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Christmas Eve 1977

David Berg

—By Father DavidMoraleja, Madrid, Spain, 24/12/77DFO1123

1. (SINGS "O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL".) Oh, you guys know some of these songs! You were probably right on the words. If I can't remember the words, I just sing something else! Thank You Lord for bringing us here safely together & through another year, & for this night we celebrate as being Thy birthday, Lord, that we are thankful once again. We love You every day, Lord‚ & every day is Christmas for us, but we're thankful the world is reminded at least once a year, Lord, of Thy birth. We ask Thee to keep the Family everywhere around the World that celebrate tonight, in Jesus' name we ask‚ for Thy glory, amen.

2. WELL, PTL! DO YOU KNOW ANY OTHER CHRISTMAS CAROLS? (Sings "Silent Night".) I don't know why those church songs always talk so much about sleeping!—Or they sound sleepy. (Sings "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" & "The First Noel".) You guys know all these carols, don't you! I always like that one. I used to have to play one of the Wise Men & it took a deep voice so they always stuck me in for that! (Sings "We Three Kings".) Well, a little churchy background won't hurt you too much, it might even be helpful!

3. I'VE NEVER LIKED TO CARVE MEAT, IT'S TOO HARD WORK, I'M LAZY! You have to work for your supper that way! (Tim: You sang for your supper!) What do you mean?—You sang! you sang better than I did! I love that "French Noel" but I don't know the words. I never heard it till I was full grown so I guess that's why I never learned it.

4. WELL, I'M SORRY, BUT I CAN'T EAT ANY MORE ON CHRISTMAS THAN I CAN ANY OTHER DAY. Every dinner we have here is this good, so we have Christmas every day! My Daddy just did not believe in emphasising one day above another. He didn't even believe in celebrating his own birthday! I guess I got that from him, I don't much like that either. Excuse me if I lick my fingers, Folks, but that's the best way to get them clean! I'm glad my Mommy's not here‚ she'd be spanking my hand!

5. I THINK IT'S NICE TO CELEBRATE THE LORD'S BIRTHDAY, especially since it gets the whole World to think about it. I just hope nobody bought any presents! That I am against! I'm agin it! But I know Rachel, she's as bad as Deborah about that. My mother used to say, "I've got Christmas in my bones!"—& I think Rachel and Deborah both have Christmas in their bones! We cooked up that little notice on the bulletin board about gifts! I hope you read it!

6. WELL, CHRISTMAS REALLY IS FOR CHILDREN, so if you want to give gifts to the children, that's fine. I don't know what you could possible give anybody here that they don't already have or that they need. I always think of dear old Bing Crosby when I hear that song, "White Christmas". I want to go out on that golf course someday & see where he died.

7. I THINK WE OUGHT TO MOVE OUR CHRISTMAS TREE UP HERE & STICK IT IN THE WINDOW where the people outside can see it! I always thought there's no use having a tree unless you can make it a testimony or a witness. Then we can leave it on all day for a week‚ at least show we're Christians.

8. (DAD & MARIA BREAK THE WISHBONE & MARIA WINS:) Honey‚ I know that your wishes are my wishes, it's all the same! (Rachel: Even if you get the short end, she wishes that your wish comes true.) That's the way she is. She is loving & kissing me like I was really lovable this morning! I said, what is it, Christmas? I said what turned you on like this?—It must be the moon! I think it's a full moon, isn't it? (Rachel: I think it's you!) Nah, an old man like me turning on nice pretty young girls like you?

9. I THINK ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS EVES I EVER SPENT WAS IN THE ARAB CATHOLIC CHURCH IN HAIFA. Beautiful music! I don't think I've ever heard such beautiful choral singing. Really really gorgeous! At this particular time‚ Christmas, there's almost anything but peace on earth & good will toward men!

10. WELL‚ THE LORD HAS BROUGHT US THROUGH ANOTHER YEAR! Last Christmas we were in Tenerife, weren't we? Well, let's hope & pray next Christmas we'll be back in Tenerife, Lord willing. That would be a nice Christmas wish! Lots of people are asking for us to come back. I think some of them are wishing we'd come back to save their necks, because they really got in a lot of trouble! I'll tell you, I wouldn't like to be here when it starts, I hope we are back there.

11. WELL, WE'LL BE WHEREVER THE LORD WANTS US TO BE & SAFE IN HIS HANDS, I'M SURE! All these American bases around here make me feel a little uncomfortable. We'd be a whole not better off without them. So may by next Christmas we'll have a better government in Tenerife, I hope before that, maybe, but they're moving as slow as Christmas about it. Well, PTL‚ what's your Christmas wish?

12. THE NICE THING ABOUT OUR WISHES, WE CAN PRAY & THEY CAN COME TRUE! We call them Christmas wishes & New Years prayers. If I had my wish, which I usually get anyhow, one with above all others, what would I wish for? Well, I've got just about everything I want already so what could I wish for more, except to go back to Tenerife. I think I 'd have a say, I wish the Lord's will would be done, because He knows best. We know not what a day shall bring forth, but that would be one of my wishes, to go back. I'm happy here, don't misunderstand me, but it would wishes, to go back. I'm happy here, don't misunderstand me, but it would be nice. But then on the other hand it might not be nice, only the Lord knows that, so we don't have to worry about tomorrow.

