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Tropical Village Dream, The

David Berg

—By Father David DFO1133 27/2/81

—Do you know where it is?

1. PTL! TYJ! THIS IS FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 27, 1981‚ & I just had a funny little dream. I don't know if it even means anything but it was sort of interesting. We seemed to have landed on this small island in a small plane, it was one of those old ex-British islands but now apparently independent with some Whites & some Blacks etc. It was a very small place & we were sort of like a gypsy band family of us. PTL! TYJ! Help me to remember it.

2. WE WERE MAKING SOME KIND OF PROCLAMATION & I was helping them with this sort of a sound system so that they could be heard with the use of megaphones & microphones, etc. I was adding on to the bottom of some of the proclamations my comments & explanations or interpretations, trying to help the people to understand it better.

3. IT WAS SORT OF LIKE WE WERE SOME KIND OF OFFICIAL MESSENGERS bringing some important news to the little island, & they were listening & receiving it & realised that it was important. Meanwhile, some of our fellows were preparing one of our vans, kind of a big truck, almost like a circus lorry, & I was wondering how in the World they got that thing to this island.

4. BUT THE ISLAND SEEMED TO BE QUITE FREE, they didn't seem to be upset about it or anything. Whereas bringing vehicles into a new country is quite a big thing in some places. I was thinking that I had heard that they didn't even require licenses for this island & I thought, "Boy, they're still pretty primitive here, still unusually free.

5. THE OFFICIALS, SORT OF OFFICIOUS OFFICIALS, WERE STANDING AROUND NEAR THE GOVERNMENT HOUSE which was kind of a great big old frame building like the British have on some of those small islands with sort of a policeman or two & some Black officers too. But everybody seemed to be just standing around with nothing to do because it was such a small place & there was just really not anything to do. I thought, "Well, what a nice job, just standing there all day with nothing to do!" I was thinking that I wouldn't like that kind of job, but it's pretty easy for them anyway, just standing there looking around, watching everybody.


that she was going to get some messages & tell the crowd. I was just walking around in a very light pair of trousers & bare feet like an old gypsy or prophet or something. It seemed like I was sort of hippie like the rest of'm & I was trying to help with getting things set up for the meeting, the PA system & all.

7. THE GYPSY LADY WASN'T SO OLD, MAYBE SHE WAS AROUND 50, SOMETHING LIKE THAT. She was kind of cute, short & a little plump. I told her I thought she would look better in another outfit‚ so we found something for her to wear which I told her to slip into, I thought she would look better in that. And she went over to this sort of dressing room, bathroom & she went in & I handed her the clothing & said, "I'd be happy to come in & help you get it on but I don't think it would look very good here in front of the public." And she looked kind of cute & like she liked me.

8. AND THEN I WAS GOING AROUND MAKING ARRANGEMENTS TO HAVE ALFRED TRANSLATE FOR HER because it seemed she couldn't speak anything but Italian & Spanish & Gypsy. And nearly all the people‚ the natives here on the island were English-speaking because they had been there so long. I wouldn't swear it was an island but it seemed like it, it was kind of remote anyway & it was right by the sea & seemed to be pretty well surrounded with water. It might have been an isthmus or something. But anyhow, it was a little village right on the sea.

9. SO I SAID, "WHERE'S ALFRED? WE NEED TO HAVE ALFRED BECAUSE HE KNOWS SPANISH & ITALIAN WELL & he can translate for her into English." And I was telling her that & she wasn't too keen on the idea, maybe it was because she wasn't sure she could do it that way by translation. But I said‚ "Well, you'll have to do it because nobody here understands Spanish or Italian. So if you're going to get your message across you've gotta have a translator, an interpreter." And we were making those arrangements when I woke up! (Maria: That sounds interesting!)

10. IT WAS A PLEASANT LITTLE PLACE‚ VERY SMALL, KIND OF PRIMITIVE, & the officials were very friendly like it was a big new thing that we came there. We were sort of a big new thing & they were kind of a little tiny dead place where nothing ever happens‚ so this was quite exciting for them to have us come & put up our show‚ which seemed to be important prophetic messages from her & from me that we were delivering from somewhere‚ & they seemed to appreciate them.

11. I'M TRYING TO THINK IF THERE WAS ANYTHING ELSE. I'm still half asleep, but that's when it's easiest to recall dreams or even get messages is when I'm half asleep. Like I have to be in two worlds at the same time, one foot in one world at the same time, one foot in one world & one foot in the other, like I can easily slip back into the other one, but then you wouldn't know what was going on. I have to keep my tongue in this world so that you can hear what's happening in the other one. PTL! TYL! I can't think of anything else that happened.

