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David Berg

DFO 1258Compiled 8/82

1. (15/7/82) THE PLO IS NOW DEMANDING U.S. RECOGNITION BEFORE EVACUATION, & I DON'T BLAME THEM‚ & Israel is demanding recognition from the PLO. The PLO are almost being too honest to be revolutionaries. They could just go ahead & promise Israel recognition, Israel is lying like mad anyhow!

2. THAT'S THE STRAW THAT STUCK IN THE CAMEL'S THROAT is if Israel insists that the PLO recognises Israel‚ why won't the U.S. recognise the PLO? Well, I don't think Israel ever will, & if the U.S. will I'll be surprised. Because the U.S. & Israel, they're one & the same thing…!

3. LIKE LABADY, ARAFAT'S HELPER, SAID, "WHAT'S THE USE OF HAVING HABIB OVER HERE?—HE'S ONE OF THE ENEMY!"—Ha! The American representative is just as [pro-Israel] as he can be! It's so stupid!—The U.S.A. posing as the mediator when they're backing the enemy!

4. IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THE POOR PLO HAS ANY FRIENDS, & right now Syria's scared to death because Iran's attacking Iraq, & that's just on the other side of them. Of course, it might help the PLO because Iran's supposed to be one of their best friends. They're the outfit that has actually sent men & help‚ whereas the rest of them send guns & money but don't want to bother with helping fight.

5. BUT ISRAEL'S GOT'M BOTTLED UP NOW & the only thing that would take the pressure off is if Iran would break through, & of course that would cause an upset in Iraq, probably tumble their government & mean the fall of Syria too.

6. AT LEAST SYRIA'S RADICAL & MORE FRIENDLY & BOTH ARE ENEMIES OF IRAQ, & that would be a breakthrough. Then maybe they'd all pour forces in through Syria to help. But that would be war, I mean big war! They'd all get into it then! So as the Lord has said, He's just holding things off for us, so we'd better get back to work! PTL!

7. (7/82) AND JUST REMEMBER, WHENEVER THE ISRAELIS SAY THEY PROMISE NOT TO DO A CERTAIN THING, THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO DO! They promised not to go more than 15 miles inside of Lebanon, they went 50! They promised not to attack Beirut, they're attacking it now. They just promised not to do it in order to throw off the other side & other people & to reassure the dear U.S. government that they won't be naughty boys.

8. THEREFORE THE U.S. GOVERNMENT DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT & doesn't try to stop them or anything: "Oh no, they're not going to go that far. No, they won't do that. No‚ no." But here they're doing it right now & poor Syria's so scared that they don't want the PLO coming in there! You know why, don't you?—Not because they're afraid of the PLO.

9. THEY COULD HANDLE A PITIFUL LITTLE 6,000 SOLDIERS WITH NOTHING LEFT BUT HANDGUNS & PERSONAL WEAPONS—because they've got to leave all their tanks, bazookas, rockets & everything else behind. The Syrian army is one of the biggest armies in the Mideast, so they're not worried about 6,000 PLO. Who are they worried about?

10. THEY'RE WORRIED ABOUT THE ISRAELIS WHO ARE GOING TO BE RIGHT BEHIND THEM‚ right on their tails! They're not satisfied with the PLO leaving Lebanon, next they'll be chasing them out of Syria & use that as their excuse to conquer the whole Mideast!—And this is what the other Arabs are worried about.

11. (24/7/82) JUST THINK OF THOSE PITIFUL CHILDREN IN BEIRUT! Did you notice the special newsreel they had on last night of the children in Beirut? Boy, that ought to really touch hearts! I think the newsreels are becoming more & more sympathetic to the PLO, & more & more antagonistic to Israel.

12. THERE'RE STILL A FEW DIE-HARD NEWSCASTERS WHO ARE TRYING TO DEFEND ISRAEL'S ACTIONS; you can tell by the way they word their stories. Like they showed this big camp of thousands of Palestinians & called them all guerrillas & PLO—instead of saying: "This is a concentration camp where Israel is keeping tens of thousands of Palestinian prisoners." I mean, just like one of Hitler's concentration camps! But they said, "These are the poor Palestinians that no Arab country will take."

