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U.S. Cannibals

David Berg

—A Dream of Post-War Horror!13 January 1982AO 1098

—By Father David

(ADULTS ONLY!—Do not read to children under 12 years of age!)

1. THIS IS A DREAM I HAD early this morning apparently just before I woke‚ because I awoke when it still lay fresh on my mind, but it was so terrible I didn't even want to talk about it, I didn't even want to record it! So now it's the night of that day & the dream, I'm afraid, is going to fade away if I don't recount it soon. Sometimes they do, if I'm not faithful in delivering the Message. But it was so horrible that I really didn't want to record it! I just thought I'd just forget it, but the Lord just reminded me of it again a few moments ago while reading the newspaper, of all the horrors going on in the World.

2. SO I'M AFRAID NOT TO RECORD IT BECAUSE IT COULD BE A WARNING THAT SOMEONE NEEDS IN THE U.S. & perhaps even other people in the nuclear North‚ & it might be just the thing that can at least scare some of you people out of the North! I'd rather scare you out of the North into the South than I would to pamper you or mollycoddle you or be too lenient on you & not warn you sufficiently that you must leave the North if you want to survive, at least survive under livable conditions. So I cannot call this dream anything other than "A Dream of Horror!"

3. MY DISTINCT IMPRESSION WAS THAT WE SOMEWHERE IN CENTRAL FLORIDA in that beautiful hill country Lake Wales where the Bach Tower is, Crystal Springs & all those beautiful lakes. That area is virtually the only part of Florida that is very hilly, the central & northern parts of Florida. Southern Florida is quite flat & mostly swamp & everglades. And I started to say thank God we were in that hilly part of Florida, otherwise we wouldn't have survived at all‚ but when you hear what follows I don't know whether you would want to survive!

4. IT MIGHT BE BETTER TO BE RIGHT ON TARGET AT CAPE CANAVERAL OR MIAMI, or the most likely targets like the Naval Bases at Pensacola, Jacksonville or Tampa rather than to survive under the conditions that I am about to describe which occurred after the Atomic blast. In my dream were in this beautiful hill country of central Florida like the area around the lovely Bach Singing Tower, Crystal Springs, Lake Wales & so on, a land of beautiful rolling hills & lovely orange groves & lakes, a Land of a Thousand Lakes, beautiful green vegetation, rivers & almost a Garden of Eden in beauty & vegetation & semi-tropical climate, blue skies, warm sun, fleecy white clouds.

5. BUT SUDDENLY THERE WAS A BRILLIANT FLASH OF LIGHT BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN & THE EARTH BENEATH US LITERALLY SHOOK LIKE AN EARTHQUAKE as though there was a sudden terrific jolt & a series of rolling shocks to the grounds as the Earth beneath our feet shook, & then within a few moments there was a thunderous roar! It was as though the terrain beneath us felt the shock first before we heard the sound. There was this terrific thunderous explosive roar followed by a series of thunderous explosive sounds or explosions.

6. IF YOU'VE EVER SEEN A SOUND MOTION PICTURE OF ONE OF THE ATOMIC TEST EXPLOSIONS YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN‚ because when only one atomic bomb is dropped or one atomic explosion is detonated, such as the tests that they used to conduct out in Nevada or in the South Sea Islands, even one atomic blast is not just one huge explosion alone but it seems to be followed by a series of explosions, thunderings & lightnings like all the horrors of hell let loose! And this is the sound that we heard after the first earthshaking blast. I presume it took the actual sound blast or concussion blast carrying the sound through the airwaves a little longer to reach the place that we were in central Florida than the earthshaking tremor which had travelled through the ground itself. As I recall my meager high-school Physics, I believe that sound vibrations travel faster through solid substances than through the air, which is why we felt the Earth shake first & then heard the terrific thunders concussive roar of the sound afterwards.