12. I'M KIND OF SEARCHING AROUND ON THE ISLAND LOOKING AT DIFFERENT THINGS Well, there was some kind of a boat dock, ferry dock where ferries. So if it was an island it couldn't have been very far offshore. And a lot of small boats of course, a little harbour. And I'm thinking right now down on the southernmost tip it seemed like there was a big old hotel. I mean, not very tall, about five or six stories tall, tourist hotel & stories tall tourist hotel & beach. Yes, it was obviously a tourist hotel & beach.

13. IT'S LIKE I'M STANDING ON TOP OF THE HIGHEST POINT ON THE ISLAND where was this old public building of some kind, sort of a central square or center of town with a public building behind it & restrooms, etc., sort of a pavillion‚ that's what I'd call it, sort of an open pavillion where they had picnics, meetings & band concerts & stuff like that, you know, like a park. Then out facing sort of South & left, I don't know why I should think those were the directions but it just seemed like it. to my left on the island is the tourist hotel & beaches, etc.

14. AND RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME IS THE HARBOUR WITH THE DOCKS & THE SHIPS, small boats, not big ships, at least I didn't see any. And on my right is the government house, big frame two or three-story house, official like a customs house, government center, with the various officers standing out in front & around, guards etc., not more than half-a-dozen all together, a couple of Black guards in uniform & a couple of White officers talking & some other fellows that seemed to be working there.

15. AND AT MY BACK UP TO THE RIGHT SEEMS TO BE THE INTERIOR, sort of jungle or palm trees & vegetation. It seemed to be quite warm & tropical because I just had on a pair of light white dungarees, sort of like sailors wear when they're working in the hot climate, & everybody was dressed quite lightly. So it was quite warm, seemed to be quite tropical or at least warm.

16. I DEFINITELY HAD THE IMPRESSION IT WAS A KIND OF A TROPICAL ISLAND TO LITTLE TROPICAL PORT. It might not have been an island, it could have been an isolated little village on the seashore on sort of a peninsula or promontory that stuck out into the sea‚ because at least it had sea on three sides because there was sea back to the rear, I could see the ocean back there‚ & there was sea sort of South‚ to my left where the hotel was, & there was water right in front of me where the harbour was.

17. BUT I'M NOT REALLY SURE IT WAS AN ISLAND BECAUSE I REALLY COULDN'T SEE THE SEA IN BACK OF ME TO THE RIGHT behind the government building & behind the pavillion, it seemed to be all trees. I guess I had the impression at first that it was like an island because it was surrounded by water on three sides, but that doesn't necessarily make it an island. But there was a harbour in front of me & a hotel & beach to the left & then a beach behind me to the left, but it could have just been a little seaside port of some kind.

18. BUT IT WAS DEFINITELY BRITISH OR HAD BEEN BRITISH BECAUSE THE PEOPLE SPOKE ENGLISH. I had to tell the gypsy lady that she was going to have to speak in Spanish or Italian & let Alfred interpret for her. And they seemed very friendly & very interested in us‚ you know just like the circus had come to town, ha! Everybody was kind of interested & it put a little life into this rather quiet sleepy little tropical village‚ more like we were something at least that was happening, & they were receiving us & trying to help us get set up & being very good to us.

19. WHY WE CAME BY PLANE I DON'T KNOW but it seemed like we came on a small plane of some kind‚ not a big plane. I think it was a sea plane & we landed right in the bay down there‚ come to think about it, & taxied up to the dock like they used to in Miami. They even used to dock the great big pan-american clipper ships that held about 50 people & had four huge motors.

20. THEY USED TO LAND ON THE BAY & TAXI UP TO THE DOCK & the divers would dive in then & attach wheels to them & then pull them up on to the dock by a ramp & a rope, a powerful winch or cable, so that the passengers could file out on dry land then. Otherwise they have to get'm out by boat which is not s easy because the bay could be choppy sometimes.

21. SO THEY WOULD JUST TAXI UP TO THE DOCK & ATTACH WHEELS & then they had this powerful winch that wound the rope or cable, I don't know which it was, yet I could see it from a distance but you couldn't tell. They'd attach it to the nose of the big clipper ship & it would pull it right up the ramp on these wheels that the divers had attached, till it was right up on the dock, & then they'd put out little steps for the people to climb out.

22. I USED TO WATCH IT WHEN I WAS A BOY. I used to ride over there on my bicycle & watch it‚ I was so thrilled, I got all excited & thrilled thinking about where those big planes were coming in from all parts of South America & the Caribbean—Rio, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Cuba. Those were the good old days when the U.S. still practically owned Cuba & ran it before Castro took over, before they treated him so mean. They cut off their own nose to spite their face in Cuba, the U.S. did!

23. WELL, ANYHOW, THAT WAS A VERY PLEASANT LITTLE DREAM I had just before I woke up & I was feeling real good about it & very happy, but I didn't get any name. Wait a minute, it began with a V! That' funny. It began with a V. V-A, I'm sure. V-A-L. V-A-L. That's all I get, it's something with V-A-L, like Valladolid or Valencia or Val-something. I don't suppose it was Valhalla, ha! That's the Norseman' Heaven. I didn't see any Vikings there. (Maria: Was it the name of the town or the name of the island or what?) The name of the place, the town.