13. CAN YOU IMAGINE? THEY'RE BLAMING IT ON THE ARABS! Isn't that something? Blaming it on the Arabs when the Israelis stole their country! Now they're blaming it on the rest of the Arabs for not taking these people: "We stole their country & their houses & their lands, their farms, their homes‚ how come you won't take them? We've thrown them out!—You oughtta take'm in!"—What … gall!

14. WELL, DEAR REAGAN FINALLY GAVE THEM A LITTLE SLAP ON THE WRIST. After Israelis slaughtered tens of thousands he's decided he's not going to send any more cluster bombs. Tsk, tsk, tsk!—Nor any more fragmentation shells to Israel. I mean, the dirty work is virtually all done! And of course he did that just the day before he's going to see the main Arab representatives of Saudi Arabia & the Arab League, etc., so he can say, "Look what I've done!"

15. BEGIN SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE HITLER! He said, "We have gone in & we have liberated Lebanon & there will be no more of these people who have held Lebanon hostage for so many years!" My God‚ that's exactly what Hitler said when he walked into Austria‚ when he walked into Czechoslovakia, when he walked into Poland! That's just what he said: "We're liberating all these countries."

16. AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HITLER SAID ABOUT THE JEWS: "I had to put them in concentration camps because nobody else would take them." I mean, Begin must've read Mein Kampf! He is mimicking almost exactly what Hitler did! He walks in & takes over a country like Lebanon by force of arms & says he is liberating it; puts the main opposition in concentration camps & says that's for the safety of the country!—Ha! And he says he had to make them prisoners because nobody else would take them. It's just like hearing Hitler all over again!

17. THAT'S JUST WHAT THAT GUY WROTE IN THE STARS & STRIPES, ALMOST THE U.S.' OFFICIAL MILITARY NEWSPAPER. He said, "Well, they're acting just like the Nazis. It's Hitler over again!" It just shows you [that some people] don't change just because they've been through it once themselves. They're just as bad when they get on top, if not worse! …

18. LEBANON IS JUST ABSOLUTE TOTAL ANARCHY, CHAOS! Each gang rules its own little few blocks area or section of Lebanon. When I prayed that Israel would bring peace to Lebanon I didn't expect them to go that far! Give the Devil enough rope & he'll hang himself! Well, the Israelis are hanging themselves, I'll tell you! They're really making themselves to stink!

19. HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT MOST OF THE NEWSCASTS & COMMENTATORS & NEWSPAPER ARTICLES EVEN IN THE HERALD TRIBUNE ARE CRITICISING HOW FAR THEY'VE GONE?—And when those [liberal] papers begin to criticise Israel, that's really something! Ha!—And of course they're having big demonstrations against the war even in Israel—70,000 for "Peace Now!"

20. OF COURSE BEGIN MANAGED TO GET OUT HIS RALLY TOO! He probably ordered every government agency & the whole army & the navy & the air force & everybody else to be there!—Ha!—Just the way Hitler used to do! He'd dismiss school & order every school & every teacher & every child & every government agency to be there, & if they weren't there they could get in trouble. He made sure he had a crowd, & I'll bet you anything Begin did that too!

21. I MEAN‚ HE IS APING HITLER IF I EVER SAW IT! He's just doing exactly the same things Hitler did & making the same excuses & the same remarks & the same alibis for all the slaughter. One Israeli ambassador said in his speech about the slaughter: "We've come in to save & liberate Lebanon & to stop all this slaughter!"—When they have slaughtered more people in this invasion than the Lebanese & the PLO ever began to think about slaughtering!