7. THEN IT WAS ALMOST AS THOUGH THERE WAS A SUDDEN HURRICANE, SO TREMENDOUS WAS THE WIND & the rush of air which came from the South from the direction of Miami‚ a screaming wind like a million shrieking demons! It hardly seems possible that such an atomic blast could cause concussions 250 miles away in Central Florida! The State of Florida itself as you know is about 450 miles long from North to South, & from the southern end, Miami & the keys, to the Northwestern end beyond Pensacola in what's known as the Panhandle, the State of Florida is one of the longest States in the United States, nearly a thousand miles long! I have driven it many, many times, that very length of the State, travelling back & forth from Miami to Texas or Miami to California & back again, & I have driven the distance between Miami & Jacksonville in the northeastern corner of the State so many times I can still tell you the exact mileage from Miami to Jacksonville, 360 miles. So if you'll add about 40 miles North of Jacksonville to the Georgia Border, & another hundred miles from Miami down to Key West, that is nearly 500 miles the length of the State North to South, plus about another nearly 400 from East to West from Jacksonville to the Alabama Border beyond Pensacola, Florida is a very long State, although its land area is not as great as some of the other States. It does have the longest coastline of any state in the United States on both the Atlantic from the Georgia Border clear down to the city of Key West & back again up the West Coast of Florida on the Gulf Coast clear around to beyond Pensacola to the Alabama Border near Mobile‚ Alabama. So it's a long state, but the distance between Miami & those beautiful rolling hills of central Florida is only about a couple hundred miles. It's the only part of Florida that is really hilly‚ except some parts of Northern Florida & the Western Panhandle.

8. MOMENTARILY AFTER THE BLAST I WAS THANKFUL WE WERE IN HILLY CENTRAL FLORIDA or we could have been struck directly by a much more powerful concussion of the air & a much more powerful wind from the blast, which had apparently struck somewhere in southern Florida in the Miami area. First the brilliant flash of light like a flashbulb going off in your face, then the Earth shaking beneath us, then the horrible thunderous roar or series of explosions, big huge explosions, the sounds of the concussion of air due to the blast, & then the screaming hurricane-force winds which followed but were at least partly diverted by the hills, so that in a little valley we were somewhat protected from the full force of the blast & the concussion & the horrendous winds that follow such an atomic explosion!

9. LIGHT WAVES TRAVEL FASTER THAN EITHER SOUND OR SOLID VIBRATIONS of any kind or a concussion or winds, etc. So first of all was this binding flash of light which seemed to light up the whole sky. We were not within such close range of the radius of the blast itself, or if we had been looking directly at it as some were near the pitiful cities of Nagasaki & Hiroshima, we would've been blinded by the flash! If you are looking in the direction of an atomic blast & you're not too far away, maybe a hundred miles‚ if you're looking directly it at it can blind you permanently, & if you're closer than that it can even burn out your eyeballs & send their liquid streaming down your cheeks!

10. BUT WE WERE APPARENTLY FAR ENOUGH AWAY that the blinding flash of light & series of flashes following was not severe enough to do any retinal damage out eyes‚ but although it was in broad daylight it lighted up the sky like some kind of fireworks, brilliant flashes of light, only it just seemed to light up the entire sky for at least one great big boom brighter it seemed even that the sun, followed by the earthshaking tremor & then the terrific sound of the concussion as the concussion waves of air reached us, followed by the screaming winds like screaming Dervishes or screaming meemies or screaming demons of hell! Then finally it all seemed to die down, the flash of light, the earth tremor, the boom of the explosion, the concussion, the screaming wind, all seemed to die down.

11. THEN THERE WAS AN AWFUL SILENCE FOR A FEW MOMENTS, DEATHLY SILENCE! Apparently we were far enough away that the heat blast did not reach us, for it you're too close to an atomic blast, if you're within even a few miles you can feel the blast of heat‚ & if you're any closer it'll cook you or burn you to a cinder! Apparently this was a very powerful blast that occurred, & I presume that it was the beginning of the Atomic War or the result of an atomic bombing of the United States & that we were feeling the immediate effect of it.

12. THERE HAD BEEN ABSOLUTELY NO PRIOR WARNING WHATSOEVER‚ I don't know that we had been out of communication necessarily, but unless you're listening to the radio or something or informed by the Government, it's not likely that you would've had any warning except from the international situation & current events, if you're following the Signs of the Times & you know God's Word & the warnings that He has given us that it's going to come & it's going to come as a the Russians' first strike‚ a pre-emptive strike to try to completely knock the U.S. out before it has a chance to do much retaliation.

