stops & our publishers & editors seemed to think that now there was no limit to what they could put into the Book of the Month, & let me tell you they just almost didn't limit it! But when it got up to 1100 pages & I saw that BOTM 2 I thought to myself, "Well this is it!" That's the last one we're ever going to pub of that huge monstrous unwieldy heavy expensive size‚ & God helpin' me I'm going to ram through a programme of going back to the good ol' monthly Family News Magazine, light-weight, easy to get together & publish, easy to mail quick‚ fast & furious & out monthly while the news is still fresh & hot!

8. SUCH A FAMILY NEWS MAGAZINE MUST NECESSARILY BE PUT OUT REGULARLY‚ FREQUENTLY, PERIODICALLY IN ORDER TO KEEP UP WITH YOUR NEWS & YOUR MARVELLOUS CONTRIBUTIONS! I have just been thrilled with your wonderful work, not only your work in the field & your missionary work & your soul-saving work & your musical work & witnessing & all the rest, but also in your tremendous response to the new challenge of making up your own news items for insertion in the Family News whether it be FN Magazine or Book of the Month! But due to the amazing volume which you have begun to contribute in the way of your own little news items & news pages‚ doing such excel lent work on their formats of beautiful pictures & thrilling & exciting news, we have decided that we're just going to have to try to increase the frequency of its publication in order to get it to you while it's still news, as well as limit the number of your pages, due to the fact that we simply cannot afford to publish such a huge tome as BOTM 2, & we couldn't possibly publish such a volume monthly.

9. BOTM 2 WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS! It was supposed to be a sort of a mop up of all the tremendous backlog of material which had accumulated because we had been unable to get it out every month, so that we had not expected to have another like that. But suddenly when I discovered that another two or three months of materials were already accumulating again & two or three months had already gone by since BOTM 2, I sort of blew my stack & let everybody around here & thither & yon know that from now on‚ God helpin' us & God helpin' me, I'm never going to let it happen again! We're no longer going to accumulate any kind of a backlog!

10. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A SET MONTHLY DATE OF PUBLICATION & we're going to publish everything that's come in during that month & is prepared for the printer, up to the largest number of pages that can be quickly & easily published in the magazine style, much faster than the book binding process‚ & by getting out quickly & monthly whatever's on hand, whether it be 250-350 pages or less—get it out to you while it's still fresh news! If your total of individual contributions should run over the 250-350 pages, well we might have to save the overrun for the next issue. But that's going to have to be the limit, because that is the largest magazine & the quickest fastest type we can publish aside from the GN magazine, which is now become a weekly magazine!

11. GNs ARE VERY SMALL & VERY FAST & YOU'RE NOW GETTING THEM WEEKLY, ONE FOR EVERY WEEK, AMEN? Are you getting them okay? According to the latest report, only about one or two out of a hundred have even been opened or were even slightly torn or damaged in any way & they seem to be getting to you—so far only about two or three out of a hundred have been returned, because of your failure to either pick them up at your address or to give us a new address in sufficient time to change your address, so they have been returned to us‚ sorry to say!

12. I HAVE BEEN THREATENING TO PUBLISH A LIST OF THE NAMES OF PEOPLE WHOSE MAILINGS ARE RETURNED TO US! Perhaps if we would publish a list in the next issue of the GN each week, of the people whose mailings have been returned to us‚ & then wait for you to notify us what your new address is, we won't have so much postage wasted & so many mailings returned with the addressee "Unknown" or "Unclaimed"! Those are the saddest words we read when we get back your mailings with the post mark stamped to show that they lay at the post office anywhere from two weeks to a month without being picked up or claimed by you, for what reason we don't know! It shows you must have moved & you didn't tell the people who moved in where you were or where to send your mail, so they don't even know who you are & they just return it!