22. THEN HE SAID, "THEY SHOULD BE CHEERING US & GREETING US WITH FLOWERS & SWEETS!"—Ha! I'll tell you, those [Israelis]! He can say it with conviction, he believes it. Salesman‚ real salesman! He really thinks that's the way it ought to be. Well, that's the way Hitler thought too—& they did it! Ha! They were probably ordered to be out with the flowers & the sweets & the welcome signs.

23. I'LL TELL YOU, IT WAS DANGEROUS NOT TO GO OUT & HAIL HITLER! In some of those conquered places anybody caught still in their apartments or rooms & not out cheering the invading Nazis who'd come to "liberate" Italy & blah blah were immediately under suspicion! If you didn't come out to hail them you were considered a subversive or somebody who didn't agree, & then you could really be in trouble. So dear Begin, he's following the same pattern.


25. … After all, it was the Palestinians' country! The Jews literally invaded it & just threw out the poor Palestinians! And all the Christians are cheering "Hoorah, hoorah!"

26. I WONDER WHAT THOSE HARD-RIGHT EVANGELICAL FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS ARE THINKING?—What's going through their minds when they see those newsreels of the horrors & the bombs & the children & the bodies of Lebanon?—The horrors & the atrocities being perpetrated by the Israelis in Lebanon, remembering how they cheered Begin & cheered Israel & how they've advocated that the President back him all the way!

27. I HAVE AN IDEA THAT, NOW THAT THEY'RE SEEING THE RESULTS, IF THE HOLY SPIRIT ISN'T CONVICTING THEM I'LL BE SURPRISED! "Hey, wait a minute‚ maybe we backed the wrong guy! We didn't expect him to go this far!" But I can just picture some of those die-hard Protestant preachers coming out next Sunday morning & preaching from the Old Testament: "Now you see, God was behind the wars & behind the Children of Israel as they fought to throw out the heathen. It was legitimate."

28. YOU'D HAVE TO PREACH FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT TO DO IT‚ & I'll bet there are lots of sermons being preached from the Old Testament now to justify Israel's actions. Ha! 'Cause they sure can't get it out of the New Testament from Jesus! Boy oh boy, the hypocrites of the Christian church!

29. I MEAN, THEY CAN FIND JUSTIFICATION FOR ANYTHING & ALL THEIR HORRIBLE WARS THEY HAVE FOUGHT! Thank God they're beginning to lose them! They really lost the war in Korea. It came to a stalemate, a truce, & they lost half of Korea. So they lost! But they try to paint it as a victory because they didn't lose it all! Ha!

30. BUT WHEN IT CAME TO VIETNAM, THERE'S NO WAY THEY CAN COVER THAT ONE UP! I mean, they lost the whole works & the Vietnamese will never forgive them. In fact, I don't think Southeast Asia will ever forgive them, Indochina will never forgive them, because they know the horrors of the way the United States bombed those countries—including Cambodia & Laos, etc.—saturation bombings that just nearly wrecked the land!

31. I DON'T KNOW HOW REAGAN CAN GET ON TV & CRACK JOKES & LAUGH & SMILE THE WAY HE DOES ABOUT THE MOST SERIOUS THINGS. Well, let's hope dear Mr. Shultz will do better. There has been a little improvement anyhow‚ the very fact that they did anything at all & stopped the cluster bombs—if they did! Now they're using vacuum bombs! Nukes!

32. THERE MUST BE SOME KIND OF RISING TIDE OF OPPOSITION & CRITICISM that's getting pretty strong or he wouldn't have even gone that far. There must be some people with a little conscience that are beginning to object in the United States when they see the horrors! Thank the Lord for that, amen? (Family: Amen!) PTL!

33. WELL, WE PRAYED FOR IT, AMEN? The Lord said He couldn't stop it because they hadn't filled their cup of iniquity yet, but I'll tell you, it must be almost about to brim over!—And it certainly has helped to turn the tide of World opinion against Israel! Don't you notice that in everything you see & read? There's a rising tide of World opinion.