13. WE KNOW THAT IT'S GOING TO COME VERY VERY SUDDENLY, as in the famous "Warning Prophecy" given us by Grandmother from the Lord: "So suddenly will be the Great Confusion that it will cause a mighty widening of the yes of those who did not discern the signs of the times." (See No.655.) So to us & you who do discern the signs of the time & know Bible Prophecy & have heard the Warning Prophecies that the Lord has given us, & as the hour approaches have been given more & more strident stringent fearful warnings to get out of the dangerous nuclear North; to you, if you are caught, left behind there in the United States, certainly such a sudden atomic attack should be no surprise!

14. YOU SHOULD BE EXPECTING IT AT ANY MOMENT & IT WILL COME APPARENTLY WITHOUT WARNING! When the Government itself has‚ as they claim, less than perhaps half an hour warning & they have to get in touch with the President to ask him if it's OK to retaliate, fire off their own bombs back at Russia & all this, they say that the margin between the sudden surprise atomic attack, a first strike pre-emptive attack on United States by Russia, would only give the U.S. less than a half hour's warning & they would be unable to retaliate immediately until a final check from the President himself or the top officer of the U.S., whoever happens to be alive after the first strike in case the President is killed or they're unable to get in touch with Washington or whatever, which is most likely.

15. BUT AT WILL TAKE THEM SEVERAL MINUTES BEFORE THEY CAN CONFIRM THAT IT IS ACTUALLY AN ATOMIC ATTACK FROM RUSSIA & THE WAR, & are thereby authorised to retaliate with the firing of their own missiles to try to damage Russia in a retaliatory attack, a revenge attack to try to injure Russia as much as they can before they die, before the U.S. dies. All I know is I was certain it was the Atomic attack & we were feeling the greatest effect of it from the direction of Miami where Florida's largest military air base is located near what is known as Homestead, Florida about 20 miles to the South of Miami, & of course that is the type of base which the Russians want to wipe out immediately before it has a chance to get its planes in the air or its missiles off the ground or whatever.

16. SO WE WERE APPARENTLY UNDER ATOMIC ATTACK & WE WERE FEELING LITERALLY WHAT IT FEELS LIKE to be in such a horrible holocaust of atomic warfare in a surprise first strike by the Russians! I've never been in such circumstances & very few people have that have lived through it except the Nagasakians & Hiroshimans & it was a very frightening horrible experience!

17. BUT THAT WAS NOT THE WORST OF IT. The worst is yet to come, I'm sorry to say. First there was that sudden deathly silence & stillness which followed all the horrible horrendous demonic noises & the earthquake & the concussion of & the explosive thunderous roar & the screaming howling winds! Then all was silent, deathly still for just a few moments.

18. BUT THEN ALL HELL LET LOOSE AMONGST THE POPULATION, & people began to scream & yell & there was certainly great confusion, sudden total chaos! People were running & yelling & screaming & some jumping in their cars & driving madly away I know not where, probably thinking if they drove North away from the direction of the blast they would be safer—there was total confusion! Of course, in a case like this‚ both the government & governmental agencies‚ security forces, police forces, etc., will be totally disrupted & in chaos & many of them scrambling for safety themselves like crews of some sinking ships, when in the desperation & the panic of the sinking vessel the crews have violated all the rules & jumped into the lifeboats first themselves, hurling passengers back onto the decks of the ship while they themselves escaped! There'll no doubt be some of that during the horrible confusing chaos that follows the atomic blast & those terribly disruptive explosions wiping out whole cities & government centres, military bases, etc.

19. SO SOON WE WERE TO EXPERIENCE THE WORST PART OF THE CHAOTIC CONFUSION which will follow the blast & did follow in this dream, because as the governmental & security agencies broke down & police were handicapped or scattered or without central direction of any kind, some people began to realise what was happening & what would happen if they didn't commander stores of food quickly, so that there was the storming of shops & grocery stores & markets to commander food & there was widespread looting as police forces seemed to be stunned & almost paralysed & totally insufficient for this great a task of trying to restore any type of order.

20. THERE WAS NO ORDER, THERE WAS NOTHING BUT DISORDER! People were running & screaming & cars careening almost ridiculously in different directions but mostly seeming to head North thinking they would be safe there. Sometimes during such a panic all reason seems to be lost & people just go madly dashing about they know not why or where, & this seemed to be the state of the horrible confusion which followed the blast of the attack. I don't know exactly how much time passed between that first blast & some of the horrors that followed, but apparently often in a dream it's like in a movie, the events transpire very rapidly & sometimes the movie or the dram leaps over a space of time & you're suddenly in a time or place much later than the past scene.

