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Current Event Jewels

David Berg

DO 1256Compiled 8/82

1. (7/4/82) WORLD WARS HAVE STARTED OVER JUST LITTLE THINGS, STUPID MISTAKES! World War 1 started over an assassination. The shooting of the Archduke Ferdinand at Sarajevo started a war between Austria & the Balkans‚ then Germany stepped in & they all began choosing up sides & diving in until the whole World was at war!

2. WORLD WAR 2 STARTED THE SAME WAY: HITLER KEPT GRABBING OFF THIS, THIS & THAT, & he grabbed off this place & that place & nobody did anything about it so he just felt he could keep getting away with it. He grabbed Austria & Czechoslovakia, etc.‚ & finally he figured he'd pretty much grabbed everything except France & Poland & it was time to grab Poland, which was kind of a pushover.

3. HE NEVER DREAMED THAT BRITAIN WOULD KEEP HER MUTUAL DEFENCE TREATY WITH POLAND & step in & try to defend Poland, because it was almost a ridiculous, hopeless, useless effort to try to defend Poland in that stage of the game when Hitler had most of Europe in his grasp, but Britain did it! Britain jumped in with the encouragement of America. …

4. SO A LOT OF THESE WARS START BY MISTAKES & SOMEBODY'S MISCALCULATION. Hitler miscalculated that he could grab Poland without Britain doing anything about it. Britain miscalculated that she could jump in quick & save Poland & put down Hitler! And you know what happened. So things like that happen & it doesn't take much to start'm. (7/4/82)

5. (22/7/82) RUSSIAN IS A WONDERFUL LANGUAGE SPOKEN BY A WONDERFUL PEOPLE who are doing a wonderful job of taking over the World, & I guess the Lord must figure they can do a better job of it than the ones who have it now or He wouldn't be letting them.

6. EVEN BREZHNEV IS KIND OF AN OLD SANTA CLAUS! I look at the Russians sometimes & I figure, well, take a look at them & take a look at Reagan or Haig or some of those other guys & I'd almost rather trust the World in the Russian's hands than some of the others that already have it—especially Begin!—He looks like a demon or an ape!

7. BEGIN COULD QUALIFY FOR THE ANTICHRIST WHEN IT COMES TO HAVING A FIERCE COUNTENANCE, & when it comes to "not regarding the desire of women"—or their children for that matter, the way he's blown them to bits & pieces in Lebanon! Except I don't think he's young enough & not nearly that smart! He's not winning the World, he's antagonising nearly all the World!

8. (12/8/81) I THINK BEGIN IS ALMOST THE DEVIL IN PERSON‚ ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS MEN IN THE WORLD! I think he's demon-possessed, demonic! Look at all the Evangelical Christian churches backing him, to the point where he even phones them for advice & asks for them to help him! It shows you how plumb off the beam they are!

9. HE'S ITCHING TO GET INTO WAR BECAUSE HE FIGURES HE'LL WIN IT, or the U.S. will help him to win it, & he'll wind up better off than he is now, maybe with Jordan, then Lebanon, Syria & Egypt & even maybe Saudi Arabia nicely annexed into a Greater Israel!—The dream of all Zionists!

10. THIS IS THEIR DREAM, THE GREAT KINGDOM OF SOLOMON & DAVID, & that's how far it stretched, including half of Iraq & even parts of Turkey & into Libya. But I don't believe the U.S. is quite ready & willing to help him do it. But he wants it all & he's out to get it any way he can!

11. HIS FIRST COURSE OF ACTION HAS ALWAYS BEEN VIOLENCE! He talks about terrorists!—He was one of the worst! He blew up the King David Hotel in which about 500 people died, including over a hundred British officers, because it was their headquarters, & he brags about it!

12. HE MASSACRED A WHOLE VILLAGE OF ARABS & SAID IT WAS NECESSARY. He evacuated another whole village, told them they could come back later, & then gave it over to the Jews 20 years ago & they've never been back!

13. HE'S TOTALLY UNPRINCIPLED, UNSCRUPULOUS, CRUEL, VIOLENT & VILE! I believe he's the Devil in the flesh, he just looks demonic! You can just look at him & see he's demon-possessed!