34. OF COURSE, IN THE U.N. IT'S BEEN THE WHOLE WORLD AGAINST THE U.S. & ISRAEL ALL ALONG! But when general World opinion & even the newscasters & the newspapers begin to criticise Israel & object & complain … well, then it's getting pretty strong!

35. I THINK THE [ISRAELIS] ARE BEGINNING TO SEE THE POINT THAT THEY'RE MAKING THEMSELVES TO STINK, & Israel is making the Jews' Worldwide Jewry to stink, I really think so. And you know what that'll do? They're afraid of retaliation, they're afraid of reprisals, a backlash, sparked by Israel's horrible atrocities—a backlash of Jewish persecution!

36. PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE THINKING TWICE ABOUT ALL THE JEWS THAT LIVE IN THEIR COMMUNITY: "Are they like these … Israelis?…" It'll make a lot of people think! And it's about time they woke up & started thinking! We've been trying to tell them that for ten years!

37. SO THANK GOD ISRAEL IS MAKING ITSELF TO STINK AMONGST THE HEATHEN, amongst the Gentiles, just like it says in the Scriptures: A curse & reproach! "You make me to stink amongst the heathen!" (Gen.34:30; Ps.44:13; Jer.24:9 & 44:8; Ezek.22:4 & Dan.9:16) It was a reflection on their religion & their God the way they were behaving. He said, "You've become more wicked than the heathen around you‚" (Jer.5:28) which is true. They're more unrighteous & more wicked right now in what they're doing than all the things they've accused the Arabs of.

38. I'M SURE EVERYTHING'S GOING TO COME OUT THE WAY THE LORD WANTS IT, the way the Lord knows it has to be to show up Israel & the [Israelis] for what they are & to bring a little sympathy to the poor & the oppressed & the wronged. The Arabs are not guiltless either, for that matter, but they're certainly not as guilty as Israel.

39. I DON'T KNOW OF ANY HUGE WAR THE ARABS HAVE FOUGHT IN RECENT CENTURIES where they've slaughtered tens of thousands of people & invaded countries, or hardly since the days of the early invasions of the Muslims & the Turks. They haven't done much since then & that was generations ago. They did perpetrate some horrors in those days, especially the Turks, but the Arabs have been a pretty meek & mild people in recent years except when they were attacked by Israel, then they fought back.

40. I'VE BEEN SURPRISED THIS TIME THAT THE ARABS HAVE DONE SO LITTLE! They act like they've almost given up hopes that anything can be done about Israel, because after all, the U.S. still won't do anything & they figure, "Well, it's a hopeless case."

41. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU WHAT IT'S GOING TO DO‚ it's going to drive them right into the arms of Russia & the Communists! And if their leaders won't go there‚ the people are going to rise up in rebellion & go over to the other side that will help them! That's what it'll do!

42. I THINK THIS IS REALLY GODAHFI'S GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! Of course the … papers try to paint him as bad as possible, that he told the PLO they ought to just go ahead & commit suicide. Well, we don't know everything he said, but we do know it doesn't look like he did much. However, they certainly had a lot of arms stockpiled there in Lebanon which they didn't use.

43. ALL THEIR FRIENDS WERE FURNISHING THEM WITH PLENTY OF ARMS, but it's pretty hard to use them when the invasion's right there in the country where they would have to use them; they're going to hurt civilians & their own people too. See‚ the [Israelis] had all the advantage.

44. THERE WASN'T MUCH POSSIBILITY OF VERY MANY [ISRAELIS] GETTING SHOT OR HURT by their bombs & their shells & their cluster bombs because they were on foreign soil amongst strangers, the Lebanese & the Palestinians. So they didn't care how many they shot because very few of them were getting shot. But the poor Palestinians who've used that armament & shot back, they're bound to kill some Lebanese & a lot of their folks get hurt too because it's on their soil.

45. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO POOR GERMANY, & EUROPE LEARNED THAT SAD LESSON: Let the U.S. & Britain fight their wars on your soil & look what happens to you! It's about time they woke up & didn't let it happen again. That was a pretty good thing those Scandinavian women did, getting down there to Moscow & demonstrating in the various cities of Russia. Boy, I'll tell you‚ it just shows you how much smarter the Communists are than the Americans!

46. NOW THINKING LIKE THE RUSSIANS WOULD THINK, "HERE'RE THESE SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES, OUR NEIGHBOURS."—They're quite socialistic anyhow & Finland's practically a colony of Russia, almost a province. If anything, you want to keep on good terms with those people close by who are practically in the bag already.

47. SO THE RUSSIANS & COMMUNISTS I'M SURE HAVE BEEN BEHIND A LOT OF THESE ANTI-NUKE DEMONSTRATIONS ALL OVER THE WORLD, because it's to their advantage. They're probably furnishing a lot of the leadership for it, just like they found out it was the radicals & Communists there in New Zealand who were furnishing a lot of the leadership for these big protest marches against South Africa & their football team, remember?

48. WELL, WITH RUSSIA SPONSORING PEACE MARCHES & ANTI-NUKE MARCHES ALL OVER THE WORLD, how could she possibly object or stop peace marchers in her own country, especially when it came from a friendly foreign area like Scandinavia? With a choice between the two‚ it would have made her look pretty bad if she had refused to let them come in.

49. BUT IT CERTAINLY MAKES THEM LOOK GREAT, PEACE-LOVING & LIBERTY–LOVING to let these women come right into Russia & march & protest against nuclear weapons! I mean, it was a real propaganda victory! Smart!

50. RUSSIA HAS UPSTAGED THE U.S. IN ALMOST EVERY MOVE THEY'VE MADE! Just about the time Reagan was going to come out & propose something about nuclear arms, dear Brezhnev comes out & makes a big pronouncement that makes himself sound like the dove of peace itself: "Let's all cut down & we're going to abolish or draw a lot of our arms out of Europe!"

51. BREZHNEV SOUNDS LIKE HE'S THE PEACEMAKER, & I wouldn't be surprised if maybe he is, considering our experience with America! He's probably more concerned about having peace than the U.S. is. The U.S. has been the aggressor in nearly all of these cases & the ones that started most of the wars.

52. WERE THE GERMANS TO BLAME FOR STARTING WW1 OR WW2? Well, didn't you hear about the history of what was going on before both wars? I can remember as a child just after WW1 when antagonism against Germany was still so strong, that when my mother picked up toys & saw they were made in Germany she wouldn't buy them! That was the attitude in America!

53. WELL, THE FACT WAS THAT IT WAS FOUGHT OVER MONEY, & Germany—smart as usual, like the Japanese too—she was just stealing the World markets away from the United States & it was a trade war. So the U.S. was just waiting for Germany to do something that would be a good excuse to make it a hot war instead of just a trade war, & of course the dear Kaiser, he kept expanding & finally gave them enough excuse to do it.

54. REALLY IT STARTED OVER VERY LITTLE. As you may remember if you studied the history of it, it was a chain reaction. The U.S. was just waiting for an excuse for war, & Britain was too, to make sure the Kaiser didn't take over all of Europe‚ & therefore all of their markets; that would have been unfair. Just like it's very unfair for the Palestinians to want their country, the Jews figure, "when we want it! I mean, after all, we Jews should have it!"

55. THAT SEEMS TO BE THE WAY THE AMERICAN CHRISTIANS THINK TOO. They've so misinterpreted the Bible & so misread the Scriptures, & apparently haven't been reading the New Testament lately, because all that stuff is back in the Old Testament. It's all null & void since the Jews rejected Jesus, completely null & void! [John 1:11.] The Lord's rejected them. [Mat.8:11,12] Even dear Paul had a hard time defending them.

56. BUT IN THIS LAST WAR, WW2, THERE WAS A RED-HOT TRADE WAR GOING ON between the U.S. & both Germany across one ocean & Japan across the other one. Both Germany & Japan—very smart with high technology‚ the smartest scientists in the World on both sides—were underselling & undercutting U.S. markets everywhere.

