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Puerto Rico Dream, The

David Berg

—By Father David DFO1128C 2/7/77

1. I DREAMT THAT IT WAS DEFINITELY PUERTO RICO IN THE DREAM I JUST HAD A WHILE AGO BEFORE I WOKE UP. I remember thinking, "Well‚ that's nice, to be now where they speak Spanish & really be able to talk to them because we know enough of the language to get by."

2. MY MOTHER HAD BEEN THERE BEFORE US & MADE FRIENDS, & we were visiting several of her old friends. Now it might have been Cuba, I wouldn't swear to it, I couldn't swear to the name, but it was one of those West Indies Islands in the Caribbean. I sort of had the feeling it was Puerto Rico but it might have been Cuba. I've been to Cuba but I've never been to Puerto Rico & it didn't seem to be familiar to me.

3. WE WERE DRIVING & WE STOPPED AT THIS HOUSE TO FIND THESE PEOPLE, but they were all at the grocery store. So we went over there & we met them & they were they very cordial & very kind it seemed because they were Christians‚ good friends of my Mother. We picked out a few groceries & they made a list of them & indicated that they or the church or whatever it was would pay for them. It seemed like we were going to hold a meeting in their church & do something for their church, like we were coming to work there for the Lord in some way.

4. WE PICKED OUT THESE GROCERIES & THEN THEY TOOK US TO THIS HOUSE TO STAY, an empty unoccupied house, fairly small, I think it was something like two bedrooms. It was right on a man highway or thoroughfare, a big four-lane highway. After, the people came & were very nice to give us the house & let us in & they showed us around & all that & helped get us settled in & all.

5. BUT AFTER THEY WERE GONE I LOOKED OUT AT THAT HIGHWAY & ALL THAT BUSY TRAFFIC GOING BY RIGHT OUTSIDE THE FRONT STEPS OF THE HOUSE, & I thought, "Oh my! This is going to be a noisy place! We're not going to get much sleep here!" And I think that was just about it, that was all there was to the dream. I don't know why I had that dream.

6. I DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA WHY I HAD THAT DREAM UNLESS IT MEANS THAT WE'RE GOING TO GO THERE SOMETIME or something like that! I don know, I don't know. But it was quite clear though. PTL! TYJ! Amen.

7. WELL, NOT ALL DREAMS ARE NECESSARILY OF THE LORD UNLESS YOU PRAYED THAT THEY WOULD BE, which I usually do. Sometimes I forget, & some dreams are from the business of the day as the Bible says, it was a busy day or something you ate. I just don't know! So PTL anyway, there is the dream. TYJ! Amen, GBY!