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Garden of Eden, The--Part 20: The Queen of Heaven and the Dragon

David Berg

—Just Take Jesus!

—Part 20 of "The Garden of Eden"

—Revelation Chapter 12

—From the Video Series

DFO 1188France, 9/5/81

1. EDEN'S REVELATIONS, PART 20, CHAPTER 12: THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN AND THE DRAGON! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! We're gonna have that Battle of HEAVEN tonight between the angels of God and the Dragon!—In which the Devil and his angels are cast out of Heaven by the angels of God!—And also the Battle of EARTH between the Dragon and the Queen of Heaven!

2. TONIGHT IS THE BATTLE OF HEAVEN AND THE BATTLE OF EARTH in Chapter 12 of the book of Revelation, another one of Eden's revelations, more serious and more important in some ways regarding the future than the revelation which you just saw, although that's very serious too! Without that revelation which you have just been watching there would never have been the Revelation we are now studying!

3. WITHOUT THE BEGINNING THERE COULD NEVER HAVE BEEN THE END, and without beautiful women there would never have been children of men! So you just saw‚ in a sense, the beginning in that beautiful revelation of the most beautiful creation of God which introduced our series tonight as we do every night or day—whichever it is wherever you are. It's a beautiful evening here in our tropical paradise of the Garden of Eden!

4. DO THEY KNOW WHERE WE ARE? Have they seen where we are?—The Garden of Eden over there? Give'm a flash of that sign so they won't forget where we are, OK? And then just come right on back and shoot right down here—see how fast you can be—gonna come down here and see that beautiful revelation! I'm trying to impress on you why we're calling this the Garden of Eden and Eden's revelations! Just zoom in on that title‚ Son‚ and we can stay in on it because I'm gonna read the Bible to you now!

5. ANYHOW, WITHOUT HER THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO CHILDREN OF MEN. Without that gorgeous beautiful body you just saw, there would have been no sex, and without sex there would have been no children. So God is in favor of nudity. He made it. He made that gorgeous body you just saw! There's one thing about that wonderful one you just saw, like the little boy when he saw the ocean‚ "There's enough of it!" Praise God?

6. WHEN SHE WAS TURNING SLOWLY AROUND AND I WAS WATCHING THIS INTRODUCTION I said, "Oof! Here they come!" Ha ha ha! Hallelujah! Aren't they gorgeous? God bless her, and God bless them, one of our own beautiful queens of Heaven and one of our own beautiful Eve's of the Garden of Eden! But without her, without all that and all that delightful, beautiful, delicious, de-lovely equipment there would have been no further revelation whatsoever!

7. THIS IS WHY WE CALL THIS SERIES "EDEN'S REVELATIONS," because it was a revelation to begin with‚ with those two beautiful naked people enjoying sex without sin in the Garden of Eden, when it was no sin to be naked and no sin to have sex, and it's still no sin to be naked and still no sin to have sex! It might be against the law of man but it's not against the law of God!

8. MAN'S LAWS ARE GREATLY DIFFERING FROM THE LAWS OF GOD, because man's laws are largely made according to the laws of the Devil who was the first to tell man that he was naked and try to stop sex. The Devil hates nudity because it encourages sex, and he hates sex because it encourages multiplication of children, and he hates children because it encourages the growth of the Kingdom of God! And he hates the Kingdom of God because he hates God and he's trying to destroy God's Kingdom and His creation of mankind and all the beauty that you've just seen!

9. THAT'S WHY WE LIKE TO SHOW IT TO YOU, to show you what it was like in the beautiful original Garden of Eden with a beautiful Eve dancing like that for you, so beautiful, and how it's going to be again, thank God‚ when Eden is restored once again! Paradise Lost will be Paradise Found, Paradise regained when Jesus comes again! But between that first Eden and the final Eden there are going to be a lot of things, and a lot of things have already happened, and there are gonna be a lot more things to happen yet!

10. TONIGHT WE'RE STUDYING THE 12TH CHAPTER OF THIS FINAL BOOK OF THE REVELATION OF THE ENDTIME, the grand finale, and in this we have the exciting, thrilling, dramatic story of the Queen of Heaven and the great Red Dragon! Would you like to hear it? All right, let's turn to the Bible and read it for yourself or you can watch it on the screen while I read it to you:

11. "AND THERE APPEARED A GREAT WONDER IN HEAVEN; a Woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet‚ and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. And there appeared another great wonder in Heaven; and behold a great red Dragon‚ having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

12. "AND HIS TAIL DREW THE THIRD PART OF THE STARS OF HEAVEN, and did cast them to the Earth: and the Dragon stood before the Woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And she brought forth a Man Child, Who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to His throne."

13. NOW‚ THERE'S A GOOD PLACE TO PAUSE FOR A MOMENT while you begin to understand the passage which we have just read! I think by the time you read this fifth verse you began to catch on who this was and who this Child was. That's the key, that's the clue to who the Woman is! "For she brought forth a MAN Child‚ who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron!"

14. NOW THIS IS SOMETHING WHICH THE SCRIPTURE SAYS ABOUT JESUS SEVERAL TIMES‚ that He is going to come some day and rule the world, rule all nations, even rule over the wicked who refused to love and obey Him voluntarily.—NOW He's going to rule them with a rod of iron by force! So, of course, this obviously is talking about JESUS! "And her Child was caught up unto God, and to His throne." So Jesus was caught up after His ministry to God and to His throne, right?

15. YOU SAY, "AH, THEN I KNOW WHO HIS MOTHER IS! It was MARY! Ah!" Well, now wait a minute, she was a woman clothed with the sun, bright and shining like the sun, and with the moon under her feet—not like the men on the moon we had to send in a rocket—but the moon completely under her domination, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars!