13. PARTICULARLY THOSE SENT TO GENERAL DELIVERY OR POSTE RESTANTE SEEM TO BE THE MOST FREQUENTLY RETURNED because you frequently move, & such an address is expected to be only a temporary address & should never be given for your more or less permanent mailings which should be sent to an address which is fairly permanent & where you have friends that will forward you your mail even after you're gone, in case you were late in getting your change of address notice in. So please try not to give poste restante or general delivery as addresses for these very valuable mailings of magazines, tapes, books etc., or you really may miss'm, & if we get'm back, that's a tremendous amount of money lost because usually the postage costs more than the publication itself, & then to have to send it to you again means just double that & very expensive & a terrible waste & extravagance due to your carelessness in not choosing a better address, a more permanent address, for them, whether you are permanently there or not.

14. WHEN I SUGGESTED THAT YOU COULD USE GENERAL DELIVERY OR POSTE RESTANTE FOR A TEMPORARY ADDRESS WHILE YOU'RE ON THE ROAD, I NEVER DREAMED THAT SOME OF YOU WOULD USE IT FOR A PERMANENT ADDRESS, WHICH WE HAVE NEVER DONE! In my Letter on how to get your mail & mail forwarding etc. & mobile mail ("Road Mail!" see No.872), I suggested that when you take a trip please continue to use your usual home base post office address or home address, then either notify your home base or your post office to temporarily forward your mail to that general delivery or poste restante or wherever. I had no idea of your completely abandoning your home address‚ your home base address, your permanent post office address or box number, for a poste restante or general delivery address!

15. THAT IS JUST ABSOLUTELY NOT GOOD! We have never done that in all the years that I have worked on the road & got my mail regularly. We have always kept a permanent home address or post office base address for years at a time, even though we were on trips of many months' duration! Even though we had moved out of that town, we kept our post office box & faithfully notified the post office where to forward our mail, & we only changed our addresses to general delivery & poste restante addresses frequently by notifying our home base or home base post office faithfully & regularly where to forward our mail. We never tried to operate without any home base whatsoever or any permanent post office address or even semi-permanent.

16. YOU MUST CHOOSE A PERMANENT OR SEMI-PERMANENT ADDRESS FOR YOUR MAILINGS EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT ALWAYS THERE! Then faithfully regularly notify that home base of where you're going to be & where to forward your mail to you. Normally most of it comes first-class airmail & the forwarding will not cost them anything, it is forwarded free! Now when we start our new Pubs Revolution distribution, you must give us a more permanent address!

17. WE'RE ALREADY BEGINNING MAILING YOU SOME OF THESE HEAVY BOOK PUBLICATIONS BY SURFACE MAIL in areas or on continents where this is possible. They will be a bit slower in some places‚ taking one or two weeks to a month to reach you. On some islands they'll perhaps take one or two months to reach you. But such books will be of permanent value & undated, not the hot GN news, but books of permanent value & long time use, which it is not necessary to rush to you in any big hurry because they are not some kind of temporary rush news publications.

18. WE HAVE ALREADY BEGUN WITH SURFACE MAILINGS IN EUROPE‚ & the next step will be surface mailings to the United States & Canada from Europe, which we understand by boat only takes two weeks to a month, & at the most a couple months.—As most of you there are fairly permanent residents, you are not likely to miss'm. We are also going to start surface mailings of heavy books from our new PDQ in the East, D.V., to the entire East except for the Indian Subcontinent area, D.V. You on the South American continent will also soon begin receiving your heavy book mailings via surface mail‚ which will take a little longer than usual. When the publishing house is right on your continent‚ such as Europe, South America & in North America, normally it only takes from two weeks to a month for these surface mailings to reach you by bus, train or truck. When there's water to be crossed, "slow boats to China" take a little longer, from one to two months.

