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New NRO Vision, The

David Berg

16/9/82 DFO1279

—National Reporting Offices!

1. THAT WAS ALWAYS MY ORIGINAL DREAM, THAT THERE WOULD BE A COMBO IN EACH COUNTRY that would have adequate VSs and NASs who could really tend to the people better locally. When trouble comes, it's not going to be quite so easy for everybody in a country to send their report outside of the country. It might be a lot easier to get one Letter through even by courier from a National Supervisor, VS and NAS combination. In other words, we're going to have to push it down lower on lower levels and lower people. We now have it more or less down to a continental level, at least, with the CROs (Continental Reporting Offices). (Maria: We've got the VS Combos already in a lot of places.

2. WELL, I HAVE JUST BEEN THINKING AND PRAYING THAT IT'S BEEN A YEAR-AND-A-HALF SINCE WE STARTED THE FELLOWSHIPS, since we started having them organize locally—is what it amounts to—up to a national scale. We've had VSs for a long time, and the VSs and NASs by this time should have pretty well sorted out their areas of jurisdiction and spheres of administration. Some of them have got Combos set up already, so I think it's time to begin to push more responsibility down lower, taking it off of our backs and off of the CROs at the continental level, and pushing it more down to the national level.

3. LOCALLY I THINK THEY CAN FIND THE MANPOWER. We have a little difficulty finding people because we're so far removed here at the top and it's difficult to know the people well enough. All we know is what we hear from our own units and what they know, but they don't know everything or everybody. Whereas on the local level, particularly thinking of the national level, they can more easily find good personnel, and they have fairly good support. It may not be just one country‚ it might be a combination of two or three countries in some cases, and they probably get VS support. I'm thinking especially now of the East also.

4. SOME OF THOSE COMBOS AND COMBINATIONS ARE GETTING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF SUPPORT AND SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO MORE OF THE WORK, IN A WAY.—More of the administrative work, the supervisory work, the shepherding, the reading of reports and the sorting out of local affairs. How much time have the CROs got to really get into local affairs in reading those reports?

5. LOOK HOW IT WOULD LIGHTEN THE LOAD OF THE CROs, and look how it would also lower the level of the handling of finances and all of this and spread it out much more‚ diversify it, decentralize it and put the burden of local administration and supervision down on the national level. The Alliance used to call them the field supervisors, the fellows who were right in the field and knew the people and knew the area and could supervise it well as good shepherds.

6. MY WHOLE VISION IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE CHAIN WAS TO TRY TO DO THIS, but Rachel‚ Jeth and Deb and others already had such a stranglehold on everything that it didn't work out as it should have. So first of all we had to take the whole thing away from the old Chain and I had to take the whole thing into my own hands virtually personally with just one main central office, WIM.

7. THEN WE BEGAN TO DIVIDE IT INTO OTHER OFFICES, and we do have it now fairly well-organized and divided on the continental basis of administrative offices—although they've been not so much administrative offices as they have been merely Reporting Offices. Most of them are too far from all these people who are reporting to do much about it themselves!

8. THE IDEAL DREAM WOULD BE TO HAVE THESE FIELD SUPERVISORS! We've already got National Area Shepherds and Visiting Servants—and maybe we need to change that name to Visiting Shepherds again to give them a little more responsibility in the matter of supervising and guiding and guarding and leading; more responsibility on the matter of really supervising the field and administering its needs, more administration, and closely watching over and shepherding that particular field.

9. AND OF COURSE, NOW THAT WE HAVE THE VSs, NASs AND IN SOME CASES COMBOS, why couldn't we begin to try to push the responsibility of the collection of reports, the reading of them, analyzing them and doing something about them down on a local level, especially the national level?

10. WHY COULDN'T REPORTS BE SENT FIRST TO THE NATIONAL OFFICE to be read, studied and analyzed by local officers who know the field and know the people? After all‚ people sittin' clear up in Switzerland don't know all the problems out in the field! And people clear down in the Caribbean or out in the islands far away from the U.S. don't really know too much about what's going on in North America!

11. LET'S TAKE SOUTH AMERICA, WE'VE GOT LOTS OF GOOD PEOPLE THERE, people with talent and everything—under Faith and Juan on down—who could make good local field supervisors, whether they be VSs or NASs. By this time‚ after a year of the Fellowship Revolution, we should have ferreted out and developed some leadership that we didn't know about before on the local levels, so why couldn't we then start pushing down the reporting level to a lower level?

12. TO BOIL IT ALL DOWN SIMPLY, I THINK THE TIME HAS COME WE NEED TO NOT ONLY THINK AND PRAY ABOUT IT, BUT WE NEED TO START TRYING IT and pushing the Reporting Offices down to the next possible level. They're now on a continental level, so the next possible level would be a national level, or even a group of perhaps two or three small countries, much the same as we now have them figured out on the VS and NASs basis.

13.—ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO ARE VERY PROGRESSIVE AND MAYBE ALREADY HAVE COMBOS, office space, good personnel, are trustworthy and could be trusted to collect the local national reports, analyze them, study them‚ tabulate stats, etc. The Continental Reporting Offices would simply be bookkeeping, tabulating‚ stats and overseeing offices who would receive the national reports only. That would keep the present Continental Reporting Offices quite busy just taking care of the number of the reports they would receive from the National Offices and over seeing'm.

14. WE'RE ALREADY DOING THIS IN SOME CASES WHERE THERE'S A PROBLEM ABOUT GETTING THE TITHES OUT, FOR EXAMPLE, recycling money locally on the local level in certain areas like BRARO, IBRO, India, etc.‚ and there are a number of places where it almost has to be recycled locally and where it could be well used locally. I mean, there's no point in them sending the money clear to us and then we just send it back again! I think it's been working well and they've been faithful, nobody's run off with the money and nobody's cheated that I know of! They've used the money locally, or if they had any more, sent it on to us for World Services.

15. SO I THINK WE OUGHT TO START PUSHING THE RESPONSIBILITY DOWN TO A LOWER LEVEL AND TAKE SOME OF THE LOAD OFF OF THE BACKS OF THE PRESENT CROs! It's even possible in so doing—if we were able to spread it out enough—to push the reading of the reports down to the local level. That's the thing I'm particularly concerned about: The reading, analyzing and study of these individual reports really should be done on a closer level to the people who are reporting, and my suggestion would be as close to the national level as possible.

16. IT NEEDS TO BE DONE MORE ON A LOCAL LEVEL IN LOCAL AREAS WHERE THEY KNOW THE FIELD‚ the people, the problems, and are better able to solve them and make suggestions and recommendations and supervise them or even visit them if they have to—locally! We need better local shepherding!

17. BETWEEN THE VSs AND THE NASs AND THE FELLOWSHIP REVOLUTION WE WERE HOPING TO GET SUFFICIENT ORGANIZATION LOCALLY‚ that there would be better local shepherding. Well, we now need to do that and make sure it's being done, and the only way we're going to be able to do that‚ I believe, is by having the people report locally to a local National Shepherd.

18. THIS COULD BE STARTED PERHAPS LIKE WE DID UNDER THE CHAIN, BY HAVING THEM SEND THEIR REGULAR TRF TO THEIR CRO AND ONE COPY TO THEIR NATIONAL OFFICE.—Which is probably going to be a Combo, as we idealize it, the office of the VS and the NAS and the various other functions on the local level of the national field. They speak the language, they know the nationals and as many of them as possible are supposed to be nationals!

19. IT'S PUSHING THE WHOLE JOB DOWN TO A WITHIN–THE-COUNTRY SUPERVISORY OPERATION BY THE LOCALS, by the nationals, by the people within the country who know the country, the people, the language, the situation‚ the problems and everything and can much more closely scrutinize and supervise the local people and their problems and their needs etc.

20. THESE NATIONAL SUPERVISORS, OR SNOOPERVISORS, WILL BE LIKE FIELD SUPERINTENDENTS. Maybe we could call him a National Shepherd, but we already have a National Area Shepherd! Maybe he'll be the one, or someone else who's got the office and sufficient office staff to receive the national reports directly on a local level from the local people where they've got time and there's not so many reports to have to study!

21. HOW IN THE WORLD IS NARO GOING TO READ FOUR OR FIVE HUNDRED REPORTS A MONTH AND REALLY PROPERLY STUDY THEM AND PRAY OVER THEM, MUCH LESS DO ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR PROBLEMS? How is LARO—getting close to a thousand families—going to be able to read eight or nine hundred reports a month properly? I wonder if they do? How can they? (Maria: Well, I know they do because they always send suggestions and comments.) There again we're piling up work even here that we don't need! They could be sorting out a lot of that paperwork and a lot of that local administration locally!

22. I'M NOT JUST TALKING ABOUT PUBLICATIONS, I'M TALKING ABOUT THE REPORTS IN THE WAY OF BEING STUDIED BY LOCAL NATIONAL SUPERVISORS OF THE FIELD who know the people, the language‚ the problems, the situation, the local national area, everything, and can deal more directly, locally with those problems. Then if they have any problems that are greater than they can particularly handle or want advice, the Continental ROs could become more supervisory also and have more time to study a national report instead of so many individual reports. This is the dream and this is the idealhow we can do it or how soon it could be done is the problem.

23. I BELIEVE WE SHOULD HAVE NATIONAL OFFICES WHICH CAN HANDLE THE REPORTS LOCALLY. The individual Home reports should be sent to the National Office and there the contents opened, tabulated, analyzed, studied and prayed over as far as what's going on in that particular city or Home or Local Area Fellowship, etc., handled by a National Shepherd and his staff for a local administration.

