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Second Encounter with the First Kind

David Berg

—By Father David17/9/81DFO1103

—The new version of the movie with a message!

1. I THINK IT HAD A VERY SPIRITUAL MESSAGE, even the beginning of the picture with those supernatural experiences of the appearance of the UFOs & the effect on everything around: All the toys started going, the TV turned on, the lights went on, everything was suddenly activated in the whole house with electricity just like somebody had gone around & turned them all on, just from the proximity of those vehicles.

2. IT WAS A PARALLEL TO THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT, or the power of angels or heavenly visitors. Like when Moses met the angel that was in the burning bush & the bush was on fire etc., it was a manifestation of the power. Or Moses on the mountain with clouds & lightning & thunder! I really had a feeling like they were trying to show you with those clouds & that mountain that it was a kind of a similarity & parallel to Moses on the mountain getting the Word. Because the mountain was covered with clouds & there was thunder & lightnings when Moses was up there.

3. I THINK THEY WERE ALSO TRYING TO GIVE YOU THE IMPRESSION THAT ALL THOSE SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES of even the prophets & apostles of the past, etc.‚ could be sort of scientifically explained through all this, that these were some kind of superior intelligent space beings & they had these scientific effects—they were not necessarily supernatural, but scientific, beyond our ken & our comprehension, to cause these seemingly supernatural effects of thunder & lightning & clouds on Moses' mountain.

4. OH, & MOSES CAME DOWN WITH HIS FACE SHINING! Moses came out of his close encounter with his face like it was sunburned, remember? I'll bet you could go through that movie & analyse it & find all kinds of parallels like that! The woman's face was sunburned too, she'd seen the light! See? It's sort of a cult thing. There's so many similarities. The supernatural experiences at the beginning which were almost terrifying in a way.

5. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE THE ONES WHO ACCEPTED IT & BELIEVED IT & LIKED IT were drawn by these appearances & these encounters toward these beings, these UFOs, like they were the saved believers. And the little child the most of all was the least bit fearful, not afraid, which is so true of children when it comes to the things of the Spirit & the Lord & even spiritual experiences.

6. IT'S JUST LIKE THEY'RE SO FRESH FROM HEAVEN THEY UNDERSTAND they wonder why everybody's scared & why everybody else shouldn't believe it! Like that story we saw about the ghosts, the children were the ones who could see them, because the children had faith & believed. The little child was just enjoying it, it was great fun!—And he even ran off from his mother, happy to go with them!—Just like a little child is taken away to Heaven even through death, & is happy to go.—At least our children should be.

7. I DON'T KNOW WHAT WAS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF HIM COMING BACK, but I guess they had to show that, because after all, the Systemites couldn't understand how a mother could be permanently separated from her little child & be happy‚ so he was sent back. And all those who had been taken away in past times hadn't even aged, & they were sent back almost liken they were returning prophets, messengers to Earth.

8. THEY HAD SEEN THE LIGHT, THEY HAD BEEN TO HEAVEN! They had been re-conditioned, so to speak, had a spiritual experience having visited Heaven & they came back with a strange look on their faces like they were almost astounded or astonied or awed by what they had seen!—Like they'd experienced being caught up to the third heaven & it had really changed their whole lives, like these after–death, or near-death experiences.

9. THERE WAS AT FIRST ALL THESE FREAKY THINGS, ACTION & NOISE. In some it inspired belief & they were attracted to it, others it inspired unbelief & they just refused to even believe what they'd seen or heard & they were furious about & got furious at the believers. Even the children, her older children that is, got furious at their father for being a believer. I mean, they were really bad kids‚ they were fighting & screaming. It showed the kind of a family it was. She was like them & apparently the kids were like her, unbelievers. They just absolutely treated their father like he'd gone crazy!—Like the System does us!

10. BUT HE WAS JUST FASCINATED WITH APPARENTLY THIS VISION HE HAD SEEN! Later on at the end of the picture it said that these people have seen a vision! They have a common bond that unites them‚ they've seen a vision of this mountain & these things. He was a sculptor, so he sculpted it as he had seen it, & she was an artist & had painted pictures of it as she had seen it, & they were all the same.