19. BUT SINCE THESE HEAVY BOOKS ARE OF LASTING VALUE which you will keep & continue to use for a long time to come, D.V., we feel that this slower, far cheaper method of mailing is sufficient‚ if you give us a good permanent mailing address! Otherwise you're going to lose'm for sure or miss getting them entirely! So we suggest that if you're going to be gone from your home base temporarily or even for months at a time, that you do as we did when we were on the road: Inform either your home base or your post office to please forward only first class & air mail & to keep all other mail there until you return.

20. THIS MEANS THAT YOU WILL BE FORWARDED IMMEDIATELY YOUR GNs & YOUR FNs IF THEY COME AIR MAIL, WHICH MOST OF THEM WILL, & ONLY YOUR BOOKS WILL BE KEPT AT HOME OR AT THE POST OFFICE UNTIL YOU RETURN. Only in this way Beloved, can you ever be assured of getting all of your mailings safely & on time—by having them preserved securely for you for when you return, or mailed faithfully to you air mail while you're on the road. So please try to give us a permanent address or at least semi–permanent address of a Home who will faithfully forward your mail to you or take care of it for you till you get back, or a post office box at a post office who will faithfully forward your first class or air mail, or if it is heavy surface mail keep it for you until you return.

21. PLEASE TRY NOT TO EVER GIVE US POSTE RESTANTE OR GENERAL DELIVERY ADDRESSES FOR YOUR MAIL! In fact I am threatening that if you do not carefully adhere to this admonition & do it now & from now on, if we continue to receive a great many return mailings unclaimed or un known from general delivery or poste restante addresses, we are going to have to notify you that we will no longer send you mailings at all to any poste restante or general delivery address! We can not afford & you can not afford to give us such a temporary address for such valuable & costly mailings, where you may or may not claim them when they arrive!

22. WS NOTICED THAT NORTH AMERICAN POST OFFICES NOW ARE ONLY KEEPING GENERAL DELIVERY MAIL FOR TWO WEEKS according to the postmarks‚ & in fact they even stamp them with the date that they arrive & the date that they are supposed to be returned if they're unclaimed, & that period between the dates is only two weeks! So it's no longer the good ol' thirty days they used to give us in North America, but only two weeks, & possibly they may use the same practice with poste restante addresses in the rest of the world, if any! In fact we have found in some post offices the poste restante was so unreliable that they just had a great huge basket of poste restante mail! They didn't even alphabetise it, they didn't pigeon-hole it alphabetically according to the letters of the last name or first name or what ever! They just handed you a box of mail & you had to go through it yourself, so that everybody that came to the post office for poste restante mail was thumbing through yours & everybody else's mail!

23. GENERAL DELIVERY OR POSTE RESTANTE IS CERTAINLY NOT A SECURE WAY TO RECEIVE SUCH VALUABLE & COSTLY MAILINGS AS WE ARE SENDING YOU & FOR WHICH YOU HAVE GIVEN A GREAT DEAL! I certainly do not think that that is very wise, in fact it's extremely foolhardy & foolish & being penny-wise & pound–foolish to try to get by with a cheap address like that & lose all of these priceless valuable mailings! Now I'm warning you Beloved, if you continue to give poste restante or general delivery addresses as your permanent mailing address & we continue to get back so many return mailings from such addresses, we are going to refuse to receive from you a general delivery or poste restante address for your mailings! We're just going to put a notice in these GNFs:

24. "SO SORRY‚ BUT WE NO LONGER ACCEPT GENERAL DELIVERY OR POSTE RESTANTE AS A MAILING ADDRESS FOR YOUR PUBLICATIONS!" You must give us either a permanent home address of some Home that will keep or at least forward your mail to you even if you're no longer there or not there very much‚ or a post office box which is fairly permanent from which you can get your fast airmail forwarded free, a service of most post offices, & who will keep for you your heavy surface mailings until you return.