16. NOW MARY‚ AS FAR AS WE KNOW, NEVER LOOKED LIKE THE SUN WITH THE MOON UNDER HER FEET and a crown of twelve stars! And though she had a Child, travailing in birth and pained to be delivered‚ Mary never had a great red Dragon standing beside her waiting to devour the Child!—A great red Dragon whose tail drew the third part of the angels of Heaven and cast them down to the Earth! So who is this Woman and how come she looks like the sun and has the moon under her feet and has a crown of twelve stars?

17. WELL, THIS WOMAN IS FAR MORE THAN MARY! Mary in a way almost symbolizes this Woman, and in a way this Woman symbolizes Mary, but obviously her description goes far beyond the simple little 16-year-old Jewish girl who had Jesus as an unmarried mother, unwed mother out of wedlock, to the surprise and chagrin of her husband Joseph, to whom God had an angel appear to explain what was happening so he wouldn't feel bad and refuse to take her for his wife, discovering she was already pregnant‚ impregnated by God Himself!

18. GOD HIMSELF IN THEOPHANY, IN THE FORM OF MAN, TOOK MARY TO HIMSELF LIKE A MAN AND FUCKED HER AND GAVE HER A CHILD—JESUS! God Himself in the form of a Theophany, like a man, had sex with Mary, resulting in her pregnancy with Jesus!—Unbeknownst to her own husband Joseph, until God had to explain it to them by His angels!—To Joseph in a dream, to Mary by an actual presence, an appearance of God's Angel Gabriel. But this Revelation Woman was far greater and more than just little simple Mary herself!

19. NOW THERE ARE SEVERAL WAYS OF INTERPRETING BIBLE PROPHECY, and let me tell you first of all that if a vision or a dream or revelation is to be interpreted, you should interpret it LITERALLY if possible. If there's any way that it could possibly have happened exactly the way you saw it in dream or in vision or seeming reality, then you should accept it as a literal revelation of a literal happening, literal event, that it was or has or is or is to happen literally just the way you saw it!

20. BUT IT ISN'T VERY LIKELY YOU'RE GONNA SEE ANY WOMAN, especially a little child like Mary‚ sitting like in the sun with her feet on the moon and stars in her crown! Also, it's not too likely you're gonna see a great red dragon like this standing around waiting to devour her child Jesus, literally!—Figuratively speaking, SYMBOLICALLY speaking, yes!

21. SO THEREFORE IF YOU CANNOT INTERPRET THE VISION OR THE PICTURE OR THE REVELATION OR THE DREAM LITERALLY THROUGHOUT, IT MUST HAVE SYMBOLIC SIGNIFICANCE! That means each figure of the dream or revelation or vision must SYMBOLIZE something, must STAND for something, must ILLUSTRATE something! Therefore WHO was it, WHO was this Woman? If it was not literally Mary who brought forth Jesus here, if it was greater and beyond Mary—obviously a great queen far beyond Mary herself—who then was this Woman who brought forth Jesus into the world and who was then attacked or chased by this great Red Dragon? Obviously this great Red Dragon is SATAN himself who leads a third of the angels out of Heaven with him when he deserts the forces of God!

22. WELL, IF THE WOMAN IS SYMBOLIC AND SYMBOLIZES SOME GREATER FIGURE THAN JUST MARY HERSELF‚ WHO COULD THAT BE? Well, Jewish Christians love to say, "Well, of course, it was the nation of Israel, that's the Woman! And the twelve stars in her crown, of course, are the twelve greatest patriarchs or prophets! It was after all the great nation Israel, typified here by a Woman who brought forth Jesus!"

23. WELL, I THINK IT GOES FAR BEYOND THAT, because I believe this obviously great Queen of Heaven sitting in the sun with her feet on the moon and stars in her crown is more than just the Jewish nation of Israel whom God eventually rejected!—More than Mary, more than Israel, more than the Jewish nation, more than the patriarchs! Then who could be greater than Israel, pictured as this Woman?

24. WELL‚ OF COURSE, IF THIS WOMAN IS THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN, SHE MUST BE THE WIFE OF THE KING! And who is the King of Heaven?—Jesus Christ the Son of God, her Bridegroom, her Husband, her King—and she is the Queen! THEN who is this Woman, if she is the Bride of Christ, the Queen of Heaven?

25. SHE CAN BE NO OTHER THAN THE ENTIRE COMPLETE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END‚ from the Garden of Eden to the Revelation‚ from the beginning to the end of the world, all those who are true believers, who loved God, who received Christ the Messiah as their Savior, all those who love Jesus, all those who believe He is the Son of God, all those who are married to the Bridegroom, all those who are the Bride of Jesus Christ from the Garden of Eden to the Revelation!

26. SHE IS THE BRIDE OF CHRIST! She is no other and no less than the Bride of Christ Himself, the very Queen of Heaven‚ wife of the King of kings! No other woman could be so glorious, shining like the sun with the moon under her feet and twelve stars in her crown! (THIS Queen CANNOT be the Holy SPIRIT, Wife of GOD, for she flees from the Dragon!)

27. THE STARS IN HER CROWN?—Well, we can only theorize because it doesn't say who they are, we don't really know. But I believe they're probably going to be the twelve most important leaders of the Church that God has ever known!—The twelve most important wonderful souls who have led this Great Queen to victory and to glory. Or you may say they're actual angels; they could be the twelve angels of the Church, because stars are frequently used interchangeably in the Word of God as a name for angels!