11. AND THAT'S ANOTHER PARALLEL, IT'S LIKE THE INSPIRED ARTISTS & SCULPTORS have created this beautiful sacred art of the saints & the angels & Michaelangelo's Creation & God & all these things, it's as though they had this vision emplanted in their hearts & minds & they had to pain it or sculpt it or whatever, & they were all drawn toward the mountain, the mountain of revelation!

12. MOUNTAINS ARE VERY IMPORTANT IN THE BIBLE, like Mt. Sinai, the Mountain of Jerusalem, Mount Moriah, Mount Nebo, the one which Moses died on‚ they're all symbolic of the spiritual. God even symbolises His coming Kingdom as a mountain: This mighty Stone which struck the image & destroyed man's governments became a great Mountain that filled the whole Earth. (Dan.2:35.) And it was speaks of the mountain of the Lord's house, & out of the mountain of the Lord goes forth the law to all the Earth etc. (Isa.2:2‚3.)

13. IT JUST TORE THE FAMILY APART BECAUSE HE WAS A BELIEVER & THE REST OF THEM WEREN'T. She finally absolutely deserted him. She was even almost willing to kill him & nearly killed him with her car!—Went off & left him & all the neighbours were standing around looking awed like he was the crazy one & she was the sane one! She took the children & ran, & he went back to his model of the mountain.

14. HOW DID HE GET TOGETHER WITH THE OTHER WOMAN? (Maria: He found her that night on the road.) It shows you how it split up families but the believers were drawn together. And then he even really kissed her & showed they were obviously in love when they were climbing the mountain. Remember? He rescued her & her little boy & they went together to find the mountain. They were seeking.

15. HERE IS THE SYMBOLISM AGAIN OF A RELIGIOUS PILGRIMAGE—TO THE MOUNTAIN! They just somehow felt that they were going to get the answer there, God was going to speak to them there; in other words, or the gods, & they were going to hear some message. They were just irresistibly drawn to this mountain! In other words, this was being implanted in their subconscious that they had to get to this mountain to get this message.

16. IT'S ALL A VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL—& VERY SUBTLE IN WAY—PARALLEL! They were drawn to the mountain & they had to defy the System to get there. They had to break through traditions & suffer persecution. The System lied to them like mad‚ told them all kinds of lies to keep them away, that it was contaminated & they'd have to wear gas masks, all lies to divert the public from getting there & knowing what was actually going on.

17. (MARIA: AND THEY HAD TO LEARN THEIR SIGNS & THEIR LANGUAGE.) Yes, they had an entirely different language, even a hand-sign language & a musical language. The more spiritual types of people like those Indians in the Gobi desert, they knew these signs & they knew these tunes etc. I'll bet you there's some significance to that tune. It's all very very mysterious, showing that it was all very mysterious‚ that even their language was different & their communications were different—like tongues!

18. BUT THEY FINALLY REACHED THEIR HEAVENLY GOAL, THEY REACHED THE MOUNTAIN! They made their pilgrimages & they got to the mountain & there the heavenly visitors arrived, & their being taken on board was almost like the Rapture! (Maria: A few select people from all over the World were in the know.) Exactly! The chosen few, the chosen ones, "many called, few are chosen." A lot of people had seen the UFOs & a lot of people had heard'm & all this, but they just scoffed & wouldn't believe.

19. BUT THE BELIEVERS WERE LIKE THE ONES WHO WERE CALLED & THEY WENT THROUGH AT ANY COST—persecution, almost death & everything. (Maria: Like the little old man out in the West U.S., his face was all burned too & he said the sun had come & sung to him.) Yes, he said during the night the sun had come & sung to him. Their faces were changed, see?

20. IT'S ALMOST AS THOUGH THEY WERE TRYING TO FIND SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATIONS OF THE HISTORIC SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES of the saints & the prophets & even the cults!—And how it does divide families, between the believers & the unbelievers, & creates in some sense some social chaos. And the System in against it & fights them & tries to keep them away & everything & says it's not so, there's nothing to it‚ blah blah! They even made it illegal & had police trying to keep'm out. (Maria: And put gas masks on telling them the air isn't pure!) Telling them that it's poison gas, whereas the System itself were the ones that were using the poison gas!