25. SOMETIMES IN MIAMI THEY KEPT OUR HEAVY MAIL FOR US FOR MONTHS! As I told you‚ we returned after being gone all Summer for nearly six months & they had an entire postal truck, one of those baggage trucks that you push around the post office floor, completely full of our second & third class mail & heavy magazines, newspapers, packages, boxes etc! Of course I wouldn't trust any post office to be very patient about keeping mail for you that much & that long, nor forwarding even the first class & air mail to you for that long! In fact, it was right after this we received notice that our box had been closed due to the fact they noticed that we actually no longer had a residence in the city, which most cities require for a box number—that you have a permanent home address in the city as well, or they will not give you a box. Therefore they had just simply gotten tired of forwarding our mail & keeping a whole truck load of it for us until we returned.

26. SO DON'T TRY THE POST OFFICE'S PATIENCE! If you have a post office box for a mailing address, especially if it's somebody else's box & they're promising to forward it for you, either tell your Family or Friends to forward it for you & do not give the job to the post office‚ or be sure you're not gone too long! Most of them don't like to have to keep forwarding your mail more than a month or two in your absence. Now that's very important Beloved, so that we don't get more of these returns unclaimed or unknown from post office boxes, or most of them from general delivery & poste restante addresses!

27. NOW IF YOU HAVE FORSAKEN YOUR HOME OR POST OFFICE BOX & DISCONTINUED IT, FOR GOD'S SAKE LET US KNOW AT LEAST TWO MONTHS IN ADVANCE so we'll be able to send you your mail at your new change of address! If not, & you discontinue your post office box without giving us two months notice & you do not leave a forwarding address with the post office, then your mail will surely be returned to us—in fact I'm not too sure about how much it will even be forwarded! Most post offices today are overloaded & simply cannot handle all the mail that's going through expeditiously.

28. SO ONCE AGAIN I SAY BELOVED, IF YOU WANT TO GET YOUR MAIL, PLEASE GIVE US A PERMANENT OR SEMI–PERMANENT ADDRESS & NOT POSTE RESTANTE OR GENERAL DELIVERY FOR YOUR MAIL, unless there is absolutely no other possible way for you to receive your mail! If you must give us a poste restante or general delivery address, be sure that you pick up your mail regularly at least weekly, & that you give us at least two months' change of address notice ahead of time before you leave that address & discontinue picking up your mail there at that address, or you're going to lose mailings! I'm going to definitely threaten this right now & we're going to start it as soon as we're sure you have received this notice‚ that from now on any poste restante or general delivery mail returned to us will not be returned to you at your new address free if your new address has not reached us in time to prevent it from being sent to the old address & it has been returned to us!

29. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO SEND YOU YOUR MAILINGS TWICE, BECAUSE OUR GREATEST COST IS POSTAGE! Almost always the cost of the postage is much greater than the cost of the book or magazine! So therefore Beloved, we cannot afford any longer to be paying out such astronomical prices for postage & then have it returned to us, & then you expecting us to return it to you somewhere else after we get your change of address notice way too late after it's already mailed & it's too late! If your change of address notice does not get to us before the next mailing date, & if your mailing is not forwarded to you & does not reach you & it's returned to us‚ we are not going to resend it to you free!

30. I'M SORRY, WE CANNOT AFFORD TO! You simply will lose it, that's all—unless you want to pay extra for it, & that's going to cost you plenty, if so! These pubs cost a lot of money & the postage costs more! So if you lose mailings through your own carelessness & slothfulness & neglect by not giving us your change of address at least two months in advance, or by giving us nothing but a poste restante or general delivery ad dress, then it's going to be your own fault, not ours, if they're returned! We will not remail them to you unless you pay for the additional cost & send us a generous gift with your change of address request or your new address that you've sent in too late!

31. YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO PAY EXTRA WITH YOUR LATE CHANGE OF ADDRESS NOTICE, & IT USUALLY COSTS US ANY WHERE FROM $10 ON UP, SO LET'S MAKE IT A NICE $10 MINIMUM, SHALL WE? Even the GNs cost about $5 each including mailing, & the books much more! So let's say from now on you're going to have to at least pay a minimum of $10 for each mailing that's returned to us that we have to resend to you to some other address when we finally get your late change of address notice! Now that's that Beloved! I'm sorry, but we just cannot afford it, neither you nor I nor the Family nor our Pub units can afford to send & resend, & sometimes resend again, mailings, because of your rapid travels & rapid movement & rapid changes of address & failure to give us a more permanent mailing address for your regular mailings. I'm sorry.

32. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO BEGIN ENFORCING THIS IMMEDIATELY UPON YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS NOTICE! We will no longer receive or honour as an address for mailings identified as General Delivery or Poste Restante unless you've got a very good reason for it, explained to us with it, such as, you live in a small town where they have no boxes & no home delivery & everybody picks up their mail at the post office & that's the only way you can get it or whatever! But I promise you, that if any mail is returned from a General Delivery or Poste Restante address, it will not be remailed to you free!

33. YOU'LL HAVE TO PAY AT LEAST $10 EXTRA TO GET EACH MAILING THAT IS RETURNED TO US! OK? You got it? Well, let's hope you act on it, & that penalty will help you be more faithful in your notifications of changes of address, or best of all, in your selection of a more permanent address to which you can have your mailings sent regularly‚ safely & securely, & be sure of them being either kept for you or forwarded to you by that permanent home base address.—And please have a heart for your Home Base or your post office as well, & don't expect them to take care of your mail or forward your mail too long!

34. IF YOU HAVE MOVED PERMANENTLY & YOU'RE GETTING A NEW PERMANENT ADDRESS, PLEASE NOTIFY them as quickly as possible of your address so that they won't have to keep or forward your mail too long, & by all means notify us as soon as you're sure of your new address, so that we can start mailing your mailings to you directly so you'll get them quicker & surer & better in every way, & everybody will be happy, including your Home or Postoffice & us & you! PTL! GBY! Amen! TYJ! So we are going to start economising on our publications: Number One, by having you make sure of your address, that it's a more permanent address, & refusing to return returned general delivery or poste restante mail to you free, or as a result of a late change of address notice!

35. NUMBER 2, WE'RE GONNA ECONOMISE BY CUTTING DOWN THE SIZE OF THE MONTHLY FAMILY NEWS MAGAZINE TO NO MORE THAN 250-350 PAGES OR THEREABOUTS‚ whatever the printer says he can handle quickly & cheaply, & yet mailing it out regularly monthly about the same time every month, D.V. This way your news will get out to you quicker, faster & more regularly & oftener‚ D.V.! So we are notifying all PDQs to choose a printing date each month that's good for your printer & to which your printer agrees & upon which date he can expect to receive the copy every month & do that printing for you at that same time every month, so that it will be mailed out regularly monthly about the same time every month, D.V., & not more than about 250-350 pages each, but monthly‚ regularly, not saving up months & months of backlog & then publishing some gigantic tome like BOTM 2!

36. WE HIT BOTTOM ON BOTM 2 & we nearly hit bottom financially on it too, & God helping us there'll never be another BOTM like that! That was it! The next one you will receive will no longer be a BOTM, but it will be again the Family News Magazine of about 250-350 pages‚ D.V. But it'll be regularly, D.V., once a month!—God helping us!

37. A THIRD WAY WE'RE GOING TO ECONOMISE & GET THE NEWS TO YOU FASTER, MORE ECONOMICALLY & EASIER—EASIER ON YOU AS WELL AS US—IS TO ASK YOU TO PLEASE FROM NOW ON LIMIT YOUR FN CONTRIBUTIONS TO ONLY ONE PAGE of your own family news or local news‚ whatever it may be, including fotos! Sorry, but that's all we have room for & all we can afford to publish, & you should be thankful for that! One page in almost any commercial magazine would cost you thousands! This you're getting more or less free! We simply cannot any longer publish your contributions of more than one page in length! Some of them have been very difficult, they've been odd page sizes of one-&-a-half‚ one-&-two-thirds or three- &–a-half etc., which are very difficult to arrange for publication. But from now on that'll all be solved by simply confining your monthly contribution to the Family News to just one page per contribution.

38. WE MAY CONSIDER SOME RARE EXCEPTIONS FOR A COUNTRY OR VS OR NAS OR WORLD SERVICE UNIT—or even for a Family or Home, or even an individual if it's an un usually good testimony! We will publish almost any thing if it glorifies the Lord & it inspires us & encourages folks & is good news, or even some bad news, from now on as long as you confine most of it to no more than one page! If it's some kind of a notice that's even less than that, we'll probably stick it in the Good News Flashes or the miscellaneous odds'n ends at the end of either the GN or the FN, so that it'll get out quickly right away, like your Want Ads, LNFs, GNFs‚ miscellaneous notices etc. (even your Rogues Gallery notices), that we try to get out now immediately in the GN weekly, & anything that misses that we'll put in the FN monthly, D.V.

39. BUT YOUR ONE-PAGE CONTRIBUTIONS MUST BE ONLY ONE PAGE, FOTOS INCLUDED, & Beloved, as we have cautioned you before‚ please put all fotos together at the top of the page so they can be screened all together, & not cut up like paper dolls in different locations! So please ignore all former advice along this line. Also‚ that one page must be packed with no wasted space, edge-to-edge & end-to-end, of a sheet of 8–1/2-by–11- inch typing paper (21 X 28cm).

40. PLEASE PACK IN ALL YOU CAN INTO THAT ONE PAGE, SIDE-TO–SIDE & TOP TO BOTTOM! You don't even need any margins if you'll pack it in! We will shoot it down to Mag size. All of our material has to go through foto anyhow. It's first put on 35s & then shot to positives, regardless of its original size. So please only use a full 8–1/2-by-11 (21 x 28cm) sheet of normal typing paper that you can buy at any store—drugstore, dime store, stationery store, almost anywhere in the world, the commonest kind of paper, you can even buy it in tablet form at supermarket school-supplies counters! So it is very available & easy to find anywhere in the world‚ cheap & easy to use. This conforms to the pro portions of both our GN pages & our new FN Magazine pages.

41. SO PLEASE DON'T USE THE LONG-SIZE 14-INCH (35cm) PAPER THAT WE MENTIONED BEFORE! Please do not use the long paper! It is not geared in proportions of proper relationship between length & width for our GN & FN pages. Use only the short typing paper 8-1/2-by-11 inches (21 X 28cms)! God willing, if these are well-written & well-pictured with a good heading, headlines & good news & important news, or even some bad news‚ prayer requests etc., & if you'll confine it to one page, D.V., we'll be able to get'm all into the very next Family News Magazine, if you get it in in time to be processed for that next printing.

42. WE'RE TRYING TO MAKE FROM NOW ON THE CUT-OFF DATES DEADLINES FOR THE RECEIPT OF YOUR MATERIAL ABOUT THE MIDDLE OF THE MONTH. As you send them in usually with your TRFs on the First of the Month, they should get to us by the 15th-of-the-month deadline to give us at least another two weeks to process & foto & get to the printer by the end of the month so he can start printing your new magazine about the first of the month, so it should get printed that first week of the month & mailed out the second week of the month so that you should get it either the third or fourth week of the month before your next TRF date, D.V., that's what we're aiming for!

43. PTL! GBY!—YOU CAN HELP US BY SENDING IN THE RIGHT MATERIAL IN THE RIGHT FORM AT THE RIGHT TIME & GIVING US YOUR RIGHT ADDRESS!—Amen? PTL! GBAKYAMYAB with lotsa good reports from your fields for the new/old FN Mag!—In Jesus' name, amen!—Amen? ILY!