28. BUT IT'S OBVIOUS THAT THIS QUEEN OF HEAVEN IS THE WIFE AND QUEEN OF THE KING OF KINGS—JESUS! And‚ of course, it was she, His Church, who brought forth Jesus, this Man-child into the world. Mary was a member of that Church, Mary was a part of that Bride, and symbolically speaking, therefore, she brought forth into the world this Baby who was to become the ruler of the Earth and her own Husband someday! You say, "Well‚ now wait a minute! That's stretchin' it a little too much, that's incest! Tsk tsk tsk! You mean she waited till He grew up and then married her own CHILD, her own SON!" Figuratively speaking, yes, because these are all symbols; this is not literal.

29. SHE IS PICTURED AS A SYMBOL OF THE CHURCH BRINGING FORTH JESUS INTO THE WORLD‚ which she did, and then as the Queen of Heaven married to the King of kings who IS Jesus, and that's very clear in the Bible; we don't have to have any argument about that! Jesus is spoken of in God's Word as the King of kings, the Lord of Heaven, the Jehovah of God, the Son of God and the Bridegroom of the Church, this Woman!

30. THIS WOMAN TYPIFIES THE WHOLE CHURCH OF GOD FROM THE DAYS OF GENESIS TO THE FINAL DAYS OF REVELATION, and it was the Church of God who brought forth Jesus! God's HUMAN Bride, the Church, brought forth their child, their Son, Jesus‚ into this world. Or if it were not for what followed you might say, "Well, I thought you told us before that the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit was the Queen of Heaven, the Bride of God, and Jesus was their Son!" Well, that would make a nice picture if it were not for what story then follows.

31. BECAUSE WE FIND THIS GREAT RED DRAGON, OBVIOUSLY SATAN—in fact‚ he's later called the old Serpent, the Devil and Satan in the ninth verse‚ so we KNOW who he is—and he creates a rebellion in Heaven, a revolution, a civil war, as we'll find out a little bit later here, and he's cast out of Heaven with a third of the angels and he tries to destroy the Church, he tries to destroy Jesus, and we find then that THIS Woman has to FLEE into the wilderness!

32. NOW, THE HOLY SPIRIT WOULD NOT HAVE TO FLEE FROM ANYBODY! The Holy Spirit would not have to flee from the Devil or hide in the wilderness! So again, this is obviously the Church, this picture here of this woman is the Church. Only we're getting a little preview here; in fact‚ we're sort of having a little flashback, first of all about how the Church brought forth Jesus into the world, Who is to rule the nations with a rod of iron, becoming the King OF kings and literally her Bridegroom, her Husband, she becoming a Queen of Heaven, as well as Queen of Earth!

33. BUT IN THE SIXTH VERSE WE FIND THAT AFTER HER CHILD IS CAUGHT UP TO HEAVEN TO GOD AND HIS THRONE‚ out of reach of His enemies, she is left behind upon the Earth!—Apparently almost at the mercy of this horrible cruel Dragon! Let's see what happens! Isn't this a thrilling, exciting story about dragons and queens and kings, children? GBY!

34. SIXTH VERSE: "AND THE WOMAN FLED INTO THE WILDERNESS‚ where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days." Here we have the 1260 days once again, the three-and-a-half years of the Tribulation period! Now one thing that gets some of you mixed up about the book of Revelation is that it goes back again and again and rehashes the story from a different angle and a different standpoint‚ a different viewpoint, over and over again. We've had the Coming of Christ already described in this book about three or four times! But then it goes back and it gives a new angle and a new story!

35. YOU'VE SEEN MOVIES LIKE THIS SOMETIMES. You've seen a movie of some family or various characters on a boat or in a plane or a hotel, and it gives you flashbacks of their former life and where they came from and who they are and how they got there, then finally they all get together in this hotel or they're all together in this plane crash, or they're all together in this sinking boat.

36. YOU'VE FOLLOWED THE NARRATION OF EACH LIFE STORY until they're all headed on a crash course to this grand finale—and that's like the book of Revelation! It gives you a picture of each and every segment of the history of man from these different angles and shows you how it's going to end. We've already had the Coming of Christ here in the book of Revelation about three or four times! You say‚ "I get so mixed up, and then all of a sudden you're back again, and then He comes again! Christ comes so many times!"

37. WELL, IT'S JUST WORKING UP FROM A DIFFERENT STANDPOINT AND A DIFFERENT VIEW with different characters and what's happening to them! In the preceding chapter we just had the death of the two famous Witnesses and their Resurrection and their Rapture to be with the Lord! And yet‚ now the seventh angel has just blown and we haven't even heard the whole story yet! Well, it carried things through from this marvelous story here at the end of the eleventh chapter in the first part, the Witnesses, and then the blowing of the seventh or Last Trump, in which it says "the kingdoms of this Earth have become the Kingdoms of God and of His Christ!"

38. AND NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU'RE GOING BACK TO THE BIRTH OF JESUS AGAIN! Yes, we are. It's another flashback, like a movie! We're going back again to the birth of Christ and we're showing how the Church, in a sense, brought Him forth and He was caught up to Heaven to be with the Lord. And the Church was left behind on the Earth to be chased and persecuted by the Dragon, who's now furious because he couldn't get rid of Jesus! He killed Him, but then He came back to life again and went where the Devil couldn't even touch Him anymore!

39. BUT THEN IT SPEAKS OF THIS CHURCH IN A PERIOD OF TIME, OF 1260 DAYS—that's about 42 months or three-and-a–half years. And what period of time is that that we've been studying over and over and over again all through the Old Testament and all through the New Testament? What period of time is that, class? (Class: The Great Tribulation.) The Great Tribulation! Say it out! Let'm hear you! (Class‚ loudly: The Great Tribulation!) That's right! The Great Tribulation!