24. THE STATS AND FUNDS COULD BE TABULATED BY HIS OFFICE, AND HE COULD WRITE ONE NATIONAL REPORT ABOUT THE SITUATION IN HIS COUNTRY AND WHAT THE PROBLEMS ARE AND QUESTIONS HE HAS, ETC.—preferably maybe a one– or two-page report at the most—and send them on to the Continental Office where they‚ with a bird's-eye view of the whole continent and its countries and its people, would have more time to not merely be busy like mad tabulating stats and cashing checks and handling funds and sending them on, but could take a little more responsibility in actual supervision of the fields on a continental level.

25. IN A FIELD LIKE LATIN AMERICA, FOR EXAMPLE, THEY WOULD ONLY BE RECEIVING MAYBE 15 OR 20 DIFFERENT NATIONAL REPORTS, so they would have time to study those more carefully and closely since they're already analyzed and a condensation of the local reports, sifted out and condensed, and not have to be busy doing nothing but compiling stats and funds and whatnot. Each then would have a little more time for the spiritual and physical responsibility of actual supervision of the flocks.

26. THE NATIONAL SUPERVISORS MIGHT BE THE SAME AS THE VS OR THE NAS, OR HE MIGHT BE AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT MAN WHO ISN'T BUSY WITH FELLOW­SHIPS AND VISITING. For the sake of convenience I'll call him the National Supervisor for the time being, and he would be the head of the National Reporting Office to whom the individual reports of Homes would come directly within the country, the stats tabulated locally and the funds taken care of by the bookkeeper and banker, all done on a local national basis. Then he would write a national report each month to send on to the Continental ROs like NARO‚ LARO‚ etc. (Maria: Pretty much like they do already?) Yes!

27. THIS IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THEN‚ THAT WE NEEDED TO BRING OUT THE LOCAL TALENT AND LOCAL OFFICERS AND LOCAL LEADERSHIP OR WE COULDN'T EVEN DO THIS! This is what I was dreaming of then, and now it's coming into being and in a lot of places already going well. Now we need to start giving them more responsibility—administrative responsibility, financial responsibility, bookkeeping responsibility of stats, etc. We need to push this responsibility down to the national level and have national ROs. Some countries are already too big, like BRARO, for example, and already have that responsibility. They've got three or four hundred Homes in just one country—Brazil!

28. HOW CAN THE CONTINENTAL ROs POSSIBLY PROPERLY READ AND STUDY ALL OF THOSE INDIVIDUAL REPORTS OF INDIVIDUAL HOMES? I don't think it can be done right or well; they've got too much to do. They're in too big a rush because we're in a hurry to get the stats and the reports and to know how much the funds are, so they're just scrambling and reading and adding like mad during the first week or two of reporting! It's one mad scramble and big rush and cramming like mad to get all those tabulated in time for us so we'll know whether we can afford to send out the checks, etc.!

29. I THINK WE SHOULD ESTABLISH NATIONAL REPORTING OFFICES WITH COMPETENT PERSONNEL!—Not only good bookkeeping personnel to handle the tabulation of stats and funds and local banking etc., and not only Visiting Servants who are busy out in the field going around visiting Homes. The VS can't do it, he's too busy out there shepherding in the field! And the NAS can't do it, he's also busy organizing and visiting fellowships. He's another field man, really‚ who's supposed to be supervising the fellowships, etc.

30. BUT WE NEED A NATIONAL SUPERVISOR WHOSE MAIN JOB WOULD BE THE SAME AS THE CONTINENTAL ROs DO NOW: To receive, open and read reports‚ have his bookkeeping staff tabulate stats, and banker do the banking! This would eliminate a lot of problems in the matter of local currencies and recycling as well.

31. HIS MAIN JOB WOULD BE TO STUDY AND ANALYZE THOSE LOCAL REPORTS AND SUPERVISE WHAT'S GOING ON IN HIS WHOLE COUNTRY FROM THE NATIONAL BIRDS-EYE VIEW, to really supervise his field more closely, administer the needs of the field, coordinate the various activities of the field‚ etc., and to kind of supervise the whole works!—The VS, the NAS, and the National Reporting Office.

32. AND ONCE HIS BOOKKEEPERS HAVE TABULATED THE STATS AND FUNDS AND THOSE ARE DISPOSED OF, his main job will be to sit down and really study those reports and pray over them and analyze them and decide what needs to be done in each individual case of each individual Home, even to see if they need any particular help. He can write them letters advising them on their problems or even suggest the VS pay them a visit to settle difficulties.

33. HE WILL SUPERVISE THE NAS ON WHAT HE'S DOING AND MAKE SURE HE'S DOING HIS JOB, MAKE SURE THE VS IS DOING HIS JOB‚ MAKE SURE THE HOMES ARE TAKEN CARE OF and just be the general field superintendent or national supervisor of each national field or group of fields—depending on the number of the Homes—so that he'll be able to do a really good, thorough, prayerful, spiritual job of shepherding the sheep locally on a more local level.

34. RIGHT NOW NEITHER THE VSs NOR THE NASs, AS FAR AS I KNOW‚ GET ANY KIND OF A DIRECT REPORT FROM THE HOMES other than what they might hear from us or hear locally, accidentally, or through visitation or fellowships, so it's not being done in a thorough individual comprehensive complete way such as it could be done if the National Reporting Office were receiving all the local national reports of that country or group of countries, whatever.

35. PEOPLE LIKE FAITH AND JUAN ARE SORT OF LIKE CONTINENTAL SUPERVISORS RIGHT NOW. They're handling the visitation of the countries and the area fellowships and the "String of Pearls" and all that. They should be able to go in as Continental Supervisors, find the right man, decide on who it should be, appoint him or her or them and get the local National Office organized. Or if it's already organized, help them to organize National Reporting Offices on the national level so that they will be able to handle the reports locally.

36. THIS IS THE THING I'M CONCERNED ABOUT: THE REPORTS ARE BEING HANDLED BY PEOPLE TOO FAR AWAY. In the first place, the Continental ROs do not really have the time to thoroughly read and analyze and pray over those reports and all their problems and write them individual letters about what to do about it and all that sort of thing. They couldn't possibly have time to do that! I know! They've got too many reports to handle. They've each one got two, three, four hundred reports or more and it's absolutely physically impossible to do it! About all they can do is tabulate the stats and the finances and shove'm off!

37. IF THEY GIVE ANY KIND OF A REPORT ON THE CONTENTS OF THE LETTERS OR THE PROBLEMS OR THE VICTORIES OR WHATEVER, THEY MIGHT CLIP THEM OFF AND SEND THEM TO US. And the publishable material that is sent in has got to be sorted out too. They could eliminate a lot of volume of mass mail and everything else by deciding themselves on the local level what represents their country the best in the way of prepared publishable material, and send back anything juvenile and ridiculous or tell them to do it over or just forget it and toss it in the wastebasket or something, and send on to us only the best stuff on their country. Thank God‚ most is very good!

38. THEN THE NATIONAL SUPERVISOR CAN HANDLE THE LOCAL PROBLEMS BETTER IN HIS OWN COUNTRY. He knows the country, the people‚ the laws‚ the problems, the language and it can all be done on a more local level. This is bringing supervision down to where it belongs on the local field—which is what we were trying to do through the VSs and the NASs. But now even the VSs and NASs need supervision!

39. (MARIA: I'M JUST WONDERING WHERE WE'RE GOING TO GET THESE SUPER-DUPER SUPERVISORS‚ BECAUSE THE VSs AND NASs ARE ALREADY THE VERY TOP IN THEIR COUNTRY!) They're probably going to wind up to be the VSs or the NASs or both or whatever! Now that they're learned to be VSs and NASs, one of them ought to be ready to be appointed the National Supervisor and find somebody else to do his job—because he's there, he knows them. He's had other people working with him by this time, and now he's been promoted, he's graduated to the National Supervisor of both!—Whoever is the most competent‚ whether it's the NAS or the VS.

40. THE NATIONAL SUPERVISOR ACTUALLY WOULD BE MORE ALONG THE VS LINE AS FAR AS BEING RESPONSIBLE TO US IS CONCERNED, because in a sense, he's paid by us and his office is supervised directly by us; but it could be that the NAS is the better man. (Maria: He might just be able to get a set of bookkeepers in there and then continue to do his job with the addition of the extra work.) Whoever it is, however it works out, whatever is best, the point is, we need National Supervisors! The Alliance called them district superintendents at home and field supervisors on the field.

41. HE'S GOT TO BE AN OFFICE MAN WHO IS IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH US! (Maria: Or have an office man, right?) Yes, he's got to supervise a local National Office who collects the reports, tabulates the stats, banks the funds, studies, analyzes and prays over the reports and their problems and their praises and all the rest, and if any questions need to be answered, any phone calls in emergencies need to be made or letters need to be written immediately‚ he is right there and he can handle the local situation!

42. IT IS TIME TO BOIL IT DOWN TO THE NATIONAL LEVEL! It's getting to be too big a job for the Continental ROs, we need to push it down to the national level! And by this time, after a year or more of fellowships—in some places two years—and years of experience with VSs and who they are and who works and who doesn't, we should have ferreted out and discovered enough local talent and local leadership to be able to handle this kind of a job! There should be somebody there.

43. IF THE NUMBER OF HOMES IN A COUNTRY IS SUCH THAT IT NEEDS SOMETHING LIKE THAT, BUT THEY HAVE NOT YET DEVELOPED ANY LEADERSHIP COMPETENT OR CAPABLE OF IT, then we might have to incorporate 2 or 3 different countries and take the best leadership out of those countries to run that particular RO. Of course, it would have to be in the same language area, if possible.

