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Flash Flood, The

David Berg

—By Father DavidDFO1102Madrid 9/10/77

1. I WAS STANDING IN THIS DRY RIVERBED, & you know how these small rivers sometimes run dry, particularly in the West, & even in countries like this during the dry season, they run dry. But then as soon as they have a big rain up North or somewhere up in the hills, they have what they call a "flash flood," it comes down real suddenly.

2. PEOPLE GET A LITTLE CARELESS WHILE IT'S DRY & THEY WALK ACROSS IT, & sometimes they even have little cottages along it or they camp out along it because there's usually a little trickle flowing through it where they can get their water.

3. ALL OF A SUDDEN PEOPLE BEGAN SCREAMING, "THE RIVER'S COMING! THE RIVER'S COMING! RUN TO SAFETY!"—& they began to scramble to safety. But usually it comes so fast & so silently you just don't have even hardly a few seconds warning. If you're within earshot of somebody maybe a couple hundred yards upstream you get the warning‚ but it's travelling so fast when it's a food like that‚ as fast as an automobile.

4. THAT'S WHY PEOPLE ARE KILLED BY FLASH FLOODS SO OFTEN, THEY HIT THEM SO SUDDENLY. They have them in Arizona & California all the time. People get trapped in riverbeds or in those little gullies.

5. SO WE BEGAN TO RUN FOR HIGHER GROUND, BUT IT WAS TOO LATE! THE FLOOD HIT US & WHIRLED US ALONG & we were trying to find a tree or something to grab onto. The last thing I remember was that I found this tree trunk & I managed to get behind it with my arms wrapped around it & hanging onto it.

6. YOU DIDN'T SEEM LIKE YOU WERE IN THAT ONE EITHER FOR SOME REASON. If you were, we were both doing the same thing. I guess maybe you were because I was with somebody. But anyway, the flood hit before we got out of the riverbed. Now that could be a warning dream to us about getting out before the flood comes.

7. THAT SORT OF REMINDS ME OF THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT BEING IN THIS LOCATION BECAUSE SHE MIDEAST WAR IS GETTING CLOSER EVERY DAY, with that stubborn Israeli attitude! And if that war begins it's probably going to be the worst one yet, because it's probably going to drag in the other powers. And if it does, it could be the one that winds up to an atomic shooting war, which if it does they will sure be shooting at this country as one of the friends of the U.S.

8. A PLACE LIKE THIS WOULD BE A PRETTY UNSAFE PLACE TO BE IF THEY START A SHOOTING WAR WITH ALL THESE HUGE AMERICAN BASES HERE, Strategic Air Command & huge air bases. I think this is now one of the biggest air bases in the world, ever since the U.S. lost her Libyan air base. So this has become her biggest air center & they've got several big bases. All around the coast they have big submarine bases for missile submarines & they've got missile bases around here supposedly to protect the U.S. ally.

9. BUT IT'S USUALLY THE ALLIES WHO GET HIT & SUFFER, SO THEY WOULD SURE GET IT HERE, whereas down in Tenerife they wouldn't be nearly as apt to. They haven't finished that base there & they wouldn't be near as apt to have any trouble. They don't have any missiles or submarines down there or anything big to shoot at. (Maria: The Lord probably won't let them finish it before the war.) Yes, I hope so. So if that's true that means it would have to be pretty soon because they're working pretty hard on it.