40. SO WHAT IS THIS BOOK ABOUT THAT WE'RE STUDYING? It's not supposed to be a history book, it's supposed to be a revelation of the FUTURE, right? And it's particularly a revelation of the ENDTIME, the very End of history‚ the very end of man, the very end of his kingdoms, the very end of his history on Earth, the very End of Time, and so naturally therefore its main emphasis is the ENDTIME.—Although it may give you a few flashbacks into the historical background, as it does in this chapter.

41. IT FLASHES BACK TO THE OLD HISTORY OF THE CHURCH, IN A SENSE, FROM THE TIME OF EVE who brought forth a line which was to bring forth this Man who was to crush the head of Satan! It says, "Her seed will crush your head, Satan! You're gonna bruise His heel‚ but He's gonna crush your head!" (Gen.3:15). Eve's seed! You say, "Oh, well maybe it was Eve then, huh?" No, she's too great! This Woman is too great to be Eve or Mary or any other human woman! She is the combined Church of Jesus Christ! So it is a flashback to give you the history, in a sense, of the Church‚ only just a flashback enough to show you what's happening NOW in these last three-and-a-half years of horrible Tribulation and PERSECUTION of the Church! Seventh verse:

42. "AND THERE WAS WAR IN HEAVEN; Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon; and the Dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in Heaven. And the great Dragon was cast out, that old Serpent, called the Devil, and Satan‚ which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the Earth, and his angels were cast out with him." Aha! Now we have the picture!

43. WHO IS THIS GREAT RED DRAGON? Well, I had a false prophetess come to our school in Miami once and try to teach my class that it was Red China, because Red China once had a great red dragon on its flag!—That this great red dragon was Red China! It's amazing how people can get so confused! She was teaching this to my own school class there in my own home in Miami, Florida‚ and I overheard it, I was monitoring the lesson! I found out when I had guest teachers or preachers I had to be sure to listen to what they had to say. (It IS significant that China's SYMBOL used to be the great Red Dragon and he's still pre-eminent in their major religion and still worshipped in huge idols at their temples and a monster in their parades!)

44. BUT WHEN I HEARD THIS I WAS AMAZED AND ASTONISHED AT WHAT SHE WAS SAYING! So I pressed the button on my intercom system and said, "Excuse me, dear Sister‚ but I think you must not have read the NINTH verse; you didn't read quite far enough. Because the ninth verse says specifically that he was that old Serpent, the Devil, Satan, which deceiveth the whole world."

45. BUT AT THIS TIME HERE, OBVIOUSLY AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS THREE-AND–A-HALF YEARS‚ 1260 days‚ 42 months of Tribulation period, he is cast out of Heaven by Michael and his angels, the Archangel of God who defends US—who God has said is OUR angel—and he's cast out with a third of the rebellious angels that follow him down into the Earth for the last three-and-a-half years of Earth's history!—The Great Tribulation!

46. NO WONDER THE ANTICHRIST IS SO POWERFUL AND SUCH A SUPERMAN AND WONDER WORKER, because Satan at last is cast out of Heaven! There's a purge in Heaven and the rebels and the demons and the devils are cast out! You say, "What do you mean? I didn't know there were demons and devils and rebels in Heaven!" Well, you haven't read your Bible very well!

47. SATAN IS EVEN CALLED ONE OF THE SONS OF GOD IN THE BOOK OF JOB, and on through the New Testament as being one of God's creations who is in rebellion against Him and yet appears before Him in the courts of Heaven‚ accusing the saints day and night throughout all history! Until in this last three-and-a-half years he's finally purged and cast out with his rebel demons‚ so that they have no more power in Heaven, can no more come into the presence of God and accuse His saints! (Job 2:1; Isa.14:12-15; Rev.12:9-10)

48. SO THE DEVIL IN HIS FURY, KNOWING THAT HIS TIME IS SHORT, POSSESSES THIS ANTICHRIST, this Superman, and makes him a Superman, a Devil-man, the Devil in the flesh, son of Satan, like Jesus was the Son of God in the flesh! He is the great counterfeiter! The Devil doesn't know anything new, he can't do anything different; he just watches what God does and he tries to imitate Him.

49. SO SINCE GOD HAD A SON WHO WAS GOD IN THE FLESH‚ the Devil has this son, this man‚ who is the Devil in the flesh, possessed by Satan himself like Jesus was possessed by God! And then the Devil tries to set up on Earth the false Kingdom of God, the false Millennium, only it's the kingdom of the DEVIL and it's the kingdom of HELL on Earth instead of the Millennium of HEAVEN!

50. AND HE EVEN HAS HIS OWN TRINITY! The Devil is the father of his trinity, the Antichrist is his son, and then he has the False Prophet‚ his UNholy spirit! Here we have the false trinity and he becomes the false messiah of the false millennium of the false kingdom of the false people—those who take the Mark of the Beast!—All an imitation of what God is about to do—a brief and a pitiful horrible imitation!

51. THE DEVIL TRIES TO IMITATE GOD BECAUSE HE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE GOD, so when he's cast out of Heaven and he can't annoy God Himself and God's angels, then he decides to lord it over the Earth, become the king of this Earth. He has been the prince of the powers of the air, but now he becomes the usurper king of THIS world!