24. YOU COULD HARDLY CALL IT A TOWN, IT WAS A VILLAGE. A tiny little port village like you see on some of those Caribbean islands or along the coast of Mexico or Bahamas or somewhere. But it was definitely English, definitely it either was British or had been British because they all spoke English. (Maria: And since they couldn't speak Spanish or Italian then it must not have been any where in Italy or in South America.) No, no, very unlikely, no no no.

25. IT COULD HAVE BEEN ON THE COAST OF SOME EX-BRITISH TERRITORY ALMOST ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD I GUESS, tropical country, or warm climate at least. Well, of course the first place I thought of when I thought maybe it was an island was you-know-where. But I wonder if they've got any places like that there along the coast, some small little port village. I suppose they do.

26. CAN YOU THINK OF ANY ENGLISH WORD THAT BEGINS WITH V-A-L? Valor, but that wasn't the name, I don't think. Valhalla, Valladolid, Valencia. Think of some words that begin with V-A–L. (Maria: Well, would it have to be one of those? I mean, a lot of proper names are things that we've never heard of before.) Yes, well I was just trying to think of something, that was all, that it might ring a bell.

27. IT'S FUNNY HOW I COULD SEE THE "V" & IT FADED AND I COULD GET TO "A" AND BARELY BARELY GET TO "L" just like I was seeing the printed capital letters, then it faded out. I think the Lord loves a mystery. He really does! There are a lot of them in the Bible, a lot of very weird mysteries in the Bible, very strange mysteries.

28. I'LL NEVER FORGET THE TIME I WAS PRAYING ALONE IN A HOTEL IN NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA where I fucked that pretty Creole maid. She asked me if there was anything else she could do for me & smiled real big & her eyes all mischievous & sparkly & said, "It would only cost $5." So I told her I was too tired right them & I'd have to wait & see‚ but she could come back later after I'd taken a nap, which she did, while I was still in bed. She climbed in with me. She was very pretty, quite dark but very pretty‚ about 30‚ a little bit plump, & we had fun!

29. BUT ANYHOW I WAS STAYING IN THAT HOTEL & I WAS PRAYING. I've forgotten now what it was about, but the Lord told me that He liked mysteries. I was asking Him, "Why, Lord, didn't You tell me so & so," but He just said " I love a mystery" or something like that that came. And them He said that the people love a mystery, the people love a mystery! They like it to be mysterious! People do love mysteries, don't they? They like things that are mysterious. (Maria: Yes!)

30. SO THAT WAS MY PLEASANT LITTLE DREAM ABOUT THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND OR LITTLE SEACOAST PORT, whatever it was. TYL! PTL! Well, maybe I can wake up now. TYJ! It was really pretty‚ pleasant, quiet, balmy. Nobody seemed to have‚ much to do‚ nobody seemed to have much to do, nobody was important enough for this ferry, I remember there was this ferry, I remember there was this special big dock for the ferry, & there was a ferry there. Now that must be how the truck got there, on the ferry, it must have been a car ferry.

31. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER THAT'S ANOTHER OF OUR ALTERNATIVES OR NOT SOME PLACE TO GO. I guess we'll never be able to go any place we'll never be able to go any place we'll ever be able to stay very long, so we need a lot of places to go. It's like taking a travelbook tour of some of the places the Lord shows us. PTL! (Maria: Amen!) I guess He gives us our choice. He shows us different places & asks us, "Where would you like to go?" The Lord's our travel agent. Ha! There's a lot of places He'd be willing to let us go, I guess, & He leaves a lot of the choice up to us, most of the time.

32. IT'S VERY RARE THAT HE GIVES ME A SUPERNATURAL VIVID DIRECTION LIKE HE DID ABOUT TENERIFE that time with that neon sign‚ but He has a few times. He's directed us directly to places by name quite a few times in our lives. The first times were when I was travelling with my mother, or mother was travelling with us, & He gave us the names of exact places to go to. So if it's not too uncommon to give us the exact names, sometimes He's even given us dates & names of people.

33. I ALWAYS TOLD YOU I THOUGHT THE DREAMS WERE THE MOST IMPORTANT even though they didn't seem to make any sense. They might make sense to somebody, somebody who's affected or involved or to whom they apply. It could be somebody's direction & I think we ought to get them out. But now I've got to get out, I've got to get out of bed!

34. PTL! TYJ! HE'S STILL SPEAKING & SHOWING! I get a nice little show every few nights, take trips in my dreams, & most of them trips in my dreams, & most of them ate very pleasant, thank the Lord! Well GBY all! Bye-bye! I'm not leaving right now but I might be one of these days.—I'll tell you all about it when I get back—or you get there! Ha! GBY! KGFG! ILY! Bye!