21. WELL, IT SEEMED THAT WE WERE IN THE SAME PLACE & THE SAME AREA WHEN THE NEXT SCENE CAME in the dream & it was even in some ways more terrible than the first, the atomic attack & the blast & all the rest of that, because we were far enough removed from the actual blast not to be seriously affected by it or injured by it. But we were certainly affected by the confusion & the breakdown of law & order & the complete anarchy which followed, because soon gangs began to form under vicious cruel & totally unprincipled leaders, whoever it seemed had a weapon of some kind & who was best armed was in authority & control of his own group & had gathered followers about him even with nothing but sticks & staves & knives & clubs or whatever type of weapon they could get ahold of it they had no guns.

22. AND THESE ROVING GANGS BEGAN TO ROAM THE HILLS & THE TOWNS MAINLY GRABBING & COMMANDEERING FOODSTUFFS since that was the highest priority on their list of robberies in order to make sure they had plenty to eat knowing that the stores & grocery stores would be affected by having on deliveries & therefore be immediately cleaned out of all groceries & all food, & if not by customers at least by these robbers & these robber gangs, so that there would be no food left unless you had stored it & you had some kind of survival rations or safe stores where they couldn't find it & couldn't find you!

23. WELL I'M SORRY TO SAY THAT IN MY DREAM THEY FOUND US & the most horrifying scene of the whole dream after which I woke up immediately was this one!: Here came one very tough cruel vicious-looking rather short, stocky, dark-haired‚ mustached gang-leader with a gun & a number of ruffians like himself gathered about him herding little children along in front of them just like cattle, just like a flock of sheep or a herd of goats or geese or chickens! And he came to use demanding our little children, & we said‚ "What for?"

24. THERE WERE AL THESE POOR LITTLE CHILDREN BEING HERDED ALONG, mostly between the ages of three or four & older up to about seven, eight or nine, fairly small children, young children, no teenagers, no older bigger children, just all small children. It gave you a terrible feeling just to look at this horrible gang of these monsters herding these innocent little children along before them like cattle! Some of the children were crying‚ others whimpering, & some just stunned & with vacant stares as though they had been so horrified by what happened that they couldn't even speak. The cruel gangsters were hitting those who straggled along behind or wouldn't stay in the group & very roughly treating them‚ hitting them with their sticks just like you would a herd of cattle to keep them together & keep them moving!

25. HE SAID VERY GRUFFLY TO US, "GIVE US YOUR CHILDREN‚ YOUR SMALL CHILDREN!" And we were horrified of course & we said‚ "Why? Why should we give you our children?" He said, & this was the punch line, he said with an awful horrible satanic grin, "Because they're smaller & easier to butcher & cook & their meat is more tender!" These fiends apparently having found no other food to rob or commandeer or confiscate, had decided to round up small children to use for food, cannibals cannibalising the little children because they were smaller & butchered & cooked easier & their meat was more tender! No doubt knowing that it would shock us & horrify us, he was actually enjoying our horror as he saw the horrified expressions on our faces as we heard his terrible pronouncement & it finally dawned on us what he was up to & why he wanted our little children! And with that horrible terrible a heartbreaking, mind-blowing experience & fiendish word from these devils, I was so shocked & horrified that I woke up, thank God! The Lord spared me any further sight of what was happening or about to happen.

26. GOD'S LAST PREVIOUS WARNING SEEMED SHOCKING ENOUGH, that even if you don't care to save yourselves, He warned you not to let your children have to pass through the fire, the atomic hellfire of atomic war in the United States or Europe, or He'd hold YOU responsible!

27. BUT AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, THIS LATEST DREAM WAS THE WORST & THE MOST HORRIFYING OF ALL! The most heartrending of all was to think that these brute beasts, these Devil-possessed, demon–possessed monsters would come along herding little children like cattle or sheep for food!—These cannibals were keeping children for eating‚ and demanding ours as well! With this terrible, horrible sight and demand on my mind I woke with a start, relived & grateful, thanking God that I wasn't really there & they were not going to be able to take my children, or I don't know what I would've done!