14. I THINK HE'S DETERMINED TO GET WHAT HE WANTS IF HE HAS TO THROW THE WHOLE WORLD & THE U.S. INTO A WORLD WAR! The only reason it hasn't already happened is because he's like a little spoiled child, a spoiled brat who everybody is exercising extreme patience with in trying to pacify him & not cross him & giving him everything he wants to try to keep him quiet, including the U.S.

15. WELL, YOU'VE GOT TO GIVE A LITTLE CREDIT TO REAGAN, at least he's stopped the shipment of about 16 planes now, a little slap on the wrist, a slight little: "Naughty boy!" rebuking him—while Begin goes right ahead & uses the hundreds of planes they've already given him to do as he pleases!

16. HE OBVIOUSLY PLANS ON COMPLETELY TAKING OVER SOUTHERN LEBANON, everything South of the Litani River, the very same territory they already occupied & by World pressure were forced to vacate & supposedly give to the supervision of the U.N., which they have been unable to do. He doesn't hesitate to shoot up U.N. members too whenever they get in the way, also his Hadad's so-called Christian Arab Lebanese stooges.

17. HE IS NOT ONLY ITCHING FOR WAR‚ HE IS ALREADY AT WAR with the Lebanese‚ Palestinians‚ Syrians, Libya, Russia, Iraq & Jordan! He doesn't hesitate to attack these countries when he feels like it & it suits his purpose, & everybody lets him get away with it!

18. HE REMINDS ME A LOT OF HITLER! Hitler went ahead & took whatever he wanted because everybody was afraid to try to stop him by crossing him‚ so he just marched into country after country & took them over without a shot because he had the nerve & the gall & the guts to do it!—And everybody else was yellow–livered & weak & scared to cross him!

19. HE COMES THE CLOSEST TO BEING A MODERN HITLER OF ANYTHING I'VE SEEN! Typical! Overly-ambitious, zealous‚ aggressive & insane!—And insanely religiously convinced that he is virtually the Messiah of Israel to save her & recoup her lost lands all the way from the Euphrates to the Nile! That means half of Iraq, all of Syria, part of Turkey, all of Lebanon, all of Jordan, half of Egypt & about half of Saudi Arabia!—All of which David & Solomon used to rule, so–called Greater Israel. I don't think he'll be satisfied with less!

20. IT'S OBVIOUS HE WANTS WAR & THE QUICKER THE BETTER! All he needs is a good excuse for it. He's already waging virtually a full-scale war in Lebanon, just doing it as economically as possible. But [he] doesn't want to lose too many planes so he's kind of shying clear of the Syrian missiles & hitting where they're not interested in trying to object or protect.—But they'll be next!

21. BEGIN MAY ALREADY HAVE SOME KIND OF A GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT WITH SYRIA like he claims they had before, & that is: "You stay North of the Litani River & we won't bother you; & we'll stay South & you don't bother us! We'll take half of Lebanon—you take the North half & we'll take the South half"—which he virtually already has because he has complete freedom of the skies & they don't bother him in the South.

22. AND OF COURSE THE U.S. WON'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. It's just like the camel's nose, he'll take a little more, a little more. Meanwhile, Sadat has made a pact with the Devil thinking it's going to save his skin by the help of the great Satan, you know what I mean?—The other devil & all their money & planes & all that—the USA!

23. BUT WHEN IT COMES TO THE SHOWDOWN THE U.S. COULDN'T CARE LESS IF BEGIN DECIDES TO TAKE OVER EGYPT, because then they wouldn't have to worry about Sadat & his idealism & they could run Egypt the way they want to run it‚ the way Begin runs things, just by the gun!

24. (19/7/82) JUST LIKE ANY DICTATOR, BEGIN IS DISTRACTING PEOPLE'S ATTENTION FROM THEIR INTERNAL PROBLEMS, their terrible domestic & economic problems at home, by trying to unite the nation behind a war against the common enemy & the pitiful little PLO. It's exactly the way Hitler tried to unite the Germans against the Jews & blame all their problems on the Jews. Begin is blaming all his problems on the Palestinians.