52. AND THAT'S WHAT JESUS EVEN CALLS HIM! HE SAYS, "I SAW HIM CAST OUT!" (Lk.10:18) "Oh, then he was cast out in Jesus' day?" No, Jesus was looking forward into the future, seeing the day when Satan would no longer have power to crucify Him as he did then, and to persecute His people as he did then, but when Satan would be cast out to the Earth and possess this Devil–man, the Antichrist‚ the Superman the world is waiting for to solve its problems and set up this false millennium, his kingdom of Hell on Earth, during which time he chases and persecutes the Woman, obviously the Church again! Let's read it‚ shall we? Tenth verse:

53. "AND I HEARD A LOUD VOICE SAYING IN HEAVEN, NOW IS COME SALVATION AND STRENGTH, AND THE KINGDOM OF OUR GOD, AND THE POWER OF HIS CHRIST: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. Yet they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb‚ and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death! Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them! But woe to the inhabiters of the Earth and of the sea! For the Devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time." Now, what's being said here?

54. WE'RE BEING TOLD THAT NOW THAT THE DEVIL IS CAST OUT OF HEAVEN AND Heaven is purged and there's good riddance of bad rubbish‚ Heaven is rejoicing! But the voice says to the inhabiters of the Earth, we who dwell upon the Earth and even the Church of Jesus Christ still on Earth, "Woe unto you people on Earth, for the Devil is come down to you and he knoweth that his time is short and he has great wrath!"

55. SO LOOK OUT FOR HIS WRATH DURING THESE LAST THREE-AND–A-HALF YEARS, these 1260 days, this 42 months of Tribulation mentioned throughout many prophets of God, Old and New Testament prophecies, this Great Tribulation period! Here's another proof that the Church is HERE throughout the Tribulation, because the Enemy chases her and she flees into the wilderness!

56. ALL THESE CENTURIES‚ YEA, MILLENNIUMS, THOUSANDS OF YEARS, HE'S BEEN ACCUSING THE SAINTS OF GOD! He came before God and accused Noah, he came before God and accused Job‚ he came before God and he's accused nearly every person of God that has ever lived! He has accused you day and night before the Lord, bringing up your sins and reminding God of the law and that you should be punished. He's the Prosecuting Attorney who demands the EXECUTION of the law!—AND of the culprit!—YOU!

57. BUT YOU HAVE AN ADVOCATE, you have a Defense Lawyer, a Defense Attorney, and you know who that is, don't you?—Jesus Christ, God's Own Son! God is the Judge‚ the Devil is the Prosecuting Attorney and Executioner, but Jesus, God's Son, is your Defense Attorney, your Advocate, your Lawyer defending you. And when the Devil reminds God of all your sins and all your iniquities and your mistakes and your shortcomings and your failures and accuses you for every little flaw and fault he can find, all you have to do is look to your Defense Lawyer, Jesus!

58. SAY, "PLEASE‚ LORD, PLEAD MY CASE BEFORE THE FATHER!—'Cause You know I'm no good, You know I've failed, You know I can't be good enough, You know I'm not righteous enough! I just have to plead Your blood on the cross‚ that You died for me and You took the rap, You took the punishment, You paid the price, You fulfilled the law and You died in my place, so therefore You said that God has pardoned me. Plead my case with Your Father!"

59. AND JESUS JUST LOOKS TO THE FATHER AND SAYS, "THIS IS ANOTHER ONE OF MINE, Father, who has received Me and believed on Me as his Lawyer, as his Defense Attorney‚ as his Advocate. He has received My defense, he has received My sacrifice in his place and believes that I took his punishment for him! Therefore, Lord, You can hand him one of those pardons that You have stacked up there on Your desk for everyone who loves Me and believes in Me and has RECEIVED that forgiveness from You because of Me!"

60. AND GOD HANDS DOWN THE PARDON, and Jesus hands it to you, and the Devil slinks away with his tail between his legs, defeated again!—Foiled again! "Coises! Foiled again!" There used to be an old comic strip in which the Devil appeared and in which he was the villain, looking like the Devil‚ and every time he got defeated he slunk off all angry with his tail between his legs, saying, "Curses! Foiled again!"

61. SO THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS EVERY TIME THE DEVIL ACCUSES YOU NOW or tries to accuse you. But in these last three-and-a-half years he's no longer even going to be able to go before the Court of God in Heaven; he's gonna be right here face-to-FACE with you, accusing you and persecuting and trying to kill you! Listen‚ 13th verse:

62. "AND WHEN THE DRAGON SAW THAT HE WAS CAST OUT UNTO THE EARTH, he persecuted the Woman which brought forth the Man Child. And to the Woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place‚ where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the Serpent." Get that? She is given wings like an eagle!

63. BELOVED, DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE TRIBULATION! Don't worry about the persecution of Satan! You're gonna be given wings to fly away and out of his reach into the wilderness! Now some of you seem to think that the idea of that is that you'd have a refuge farm up in the mountains and that is what's gonna be your refuge in the wilderness! Well, the Lord might use it!—And most of us have already flown to safer countries!

64. HE MIGHT MAKE THAT A HELP TO YOU TO GET OUT OF THE CITY where there's gonna be chaos and slaughter and cannibalism and all kinds of horrors when they run out of oil and food and water and electricity and all these things! The Lord may let that refuge come in handy with all that survival food. But let me tell you, Brother and Sister‚ you'd better have wings to get there! Because the highways are gonna be clogged and packed and jammed! You'd better have yourself a bicycle or know the trails over the mountains by foot or ask God for those two wings to fly away!

65. YOU KNOW, IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, PHILIP WAS TRANSPORTED! (Acts 8:39). Those transporters you see in "Star Trek" and those space movies, that's nothing new to God, He's had that system for a long time! He frequently picked up prophets and moved them from one place to the other through time and space, so that's nothing new! God is gonna move you through time and space out of the reach of the Devil like you had wings, if He has to make you disappear and suddenly appear again up at your refuge farm up in the mountains maybe, whatever it is!