21. HERE THEY WERE ACCUSING THE HEAVENLY VISITORS OF CONTAMINATING THE MOUNTAIN & that there was radiation & poison gas present—in other words, it's poisonous, it's bad, & all that stuff—& yet it was the System who went around trying to scare the pilgrims with its own poison gas and put'm to sleep to keep'm away from the mountain, or the mount of revelation, so to speak. What a parallel! It really is a parable! (Maria: The System wanted to find out & keep the secret for themselves.) Yes.

22. IT'S EXACTLY LIKE THE MILITARY HAS DONE WITH THE UFO INVESTIGATIONS FOR YEAS NOW‚ FOR THE PAST 40 YEARS! What do they call it?—The Blue Book or something like that. It was when I was first married, that's 40 years ago. It was in the early '40s when the first UFOs appeared over Southern Canada, & that's where I was at that time! That could be significant, I was there! I've often thought about that. The Lord was like putting on a sky show, because the Lord knew what was going to happen, what we were going to do!

23. THEY ONLY SAW THE FIRST ONES IN SOUTHERN ONTARIO, RIGHT WHERE WE WERE! These two lady friends of ours got scared by this UFO that came zooming right down the highway toward'm, & ran their car in the ditch. I mean‚ they came home & they were scared! They hadn't just been seeing things or having hallucinations‚ let me tell you! We knew those women, well, Mrs. Corbet & her daughter, her married daughter with children & all, we knew them well!—Very sensible, sane church women who belonged to the rather cold, formal Alliance Church, & they'd seen'm!

24. WE WERE RIGHT IN THAT AREA WHERE THE FIRST ONES WERE SEEN, SOUTHERN ONTARIO. I was quite excited about all the appearances & it was in the newspapers every day, more pictures & reports of more UFOs!—Right there in Southern Ontario, right where we were, were all those first sightings! I never thought about that before, the significance of the fact that we there, my mother & I were holding meetings there.

25. AND THEN IT WAS WHEN WE WERE IN SOUTHERN QUEBEC, MONTREAL‚ WHEN THE FAMILY WAS REALLY BEING BORN THERE AT LAURENTIDE, that they had that most marvellous vivid tremendous light show! Aurora borealis they called it, but I've never seen any aurora borealis like that! It was an actual dome of light over our heads with all kinds of symbols of different things, a tree & dove & an angel & all kinds of things contained in this circle of light right over our heads!

26. THE WHOLE HORIZON WAS LIT UP ALL AROUND US & EVERYTHING! Then there were these arches of light that went up this circle right over our heads that looked like a dome with all these various symbols appearing in the circle over our head, & I knew then that was a definite sign! They said that that was the greatest one they'd ever had in history that they knew of. The longest one they ever had before I think was something like four minutes, & this one lasted nearly an hour! Right overhead! I mean, it was tremendous!

27. BUT THE SYSTEM EVEN THEN KIND OF PLAYED IT DOWN—I think they were afraid of people getting excited & panicky just like they play down the UFO's. Even in this American television series about UFOs‚ "Project UFO", where these two military officers go around investigating UFOs, on nearly all of them it debunks them & plays them down & gives some kind of possible scientific or natural explanation of them—they saw a balloon or they saw Venus or they saw something in the natural & they thought it was a UFO, blah blah. They only just leave enough room for doubt to keep you interested & not to offend the UFO enthusiasts too much. Boy oh boy!

28. SO IN THAT FILM, THE SYSTEM, AS USUAL, IS ON THE WRONG SIDE trying to keep it a secret from the public, but at the same time trying to find out itself because they want to use it for their own advantage. The director of the project was obviously this Frenchman, & this other bearded young man. Obviously there were quite a few weirdy-beardies in that outfit amongst those scientists & all who were obviously scientific scientists who believed & received it, & they initiated this project to test it & find out. In other words, the believing scientists were at the head of this project who prepared the reception, but ruled by the System.