13. WE DIDN'T SING "AWAY IN A MANGER" or "Joy To The World"! (Sings!) This little child has proven the simplicity of simplicity! Of all the fancy toys, she's been occupied with that little marble for the past 20 minutes, having a great time! She's more excited about the marble than all the rest of the toys! (Sings "Silent Night".)

14. WE USED TO GO OUT CAROLING ON CHRISTMAS EVE.) We used to put on a little church drama every Christmas & got quite a crowd! We had that little mud church packed out! Well, I'm sorry we have to be so high on security here, we can't have the whole family here. I'd like to have them all here! I'm one of the worst blob builders of all, a blobber! I always like blobs!

15. WELL, THIS HAS BEEN QUITE A CIRCUS! (Children opening gifts & playing.) This kind of a Christmas I don't mind! Well‚ I must say, I think the kids went into more ecstasy over the paper & the marbles! Thank you girls & boys & children for giving us such a nice happy Christmas! Thanks to Dave for taking all the pictures‚ that's a lot of work & thanks to you girls who take care of the babies, that's a lot of work. (Maria: And the people who are going to wash the dirty dishes!) And the folks who cooked the good delicious Christmas dinner, & the folks who are going to wash the dishes, & all of you who helped make it all possible.

16. I THINK THIS HAS BEEN ONE OF THE FUNNEST CHRISTMAS EVE'S WE'VE HAD!—Just getting all the kids together & watching them play is entertainment enough! Well‚ as I have always said, Christmas is for kids, so we gave the kids Christmas today, & I think everybody had fun! TTL! Amen, TYL! We have lots to be thankful for. Amen, PTL! TYL!

17. THANK YOU LORD FOR ANOTHER CHRISTMAS! Thank You, Lord‚ for all Thy blessings, every day is Christmas, You're so good to us every day. We are enjoying a feast & festivity every single day with the precious Family & all Thy blessings. You've been more than good to us, Lord. Thank You for Thy bountiful provision, Lord‚ for every meal.

18. WE COULD NOT THINK OF A THING THAT WE NEEDED FOR WANTED FOR CHRISTMAS EXCEPT THIS SWEET FELLOWSHIP, & so we thank Thee for it, Lord‚ & that the children have been here & had a good time‚ & we've had a good time watching them, & we're all safe & sound & we live in a comfortable home, all of our needs supplied, Lord. You've been so good to us, we thank You!

19. BLESS ALL THE FAMILY, LORD, BOTH HERE & THERE & YON & EVERYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD! Bless & keep them all & give them a happy Christmas together, in sweet fellowship & praise & thanking Thee for their blessings. Keep them safely, provide every need, Lord, & make them a blessing. Work out this Reorganisation, Lord, which is going to be kind of a Christmas gift for all & we believe going to liberate much more leadership to pioneer more territory, simplify things & give us better supervision of the Homes. TYL for the help that You've given us all & the safety and how few accidents we've had & how well You keep us. We thank You, Jesus! You're so good to us in every way. (It was the time of the RNR.)

20. WE THANK THEE AGAIN‚ LORD, THAT THOU WAST BORN ON THIS EARTH TO LIVE HERE FOR US & TO DIE FOR US. We thank You for the greatest gift of all, Thyself. So we tonight commemorate Thy birth. We thank Thee, Lord, for Thy gift of love, above all other things, in Jesus' name. As we pray together, Lord, the prayer which You Yourself taught us to pray: (Prays Lord's Prayer.)

21. THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING THAT PRAYER, LORD! Many times we have prayed it & You have answered it day after day. It's Thy Kingdom, Lord, & You're the One that's behind it. We thank you for blessing it, Lord, & prospering it & making it great for Thy glory, in Jesus' name. Amen. TYL! PTL! Hallelujah! (Sings: "Hark the Herald Angels Sing!", "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name!")

22. WELL, GBY ALL! THANK YOU FOR COMING! We've had such a nice time together, & this will be a Christmas to remember, amen? Our little family together. We've had some memorable ones at home in Tenerife, & God willing may we spend our next Christmas in Tenerife. Any other Christmas wishes you want to place? Well, God's will be done, si Dios quiere, whatever the Lord wants, He knows what's best. Well, I think a good time was had by all, especially the kids!—Especially us!—In Jesus' name, amen!

23. (P.S. 1981: WE DIDN'T GET BACK TO TENERIFE THAT NEXT YEAR, BUT WE SURE GOT REORGANISED!—And began a new growth that has never stopped since! PTL! TYJ!—And someday we may even get back to Tenerife!—In the Millennium?—Under our own government!—The Kingdom of Jesus Christ on Earth!—True "Peace on Earth!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!—Amen? What a day that will be!—When we reign triumphant over all our enemies! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! They won't run us out then! Ha! PG! It'll all be ours & they'll be obeying our rules! Ha! PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah!—It won't be long now!—Amen? GBY! ILY!)