66. SO, YOU HAD BETTER BE PREPARED, AND WITH MORE THAN JUST A REFUGE FARM! Don't just trust your own hand, Beloved, and your own arm to say it had saved you! The miracles of GOD are gonna be necessary during those Last Days to save you!—But He does save her! "Given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly"—and for how long?—Three-and-a-half years again! A time, one year, two times and a half-a-time, three-and-a-half years again! So this frustrated foiled cursed villain finds out he's been foiled again, and what does he do in the 15th verse?:

67. "AND THE SERPENT CAST OUT OF HIS MOUTH WATER AS A FLOOD AFTER THE WOMAN, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. But the Earth helped the Woman, and the Earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the Dragon cast out of his mouth. And the Dragon was WROTH with the Woman, and went to make WAR with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." Did you hear that?

68. WHEN HE COULDN'T TOUCH HER—God wouldn't even let him lay a claw on her or one fang—he cast a big flood of water out of his mouth! What is this symbolic of? Obviously the Devil himself is not an actual dragon, this is all very symbolic. What is this flood the Devil casts out of his mouth? What is the Devil's major business from the beginning in the Garden of Eden to the end? What does the Devil, Satan‚ that old Serpent cast out of his mouth and flood the world with? What is it‚ class? (Family: Lies!) Lies! Lies and lies and more lies and deceit!

69. HE CASTS THESE LIES INTO THE EARTH TO TRY TO DROWN THE WOMAN in all of these lies of evolution and lies of anti-God Communism and lies of every kind and every sort! He tries to drown the Church of Jesus Christ in all of this propaganda and all of these lies and all of this false modern education and all the rest! He tries to DROWN the Church in all of his lies! But what happens? Who saves the Church?—You stupid idiots who believe him!

70. THE EARTH, YOU WORLDLINGS‚ THE SYSTEM, YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTHS AND SWALLOW ALL THIS SHIT AND SAVE THE CHURCH FROM HAVING TO BE INUNDATED WITH IT! YOU have swallowed the Devil's lies! YOU'VE swallowed all of his propaganda! YOU'VE swallowed that ridiculous theory of evolution! You've swallowed all of this anti-God, atheistic shit! You've swallowed all the Devil's garbage! You've swallowed all his tommyrot and all his lies and all his deceit! Because you rejected the truth of God, so God sent you strong delusion that you might believe a lie‚ that you might be damned! (2Th.2:10-12).

71. AND SO YOU, THE WORLD—TYPIFIED HERE BY THE EARTH—THE SYSTEM AND SYSTEMITES, members of Satan's kingdom‚ members of the Antichrist government, followers of the Beast, acceptors of his Mark, the Mark of the Beast, worshippers of his Image, you will swallow all his propaganda and his lies while the Church escapes into the wilderness, hidden and protected by God as though she had two wings to live through that awful time to the very coming of her Husband, her Bridegroom, from the sky, to rescue her and take her out of this horrible hell on earth!

72. ARE YOU READY? ARE YOU ONE OF THE BELIEVERS IN JESUS? Are you a part of His great Bride? Are you the Wife of Christ? Have you accepted Him as your Husband and your Bridegroom and your Savior? Then you don't have to worry! He'll take care of you right on through the Tribulation, if He has to give you wings! He'll hide you in the wilderness if He has to make you disappear! He'll feed you there and take care of you just like He says here, all the way through that 1260 days or three-and-a-half years of Great Tribulation!

73. —SO THAT THE DEVIL CAN'T LAY A CLAW OR A FANG ON YOU, he can't inundate you and drown you with his lies because you don't believe him‚ you don't swallow that shit, you just believe the Word of God! And you will be saved and brought through and live and survive till Jesus' coming! Well, that tells me my time is about up!

74. YOUR TIME IS ALMOST UP TOO, LET ME TELL YOU! THIS IS THE END! All these things are beginning to happen right now. Which are you going to be?—A member of the Dragon's forces and a follower of Satan?—Or a member of the Bride of Christ, the Wife of Jesus! If you don't want to be a follower of the Devil‚ then right now tonight you're hearing the Shepherd's voice!

75. JESUS SAID, "MY SHEEP KNOW MY VOICE AND THEY FOLLOW ME, AND A STRANGER THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW! My sheep know My voice (knocks on the Bible) and they follow Me, and a stranger they will not follow!" (Jn.10:4‚5). If you are a genuine sheep of Jesus Christ, you recognize this truth tonight, you know this is His Word and you're believing it, receiving it, accepting what we have read to you from God's Word tonight and the truth of His Gospel that we have told you tonight.

76. YOU WANT TO BELIEVE, YOU WANT TO BE SAVED, YOU WANT TO BE HIS BRIDE? You want Jesus to come in as a bridegroom does into his bride, his wife? You want to have intercourse with Jesus Christ? You want to have intimate fellowship with your Bridegroom? You want to bear Him fruit and children? You want to be His utterly and surrender to Him? Then you're a true part of His Bride!

77. AND ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SAY, "JESUS, COME INTO MY HEART! Come in, my Bridegroom! COME, my Husband, let's have intercourse together! Let's really get married! Let's join together and we two shall become one!" And you will be a part of the Bride of Christ, one of His Brides—One Wife! He has One Wife composed of millions upon billions just like you! If you want to receive Jesus as your Savior, the Son of God and His sacrifice on Calvary‚ for your pardon from your sins, all you have to do is ask Him to come in!