25. (21/6/82) THE ISRAELIS ARE IN A WAR OF EXTERMINATION! They not only don't want to give the Palestinians their land, they don't even want to give them their lives! They want to kill them off so they'll never have to worry about them again. And if there are no Palestinians, nobody is going to be demanding Palestinian rights when they're all gone! It's happened before in history, it's genocide! They're literally trying to eliminate the Palestinians completely!

26. (23/6/82) I WAS READING THE NEWS … & asking the Lord, "How come, how long? How come? Why don't You do it now?"—And as clear as I ever heard the Lord, He said: "Have patience, for the cup of their iniquity is not yet full!"

27. THE LORD IS GOING TO EXPOSE THEM EVEN WORSE BEFORE THE WORLD SO THE WORLD WILL KNOW WHY! Every time He judged Israel in the Bible, you'll see, they'd exposed themselves & made it known to the World until they'd made themselves to stink—God's Word says so—so the whole World knew why God was judging them. That's what they're doing now. So just be patient, He's going to sock it to them pretty soon, very soon!

28. THEY'RE GOING TO GET WHAT THEY HAVE DISHED OUT SEVEN-FOLD! They're exposing themselves to the whole World as being the World's worst aggressor & worst villain in the World—which is just what they are—& they're getting everybody mad enough to fight!

29. I THINK MAYBE THE ARABS ARE FINALLY GOING TO GET UP ENOUGH GUTS TO FIGHT BACK! (Maria: You should have seen Arafat on TV in his personal interview. He was in military uniform & looked beautiful! And he sounded marvellous!) Boy oh boy! He was really socking it to them!

THE … SUPERMAN!—9/7/82

30. THE U.S. & THE JEWS ARE EVEN KINDER TO KHOMEINI, WHO'S INSULTED THEM MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE, & who hates Israel—& the U.S. is kinder to Iran than to those countries who haven't done anything against them!—Just because Khomeini is anti-Communist, isn't that a scream?!

31. THEIR WHOLE YARDSTICK ACCORDING TO REAGAN IS: "WHO IS ANTI-COMMUNIST?—They're our friends no matter how bad they are!" And the [Israelis] measure them the same way: "Who are our friends? No matter how bad they are, they're the good ones!"—And the countries that don't give [Israel] preference are the bad ones according to the … press.

32. YOU'D THINK SENSIBLE PEOPLE WOULD WAKE UP & SEE WHAT'S GOING ON‚ but the public‚ especially the American public‚ keep on wandering along their blind way led by the nose. …




48. ONLY JESUS SAVES! ONLY GOD CAN SAVE US NOW, & HE WILL‚ TTL! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Bless & keep us‚ in Jesus' name, amen! … XXX! Faithful little scribe! TYJ! Let's go to sleep. When I don't get up early it's because I've stayed up late.


51. YOU CAN NEVER GET RID OF [THE WICKED] BY KILLING THEM‚ THEY'RE LIKE THE HYDRA-HEADED MONSTER! Didn't you ever hear about that in Greek Mythology? For every head they cut off of this dragon, two grew in its place…!

52. THE ONLY WAY GOD WILL EVER BE ABLE TO GET RID OF THE [WICKED] IS TO SEND THEM TO HELL PERMANENTLY! You can't get rid of them by killing them, they multiply too fast. You've gotta send'm to Hell!—Which God has & will!


54. THAT'S THE FINAL SOLUTION & THEY DESERVE IT FOR LEADING THE WHOLE WORLD TO HELL!—Hell now & Hell hereafter! Hell on Earth & Hell below! That's one place they're not going to run!

55. (9/7/82) FIRST THING IN THE MORNING I HAVE TO READ THE NEWSPAPER TO WAKE ME UP! I have to read the bad news to get me awake & get me stirred up enough … to want to fight [in the spirit]! Then I go to my armoury (study & tape recorder) & manufacture my [spiritual] munitions, my [spiritual] weapons & ammunition (Letters) against the [ACs]! …

56. … So, to the battle! I have to manufacture my [spiritual] munitions for my forces! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen!