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Rickety Airplane, The

David Berg

—By Father David DFO1127 27/2/77

1. THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE A BIG FIREWORKS CELEBRATION, & this time they were going to have it up on a side of a mountain where everybody could see it better. I thought‚ "That's nice, it will be safer too & the debris won't be falling all around on top of us."

2. BUT INSTEAD, IT DID BEGIN TO FALL ALL AROUND US, especially these little round black balls about the size of golf balls, & they exploded like little bombs. That's what was dangerous about them. So I said, "We'd better get out of here!"

3. WE WERE UP AT THIS LITTLE MOUNTAIN-TOP RESORT & IT HAD A LITTLE TINY AIRSTRIP. It was so short that I figured they must count on free fall over the cliff to get the plane airborne, but that was the only way to get out of there.

4. IT WAS GETTING DUSK, GETTING DARK & IT BEGAN TO SNOW, & THEN IT BEGAN TO HAIL, big hailstones as big as golf balls! It's funny but one of those fireworks bombs exploded. I was afraid they would, but they didn't. But the hail was doing quite a bit of damage.

5. THEY WERE GETTING THIS LITTLE TINY AIRPLANE ALL READY TO TAKE OFF & it was loaded & packed with passengers, but the tail kept falling off. Then at the last minute somebody brought this huge big heavy bundle of newspapers saying they had to send this down on the plane. I said, "That plane is already rickety & overloaded! If they put those newspapers on there, it will never make it!"

6. BUT MY MOTHER WAS INSISTING SHE WANTED TO GO HOME ON THE PLANE. She was cold up there & it was too late, too dark & too dangerous. It was cold weather & getting foggy besides. Mother was always pretty independent so she insisted on running up to catch the plane anyway.

7. BUT SHE SLIPPED ON THE ICE & FELL FLAT ON HER FACE & HURT HERSELF. I said, "You see, I told you that you weren't supposed to catch that plane!" I said, "Well, I'm not going to go on it if I have to stay here all night!"

8. IT WAS JUST A SMALL PASSENGER PLANE HOLDING ONLY ABOUT 12 PASSENGERS, the kind that they usually use on the little local hops. They just couldn't seem to get it together. They couldn't even seem to hardly keep the plane together. They couldn't get the cabin clamped on & it kept falling apart. Even the engine began to float through the air & they kept chasing these parts trying to get them back together. Parts were falling off & floating around & they were trying to squeeze the newspapers in!

9. ALL THE DUMB PASSENGERS WERE SITTING THERE PACKED IN WAITING TO GO LIKE THEY WERE DUMB SHEEP. I kept telling them, "Don't go! Don't go! You'll never make it!" but they just didn't listen. They said, "We have to fly now because the roads are too icy & we'll never out any other way, & we've got to get home for our dinners." But at least Mother listened to me after she had that fall. She & I didn't get on board. And that's the last I remember.

10. THEY WERE STILL TRYING TO GET THAT PLANE TOGETHER TO TAKE OFF & I thought it was so crazy that they didn't even have room on that mountain to turn the plane around, they had to turn it around by hand. It could surely only be symbolic whatever it was.

11. THEIR FIREWORKS DISPLAY REMINDS ME OF THEIR ATTACK ON US RIGHT NOW, their power & glory‚ & how can we dare challenge them & their system. The fireworks of course, are symbolic of man's man–made glory‚ his power. And the fact that these unexploded small bombs were falling all around us could represent their attacks on us‚ but the Lord didn't let them explode. The Lord didn't let them hurt us.

12. THEN THE HAIL CAME, GOD'S JUDGMENTS, & it was really bothering them‚ & still they were trying to escape on this man–made way of escape. But they just couldn't get it together, the weather was too bad & their means of escape was constantly falling apart‚ in other words, man's way of trying to save himself. He's so proud of himself, but this way of saving himself just wasn't working.

13. I KEPT TRYING TO WARN EVERYBODY, "DON'T TRY TO ESCAPE OR LEAVE LIKE THAT! IT WOULD BE SAFER JUST TO WAIT OUT THE WEATHER!" That would be like if the judgments of God started to fall on us here, on this island, and people started freaking out and leaving the island to try to get away from it, trying to save themselves instead of trusting God to save them. What a crazy way to illustrate that, like a comedy! I guess the Lord must think we're pretty childish.

14. BUT WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES IT MEAN ABOUT MY MOTHER INSISTING ON TRYING TO ESCAPE?—And not listening to me?—And then falling on her face, & then she knew I was right? Well‚ my Mother was always very independent & pretty stubborn & wilful. In a way, she represents the Family, she was sort of like its first member. In trying to escape she fell & hurt her face, like she was trying to save face & instead she lost face, I guess you could say.

15. A FALL LIKE THAT IS QUITE HUMBLING. It's sort of like if we tried to run we'd lose even more face. So after she fell she listened to me & she didn't go. She obeyed me & stayed with me. What a funny comical way to illustrate it!

16. THAT CRAZY AIRPLANE WAS SO FUNNY, SO RIDICULOUS, IT KEPT FALLING APART. Then they wanted to overload it even more with those newspapers. It was like it didn't matter about the people's lives, the newspapers had to go, the people had to get their news. I think that's pretty obvious. The newspapers don't really care what damage they do, they just want to sell newspapers!—Ha!—How true!