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Herbal Remedies

David Berg

—God's Wonders!—By Father DavidDFO 123610/10/77

1. IN ANCIENT HISTORY THEY USED TO CALL POPPIES THE MAGIC FLOWER & you were just supposed to pick one & eat it! (Maria: Just the natural way, without having it combined with all kinds of other chemicals & synthetics & things?) Just the way God made it, natural opium to relieve pain.

2. IT'S JUST ANOTHER WAY THE LORD HAD TO HUMBLE ME, I must need a lot of humbling! Right after I preached to the kids to trust the Lord instead of the pills, I had to have some pills myself! (See "Pill?—Or Pilgrimage!", No.599.)

3. BUT THESE REALLY ARE SORT OF NATURAL, they're very ancient & very natural drugs. They're not these new chemical synthetic things. They've been used for ages by the ancients. You find them in history for years because they come from plants—not factory plants, not pharmaceutical plants! Thank You Jesus! (Maria: That's a good lesson.)

4. WE'VE GOT TO TEMPER EVERYTHING—like I put on the end of the "Food or Poison" Letter (No.609)—with a little moderation. There are always exceptions. I'm afraid I didn't put any exceptions in "Pill?—Or Pilgrimage!" at all! Maybe that's one reason the Lord's spanking me!

5. I THINK I SAID SOMETHING ABOUT ASPIRIN, that there are certain things that are more or less natural & you know the effect because you get it immediately‚ very natural drugs. … [HomeARC note: "For centuries, people throughout the world had used willow bark to relieve pain and fever. The bark contains a chemical that is converted by the body to a salicylate. But it was not until the 1800s that aspirin was made in a laboratory (World Book Encyclopedia).]

6. … So I guess I have to admit there are a few natural drugs that God has made & that He expects us to use for our benefit.

7. THE LORD TOLD THE PROPHET TO PUT FIGS ON THE KING'S CARBUNCLES & they drew out the poison. (2Kg.20:7.) Jesus put clay on the man's eyes—we don't know what it did but they were healed! (John 9:6.) There were a lot of times in the Bible where they used natural herbal medicines, so there are exceptions, Lord forgive me! But I just don't have too much confidence in these new chemical things that are only in the experimental stages.

8. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO WRITE SOMETHING NOW ON HERBAL MEDICINE. (Maria: That's for sure true.—And not just herbs, but natural things like wine & honey, which are foods.) Natural vitamins like rosehips & fish oils & grain oil‚ like Vitamin E capsules. (Maria: Like Vitamin E oil is used to take the pain out of burns.)

9. THERE ARE A LOT OF NATURAL THINGS THAT COME IN PILL FORM, so you just can't classify them all the same. It was the strong chemical pills that the doctor was giving you that I was upset about. All this new stuff that's in the experimental stages. But the herbal medicines have been tried & proven‚ the natural herbs & drugs made from natural herbs have been tried & proven for ages.

10. WHEN I WAS A KID IN CALIFORNIA THEY USED TO HAVE CHINESE HERBAL DOCTORS who had little shops where they sold herbal medicines, natural herbal medicines that were thousands of years old!—The knowledge or the use of them is thousand of years old. Almost always they were old men with little funny pointed grey beards! People would go in there & tell them their symptoms, & they'd putter around & dig out something & fix it right there. I can remember hearing some of those old ladies just swear by them!

11. I GOT A SCRIPTURE FOR IT! I guess it's for people who are weak in faith like I was today.—"He that is weak eateth herbs!" (Rom.14:2.) How about that! Laughing hurts my tummy! (Maria: Does that mean if you were strong enough you wouldn't have to use anything at all?) If you're strong enough in faith, yes, but I was weak in faith today because I was so sick & I'd already been so sick. I had this on top of everything else so I just couldn't stand it any longer!

12. I KNEW THESE HERBAL TABLETS HAD WORKED BEFORE. made of all natural herbs & plants. So in a way it's sort of a natural healing, even though I didn't seem to get divine healing today. It was almost like the way it happened several times in the Bible. When they asked the Lord to heal them He told them to get a certain fruit or herb or something, & He used that—& that was by faith today. I guess all the time it must have been in the back of my head, my subconscious‚ and I remembered that these herbal tablets had worked before.

13. SO I WAS WEAK IN FAITH & I GUESS I JUST FELL BACK ON A NATURAL MEANS I KNEW WAS EFFECTIVE, like an aspirin tablet for headache. Nowadays you can't go around chewing [willow bark] or eating poppies or to know which mushroom to eat, so you just have to get it in tablet form. But I must say, between your prayers & the tablets the Lord helped me! TYJ!

14. THE LORD WARNED ME ABOUT OUR COOK BEFORE THIS EVER HAPPENED! He was in a powerful position in that kitchen to do me a lot of damage if he wasn't careful. He has to be very very clean & watch his ingredients & stuff like that when he's feeding the King!

15. YOU HAVE TO KIND OF GO FROM ONE EXTREME TO THE OTHER & then you reach a happy medium, you know? We were on doctors & pills there for awhile. We started off on the right foot in the early days‚ sort of a happy medium‚ people could go to the doctor or trust the Lord, either one. But then we were getting so "pilly" that the Lord had to swing us in the opposite direction to the opposite possible extreme of faith, if we had that kind of faith & that much faith.

16. AND NOW I THINK WE CAN SWING A LITTLE MORE TO A HAPPIER MEDIUM TO HERBAL MEDICINES‚ the things God created.—Not man's synthetic chemicals, but medicines or tablets even made from the herbal medicines like juices & extracts from the various herbs that God has made. Now those I think are God's own provisions for our needs.

You know the apple cider vinegar book

About all the marvels & miracles that apple cider vinegar will do,

And we've been reading

About all the marvels & miracles that honey will do,

And all the marvels & miracles garlic will do

And there are lots of others too!

—That's almost a poem!

17. SO IF IT'S SOMETHING GOD'S CREATED, THEN THAT'S DIFFERENT. But those synthetic chemical so-called medicines of man are just like man's imitations of all kinds of things. He pretends to make medicines & remedies & so on‚ with his own God-damned perverted mind & chemicals & synthetics & stuff that God never meant to be put in your mouth, much less on the surface of your skin! But if God made it, I'm all for it!


  1. Good diet.
  2. Good exercise.
  3. Good sleep.
  4. Good clean living!

And for us:

5) God's will!

6) God's work!

7) God's wonders!

PTL! GBAKY in His good health! TYJ!