57. IF YOU WANTED THE BEST IN CAMERAS YOU BOUGHT A GERMAN CAMERA; if you wanted the cheapest in cameras you bought a [Japanese] camera. Now the fact is, the [Japanese] cameras are both the best & the cheapest! They brought up their technology to the point they can afford to make the best cheaper!

58. SO THERE WAS A TERRIBLE HOT TRADE WAR GOING ON & TEMPERS WERE ALMOST AT WHITE HEAT already over this trade war & the way Germany & Japan were getting the U.S. market.—Just about the way the growing feeling is right now between the U.S. & Japan, & the U.S. & Europe. But how could she go to war with Japan & Europe when they're supposed to be her friends now?—In fact, her conquered colonies more or less! So what is she going to do about it now?

59. WELL, WHO'S GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT since there's such dissension & division in the camp? The ones who are going to do something about it in this case are somebody completely outside the camp. While they're fighting & bickering amongst themselves, Russia's slowly moving in & taking over. Because in the camp there've been terrible trade wars between the U.S. & Germany & the U.S. & Japan before WW2 & the U.S. was just waiting for an excuse to go to war with Germany, & finally to go to war with Japan, just waiting.

60. … Hitler certainly played the role of the villain!—Ha! … [H]e did all the things that Begin is doing, for the good of the country & the good of the Fatherland & the good of Europe, the good of the World.


62. SEE, NOT ONLY IS ISRAEL BEING EXPOSED, BUT AMERICA'S BEING EXPOSED because she's backing Israel. And if Europe doesn't come out loud & clear & strong against Israel‚ its leadership is going to be exposed. …

63. THIS TIME THOUGH, INSTEAD OF THE U.S. WAITING TILL SHE HAS A SEEMINGLY GOOD REASON FOR ATTACKING—like she did in both World Wars—I think Russia is waiting while Israel & the U.S.—& Europe if it doesn't hurry up & make up its mind—is furnishing Russia & the Third World with a very good excuse to try to stop the West!

64. THE TABLES ARE GOING TO BE TURNED THIS TIME & Russia is very aptly portraying Israel as the greatest threat to Mideast peace & the U.S. as the greatest threat to World security, so that she'll have a very good excuse to stop them‚ & that time will come, I'm sure.

65. THE LORD'S JUST LETTING IT GO A LITTLE FURTHER to expose them completely & let them fill their cup of iniquity & give us time to finish our job. PTL! Well, I didn't expect to give any talk tonight but that's the way I see the World situation right now.

66. GOD'S JUDGEMENTS ARE JUST WAITING & HANGING IN THE BALANCE. He's waiting to clobber the guilty ones, but He's trying to get us out of the way first‚ trying to get our people out of the way & on the job where they belong‚ in safer territories & out of the guilty dangerous Nuclear North which has got to receive the judgements.

67. THE LORD'S LETTING THEM GO UNTIL THEIR CUP OF INIQUITY IS FULL, until the whole World will know why He had to do it, & until the whole World will know why Russia had to do it—to save the World! I suppose if anybody heard me say that, they'd think I was a Communist, but I'm not! Ha! Well, we live communally, in that sense we're communists, but we have criticised the Communists & Russia almost as much as we have America & Capitalism & the West‚ haven't we?

68. WE'RE REALLY BETWEEN THE RED DEVIL & THE DEEP BLUE U.S. SEA! We've made enemies out of almost everybody, just like the prophets of old, because they had to tell the truth about everybody. They condemned Israel but they also condemned their neighbours & her enemies.

69. THAT'S WHAT A PROPHET HAS TO DO, HE HAS TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT EVERYBODY & there's nobody that's guiltless, nobody whose hands are lily-white & clean. They're all guilty & they're all going to get what they deserve‚ & it won't be long. God's just waiting on us to finish our job before He does that job, or He let's them do the job! PTL! Amen. TYL! Hallelujah!

70. (28/7/82) MY GOD, YOU KNOW NOTHING WILL EVER SATISFY THOSE ISRAELIS or those damn Americans except a total annihilation of the Palestinians! That's what they want to do, they want to exterminate them, annihilate them! They wouldn't give a damn if Arafat would stand on his head & kick his feet in the air & salaam to Begin himself & say, "I love you & I love Israel & I recognise it!" He'd shoot Arafat on the spot & it doesn't make a damned bit of difference to them! They want to exterminate him! They don't want any Palestinians left, period!—So they'll never have to worry about them again.

71. WELL, THEY'RE GOING TO FIND OUT THAT GOD IS ONE WHO LISTENS TO THE POOR‚ & the [Israelis] are filling their cup of iniquity real fast right now & I don't think it's going to be long before they're going to get what's coming to them. I don't think the Lord's going to tolerate that slaughter of the poor much longer.

72. (28/7/82) …


74. WELL, THE LORD'S BOUND TO EVEN UP THE SCORE ONE OF THESE DAYS. They are really going to get it when Russia marches in. The Lord says, "They shall neither be lamented nor buried but they shall be as dung upon the face of the Earth." Such a slaughter! (Jer.8:2)

75. SO LET'S PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR THE POOR OF THE EARTH & especially those who are suffering in Lebanon, that God will see to it that the [Israelis] stop that as soon as possible, that He works out His purpose as soon as possible. I'll tell you, the [Israelis] are making themselves to stink! I think they practically have to get out their own news now to get anything sympathetic, because all the other news agencies & reporters are all beginning to sympathise with the Palestinians & the Lebanese & blame the [Israelis].

76. SO LET'S PRAY FOR THOSE POOR FOLKS THERE THAT ARE SUFFERING, & of course there's lots of suffering all around the World!—Tens of thousands of boys dying in almost suicide attacks by the insane Iranians. The ones that die, they're the ones that can be thankful. Some of their lives aren't much better. And the Lord will take care of them, so TTL!

77. IT'S NOT THE ONES THAT DIE THAT YOU HAVE TO FEEL SORRY FOR, IT'S THE LIVING‚ the suffering, the wounded & hurt; as some have said, the living dead. So let's pray the Lord will have mercy & comfort them. It should drive them to the Lord, amen?

78. (9/8/82) (MARIA: DID YOU SEE THAT PLO SPOKESMAN ON TV TONIGHT? Finally they got somebody that could present their case intelligently.) And he spoke good English too, I liked him. …

79. (10/8/82) I WONDER IF MAYBE POOR ARAFAT DIDN'T FINALLY CRACK UP OR GET KILLED OR SOMETHING? I haven't seen him on TV since the implosion bomb was used on the eight-story building that housed his headquarters. Of course, they were in the dugout underneath, but I mean an eight-story building collapsing on top of it could've finished'm off!

80. I WAS JUST BEGINNING TO BE KIND OF DISAPPOINTED IN HIS P.R. … But you know, at first he wasn't quite like that. I think it was getting on his nerves & maybe he was taking drugs or something, his tongue even seemed to be getting incoherent. So the poor guy‚ no telling what happened.

81. HE COULD'VE BEEN TAKING DRUGS FOR HIS NERVES & FINALLY JUST CRACKED! (Maria: 'Cause that first time we saw him he did real well.) Yes. Well, either he cracked up over it or is hiding or dead or the other guys decided it was time to have a new spokesman. I like this guy‚ don't you?—Mahmoud Labady.

82. APPARENTLY A FEW OF THE BBC PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP & realise now it's the poor Palestinians & the Lebanese who are the underdogs! Five of the 17 hospitals in Beirut have been forced to close, bombed out of existence or don't have enough personnel to operate them, & they said 85% of the casualties are civilians, not PLO, & you saw how many were children!—Pitiful! The children are beginning to starve! Boy oh boy!