78. YOU WOMEN UNDERSTAND THAT, perhaps in some ways even better than us men, because you know what it is to be a bride. You know what it is to be a woman‚ and you know what it is to ask a man to come in! It's very sexy, very sexual! And God in His wisdom has created this sexual union‚ this husband and wife relationship, this lover and loved intercourse to be a marvelous picture, an illustration in the physical of your spiritual relationship with Him and your union with your Heavenly Bridegroom!

79. YOU WOMEN KNOW WHAT IT IS TO ASK YOUR LOVER TO COME IN! And that's all you have to do tonight! Some of you women have asked many a lover to come in, but tonight the Lover of all lovers is asking you, "May I come into your heart?" He says, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any man hear My voice and open the door I will come in!" (Rev.3:20) In this case‚ typified in this chapter as a woman, His Bride! "Behold, I stand at those gates of Heaven, your heavenly portals, and I'm knocking, asking to come in!" You've made love, you know what I'm talking about!

80. YOU WOMEN KNOW WHEN THE MAN IS KNOCKING AT YOUR GATE AND WANTS TO COME IN!—And you're thrilled with his lovemaking, you're thrilled with his wooing, you're excited with his caresses, you're in ecstasy from his beautiful, wonderful words of love and lovemaking! And what do you do? You're so excited‚ you not only ask him to come in, but you PUT him in, right?

81. WE'RE NOT ASHAMED OF SEX ON THIS SHOW, 'CAUSE WE THINK SEX IS OF GOD and we are sexy saints who believe in sex as a creation of God and a wonderful marvelous physical example of our spiritual relationship with Him! So He's knocking at your door, girls, and He wants to come in! All you have to do is reach out and accept Him and put Him in! Isn't that what you do with your lover‚ your husband, your mate? You accept it and you put him in!

82. YOU ACTUALLY PUT HIM INTO YOUR OWN HEART BY YOUR OWN HAND OF FAITH! Salvation is a gift of God! The salvation of Jesus Christ is a pure gift! You don't earn it, you don't work for it, you don't deserve it—maybe some of you wives do!—Maybe you figure you do. You work hard enough for that love and that lovemaking. You cook those hot meals and you take care of those children and you deserve it, you earned it! Well, in this case you can't!

83. YOU'LL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH and never be wonderful enough or work hard enough to be able to EARN such love as Jesus wants to GIVE you! And He's ready. He's there at your door trying to come in, and all you have to do is reach out your hand of faith, by faith, and receive Him and put Him in!

84. THAT'S THE ONE THING HE WON'T DO; HE WON'T FORCE HIS WAY IN! He's NOT gonna RAPE you! He's not gonna force His way in. He's just there, erect and waiting for you in love!—Thrilled by your beauty, thrilled by your love, greatly affectionate and concerned for you, and He wants to come in‚ and you just simply have to reach out your hand of faith and put Him in! That's all He asks, by grace through faith, the gift of God, the gift of His love‚ He gives you this gift! (Eph.2:8,9). Praise God? Hallelujah! TYJ?

85. HAVE YOU RECEIVED HIM? Have you put out your hand of faith and put Him in? He said, "I stand at the door and knock. If you hear My voice and open the door, I'll come in!" That's all you have to do is open that door! You don't even have to take ahold of Him and put Him in; just open that door and He'll come in! That's how real it is and just how definite and certain it is.—Just like the act of sex and the opening of the female door to the organ of the husband or the mate or the lover, and he comes in!

86. AND THEN YOU HAVE THE MOST THRILLING, EXCITING, ORGIASTIC ORGASM OF SPIRITUAL SEXUAL EXCITEMENT INTO THE EXTREMES OF ECSTASY AND EXPLOSION, which is partly physical and partly spiritual! And you're gonna find out if you let Jesus and His Holy Spirit into your heart, you're gonna have greater thrills than that!—GREATER THRILLS than even the sexual entry and mounting sexual excitement and the sexual explosion of the orgasm, all of which are types and shadows and illustrations of the Bride's relationship with her Bridegroom, this Queen of Heaven with her King of kings, in spite of all the damned Devil, that Red Dragon and his demons, can do to stop you!

87. THE DEVIL HATES SEX BECAUSE IT'S A SYMBOL OF CHRIST'S RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS BRIDE, YOU! He tries to defeat it every way He can, both physically and spiritually! He hates it! That's why he hates nudity, because it leads to sex, and he gets the System to pass laws against it and laws against wedding or marriage or sex without this or that or blah blah blah blah blah! You've gotta have a license and church and examinations and blah blah, and all this other sort of stuff!

88. THE DEVIL TRIES TO MAKE IT AS DIFFICULT AS POSSIBLE TO GET MARRIED!—Literally‚ physically‚ sexually! The System has all kinds of laws to try to PREVENT marriage‚ the union of the opposite sex! The System does everything it can to prevent nudity, calling it obscene and pornography to expose the beauty of God's creation the way He first made man and woman! Think of it! The Devil was the first one who lied to them and told them it was bad, it was evil to be naked and sex was a sin! What a screwed-up world we live in! What a perverted System we live under!—Nearly all of whose laws are contrary to the laws of God and the natural laws of His creation! What a horror of hell on earth, the Devil's own kingdom that we live in here!

89. BUT THANK GOD, YOU CAN HAVE THE KINGDOM OF GOD IN YOUR HEART! You can have the Bridegroom and be the Bride of Christ! You can have Him come into the depths of your being as the lover comes in to the loved and the mate into the mated and the husband into the wife, and you can be a queen of Heaven, one of Jesus' queens, a part of Christ's Great Queen of Heaven, in spite of all the red Devil Dragon can do! That's all you have to do, just receive Jesus, just take Jesus!