28. I'M SURE I PROBABLY WOULD'VE FOUGHT & OUR PARENTS WOULD'VE FOUGHT TO THE DEATH RATHER THAN SURRENDER OUR CHILDREN! But these ruffians, these gangsters, these mobsters had the arms & the force & the vicious, criminal, bestial demonic spirit to literally do it! So I'm sure that any effort to protect our children on our part would hardly have succeeded, because apparently we were unarmed or not well-enough armed to resist them, & we would have only been slaughtered ourselves & our children ripped away from us anyway.

29. SO THERE'S ONE MORE TERRIFYING WARNING FOR YOU PEOPLE IN THE HORROR-PROMISED NORTH, THE MUCH-WARNED NORTH, THE OVER-WARNED NORTH, THE INEXCUSEABLY-WARNED NORTH, YOU'RE WITHOUT EXCUSE! God has given you every kind of warning, every kind of revelation‚ every kind of message, every kind of Letter, the graphic Komix‚ the Endtime Bible Prophecy tapes, the "Eden" Series & now finally the "World Series," ending with the prediction of the very soon-coming atomic holocaust that is coming even sooner that we expected!

30. AT ANY MOMENT, IT WILL BE SUDDENLY PRECIPITATED & IT'LL BE TOO LATE FOR YOU TO ESCAPE! You will have dilly-dallied too long, you will have procrastinated too long, put it off too long, dragged your feet too slowly‚ until you waited until too late & it was too late to hide‚ too late to run, with no place to hide there & no place to run to in the horrible chaos & confusion & terrifying anarchy of mob-ruled horror that will follow the terrible atomic attack, even if you survive it! The insanity, the terrorism, the cruelty, the violence of man against man fighting like savages with sticks & stones for food‚ & even cannibalising little children! How horrible!

31. I HAVE WARNED YOU OF THAT BEFORE, but I had never been struck so terrifyingly with the horror of what could actually happen under those conditions as I was in this dream! Little children herded along like cattle kept alive to keep their meet nice & fresh‚ for there'll be no refrigeration, no deep freezes to put'm in, but herded along like sheep or goats or cattle, as they used to do the herds & the flocks of the past when there was no refrigeration or preservation, butchering them one by one as they needed fresh meat to eat, now by these cannibals, choosing little children because they were smaller & easier to butcher & cook & the meat was more tender! How horrible! How terrible! How fiendish! How almost impossible of contemplation!

32. SO TERRIBLE WAS THIS DREAM I WANTED TO PUT IT OUT OF MY MIND & NOT EVEN TELL YOU! But I am a prophet of God, His messenger who only receives what God gives, & my only duty is not to censor it, not to change it, not to try to temper it or make it sound not so terrible, not so horrible. My duty is simply to give it to you exactly as food gives it to me & tell you the awful truth, the terrible, terrifying, horrible facts of the conditions which will follow the atomic attack on your countries in the North!

33. WELL MY GOD, IF THAT DOESN'T SCARE YOU OUT OF THAT HORRIBLE NORTH & INTO THE SAFER SOUTH, I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL! At least in the South you should be able to survive for a while longer under more civilised conditions & safer governments. If this dream & this message doesn't scare you out of the nuclear North I don't know what will! Do you care nothing for yourselves‚ nothing for your own children & will allow them to pass through the fire that God warned you against, the nuclear holocaust‚ the very fires of Hell that are going to be cast upon you nations of the North! If you care nothing about not only yourselves but even allowing your children to pass through such a fire, for God's sake think about the horrors that your little children will have to pass through afterward if they survive!

34. YOU WILL BE WISHING YOU HADN'T SURVIVED & that you had died in the fire & in the holocaust & in the horrible atomic blast! Because that's what I saw in my dream, modern, vicious, savage cannibals herding little children along as their herds & flocks for fresh meat to eat in that horrible, horrendous, terrible hell on Earth of the awful conditions that are going to follow the atomic attack!

35. MY GOD, FOLKS, GOD HELP YOU TO SEE HOW HORRIBLE THINGS ARE GOING TO BE! Maybe that horrible picture of those terrible conditions & the excruciating agonies & tortures & awful deaths that even your little children are going to have to pass through, butchered, & cooked in the fire one by one to feed these horrible a human cannibals!