83. I COULDN'T DO THE SUBJECT JUSTICE, BUT I'VE BEEN TRYING TO KEEP COOL, CALM & COLLECTED. I prayed about it this morning & I told the Lord, "Well, it's in Your hands." And He said‚ "Well‚ don't worry. With what measure they are meting it out, it will be meted to them again." (Lk.6:38) So the [Israelis] are going to get the same one of these days: Their civilians are going to be destroyed & their mothers & babies, & that seems to be the only thing that speaks to some people.

84. (11/8/82) I SEE THAT EVEN THOUGH ISRAEL IS WORKING OUT THE EVACUATION OF THE PLO, THEY'RE STILL BOMBING AWAY! I think they're trying to really get in as many bombs & shells as they can before they have to quit, try to kill as many as they can even though they're 85% civilians. But the Lord will take care of them one of these days & they'll be sorry too late!

85. THAT BEGIN … Personalities are shown a lot by the face & expression, & what you are pretty much shows in your face. I hope I don't look too bad! But he just has an evil demonic face, & that Sharon who's the head of his military, he goes along like an old bear! …

86. (12/8/82) WHILE OTHERS ARE TRYING TO GET THE PLO OUT‚ THE ISRAELIS ARE STILL TRYING TO KILL THEM AS FAST AS THEY CAN! That was a masterstroke of real political genius for the Pope to send Mother Theresa! She's old enough & she's ready to go & if they kill her the whole World will howl!—She'll be a real martyr! I just dare'm to kill that old lady! Boy, I'll tell you‚ 700 million Catholics are going to be furious if they do, & the rest of the World too!

87. EVERYBODY ADMIRES MOTHER THERESA & KNOWS THAT SHE LOVES THE POOR & the sick & the afflicted. I'll bet she'll have the guts to go right into the real thick of it! But if I know the Israelis‚ they'll jump at the chance to kill a famous Catholic!—They're that vicious!

88. I LIKE THAT CARTOON YOU PUT IN ONE OF OUR WNDS, SON. It shows these waves of Israeli war planes coming over an Arab city & practically obliterating it, & this Arab says to his little boy or somebody: "What did you say you did?—Kicked the Israeli ambassador's dog?"—Ha!—A slight exaggeration but that's just about what it amounts to, the kind of excuses they give for attacking the poor!

89. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS ISRAELI OPERATION IS OFFICIALLY CALLED IN ISRAEL BY THE MILITARY EVERY TIME THEY NAME IT? They don't call it a war & invasion, no, they call it "Operation Peace!—Peace for Galilee"! It reminds you of the Prince of Peace, doesn't it, Who calmed the Sea of Galilee. … "This is not war, it's peace! It's not an invasion of Lebanon, it's peace for Galilee!" Ha! Whew! Boy! …

90. AND OF COURSE THE ARABS HAVE BEEN BUSY BOMBING THE JEWS! They haven't been able to do much in Lebanon but they've sure been doing plenty in Paris! … [But the Israelis are] killing innocent women & children that aren't even PLO or Palestinians, all those Lebanese, & lots of them are Christians!

91. LEBANON WAS ACTUALLY PREDOMINANTLY CHRISTIAN, CATHOLIC & MARONITE & SYRIAN ORTHODOX, which is an Arab kind of Christian church like the one we attended when we were in Israel. There are a lot of sweet precious Christian Arabs there & the [Israelis] have been slaughtering them! …

92. BUT THEY'LL GET THEIRS BEFORE LONG‚ I'M NOT GOING TO WORRY ABOUT IT ANY MORE. The Lord kind of chided me for getting too upset about it, so I quit getting excited about it. I'm just waiting for the Lord to clobber them, which I think He's going to do pretty soon. But the Lord has a lot of patience & sometimes His wheels of justice grind exceeding slow, but they grind exceeding fine! PTL! GBAKY!—And He will! TYJ!