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Push-Button Church, The

David Berg

—By Father David (When Eve was pregnant with Deb in Florida, 1945!)DFO1116

1. MOTHER & MOM & I WERE HOLDING A MEETING IN AN ALLIANCE CHURCH IN WEST PALM BEACH with this big fat preacher just before Deborah was born, & I had this dream one night. I woke up & it was so vivid & clear & powerful that I just knew it must mean something‚ so I told my mother about it. In the dream I saw this pastor & his beautiful pianist—who somehow had some kind of an unholy relationship—& she was sitting at the organ & he was standing behind the pulpit.

2. ON THE PULPIT WERE ALL THESE BUTTONS & THE CHURCH BUILDING WAS JUST FULL OF THESE SNAKES crawling in & out & all around about, & he was standing behind the pulpit pressing the different buttons. Each time he'd press a button it would activate different snakes to do different things, & the words came to me in the dream: "That's the way he runs his church!"

3. HIS ORGANIST WAS SITTING THERE PLAYING THESE BEAUTIFUL MELODIES & all these snakes were crawling all over the floor & the organ stool & around the pulpit & under the pews, but nobody seemed to notice them or see them at all! It was all just beautiful except for the snakes.—And it seemed that's the way he was running the church.

4. I WOKE UP REAL SHOOK UP & SHOCKED `cause I really liked this guy & the gal too. I loved music & I was a singer then, & he & she were composing music & they sang beautifully together. They were both single but I had the impression that they were living together. It didn't seem to bother me really except there seemed to be something sort of sinister about it, like it was sort of an unholy confederation or conspiracy, like they had everybody fooled.

5. THE BUTTONS SEEMED TO SYMBOLISE THAT EVERYTHING WAS MECHANICAL IN A WAY UNDER HIS TOTAL CONTROL, just like most churches under the pastor's dictatorship. But the serpents seemed to be spiritual, Satanic, & he controlled them with these buttons & told them what to do. It was like each serpent was a devil, an evil spirit, so that the whole church was really being run by demons, under the control of demons‚ under his behest or control.

6. AND WHEN I TOLD MY MOTHER ABOUT IT SHE SAID, "WELL, THAT IS DEFINITELY SYMBOLIC & REALLY REPRESENTS WHAT I BELIEVE IS GOING ON HERE. There's something Satanic about this whole place!" She was very sensitive in the Spirit & sometimes had discernment, but her discernment was particularly about demons & evil spirits so that she had really sensed something was wrong. So after that she began really socking it to them in her nightly meetings & we didn't last very long there.

7. I FORGET WHAT THE EXCUSE WAS FOR WHICH HE CLOSED DOWN THE SO-CALLED REVIVAL. I think it turned out to be a burial instead of a revival because as I recall‚ last I heard the church soon folded up & he & she ran away together & left the ministry. That's my recollection. So that was really the first significant spiritual dream I think I ever had! And I can see that picture yet!

8. PICTURES ARE POWERFUL! When God gives you a picture it really sticks with you & I've never forgotten it. God's pictures are really powerful. Picture power! Never underestimate the value of a picture because God Himself uses pictures—moving pictures called dreams & visions. Praise God! And I don't think God was just talking about that one specific church either.

9. IT'S A PRETTY GOOD PICTURE OF CHURCHIANITY IN GENERAL & the churches & how they're running—all mechanical & unspiritual & man—controlled, except for the demons & the demonic inspiration & demon activity. It was like two pictures in one, sort of like those three-dimensional postcards.

10. WHAT THE PEOPLE WERE SEEING WAS JUST ON THE SURFACE—the beauty & the pleasantry & the pageantry & the preachery & the music & the pretty building, comfortable pews & great swelling words of man's wisdom—but underneath everything & slithering in & out & crawling all around in everything & under everything were these stinking serpents, seemingly totally unseen by the congregation, the demonic power behind it all.

11. WHAT A HORRIBLE PICTURE OF THE TRUTH!—The diabolical, demonic‚ Satanic power behind the counterfeit churchanity system—false Christianity of which the people seemed totally unconscious! God help us to open their eyes! If they would see their churches as I saw that one that day in that dream‚ they'd run out screaming, because I myself was terrified by the awful sight! But that's the way God sees them, & they'd better wake up & run before they get bitten & fatally poisoned forever if it's not already too late.

12. THANK GOD FOR THE REVOLUTION FOR JESUS OUTSIDE & FREE OF THE SERPENTINE CURSE OF CHURCHIANITY! I was never so glad to wake up, & may you wake up too!—Or do you still sleep on on some snake-infested pew every Sunday morning unaware of the frightening & fatal danger of their damnable doctrines of devils?

13. RUN! GET OUT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE & the whole filthy‚ unholy, terrifying mess collapses on your head as God slays both you & the Devil's serpents to wipe out the putrid pollution of false religious from the Earth in His coming judgements! "Come out of her ye My people that ye be not partakers of her sins!" Read Revelation 17 & 18! FLEE TODAY! Tomorrow will be too late!