44. BRAZIL ALREADY HAS A REPORTING OFFICE, and they should not only be handling just the tabulation of stats and the handling of finances, but we ought to have somebody in that BRARO office who is really studying those reports and their problems and questions and giving some answers and some action and some administration, supervision of their needs and immediate action! (Maria: That's what the VSs do.) But how can the VS know when he never sees the reports? (Maria: Yes‚ the VSs need to get the reports.)

45. I NOT ONLY WANT THE VS TO GET A COPY OF THE REPORT, I WANT THE REPORTS TO GO TO THE NATIONAL OFFICE DIRECTLY, IMMEDIATELY, where they'll get those reports within a few days and be able to take action on them right away before the little problem becomes a big problem!—Where they can do immediate supervision, give immediate answers, take immediate action right there and then on the local level!—Now!

46.—NOT WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE REPORTS HAVE GONE CLEAR UP TO THE CONTINENTAL REPORTING OFFICE and they've gotten finished doing all their frenzied tabulation of stats and finances and made their Continental Report to us‚ and you and Peter personally had a chance to read all the little clippings out of the individual reports and all this, blah, blah, blah!

47. DON'T TELL ME YOU CAN DO IT; YOU CAN'T! It's an absolute physical impossibility. You cannot supervise every individual Home in this entire world! You can't do it, so therefore you don't! You can't! So who is going to do it? Who gets those reports who is going to be able to take immediate action on them?—Nobody!

48. THE CONTINENTAL OFFICE IS TOO BUSY ALREADY and gets too many reports to do it and are too busy tabulating stats and finances, etc., to give the whole continent's individual Homes attention and do something about it on the local level! It's impossible. I want them to get those TRFs right there on the spot where they can do something about them!

49. NOW THAT WE HAVE DEVELOPED AND DISCOVERED AND FERRETED OUT THE LEADERSHIP THROUGH VSs AND AREA SHEPHERDS AND DEVELOPING LOCAL LEADERSHIP, and since we now have NASs and VSs and National Combos, etc., I think it's time to find out who is capable of being our national representative on the national level, capable and competent with office and secretarial staff and facilities to handle the local Home reports right there at the National Office and to take care of not only their stats and funds—these are being handled very well and faithfully by the present Continental ROs—but the contents of the reports.

50. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE CONTINENTAL ROs TO HANDLE THE CONTENTS OF THE REPORTS REGARDING PROBLEMS, SITUATIONS, QUESTIONS AND THINGS WHICH REQUIRE ADMINISTRATION AND ATTENTION LOCALLY, Homes which want answers, areas which want help, local situations which need immediate action. This has got to be handled on a more local level, that of a National Reporting Office on the national level where they get the reports in just a few days and can immediately take action on them as they're being read locally by people who know the people‚ the Homes, the situation, the problems, everything, and can take immediate action on them, administer their needs immediately, shepherd them immediately, answer their questions immediately, take care of their sheep immediately‚ feed their sheep immediately‚ whatever they need right now!

51. THEY CAN'T WAIT TILL THEIR QUESTION FINALLY BOILS CLEAR UP TO ME and I have to finally get it onto a publication that finally boils clear down to them, and it's months and months before they ever get their answers, and months and months before their needs are ever met! It's impossible‚ it's just impossible! It's got to be taken care of on a more local level, and the first and the most logical one, of course, is the national level. I think we should have developed the leadership by this time and we should know by this time who has the capability to run a National Reporting Office, an NRO of that particular country.

52. HE WILL BE A NATIONAL SUPERVISOR WHO NOW HAS A COMBO, D.V., WITH SUFFICIENT OFFICE SPACE AND SECRETARIAL STAFF. If he was a VS, he can now push the work down on to somebody who can do his former VS job; or if he was a NAS, push his NAS job on somebody else he picks out that he knows can do it and has had experience working with him on it, so that he is now capable of operating the National Reporting Office, the NRO!

53. THE NRO WILL HAVE A STAFF WHO ARE NOT ONLY BOOKKEEPERS to tabulate stats and finances, and bankers to handle the funds, but the National Supervisor will either have the time himself personally to study thoroughly and read every report, or good helpers, secretaries or a wife or somebody who can share them with him and study those reports!

54.—NOT ONLY JUST QUICKLY GRAB THEIR STATS AND THEIR MONEY AND RUN, but have time to sit down and really study those reports and everything they say and analyze their problems, analyze their needs, answer their questions‚ take action on any situations or emergencies immediately, there, on the spot, now! Grab the phone! Write a letter! Make a visit or send the VS or the NAS or whatever—immediate local action!

55. WE COULD HAVE SAVED A LOT OF RIPS THROUGH "A STITCH-IN-TIME-SAVES-NINE" if these situations could have been handled on the local level and immediately instead of waiting until we read their report some time months in the future, or you read some summation of their this-that-or-the-other, or you get something that they thought you ought to read, and months and months later you hear about it, and months and months later you can't do anything about it! That's impossible! That's just not getting the job done!

56. IT'S GOT TO BE DONE LOCALLY AND AT THE VERY LEAST ON THE NATIONAL LEVEL WHERE THEY RECEIVE THE REPORTS DIRECTLY‚ IMMEDIATELY, ONE OR TWO OR A FEW DAYS AFTER THE FIRST OF THE MONTH. The bookkeepers tabulate stats and the finance men handle the money and get that out of the way, while the National Supervisor or administrator sits down and really studies and reads—either he or his wife or both or their secretary—or if there are so many reports he can't read them all, maybe he farms'm out or parcels them out to the VSs and the NASs and they all sit down and really study those reports and everything they've got to say: Problems, victories‚ emergencies, questions, answers, everything!

57. I MEAN, REALLY TAKE CARE OF THOSE LOCAL SHEEP ON A LOCAL LEVEL THE WAY THEY OUGHT TO BE TAKEN CARE OF!—And not wait till the Continental RO finally gets time and wakes up to the fact that there is an emergency occurring somewhere and they ask us about it, blah‚ blah, and on down! Forget it! It's impossible! It's impossible for the Continental ROs to handle the problem! It's getting too big and the situation is getting too complex and they're getting too many Homes.

58. LARO, FOR EXAMPLE, IS GETTING MORE AND MORE HOMES, WHILE NARO IS GETTING LESS AND LESS! PARO is getting more and more Homes‚ while EURO is getting less and less! So that NARO and EURO are almost being phased out as the people move South, and once they're wiped out‚ they won't even be needed any more. Most of the people are already in the South and need supervision and need help and we've actually only got about three offices handling it—LARO‚ MAIRO and PARO!

59. SO WE NEED MORE ATTENTION ON A MORE LOCAL LEVEL OF THESE LOCAL HOMES, and I want the Continental Shepherds like Faith and Juan to start watching leadership now as they're on their "String of Pearls," and not only seeing who's a good public personality or who's a good entertainer or musician or a good leader of meetings etc., because this man does not have to be a public personality and a leader of meetings! He may not ever have to have anything to do with public shows or entertainment or area fellowships, because his main job will be an office job, glued to his desk and his eyes glued to the reports!

60. BUT HE MUST BE SPIRITUAL, HE MUST HAVE A HEART FOR THE SHEEP, BE A GENUINE SHEPHERD AT HEART AND BE CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR PROBLEMS enough to thoroughly read their individual reports himself, individually and personally—and/or his wife, and/or his secretary‚ and/or his VSs or NASs or whoever it may be—to make sure those reports are read immediately, individually for their content!—Not just the content of stats and finances‚ but their content of the heart and problems of the people personally!

61. HE HAS TO BE ABLE TO HAVE A HEART FOR THOSE PEOPLE AND BE CONCERNED ABOUT THEM enough to immediately grab the phone, if it's an emergency, and answer their problem; or if it can wait a few days or a week, write a letter and try to give them answers or action or help or some kind of suggestions.

62. IF IT'S A FELLOWSHIP PROBLEM, SEND A NAS! IF IT'S AN INDIVIDUAL HOME PROBLEM, SEND THE VS! If it's an organizational problem between VSs or NASs or whatever, call a board meeting or an administrative meeting of NASs‚ VSs and top personnel to discuss local administrative problems and organization and make decisions on what should be done about it.

63. IF THERE'S A DISAGREEMENT OVER WHERE THE NAF IS TO BE HELD OR EVEN THE GAF or this, that or the other and people can't agree, there needs to be somebody to whom they can appeal for judgment and for decision and to help them make the decision. Or even if the local Homes have complaints about the local fellowship or something: "Nobody wants to meet, nobody wants to have a local fellowship!" Well, send the NAS in or the GAS or whoever to try to give them some help!

64. WE NEED MORE LOCAL ORGANIZATION AND SUPERVISION AND SHEPHERDING ON THE LOCAL LEVEL! It's gotten too big for anybody to handle on the continental level, and the first step right now is at least: Let's get it down to the national level. Let the National Office receive the reports directly and pass the stats and the finances, whatever they don't need locally, on to the Continental RO; then let the Continental RO be an office that handles nothing but national reports that they can quickly tabulate and handle their stats and finances, and their condensed national reports of conditions in the field as well. The Continental ROs don't have to read every single individual report‚ that's got to be done on a local level. They should only read national reports.

65. I DIDN'T WANT TO GET BACK TO CROs AGAIN, BUT WITH CONTINENTAL ROs, THAT'S WHAT IT AMOUNTS TO! If we have to call them CROs‚ all right!—Continental ROs, to get the point. For the sake of brevity I'll call them CROs, that's what they were. We've got the NROs on the national level, and we'll have the CROs, the Continental ROs, on the continental level to handle those reports.