36. SURELY THAT OUGHT TO SCARE YOU OUT! SURELY THAT OUGHT TO DO SOMETHING TO YOU TO HORRIFY YOU ENOUGH TO FLEE NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! Get out of that terrible dangerous North to safer areas of the South while there's yet time & the tunnel is still open & you still can! May God help you to heed this final, last, horrible‚ terrible, frightening, terrifying warning dream of the awful conditions that are going to follow the sudden destruction, the terrible great confusion that's going to cause a mighty widening of the eyes, it's going to come so suddenly!—A widening of the eyes of those who did not discern the signs of the times.

37. BELOVED, YOU KNOW THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES, YOU'RE WITHOUT EXCUSE! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED AGAIN & AGAIN! You will recognise it when it happens, you'll know what's happening, & therefore you are inexcusable & you will be held even more responsible, not only for allowing your children to have to pass through the fire, but some of you, having escaped the fire, for allowing your children to have to pass through the horrors & the terrors & the awful fates that will follow!

38. MAY GOD HELP YOU HEED THIS LAST FINAL WARNING! Each time I say, "This must be my last warning." Surely this must be God's last warning! That is the most awful picture I think I ever witnessed! More terrible than death & destruction & fire & atomic blast is the horror of man himself turning to brute beasts‚ demon-possessed devils & gang rule, mob rule of the vicious & the cruel & the violent who care nothing for anything but themselves!—Not even merciful to little children! In fact even selecting then above all others for their fiendish desires & to satisfy their own cruel appetites!

39. I HOPE THIS DREAM HORRIFIES YOU AS MUCH AS IT DID ME! I HOPE IT FRIGHTENS YOU AS MUCH AS IT DID ME! I hope it shakes you so & completely startles & shocks you so out of your lethargy that it wakes you up enough to terrify you enough, horrify you enough, frighten you enough to get out of that terrible dangerous hellhole of the nuclear North & the even worse horrors that will follow the horrors of the hellfires of the bombs!

40. I HOPE IT SCARES THE HELL OUT OF YOU—OR YOU OUT OF THE HELL TO COME & gets you out of there as fast as you can to go South as quick as you can, to get out of there while there's yet time to go South, where you can continue to at least exist & live a little longer & survive to witness & to preach the Gospel, preach the Love of God, the Salvation of Jesus Christ to all who will listen as long as you can to win souls. You'll not only be saving yourselves from the Hell that's going to be here on Earth after that horrible nuclear war, but saving souls from the Hell hereafter of the damned & the lost who have rejected God's mercy in Jesus Christ & His Salvation!

41. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU & HELP YOU TO FLEE NOW WHILE THERE'S STILL TIME & STILL TRANSPORTATION & you still have some money & some means to go. Please for God's sake take those little children & protect them & flee from the North & save your little ones from the horrors that are going to occur in that war & event he worse horrors that are going to follow! In Jesus' name I beg of you, I plead with you! Please go now, don't delay another day, don't wait another week, don't meander another month! Go now while you still can! In Jesus' name I pray, I beg of you! (Prays: )

42. GOD HELP'M, LORD‚ TO HEED THIS FINAL HORRIBLE WARNING‚ THE WORST I'VE EVER HAD! This is the worst picture You've ever give me, so bad I didn't even want to tell it‚ Lord! It's so terrible I didn't even want to relate it, so awful I even thrust it out of my mind & tried to forget it & tried to convince myself it was only a nightmare, that it didn't have to be a message from You. Maybe it was just my mind from reading the paper. Maybe it was just my nightmare from the constant thought of the War that's coming. Maybe I didn't have to tell it, maybe I didn't have to deliver it to them, maybe I didn't have to write this for them & send it to them. Maybe I would just be able to forget it. Maybe it's better not to tell them.

43. BUT YOUR CONVICTION BEGAN TO GROW ON MY HEART several times during the day as I remembered the dream again as You reminded me, Lord, that I must tell it to them now before it's too late, or I would not be a faithful prophet, I would not be a faithful messenger unless I gave them this final warning to at least try to get their children out of there before they're cannibalised by the very fiends of Hell in the horrors & the Hell on Earth that will follow the atomic war! Help them Lord to take this warning & to obey it & to get out quickly! In Jesus' name we ask it, Lord help them!—In Jesus' name, amen.

44. WILL YOU OBEY?—OR PUT YOUR LITTLE ONES THROUGH SUCH HORRORS!—GOD DAMN YOU IF YOU DO!—MAD DAD! (And if you don't believe it can happen, you'd better read 2Kings 6:24-29—it's in the Bible!—When starving, women ate their own babies!)