29. I REALLY GOT THE GOOSE PIMPLES ON THAT THING LAST NIGHT! My hair stood up on the back of my neck & I got that thrill of the exciting witness of the Spirit! The believing scientists had prepared a sort of reception & the landing strip & had prepared all of this instrumentation by which they tried to communicate with that light display & organs & so on, & managed to play this tune that the space people had been playing to them.

30. EVERYBODY WHO BELIEVED HAD GOTTEN THE TUNE, they recognised the melody, this tune which apparently was some kind of a message of love or peace. In other words‚ it was reaching out for contact & for communication. Obviously they were not really destructive & trying to do any damage, in spite of all of that action & some violence in the first part of the picture which was to no doubt interest the American public who love action & violence & make them think it was something else, because it wound up with an entirely different message.

31. BEFORE THE SPACE CITY ITSELF CAME DOWN THERE WERE ALL THESE FLYING SAUCERS FLYING AROUND, zooming in & zooming out like tests of people's credibility, especially as to how they would receive them, even though they had prepared this big scientific welcoming scene with their communicating systems & all that sort of thing, & their analysing system. They ran quite a few tests with these flying saucers first to see if it was really going to be a friendly encounter.

32. AND WHEN THE FLYING SAUCERS HAD TESTED & ZOOMED IN OVER THE FIELD & over the group several times & nothing bad happened, then they finally summoned in the great Space City & its actual space people! That's the closest thing I've ever seen with my own eyes, I mean in the material, in this World‚ in model or anything, that looked the least bit like Space City! I got a chill, a thrill out of seeing that thing, especially when it opened up! It came down like a great big bubble!

33. HEY! REMEMBER MY VISION OF SPACE CITY WHEN I WAS WITH SARA & I saw that big thing coming down with the big globe that had the pyramid inside? They had a similar idea, there was this big globe, sort of‚ that came down. It was a sort of flattened globe‚ but as it opened up you saw the buildings inside. So there's a similarity even there, because Space City itself, the pyramid, is travelling inside of what is apparently the crystal sea, the Apostle saw it as a crystal sea. It was in a ball, inside of a globe. (See "Spaceship!", No.624 & "Space City", No.75A.)

34. I MEAN, WHEN I SAW THAT, I JUST NEARLY FLIPPED AT THE END! I was just fascinated! (Maria: And so many people waiting inside!) Yes, there were so many many people inside! Definitely I think they intended for it to be like a type of Heaven. They greeted the, you might say‚ born-again, saved, the called, the chosen. It was a really thrilling movie, such a parallel to the spiritual! It was a lot like us & about heavenly beings & Space City coming down‚ the closest thing I've ever seen to what I saw when I was in Space City! I mean, it was a space city, only of course it's not near as big as our Space City.

35. IT WAS REALLY TREMENDOUS‚ TERRIFIC! Honey‚ I've got to go see it again! I want to go see it with David! We could go this afternoon if the Lord stops the rain. We rebuke the rain, Lord, You're able to do it, in Jesus' name! "Whatsoever ye shall ask of the father in My name, He will give it you." "Whatsoever we bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven." (Jn.16:23; Mt.16:19.)

36. BIND THESE RAINS, LORD, BIND THIS STORM! It's raged on for three days now & we don't need any more rain. We don't think we need any more, we think it's the Devil & he's mad at us & he's mad at this country & he's mad at the authorities, he's even mad at this good movie that we saw with a real spiritual message, Lord. We know the Devil is angry, the Prince of the Power of the Air is angry & he's throwing the air around & the rain around & storms & hail!

37. SO WE ASK THEE IN JESUS' NAME TO REBUKE THE STORM, LORD! Rebuke the wind, Lord, like You did on the Sea of Galilee, "Peace, be still!" In Jesus' name! Lord, for the sake of the children & all of us, we think we've had enough wind & enough rain, bring us good weather so we can remain in the sunshine of Thy love. TYL we have that all the time‚ even if the weather's bad. No matter what the Devil does, he still hasn't been able to hurt us. TYL!

