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Miami Beach Grocery Store, The

David Berg

—By Father David DFO1128B 14/1/79

1. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I'VE DREAMED ABOUT MIAMI, only this time it was all about Miami Beach.

2. WE HAD A NICE LITTLE APARTMENT THERE. I had a little problem finding my way around because it was so built up since I was there last & was a really big city now. I was catching buses because at first it seems I didn't have a car, but then later I did have one. I drove way up north for miles, way up in the country & there was this old deserted farm. I thought, "That would be nice to live out here!"

3. I CAME BACK IN & WAS STOPPING TO SHOP AT THE GROCERY STORE, & there was a young fellow working there as a clerk, & I thought, "That would be a nice job." Some woman was talking about working there at the store & said, "Shouldn't you be in High School?" to the boy‚ & he said, "I don't like school. You don't know these New York Jews."

4. I REMEMBER I WAS TRYING TO PHONE HOME & I said, "I must remember, Pat said it costs a quarter now!" All I could find were Swiss Francs & stuff like that so I decided to try one of them & see if it would work. Some guy was trying to phone Australia & I thought, "Poor fellow!" Isn't that funny?