66. AND ONCE HAVING GOT THE STATS AND FINANCES OUT OF THE WAY‚ THE CRO WILL HAVE TIME TO READ EACH INDIVIDUAL NATIONAL REPORT from the National Shepherd or supervisor as to the national situation. In case he has questions that he can't handle‚ he passes them on to the CRO, so that if they can't answer the questions they can contact us if necessary.

67. WE HAVE GOT TO PUSH IT DOWN LOWER, AND WE HAVE GOT TO DO IT NOW‚ OR SOON, in order to get the administration, supervision and shepherding of the local Homes down to the local level where the reports will be read much more quickly, thoroughly and prayerfully because there will be so few of them. They're sitting right there on top of the local scene and certainly have a greater natural concern for them and knowledge of them and knowledge of possible solutions than any Continental Office could have.

68. THE CONTINENTAL OFFICES SIMPLY DO NOT PHYSICALLY HAVE THE TIME OR THE ENERGY OR THE FACILITIES FOR SUCH LOCAL SUPERVISION or the thorough reading, study and analysis of every single individual report! About all they've got time for right now is to grab the stats and the finances and run! But having forwarded the stats and the finances, they would then have time in the next two weeks of the month to sit down and study the national reports from the National Supervisors, and write back and give each the answers to his questions and recommendations or suggestions of what he should do about this or that that he has questions about. Then they'd have more time for that on the continental level.

69. AND SINCE THEIR JOB IS GREATLY REDUCED ON THE CONTINENTAL LEVEL and they'll have so few reports and finances and stats to handle because the National Officers have already tabulated the en-masse stats of that particular country and already sent them a check for their finances or whatever, then the staffs of the LARO, NARO, PARO etc. could actually be reduced; either that, or with what staff they have, they'd have more time to study the national reports and write them letters‚ make phone calls, take action on them and do things like that.

70. MAYBE THEY WOULDN'T NEED ALL THE STAFF THEY'VE GOT THEN AND THEY COULD SHARE SOME WITH THE NATIONAL OFFICES. Maybe they'd be able to send one of their bookkeepers or secretaries down to some overloaded office like BRARO where they've got 300-and-some Homes in one country. (Maria: Most of them don't have much staff anyway. Like you said, they're overloaded.) Well, they're not going to be overloaded now! Without that job of reading and tabulating individual reports of individual Homes, they won't have too much to do.

71. SO WE KEEP THE CONTINENTAL ROs—THE CROs—MORE OR LESS AS IS, but instead of handling hundreds and hundreds of reports‚ maybe it'll only be a dozen or two from their continent's National Offices. Then they'll have lots of time to handle those reports and give them personal attention, individual supervision and answering the questions of the National Offices.

72. AND I THINK THE TIME IS NOW! WE NEED TO GET ACTION ON THIS NOW! We need Continental Field Supervisors like Faith and Juan to go around and pick out the people and get them situated and located. If they haven't already got a good National Office going, organize one, situate it, make sure it's staffed and rolling and then go to the next country and do the same!

73. IF THE COUNTRIES THEMSELVES HAVEN'T GOT THE CAPABILITY AND HAVEN'T ALREADY DONE IT ON THEIR OWN, go and help the countries which are weaker in leadership and get them organized! Faith and Juan could do that in the Western Area, and we've got a good top-notch Field Supervisor already in the PARO area—Keda—who can go around and get the National Offices organized there.

74. BY THIS TIME WE SHOULD HAVE DISCOVERED THE LEADERSHIP AND DEVELOPED IT TO THE POINT THAT THEY'LL NOW KNOW WHO THEY ARE, WHAT THEY ARE AND WHO CAN HANDLE THE JOB! The Continental Supervisors such as Faith and Juan or Keda—she doesn't exactly have a continent, but she's got oceans of islands and pieces of continents—can get the National Offices organized to the point that they will be able to handle the local national reports.

75. MAYBE THE CROs CAN WRITE CLASSES ON IT AND SEND THEM OUT TO EACH OF THE NATIONAL OFFICES on how to handle the individual Home reports and their stats and their finances and all that, and then those Local National Offices are going to have to sit down and really read and study those reports! Not just glance at them—which is about all the time the poor CROs have right now—but really read and study those reports and pray over them and take some action on any one that has any needs or questions or problems—locally, phone calls, visit if necessary, or send somebody to visit.

76. THE NATIONAL SUPERVISOR IS NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO LEAVE HIS NATIONAL OFFICE, he's got to stick there and supervise the whole national work: VSs, NASs and area fellowships. He's sort of a field supervisor of everything, but his main job will be to handle the local reports, their stats, finances, needs and problems!

77. NO MATTER WHO HE GETS TO DO IT, THAT NATIONAL SUPERVISOR WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO GET IT DONE, PERIOD! (Maria: But will he still be able to travel if he has people taking care of the office?) If he has a good office there with a good staff that can handle those things, if he still has to do some traveling as a Field Superintendent, yes, of course. But he's got to see that it's done! He can't be so busy traveling and visiting local situations that he hasn't got time to read the reports!

78. I WOULD MUCH PREFER TO SEE A MAN WHO IS TIED TO HIS DESK IN THE NATIONAL OFFICE AND DOES NOTHING BUT STUDY AND READ AND ANALYZE AND PRAY OVER THE REPORTS‚ and get other people to do the action, and appoint other people to do the visitation, other people to make the phone calls. But he sits there at the top of the heap and he merely takes executive action to see that it gets done! I don't want him running around all over the country trying to do it himself! (Maria: But see, it's got to be the top person of the country that would do this‚ and the VS is the top person!)

79. THE VS OR THE NAS IS THE TOP LEADER OF THE COUNTRY, SO THEREFORE HE IS GOING TO HAVE TO APPOINT SOMEBODY ELSE TO DO HIS OLD JOB; HE CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE. He has done it, so he knows it, so he knows who can now do it for him! There can be exceptions where it requires his more mature judgment or even presence or leadership ability to handle an emergency situation where he could depart from his office for a day or two and go help the guy take care of it‚ but normally I would rather see him stick to that office and that desk and be there where we could get him on the telephone and where he's not out somewhere in the field, God knows where and how long it'll be before he gets back to even get his mail or read his reports or take care of his job!

80. I DON'T WANT HIM TO LEAVE THE OFFICE UNLESS IT IS AN ABSOLUTE NATIONAL EMERGENCY THAT HE HAS TO AND NOBODY ELSE CAN HANDLE IT! I want him to stay there in that office, to be there, to get the reports as they come in and read them immediately, daily as they come in! Read them on the spot, now! (Maria: Could he be there part of the time when the reports come in and travel the other two weeks like they used to do?) No! Absolutely not!

81. I WANT HIM THERE IN THE OFFICE EVERY DAY AND NEVER TO LEAVE THAT OFFICE UNLESS THERE IS A NATIONAL EMERGENCY THAT REQUIRES HIS HELP! I want him right there! He can get other people to travel! We'll never develop other leadership if we keep depending on the old leadership and the same people all the time!

82. HE IS THERE, HE CAN FIND SOMEBODY WHO CAN DO THAT JOB FOR HIM THAT HE USED TO DO AND SEND THEM OUT TO DO IT—whether it's the NAS or whoever it is! I want him in that office every day to get that mail and read that mail as the top executive or the president of his company every day and to do it!—And read it!

83. HE CAN TURN THE STATS OVER TO A SECRETARY AND THE FINANCES OVER TO A BOOKKEEPER, but he or his wife or whoever he can get to help him need to sit down and read those letters and reports right then and there that very day they came from the post office and take care of that situation immediately, right then, if he has to telephone or do whatever is necessary to be done NOW!—Today! On the spot! That's what I'm talking about.

84. NO, I DON'T WANT HIM TRAVELING TWO WEEKS OUT OF THE MONTH! My God, I don't want him traveling even two days out of the month! I want him right there on the spot doing the job every minute, every day, minute-after-minute, hour-after-hour, day-after-day right there at his desk taking care of those individual reports and memorizing them if he has to‚ so he knows every single Home like a book and can take care of every single Home. He knows the people by his reading of their reports, he knows their problems, he knows that this is something that comes up all the time and is always bothering them or bothering him and he's able to take care of it.

85. I WANT HIM THERE EVERY DAY AT HIS DESK TO GET THOSE REPORTS AS THEY COME IN DAILY TO THAT OFFICE THROUGH THEIR POST OFFICE, and to read those reports right then and there on the spot!—And to make a phone call if he has to‚ or immediately write a letter if he has to!—Or send out the VS to visit them if he has to! But I don't want him to leave his office! I don't want him to leave that city where we can't get him on the telephone! I want him to stay there and supervise the local work!—Not go running around like a chicken with his head cut off, hither, thither and yon trying to take care of it all himself!

86. I WANT HIM THERE ON THE SPOT, IN THE OFFICE, WHERE WE CAN CONTACT HIM, HE CAN CONTACT US‚ OR THE LOCAL PEOPLE CAN CONTACT HIM WITH A PHONE CALL IF THEY HAVE TO! I think he will certainly have enough to keep him busy all month long, we'll see. For at least two to three weeks of the month as the reports are coming in, he'll be getting a few reports every single day that he would need to study and analyze and be sure that the stats are taken care of, the finances are taken care of, and to read and memorize those reports until he knows every Home like a book!