38. BLESS THE FOLKS AS THEY GO OUT, LORD, KEEP THEM SAFELY FROM THE STORM & the wet & the traffic & the people. Keep them very safely, Lord, in Thy care. You promised You'd give Your angels charge over them to keep them in all their ways to they wouldn't even dash their foot against a stone, they wouldn't even stub their toe! You'd take such good care of them, Lord. TYL! You can stop the rain if it be Thy will, Lord. TYJ! PYL! Look at the sun! Look at the sun! TYJ! There's some sunshine coming out! Right away the Lord answered our prayer, isn't that wonderful? TYJ! TYL! Jesus answered our prayer right away & sent the sun!

39. YOU'VE GOT TO SEE THIS MOVIE! I'm really inspired about that film & I really want to see it again. I thought it was just another space film‚ but now that I begin to understand it I think I could pick out a lot more significant parallels & little sly hints that they were making about different things. It was really really religious. I would say it was definitely spiritual. They were trying to give a spiritual message in a scientific fashion.

40. IT DEFINITELY DEFINITELY HAD A LOT OF SPIRITUAL & SUPERNATURAL PARALLELS to real faith & belief in the supernatural & the spiritual. That bad family! The bad children were fussing & fighting & screaming, & the woman was fighting & screaming & refused to believe & receive it & ran off & left him & took the kids. But he remained true to the heavenly vision & he continued to sculpt the mountain! He knew there was some significance to it, it meant something. He didn't understand just exactly what, but obviously he was being drawn to the mountain to receive the message, & all these others too in all different parts of the country were being drawn to it.

41. THAT FILM REALLY HAD A MESSAGE, A MOUNTAIN WITH A MESSAGE! A mountain with a message, that might be a good title! It was certainly a movie with a message, that's for sure!—That final appearance of the space city & catching up of the chosen believers, the anointed ones, the chosen few‚ was really something!—And then releasing the ones that were like returning prophets of spirits. They were like the returning spirits, the departed spirits which came back almost like ghosts to be witnesses or the proof—like Abrahim in a lot of ways. So it really had a message!

42. I WAS JUST THRILLED WITH THAT LAST SCENE! The music was almost like beautiful organ music or church music or heavenly music. It was really intended to have a real spiritual effect of beauty & peace & love‚ just amazing! And that music from the heavenly space city was so big & so tremendous like the voice of God, it even shattered the window! "The voice of God shakes the mountains!" PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! (Ps.29.)

43. SO THAT WAS REALLY A MOVIE WITH A MESSAGE, & music with a message—music with meaning! And a mountain with a message. And a space city with a message. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! The Lord is really trying to get through to people any way He possibly can to help inspire faith. I'd say that that film was trying to show how scientifically these things are possible & how that this could be, these supernatural things that were happening. To make people think,

44. "MAYBE ALL THESE THINGS WE READ ABOUT IN THE BIBLE & THE PAST ETC.‚ MAYBE THEY DID HAPPEN! Maybe we could find a scientific explanation for them, that there were superior intelligences, supernatural beings!" Superior intelligence is a scientific term they like to use for space men—what's the difference between that & supernatural beings? Or angels? Or heavenly spirits? Or God? What's the difference? The angels are a superior intelligence from outer space & they're supernatural beings.

45. IT REMINDED ME A LOT OF THAT FLYING SAUCER STORY "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL!" The angel came in this flying saucer to speak the message of peace to the World & warn them that they had to stop their wars & atomic bombs or they were going to destroy themselves, & there was this big robot that came out & helped him & rescued him. They even put him in jail & persecuted him, all a parallel to the story of Jesus or the prophets, you know. He was a messenger or peace & Heaven, but they rejected him & refused him & even tried to kill him, put him in jail.

46. BUT AGAIN IT WAS A LITTLE BOY THAT HELPED HIM, a believing little child who befriend him & helped him & received him‚ & even his mother again! How about that! The mother & the son again! Finally, in that story they actually killed him, but this big robot like an angel came & rescued him & took him back into the flying saucer & restored him to life again, & then it went back up into Heaven like the Ascension! That film was a parallel of the story of Jesus, I really got that out of it.

47. ONCE WE UNDERSTAND THE INTERPRETATION OF A MOVIE, I THINK I'D REALLY LIKE THE FAMILY TO SEE IT. It really definitely is sort of a scientific explanation of spiritual truths, a real message to help people try to understand the spiritual. It used to be that they almost had to explain the creation & the natural in spiritual terms, because people were more spiritually-minded & believed in the supernatural & spirits & Heaven & all those things & they had to try to sort of help them understand creation through that, it had to be spiritually interpreted. Now you've got to interpret the spiritual with the natural & the spiritual has to be scientifically explained & interpreted before folks will believe!

48. SO PTL! THAT WAS A MOVIE WITH A MESSAGE! I'd like to call it "Second Encounter", we could call it maybe the "Second Encounter of the First Kind", it was our second encounter with those beings. Even maybe showing that one creature there at the end that looked so much like an over-grown embryo‚ maybe that even had significance‚ trying to show you that the children of Heaven, so to speak, even the embryos are intelligent beings, it could be. Maybe that was supposed to be a blast at abortion or something. Here these embryos are the ones that had become higher intelligences in the heavenly sphere! See?

49. I THINK A LOT OF THAT MOVIE WAS REALLY SUPPOSED TO BE SYMBOLIC. Just like in some of those other space movies, even "Star Wars" is one that has a plot that gives the message & the warning & all that sort of thing. Even "Star Trek" has a lot of spiritual morals to it & lessons to it‚ & a lot of it parallels the spiritual, many many things in "Star Trek". Some of them are kind of silly, they couldn't hit the bullseye every time, but quite a few of them had some real spiritual significance.

50. THIS IS THE ONE THING THAT APPEALED TO ME ABOUT SCIENCE FICTION SINCE I WAS YOUNG, it was the supernatural about it that appealed to me, the spiritual. The more spiritual it was, the more it had to do with the Spirit World, the more interesting it was to me. So PTL! Thank You Lord for movies with a message! Well, I guess that ought to inspire the family to go see it. It was called the Special Edition of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", wasn't it? I think they should have called it the "Second Encounter of the First Kind"!

51. "THIRD KIND"—WHY WAS IT THE THIRD KIND? Man usually classes himself at the top, but maybe men were supposed to be the Third Kind, not the Beings! If you were going to class people or intelligent beings into three classes, probably first would be the angels, then there would be spirits, then human beings. Right? Those are the main three classes of intelligent beings—angels, departed spirit & human beings.

52. MAYBE THAT'S WHAT HE'S TRYING TO GET AT BY THREE KINDS. Or maybe he's going backwards, putting man first, spirits next & angels as the third kind. Is there a book? It must be based on some book. We got the gist of it but I would still like to know exactly what they were saying. Even the big general, he was so typical of the stupid unbelieving hard-hearted proud cruel System, the military. Oh well, PTL!

53. THANK YOU JESUS FOR THIS AMAZING MOVIE WITH A MESSAGE!—The Special Edition of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind!" Praise You Lord for Your faithfulness, love & mercy in trying to reach everyone with thy Message in every way You can, even to expose the System & vindicate the true believers! Lord, please help Thy real message to get through to the receptive, let Thy sheep hear Thy voice & follow Thee!—In Jesus' name, amen! Don't miss it! Be sure you see it! You'll be glad you did! TYJ! PTL! Lord bless it & make it a blessing to millions! In Jesus' name‚ amen!

54. HAVE YOU HAD AN ENCOUNTER WITH HIS KIND?—I hope you are one! Hallelujah!—That Space City's coming soon! Are you one of the chosen who believed & are saved & have a right to enter it?—If not, receive Jesus today!—And enter you thou into the joy of the Lord's love & loving Family!—We're looking & waiting for you!—Come to Jesus & His Fellowship today! WLY!—In Jesus' name, amen.