90. MY MOTHER USED TO TELL THE STORY HOW SHE WAS PREACHING THE GOSPEL IN THE MISSION ONE TIME and this poor, sick, emaciated, drug-ridden prostitute walked down the aisle of the mission from the front door. She heard the music and the singing and she walked in half-dazed and drugged, living on drugs, living in vice and crime and prostitution. And she heard what my mother said, that it doesn't matter how bad you are‚ how wicked you are, no matter what you've done, it doesn't matter to God! If you'll just confess your sins to Him, ask Him to forgive you, if you'll just take Jesus into your heart, He'll save you! He'll do all the rest! You don't have to try to be good, you don't have to do anything else! Jesus will do it all in your heart and through you! Just take JESUS!

91. AND SHE WENT DOWN TO THE ALTAR WHEN MY MOTHER CALLED FOR THOSE WHO WANTED TO TAKE JESUS and she said, "Did you mean that?" And my mother said she gripped her arm like this till she dug her fingernails into my mother's arm so that when my mother got home that night she still had the imprint of those fingernails in her arm! She said, "Do you mean that's all I have to do? I, a prostitute, a whore‚ living on drugs in vice! All I have to do to get rid of all this and to become a new person, born again, a new creature in Christ Jesus and to have a new life and be a new person is just to take JESUS?" My mother said, "Yes, Honey, that's all you have to do!" "You mean, it doesn't mean I have to go to church and do all this and that and the other and go through all these ceremonies and all? I just have to take JESUS?" She said, "Yes, that's all you have to do, just take JESUS!"

92. SHE SAID‚ "OK, I TAKE HIM! I TAKE HIM!" And she bowed her head, my mother prayed with her, and she said, "I TAKE You, Jesus! I TAKE You, Jesus!" She meant it with all her heart! Just then the Salvation Army band was passing by the mission! She stood up and she MARCHED down that aisle and out the front door and joined that Salvation Army band and marched along with them to their Salvation Army home where they took her in!

93. MY MOTHER RAN AFTER HER AND SAID, "WOULDN'T YOU LIKE ME TO HELP YOU? Don't you want me to take you back to your apartment, your room‚ and get your things and so on?" But she said, "I never want to see that place again! I don't need anything from that old life! That's not me anymore! I'm a new creature! I'm now the Bride of Christ! I've taken Jesus in and I'm a new person! That's not me‚ that's not my place! I don't want anything of that life any more at all!" And she walked off and walked out into a new life!

94. AND I'VE TOLD YOU THE STORY HOW SHE BECAME THE ANGEL OF A CERTAIN STREET—I've forgotten the name of the street. She only lived two more years (weeps), but she lived such a life of such love and such sympathy, such compassion, such sweetness, the whole neighborhood called her the angel of this certain street until she died! She had just so worn out her body in the ravages of sin before, there wasn't much left to give Jesus!

95. AND THEN SHE WORE HERSELF OUT FOR HIM TO HELP OTHERS from the poverty and vice and crime that was on this street that had been like hell before, and now she became its angel and she won many souls to the Lord! She used to go around and say, "All you have to do is just take JESUS!" And I'm telling you tonight‚ that's all you have to do, is just take JESUS!

96. IN JESUS' NAME, LORD, HELP THEM TO TAKE YOU INTO THEIR HEARTS THIS NIGHT, WE ASK YOU! Just ask Him to come in! Say, "Jesus‚ come into my heart! I believe You died for me, forgive me for my sins. I take You, Jesus! I take You‚ Lord! I open my door, I put You in! TYJ! I'm Your Bride now, one of Your queens of Heaven! That ol' Dragon can't get me any more! I am rescued by You‚ my Bridegroom! TYJ! In Jesus' name, amen!"

97. DID YOU PRAY THAT PRAYER WITH ME AS WE PRAYED? If you did, He is there; He is in you now and He is your Husband. He's your Bridegroom, He's your Savior, and He will NEVER ever leave or forsake you! He'll be with you, He says‚ to the very end of the Earth! (Mt.28:20) GBY! Tell others about His love, will you? Tell them all they need to do, like that angel of that street, is just take JESUS!—In Jesus' name! X!—Amen!

98. GOOD NIGHT! ILY! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO OUR LITTLE TIME OF FELLOWSHIP IN HIS GARDEN OF EDEN‚ the Garden of His Word, picking these beautiful flowers out of this beautiful Garden! Seeing those gorgeous flowers that we showed you first of all, one of His beautiful, beautiful flowers who loves Jesus and who has shown the beauties of His creation to you because she loves you and she wants you to love her and Him!

99. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TAKE JESUS!—In Jesus' name! Tell others about Him, would you? Please tell them all they have to do is just take JESUS and He'll be their Bridegroom too and they can be a Queen of Heaven and escape the great Red Dragon, in Jesus' name! X! Amen! Bye-bye! Come back again!

(P.S. LEST SOME OF YOU CONFUSE THE HOLY SPIRIT, GOD THE FATHER'S QUEEN OF HEAVEN, WITH THE CHURCH, JESUS' BRIDE‚ remember that the Holy Spirit, God's Goddess of Love, with Him from the beginning, is the GREAT Queen of Heaven! We are the BRIDE of their SON, Jesus!—And as such we are ALSO a Queen—of the King of kings‚ Jesus the Son of God! Doesn't that make a pretty picture!—God and HIS Queen, and Jesus with HIS—US! CHRIST'S Queen!—They BOTH needed queens, so here we are!—Whatta LOVE STORY!—Amen?—Are you a part of it?—A part of HER, the Bride of CHRIST?—You'll be His glorious Bride forever, ruling the Earth with Jesus for eternity—if you'll just take JESUS!—Amen? GBY!)