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Ask for Prayer

David Berg

—By Father DavidFrance, 24/2/80DFO1249

1. BELOVED, IF YOU'RE SICK & YOU NEED PRAYER, THE IDEAL TIME TO ASK FOR IT IS AT DINNER TIME when the family is together & we can lay hands on you & pray for you! It says, "Call for the elders of the church." (Ja.5:14.) In other words, call for the heads of the church. We're the heads of this church. Call for us! Ask for prayer! It's a sign of your faith in the Lord.

2. THE LORD COMMANDS IT BECAUSE THEREBY IT BECOMES A TESTIMONY TO THE WHOLE FAMILY WHEN THE LORD ANSWERS PRAYER. If you just go sneaking around asking for prayer behind people's backs & somebody here & somebody there & you don't want everybody else to know you're sick, that's pride. You may think, "Well, I don't want to worry him." Well, we need to be worried about you if you're sick!

3. IF YOU'RE SICK IT'S YOUR BUSINESS TO TELL THE CHURCH & ASK FOR PRAYER! Number one, it's a sign of your knowing you're dependent on the Lord, & number two‚ it's a sign that you have faith in prayer. Number three, it is necessary to let others know. It says, "Bear ye one another's burdens & so fulfill the law of Christ." (Ga.6:2.) And finally, it's a testimony when the Lord answers prayer!—It's just not right to try to keep it a secret.

4. (MARIA: AND ALSO ANY SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS COULD BE THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING THAT YOU COULD GIVE TO SOMEBODY ELSE)! Especially if there's fever & sore throat & griping & all the rest. I don't know why anyone should want to conceal the fact that they're sick! (Maria: Even if you feel unusually weak, that's usually the beginning of sickness.)

5. DON'T TRY TO CONCEAL IT FROM US BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT US TO WORRY ABOUT IT. If you're sick we need to worry about it. (Maria: Yes‚ because if we don't know you're feeling bad we might make you sicker by making you work! Even though he was sick in the night he had to get up early because we had plans for him to do something which we wouldn't have made otherwise.) It's just really very foolish not to say you're sick.

6. THERE'S ONLY ONE TIME WHEN THE LORD SAYS THAT "NONE SHALL SAY, I AM SICK." Do you know when that is?—In the Millennium! (Is.33:24.) And there's only one time when no man shall say unto his neighbour, "Know the Lord." Do you know when that is?—That's also in the Millennium! "For all men shall know Him" God's Word says, think of that! (Jer.31:34.) They'll know when He's running things!—No doubts then!

7. (MARIA: WELL, I'M MAD AT HIM BECAUSE I TOLD HIM SEVERAL TIMES NOT TO KEEP ANY SECRETS!) Well, he doesn't want to worry you, but that is not sufficient motive, & the same goes for you, my dear! There are some things I need to worry with you about & pray about! (Maria: Well, you're carrying your share of the load already.)

8. MY GOD, TELL US WHEN YOU'RE SICK! When I don't feel like it I just flatly tell her, "I'm too tired, I don't want to do it!—Sorry!"—OK? Thanks! GBAKY!