87. HE KNOWS EVERY SITUATION, EVERY LOCAL SHEPHERD! HE'S GOT THE KNOWLEDGE AND THE HEAD AND THE HEART TO TAKE CARE OF THOSE SHEEP LOCALLY, AND HE'S ALWAYS THERE! They know they can pick up the phone and call him if they have to! They know that they can always get in touch with him immediately if they have a need or a problem or a question—immediately!

88. HE'S THEIR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE! He's right there in the National Office and his office is always on the other end of the line 24 hours a day, able to handle any kind of a situation. I don't want him running around the country, no! I want him right there!

89. THE REPORTS WILL KEEP HIM BUSY FOR THE FIRST TWO WEEKS‚ and the other two weeks he will have enough organizational problems, area fellowship problems, VS reports back from the Homes‚ this condition, that condition to keep him busy! He is going to have enough shepherding responsibilities to keep him busy fulltime, moment-by–moment, hour-by-hour‚ 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 30 or 31 days a month!

90. THE MORE WE GIVE INDIVIDUAL AND PERSONAL AND LOCAL ATTENTION TO THESE PEOPLE‚ THE MORE AND MORE WE'RE GOING TO SEE THAT IT WAS DESPERATELY NEEDED AND NEGLECTED FOR YEARS! Now that at last somebody is there to help them, they're going to be yelling and screaming for help! His phone is going to be ringing off the wall! His mail box is going to be full of not just reports, but individual letters about this situation, that situation and everything else! He is going to get all the mail from the local Homes, not only their TRFs but their individual mail, questions and everything else! (Maria: But we've gotten them to the point where they shouldn't depend so much on people but would look more to the Letters.)

91. THEY NEED SOMEBODY LOCALLY WHO CAN HELP TO TAKE CARE OF THEM AND WHO WILL BE ABLE TO ANSWER THEM LOCALLY AND NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR A LETTER FROM ME, because the time will come and may come soon when they will not be able to get a Letter from me. And my God, for most of these needs we don't have time now for them to get a Letter from me! They've got the Letters! There's hardly a question I'm getting now that can't already be answered by the Letters, by somebody who really knows the Letters. All he'd have to do is, like the jokes in the prison, say: "Number so–and–so!" Just give them the references and answer their questions!

92. NO ONE VS, WHO IS OUT BUSY TRAVELING AROUND VISITING AND CAN'T BE GOTTEN HALF OF THE TIME BECAUSE HE'S NOT IN HIS OFFICE, CAN POSSIBLY HANDLE IT! No one NAS who is out busy organizing fellowships and supervising local fellowships and local Area Shepherds and is out in the field most of the time could possibly handle it. We need a man or a woman or both in a local National Office who is there all the time, or has somebody there all the time who can answer the phone‚ answer the mail, read the reports‚ get answers, help and supervise locally that local field!

93. AND THE MORE AND MORE THIS WORLD SITUATION DEVELOPS, THE MORE IT IS GOING TO BE NEEDED! I'm thinking about the time when we could be cut off completely and the international publications could be cut off completely!—They then could handle their problems on the continental level and even down to the national level without our help if necessary. They've got the Letters, they've got the guidelines, they've got the Lord, they've got the Holy Spirit‚ and if they are completely cut off and isolated as a nation—which is very possible and likely during a major war or emergency or calamity—they can handle their own situation on a local level.

94. I WANT IT DONE, AND I WANT IT DONE YESTERDAY! I WANT IT DONE NOW! I don't want any excuses or arguments about it, I want it done! (Maria: Could I ask one more question? Since the VSs and the NASs are more outside people and not people that want to sit in the office—because they're just not that type of people and wouldn't feel as fulfilled sitting in the office—and since the office person is supposed to be the top dog supervising both the VSs and the NASs, who could we get that is possibly wiser than the VSs and the NASs in the country, who are already the very cream of the crop!)

95. I DON'T EXPECT THEM TO BE WISER!—THEY PROBABLY ARE THE TOP CHOICE FOR THE JOB AND THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE TO SACRIFICE THEIR RAMBLING AROUND THE FIELD THAT THEY ENJOY because they understand that job, and they're going to have to pick out somebody to do it for them. Many an officer in an army prefers the front and the action and the battle and to be in the thick of the fight, because that's where he can shine and where he sees his fulfillment. But he has to be picked out for a colonel or a general to manage that field and the guys in the field because he knows it like nobody else, and he knows the situation!

96. HE KNOWS WHAT THEY OUGHT TO DO BECAUSE HE HAS BEEN THERE HIMSELF AND HE KNOWS HOW TO DO IT, THEREFORE HE CAN TELL OTHER PEOPLE HOW TO DO IT NOW! And even though he doesn't like his office desk job and being an armchair general‚ like it or not, he's got to do it be cause he's the only man that knows it and knows how to do it and can do it! He's going to have to find and train somebody else to do his old job for him! This has always been our policy: Teach others, to teach others, to teach others, to teach others! (2Tim.2:2).

97. IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY TAUGHT SOMEBODY TO DO YOUR JOB, YOU HAVE FAILED AT THE JOB ALREADY! So he is now going to have to teach somebody to do his old job and he is going to have to move a step upward and supervise them to make sure they do the job! And I want it done now! I wanted it done yesterday! This is one reason I started organizing the area fellowships, so we could develop local leadership and find out who we've got and what they can do!

98. WE CAN NOW START ORGANIZING A BETTER LOCAL LEADERSHIP SUPERVISION WITH A NATIONAL OFFICE AND A NATIONAL OFFICER—a National Shepherd or Supervisor, whatever we decide to call him—who can be the shepherd of that whole nation and make sure that its undershepherds do their jobs and that its sheep are taken care of on the local level.—And immediately! Not months later after their question finally sifts up to the top‚ but today when he gets the letter!—Today, when he gets their phone call!—Today, when he gets their question or their problem or hears of their emergency! He can take care of it right now! The people need a National Officer and an office that they can always phone in emergencies to get answers from if they need it!

99. THERE WAS A TIME WHEN WE HAD TO TAKE THAT LOCAL CONTACT AWAY BECAUSE IT WAS UNDER THE WRONG SUPERVISION OF THE CHAIN. We had to purge the whole outfit and get rid of all the officers and find out who was worthy. Now under me and the Letters and the Lord we are supposed to have developed local leadership who now follow the Letters and who follow me and follow the Lord and follow what they know we want done and what they know ought to be done, and who can now be trusted with greater local responsibility and leadership and local supervision and answering questions locally, always pointing them to the Letters and the Lord, of course, for the answers.

100. THEY CAN PICK UP THE PHONE AND SAY: "WHAT'S THE QUESTION?—OK: LETTER NUMBER SO-AND-SO, THAT'S YOUR ANSWER! READ IT!" Somebody who knows the Letters, somebody who knows the Lord, somebody who knows the field and who can act as the genuine shepherd of that field with a heart and the knowledge and the experience and the ability for the job. We've had some years now to develop VSs‚ we've had almost a couple of years now to develop Area Shepherds, so we should have found sufficient leadership by this time to be able to do these jobs.

101. MAYBE FAITH AND JUAN WON'T EVEN HAVE TO GO THERE PERSONALLY, they can just write a letter or make a phone call and say: "OK, you've got the ball, now go to it! Set up your National Office!"—If they don't already have one. They're supposed to already have some National Offices in their Combos with a VS and a NAS and an RC and NVL. Some of them will already be organized and ready for it right now and could do it today! Others are yet to be organized and the leadership found‚ etc.

102. UNTIL THE LOCAL NATIONAL OFFICES ARE CAPABLE AND ORGANIZED AND READY TO DO IT, then some nearby National Office that's already set up and organized and has the good leadership will have to handle it. If Peru‚ Ecuador and Bolivia have to have one office, OK! If they have to set up an office to supervise two or three or four countries‚ fine! Maybe we'll have to push it down to the regional level first, a combination of 2 or 3 or more nations within an office.

103. THE WHOLE THING WILL DEPEND ON THE NUMBER OF HOMES AND THE GEOGRAPHICAL AREAS THEY COVER as to where the National Office will have to be located. Or we could call it the multinational office if it's composed of more than one country. Just start pushing it down now as far as it can be pushed, that's all!

104. IF A COUNTRY LIKE BRAZIL ALREADY HAS GOT SO MANY HOMES, THEY'D ALREADY HAVE A NATIONAL OFFICE and I think they already get their reports right there locally. So the National Officer can now give his attention to reading, studying and praying over the reports and their problems and answering them himself!—Not just handling stats and finances.

105. WE'VE KIND OF LEFT THE NORTH TO THEMSELVES BECAUSE WE THINK THEY OUGHT TO GET OUT, BUT I THINK EUROPE SHOULD HAVE SOMEBODY THERE THAT CAN DO THAT SORT OF THING. We still have a lot of sheep in Europe and we've even told them that they can stay there if they've found the right places, so I think they deserve supervision, I think they deserve shepherding, I think they deserve answers to their questions. There should be a Multinational Office where they can write or phone or something for help. I think EURO should work on establishing, if possible, National Offices in areas where there are sufficient Homes to require it.

106. PERHAPS EVEN NARO STILL SUPERVISING NORTH AMERICA COULD HAVE SUCH A MAN who not merely handles stats and finances and the RO reports for us, but who can read the individual reports and give them the attention that they deserve and need, and answer their question and try to solve their problems and give them better individual local supervision and shepherding and help. If there were ever any Homes that need it, they sure need it in the United States and North America! Who knows? Maybe we'll get help to those people. Maybe we'll help them get out! PTL!

(Later on the same day:)

107. THIS IS SOMETHING I'VE BEEN THINKING AND PRAYING ABOUT FOR YEARS, something I tried to put into operation under the Chain: More local supervision, push the administration down to the local level with more dispersion, more decentralization‚ more local shepherds, etc.

108. WE TRIED TO DO IT THROUGH THE CHAIN, BUT THE CHAIN WOULDN'T LET GO!—It just got to be a chain around our necks instead! And the only reason it didn't work was because of Rachel and Jethro and Deborah and the ones who ran the Chain and the kind of leaders they picked—not all of them, thank God, we salvaged a few—but the Chain did it their way, and no matter what I said, they still ran things from the top.

109. YOU KNOW HOW I TRIED TO BUILD A PYRAMID and make it so that it was really from the grassroots up, but they were loathe to let go of that control from the top‚ and instead of that, it just gave them a firmer grip on everybody!

110. SO FINALLY WE HAD TO ABOLISH THE WHOLE CHAIN AND DESTROY THE PYRAMID and take everything out of their hands—including the finances, their positions and everything and kick them all out in order to take over the reins of leadership again and get things done the way I knew they should be done. We then had to go to WIM for a while for reporting and financing.

111. IT TOOK US A FEW YEARS TO GET CONTROL OF THINGS AGAIN—control of leadership through the Letters and finances through WIM and the whole works—and then we started another step down by dispersing WIM to the CROs.—Which literally means we pushed the collection of stats and funds, etc., down to the continental level, more or less, in order to disperse the office operation, collection of stats and the funds.

112. I THINK IT HAS PROVEN A GOOD SAFETY MEASURE‚ it's proven its efficiency and it has kept the heat from being on in any one particular place, like getting all the mail in the whole world coming to Zurich. …

113. SO WE HAVE DISPERSED THE STAT AND FUND COLLECTING TO WHAT WERE THE CROS. We changed it to ROs, and we're about to change it back to CROs, because I can't think of any better name for them now than Continental Reporting Offices! Because I want to push it down now to the local national level.

114. I'VE HAD THIS IN MIND A LONG TIME, AS YOU KNOW, BUT WE DIDN'T HAVE THE LEADERSHIP BECAUSE WE'D KICKED OUT THE OLD CHAIN. We'd salvaged what little leadership we could and everybody left was valuable elsewhere and nobody else available and we just didn't have enough leadership to have national leaders in every country. So then I had the inspiration or brainstorm: "We've got to develop local leadership!" So what did we do?

115. FIRST OF ALL, WE APPOINTED VSs! That helped develop their leadership talents and abilities, right? Then almost two years ago we started the area fellowships in order to find and develop local leadership by local organization. That's what we've really been doing‚ we've been developing local organization.

116. SO DID IT PAY? DID IT WORK?—TO DESTROY THE CHAIN, DEVELOP NEW LEADERSHIP AND GET CONTROL DIRECTLY BY ME FROM THE LORD AND THE LETTERS? We really wiped the whole thing out and started over again! Not many denominations or religious organizations or even companies could have fired 300 executives at one fell stroke and survived! But thanks to the Lord and the Letters and WIM and a few loyal ones like you guys who stuck, we made it!—Although our income dropped down to 10% of what it is today!

117. BUT AS WE THEN BEGAN TO HAVE GREATER INFLUENCE AND TAKE IT AWAY FROM ALL THE OLD BOSSES and let folks be led by the Letters and the Lord and get back on the right track and the right kind of leadership and the right kind of direction, I think we have not only salvaged what we had, but we have grown. In fact, we are now several times the population we had then!

118. WE'RE UP TO OVER 2,000 HOMES AND OVER 10‚000 PEOPLE!—People who are following the Lord and the Letters and me and not that mob that they used to follow!—The ones who couldn't take it are gone, thank God! The ones who didn't want to go God's way are gone! Hallelujah! And we're still here and we're going great guns, better than ever!—More people, more Homes, more funds, more everything, accomplishing more and in a much more loving way without tyrants and dictators and force and gouging and extortion and 50% and all that stuff! It's just a flat 10% tithe for everybody and that's it!

119. I WAS HORRIFIED WHEN I HEARD RACHEL WAS COLLECTING 25%! Then when I heard she was next collecting 35%, and finally I heard Jeth was collecting 50%, I thought, "My God, this is the limit‚ that's it! I've had it! Period!"—And I swept them all away! "The flood came and swept them all away!" But Noah and the Ark and his little family survived and we're still here. We're re–populating the world! HAL!

120. SO I THINK THE TIME HAS COME, THIS OLD WALRUS SAYS, TO SPEAK OF MANY THINGS!—Down to the local level of shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and more local kings! The time has come to push the major part of the CRO work from the Continental Offices down to National Offices‚ and let each country collect its own stats and funds in a National Office.

121. WE HAD TO HAVE THE FELLOWSHIPS AND WE'VE HAD TO BE WORKING FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS TO DEVELOP NEW LEADERSHIP, but by this time we should know who's got it, and who hasn't, who can do it and who can't! Probably they are going to be the VSs or the NASs, the ones that have already developed and shown themselves successful as leaders.—Or there might be some new ones!

122. I THINK NOW WE HAVE DEVELOPED A NEW LEADERSHIP THAT WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO TRUST, and the closer the war gets, the closer the emergency comes‚ the more we've got to push the local shepherding down to local shepherds who are there on the scene and can take care of it without us if necessary!—Even without me or you or the publications or anything! It's apt to come to that, at least for awhile.

123. I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE THIS WORLD AND DEPART WITH MY JOB UNFINISHED! I am not going to be happy and content to leave until I know that we've got National Offices operating that can take care of the local countries themselves that are completely indigenous, independent and can do without the rest of the world if they have to! They'll have experience in collecting their own stats, managing their own finances, publishing their own materials and news, and shepherding their own sheep on the spot‚ locally!

124. WE'VE ALREADY ENCOURAGED COMBOS! We've encouraged VSs and we're payin'm! We've encouraged NASs and we're supposed to be helping them if we can. They're supposed to have a National Office, if possible. We've tried to get'm to develop themselves, and those that can and had the talent to do it have done it and are already operating on a national basis.

125. NOW I THINK IT'S TIME TO SHOVE THE JOB DOWN TO THEIR LOCAL NATIONAL LEVEL ONTO THE OFFICES AND OFFICERS WHO ARE READY FOR IT AND CAN DO IT to collect the reports, handle the stats, the funds and the local administration and shepherding as well. Then all they have to do after they've gotten the stats and the funds together is write their Continental Reporting Office a national report with their share of the funds, whatever it is, if it's not needed locally. A lot of it is recycled locally anyhow, or can be through WS units.

126. THIS WILL SPREAD OUT THE WORK, THE TIME AND THE COLLECTING OF STATS AND FUNDS—AND THE READING OF REPORTS WE LEAVE IN THE LAP OF THE NATIONAL OFFICE. The Continental Office doesn't have to be bothered with it. Maybe we can make that report form in such a way that when they come into the National Office they just go clip, clip, clip or tear it in two and throw the half of it with the stats and funds, etc., to the stat office and bookkeeper, and keep the half that's got the problems and victories and questions, etc. And then the dear National Supervisor will sit down with his wife or secretary or mistress or his ten wives or whoever he can trust to be spiritual and concerned and have a heart for the sheep, and read'm!

127. WHAT CRO OFFICE RIGHT NOW HAS THE TIME TO DO THAT?—To really study all that writing on that part of the report and absorb it, pray about it and ask the Lord what to do about it? Those CROs are busy collecting their stats and handling funds and rushing like mad because we're pushin' on'm to get us those stats and funds and reports right away so we know whether we can afford to even send out the checks or not! We've gotta get the report quick! We don't want to send out checks and spend money we haven't got!

128. MY HEART ACHES, IT WEEPS‚ IT BREAKS FOR THOSE POOR LITTLE PEOPLE DOWN AT THE BOTTOM WHO HAVE NOBODY TO LOOK TO and don't know who to ask—maybe the VS, maybe the NAS—and they don't know what they're doing half the time! They don't know for sure who they should go to to solve their problems, ask questions and phone to in an emergency. Nobody really has that definite local overall responsibility.

129. THEY NEED TO HAVE ONE MAN, ONE SHEPHERD OF THE SHEEP, one person—or he and his staff at least—to be able to sit down and memorize those reports and learn to know the people personally. They're right there in their own country, they've already been a VS, they've traveled all over, they know the Homes and situations; or they've already been a NAS, or both.

130. THEY KNOW THE AREAS, THEY KNOW THE FELLOWSHIPS‚ THEY'VE SEEN THE PEOPLE, they know what they're like personally face-to-face! They know them‚ and they know, therefore, what they need to do about it! They can do local shepherding on the local level! It's got to be, whether we like it or not, and the time is now!

131. THEN THE LITTLE NRO WILL WRITE A NICE LITTLE MONTHLY REPORT—not too long, maybe one page—sending in the stats and finances to the CRO office, and a resume report of the conditions of the fields. After the CRO Officer has passed on the stats and finances, he can sit down and read the national reports and see what area needs help, what country needs answers.—The problems that were too big for the little NRO Officer, he didn't know what to do about it, so he's asking for help.

132. THIS IS SPREADING THE WORK OUT MORE AND PUSHING THE SUPERVISORY ADMINISTRATIVE SHEPHERDING WORK DOWN TO THE LOCAL LEVEL WHERE IT BELONGS! I don't think there's a single existing CRO today right this minute on the continental level—and let's call it a CRO again—who has that much time and isn't already overworked; so they couldn't do it even if they wanted to!

133. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DO? THEY CLIP THEM OFF THE REPORT AND SEND THEM TO PETER AND MARIA, AND THEY HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT LOCAL PROBLEMS! Can you imagine?—At this level! Because they don't know what to do with it and they don't have time to hardly read it, much less do anything about it or answer it! Both Maria and Peter are afflicted with a very terrible disease known as piles—they have piles and piles and piles of papers!

134. IF WE DON'T KNOW BY NOW WHO THE LEADERS ARE IN EACH COUNTRY‚ WE'LL NEVER KNOW! After two years of area fellowships and VS leadership, we should know who is the best man or couple or woman or staff in each country to handle that country.

135. THIS WILL ALSO GIVE THE VSs A CHANCE TO STAY MORE ON THE ROAD VISITING LOCALLY and giving personal reports from their observations‚ not just believing everything they read on the TRF! And we still need the NASs to carry the load of the various fellowships. That's a fulltime job in itself, to supervise the local and various regional fellowships, and make sure they have'm, and make sure they have'm right and in the right places and supervise'm and probably attend as many as they can. The NAS should be a road man in a way, only he's not visiting the local Homes like the VS, he's visiting the various fellowships instead.

136. THE VS AND THE NAS ARE BOTH ROAD MEN, THE RIGHT AND LEFT HANDS OF THE NATIONAL SUPERVISOR, and they report back to him what the conditions are, the people and everything. He's the national clearing office for all the information. He knows everything, he knows the people‚ he knows a lot of them personally, he knows the local situations, he's been a VS or a NAS already himself so he knows their problems, he knows the towns, the areas, the language, the people, he knows it all—or he should! He's got to! If he doesn't know it already, he's gonna know it! Amen? That's the burden of my heart today and I just can't hold it! I think it's more important than even our little GN paper for the moment.

137. NOW TO DO THIS‚ WE'VE GOT TO HAVE GOOD PEOPLE WHO ARE, YOU MIGHT SAY, CONTINENTAL SUPERVISORS. We've got Damaris and Faith and Juan in Latin America who ought to be able to pretty well observe the situation from the top, or even go around and help them pick out the right people for the job and get their offices established‚ help them pick out an office or whatever they have to do if they haven't already got one.

138. SOME ARE SO PROGRESSIVE THEY'VE ALREADY GOT COMBOS AND GOOD OFFICES GOING! BRARO's already doing the job. We just need a man there to tell him, "Now you are the Brazilian Shepherd of all Brazil and we're going to count on you from now on to sit down and study those reports, read'm, memorize'm, analyze'm and summarize'm and do something about it locally on the local level. It is your job and you've got to do it‚ we can't do it up here. The Continental Office can't do it, you've got to do it. You are the National Shepherd!" Maybe National Shepherd is a good name for him, but I don't want to confuse him with the National Fellowship Shepherd.

139. WE'VE GOT TO PUSH THAT LOCAL ADMINISTRATION DOWN TO THE NATIONAL LEVEL! It's years overdue and we've got to do it now! I tried to do it through the Chain, but I found out that it didn't matter what I said and the Letters said, the Chain ran itself without me and did as they pleased! They weren't the right kind of material and they weren't trained properly. I didn't get a chance to really train'm, I just grabbed what leadership was available and that's all we had‚ there was nobody else.

140. JETHRO NEVER DID LIKE ME FROM THE FIRST TIME HE MET ME!—I didn't like him either! He never did believe in me or what I said. He stole Deb away and corrupted her, and now Isaiah the Evil Magician has done the same thing, only worse!

141. NOW IT'S TAKEN YEARS TO OVERHAUL THE MACHINERY AND GET IT FIXED AND ORGANIZED, and I think the next step is to push the Reporting Offices to whom the Homes report down to the local level. This may create a few problems, but it's going to solve a lot of problems! For one thing, they will be reporting within their country and have no problems sending cash out of the country.

142. WE'VE HAD REPORTS FROM THE HOMES IN SPAIN THAT POST OFFICE OFFICIALS FREQUENTLY OPEN THE LETTERS, especially if they're addressed to Switzerland. They figure, of course, that's somebody trying to get money out of the country, so the local postal inspector would open it and pocket the money! He was officially permitted to open it and see if it had money, and if he found money‚ who could stop him from pocketing it himself and just sending the letter on? They didn't dare report him because they weren't supposed to be sending it out in the first place. And he didn't have to report it, he just got the benefit of it!

143. SO THE LOCAL HOMES WON'T HAVE THAT WORRY! We've had that kind of a situation already in some countries: BRARO and IBRO and FRARO and a few others. It's easier for a local National Office to handle that problem and manage some way to get it out than it is for the individual Homes. This also spreads out the mail so that one office is not getting so much mail. That's always a problem when they've gotta have a half-a-dozen boxes and post offices, so that solves that problem. It spreads the work out, spreads the mail out‚ spreads the reports out and spreads the administration out—of which we've had virtually none! We've had almost no local administration or local shepherding.

144. IT'S GOING TO TAKE CONTINENTAL SUPERVISORS LIKE KEDA AND DAMARIS AND FAITH AND JUAN TO GO AROUND AND PICK THE PEOPLE and make sure they've got their office and the right man in office and install him, inaugurate him, swear him in‚ initiate him, ordain him, have a ceremony if necessary, whatever, and put the new National Supervisor into his office and let him know what he's got to do.

145. FROM NOW ON IT'S HIS RESPONSIBILITY TO GET THE LOCAL REPORTS FROM THE HOMES‚ tabulate the stats, handle the finances and get rid of that and pass it on to the CROs. And most of all, it's going to be his job to supervise, superintend and shepherd the local Homes from the national level!

146. IT MAY BE A DANGEROUS JOB, IT MAY BE AN EXPOSED SECURITY HAZARD, BUT IT'S GOT TO BE DONE! It may be exposing part of our structure to local harassment or persecution, because every Home's going to have to know his address‚ at least his box number, and maybe his phone number. Maybe he can have some other Home take the calls and then refer them to him or have an answering service or something to avoid direct contact, have that once step in-between, that one buffer cushion as protection against any harassment by enemies or authorities.

147. THE CONTINENTAL SUPERVISOR IS GOING TO HAVE TO GO AROUND AND GET THIS THING IN MOTION‚ and who else but Damaris, Juan and Faith to get their heads together with some of the leadership there in Latin America and decide who's to be who! They need to go around and visit each country, get together with its leaders and pick out the best ones. Or have the whole bunch choose their leadership, install'm in some kind of an office and teach them how to do it if they don't know how to do it already—maybe send around somebody to show'm how.

148. DAMARIS KNOWS THE PROCEDURES! I don't think Faith and Juan know anything about office work, but they're good at supplying the "rousements" and the inspiration, if nothing else, and they know the people and the people love'm! They're evangelists! Latin America is a big needy area and it really is a mess right now and really needs organizing. And now that we've got the structure pretty well constructed through the area fellowships, the VSs and the NASs, etc., we should be able to go ahead with it!

149. AND I DON'T THINK THERE'S ANYBODY BETTER OR HAS THE EASTERN FIELD MORE AT HEART THAN KEDA! She knows the people better, been there longer, knows every country, every place‚ every city, almost every person in her Eastern area! She needs to go around and get each National Office established.

150. NOW SOME COUNTRIES LIKE JAPAN AND THE PHILIPPINES WHO HAVE HUNDREDS OF FAMILIES, THEY NEEDED A NATIONAL OFFICE YESTERDAY! They need it right now and they should be established first. There may be a few little countries who don't have enough Homes in that one country to require a National Office, but maybe two or three countries together will have a dual or a tri-national office or quadri-national office, depending on the number of Homes and Family and distances and proximity.

151. THE PEOPLE ON THE SPOT ARE GOING TO HAVE TO WORK OUT ALL THOSE DETAILS! It's not my business. It's my business to drop a bomb: "Here's what ought to be done worldwide, generally speaking; now you do it!" Keda's going to have to try to figure out which countries already can take a National Office on their own, or which countries will have to be grouped together. The same thing in Latin America. Some of those countries don't have enough people to have their own office, so group'm together.

152. ANYWHERE THEY'VE GOT ABOUT 50 OR MORE HOMES I'D SAY DESERVES A NATIONAL OFFICE‚ and some of these countries already have two or three hundred—people at least! They've got hundreds of people in Japan and the Philippines and Australia. They've already got enough people, I don't know about Homes. Maybe a hundred Homes is too many. You can work out those details, but that's the general overall plan, the essence of the whole idea: We need to turn over the local Home reports to local, national, bi–national, tri-national, quadri-national offices who will then report to the present–day existing CROs.

153. THE CROS WERE A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION AND THEY WILL STILL BE NEEDED. Maybe they won't be overloaded then and won't need as big staffs any more, because all they'll be reading is a few national reports. But they're needed there on that continent to have a Continental Office to get those reports, perhaps even receive those funds, and keep supervising and checking on the local National Offices to make sure they do their job—teach'm to do it, train'm to do it‚ give them experience in doing it and see that they do it and get it done and checking up on'm.

154. WE'LL HOLD CROs RESPONSIBLE FOR SEEING THAT THE NATIONAL OFFICES DO THEIR JOB!—And then we'll make sure that the Continental Offices do their job‚ just as we have been, no change‚ except NROs take a big part of the load off of their backs so they may not need such a big staff and a big place and all the rest. They'll only be getting a handful of national reports, so they'll be able to give them better attention. It'll be their job to memorize and summarize and analyze and study and pray over those national reports to see what areas need help, advice, counsel, answers and emergency action. Amen? Need I say more? Can we do it tomorrow?

155. WE'VE PRACTICALLY WASHED OUR HANDS OF NORTH AMERICA, BUT WE HAVEN'T EXACTLY WASHED OUR HANDS OF EUROPE. We advised people that there are places in Europe that will probably survive and we have even recommended that they go to those places and perhaps stay in those places if they can't leave Europe. I've recommended the neutral countries and the safe areas of Europe, and we've still got a big Family there who are working hard and still ministering and still giving heavily and who will still be needed in Europe now, during the war and after the war.

156. EUROPE‚ OF COURSE, IS A RATHER SMALL AREA; IT'S ALMOST LIKE ONE COUNTRY IN A WAY, but we're going to have to enlarge EURO to the point where they're going to be able to have a European Office that is able to not only handle stats and funds, but administration, supervising, shepherding and making sure we still have area fellowships, Area Shepherds and VSs to continue to minister to Europe.

157. JUST BECAUSE WE TOLD EVERYBODY TO GET OUT AND GO SOUTH DOESN'T MEAN WE CAN JUST COMPLETELY WASH OUR HANDS OF THEM! We've still got thousands of people there, Beloved‚ and hundreds of Homes!—And they need help! And they may need help and answers more locally and much more so after the war than they do now. So I think we need to consider Europe and its Continental Office, that they're going to have to either break it up in areas like we once upon a time did—N.Europe, S.Europe or whatever—or by language areas and have National Offices or language area offices to help supervise more closely the Homes of Europe—French, German, etc.

158. I THINK THE HOMES OF EUROPE FEEL LIKE WE'VE ALMOST ABANDONED THEM! They may have the feeling like, "Well‚ that's all they care about is our stats and our money; they don't care what happens to us anymore! If we don't move South, they don't give a damn!" Well, a lot of those people just can't for some reason, or won't. And we've already recommended there are places there they can stay, so I think we need to give them supervision. I think we need to restore VSs and Area Shepherds to Europe. We're supposed to have them now‚ aren't we?

159. THIS IS ALSO A SECURITY MEASURE TOO, SO WE DON'T HAVE SO FEW OFFICES GETTING SO MANY REPORTS AND HANDLING SO MUCH MONEY!—It's spread out more!—More offices handling fewer reports and less money and kind of sifting it through to the top. So let's work on some lower level European offices as well!

160. I'D SAY EUROPE WOULD PROBABLY BE BROKEN UP INTO MAYBE TWO OR THREE MORE LOCAL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES. France has a lot of families, the Germanic area has a lot of families, the Scandinavian area has a lot of families‚ Britain still has a lot of families and they need somebody there to take care of them until they're wiped out! It's a suicide squad‚ suicide job, but somebody needs to care about them and take care of them.

161. LET'S WORK OUT A GENERAL INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE PLAN‚ whereby as much of this work can be pushed down to a local level as possible—and start now! You're not going to be able to drop this bomb on the whole place and everybody start it immediately; you're probably going to inform IBRO and BRARO and India and some of those that are already handling their local reports and tell'm what their responsibility is now.

162. IT HAS A LOT TO DO WITH PUBLICATIONS TOO, because that office will eventually also become the local PDQ‚ particularly in times of emergency, war and calamity, being cut off from the rest of the world or the rest of the continent!

163. THEY OUGHT TO EVENTUALLY BE ABLE TO DEVELOP THEIR OWN LITTLE MIMEOGRAPH OR PRINTING PRESS or whatever‚ and be able to get out their own little news-sheet or prayer letter or some little paper to circulate at least within the country to let'm know the other Homes still exist and what they're doing locally—by the nationals, within the country, in case maybe everybody else gets thrown out or wiped out!

164. SO IT AFFECTS PUBLICATIONS, WHICH IS OUR MAJOR JOB TOO, and we need to get it down to the local level where they can handle their own in the event that we get cut off or we're hindered in any way, or even the Continental Office is cut off. Well, I tossed you the ball‚ now I expect you guys to get it rolling!

165. WE'LL PROBABLY GET OUT THIS LETTER TO THE WORLD AND LET THEM KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING AND WHAT WE'RE PLANNING so they can all be praying and thinking about it and working on it and organizing it. They may have their own setup working before our Continental Supervisors even get there! Some have really got a lot on the ball!

166. THERE'RE STILL A LOT OF FAMILY IN NORTH AMERICA TOO, HUNDREDS OF HOMES, THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! Are we just going to wash our hands of them and say, "Go to Hell! You didn't leave, so what do we care?" Out of all people, those backsliders need more help than anybody!—Or the poor people who went back and couldn't get back to the field and are stuck for this, that or the other reason! I think they need more attention‚ more local shepherding, supervising and help.

167. THEY'RE HAVING AREA FELLOWSHIPS, THEY'RE SENDING IN THEIR TRFS FAITHFULLY, they're giving, they're sending their stats, they're working, why shouldn't they have an Area Shepherd who is a Continental Shepherd in a sense, if necessary‚ if we only have one for all North America? We've got a Continental Office, NARO, we can push it back to being NACRO again! Thank God we're still revolutin'! We can change from issue to issue on our publications!

168. IF WE'VE GOT A GUY THAT'S BRAVE ENOUGH AND WHO WANTS THE RESPONSIBILITY, maybe he can live across the border and operate from there! Somebody who's close enough to North America they can run to him for help if they need it!—Phone him, write him a letter or whatever. Or even if he's still in the Caribbean.

169. WHAT ABOUT WHEN THEY WIPE OUT THE U.S.? I don't think they're going to wipe it all out. Even the experts figure there's still going to be maybe half the population there, a hundred million people. And if our folks are still there, I'm sure God's going to spare some of'm, and there will be a lot of them still there. Who are they going to report to? Who are they going to look to for help, leadership and publications?

170. I STILL HAVEN'T COMPLETELY GIVEN UP THE IDEA OF A CONTINENTAL OFFICE THERE that we could still be in touch with by communication‚ telephone‚ telegraph, telex, tell-a-woman, postal system and transportation, etc., even after the Caribbean is out of touch. Maybe we ought to at least start thinking about setting up an office across the border; at least we could put the National Shepherd there.

171. SO WE COULD HAVE A CONTINENTAL OFFICE THERE TO WHOM THEY COULD STILL REPORT AFTER THE WAR, or phone‚ or write a letter! I mean, they're going to restore utilities and facilities just as soon as they can. What's the point of conquering the great USA if you can't enjoy some of the fruits of the spoil? They're not going to wipe it all out; they're going to try to save as much of it as they can. They're just going to knock out its military and governmental capability so they can move in and take over. At the very worst estimates they're not going to all be killed and all dead.

172. SO I STILL THINK WE NEED SOMETHING THERE, PERHAPS IN MEXICO, because sure as shootin' you're going to be cut off from places like the Caribbean. Probably telephone communication will be cut off, satellites may not be functioning, planes not flying, maybe even ships not sailing back and forth to the U.S. Maybe they won't even want to go there and will be afraid.

173. BUT WHO'S GOING TO SHOOT THE MEXICANS? I think Mexico is still going to be there. They don't have any missiles or warheads or atom bombs and they're quite friendly right now to Cuba and Russia and they're more or less socialist themselves and somewhat pro–communist and they're very anti-U.S., really.

174. OF COURSE THEY LIKE TO ACT FRIENDLY TO THE U.S. TO GET AS MUCH OUT OF THEM AS THEY CAN, but if the showdown came, they'd be just as happy that the U.S. is gone as anybody—and they'll still be there! And we've got scores of families in Mexico! We've got enough families in Mexico to make that office worthwhile right now!

175. WE COULD HAVE A CONTINENTAL REPORTING OFFICE FOR ALL NORTH AMERICA‚ INCLUDING MEXICO, CENTRAL AMERICA, THE U.S. AND CANADA! Think of how much cheaper it would be if we would get the heavy books published there or maybe even shipped en masses there and mailed out to individual Homes from there via surface mail!

176. SO IF WE PUT A CONTINENTAL REPORTING OFFICE IN MEXICO, we won't have to worry about the money situation or the reporting situation, or any of that because all the money in the area will be able to be used in the country! They could use enough money for publishing books and paying for the office that it would gobble up enough of the money to use it all right there. I'm just suggesting a possibility.

177. IF WE'VE GOT A CRO THERE AND THEY'VE ALSO GOT A NRO AND A COMBO AND VSs AND A LOT OF OTHER WS SERVANTS THAT ARE SERVING THE AREA, they could almost spend enough money to make it worth while to use it right there. There's no problem getting the money out of the U.S. into Mexico, it's just that once it's in Mexico you can't get it out!

178. SO LET'S THINK ABOUT IT, LET'S TALK ABOUT IT, LET'S PRAY ABOUT IT, LET'S DISCUSS IT! I've thrown the ball in your court and you figure out how to make a basket! I'll be expecting to hear about the touchdowns, a few goals‚ something!—At least goals achieved and attained, TTL!

179. WELL, THAT'S THE BURDEN OF MY HEART AND WHAT I'VE BEEN REALLY PRAYING ABOUT. I woke up with almost like a picture of it, that we need to do it. It's my job to have the vision to inspire the faith to give you the courage to do the job, to pioneer it! It's your job to tend the tables and figure out how to do it.—Amen?

180. PTL! GBY! LET'S GO! DO IT NOW!—TODAY! Tomorrow will be too late!—They needed'm yesterday! But better late than never!—Amen? Let's start NOW! OK? PTL! GBY! ILY!—In Jesus' name, amen!