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Dream of India

David Berg

—By Father David DO 1097 11/1/82

—An Exciting Love Dream of a New Young Indian Goddess! Hallelujah! ILY! TYJ!—Come!

1. WELL, PTL! TYJ! IT IS THE EARLY MORNING OF JANUARY 11th‚ 1982 & I HAVE JUST HAD ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DREAMS I THINK I EVER HAD of one of the most beautiful girls I ever had! She looked so much like dear little Indian Ruthie of the Hindi Lit-Pic & the Hindi MWM Show, "Prem Kiran." So sweet & sexy with beautiful big brown eyes & that long dark gorgeous black silky wavy hair & lovely dark skin, with that gorgeous smile & big sensuous voluptuous sexy mouth! As I say, it looked like her but I don't know as yet, at least, that it was she‚ but it certainly did look like her, at least from the pictures that I've seen.

2. MAYBE YOU KNOW, RUTHIE, IF YOU VISITED ME IN THE WEE HOURS OF THE MORNING OF JANUARY 11th, 1982, this very happy New Year. Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! Some of you girls do, you know, & I often make love to you in the night & wake up thrilled with the experience! All you have to do is wish it in Jesus' name & go to sleep in the spirit & ask the Lord to give you a spirit trip to my bed & we'll have a wonderful time together in the Spirit! PG! Hallelujah! TYJ!

3. IF YOU REALLY NEED IT, YOU NEED THE INSPIRATION, THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF IT, JUST PRAY & I'LL LOVE TO HAVE YOU VISIT ME in those beautiful spiritual night sessions. All you have to do is pray & wish it! If you delight yourselves in Him He will give you the desires of your heart, & your dream will come true in my dreams! (Ps.37:4) PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen.

4. COME ON GIRLS, I'D LOVE TO HAVE YOU!—EVERY ONE OF YOU, IN JESUS' NAME, AMEN! You are all mine anyway, even if you've never had a spirit trip into my arms or a sexual experience with me in the spirit in my dreams. You are in my dreams & you are in my heart & you're part of my spirit, because we're all part of His Spirit! PG! So you are mine & I do have you & you have me, because Jesus has us both! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen? PTL!

5. AS I SAY, I DON'T KNOW FOR SURE WHETHER IT WAS YOU OR NOT, RUTHIE‚ but it sure looked like you, & I would have been very glad if it were you. Please go back in your log or your diary & see what you were doing or dreaming about on the night of January the 10th or early morning of January 11th, Monday morning, 1982.

6. WE HAD JUST HAD A BEAUTIFUL FELLOWSHIP DAY, SUNDAY, THE DAY BEFORE, yesterday, with some gorgeous singing in the Spirit & messages in tongues & interpretation & a real thrilling genuine spiritual fellowship. And such deep complete union in the Spirit is so often followed by physical union as well‚ as a physical fulfillment of our spiritual unity. PG! And I had mine with you last night! TYJ!

7. SO RUTHIE FOR THE SAKE OF CONVENIENCE & TO MAKE THE STORY TELLING EASIER‚ WOULD YOU MIND IF I JUST ASSUME THAT IT WAS YOU? PTL! It'll make it lots easier to tell the story that way. GBY! I love you! I do love you! Thank You Jesus for you! I'm sitting here right now looking at your picture, that beautiful gorgeous picture of you singing for Prem Kiran, & that's just the way you looked in the dream, just gorgeous!—Only you were moving & your facial expressions were so fluid & beautiful & emotional. Just gorgeous! And your little body so sexy! GBY! ILY! And if you were here in the flesh right now I would sure give you a good lovin', because I sure gave you one last night in the Spirit! PTL!

8. BUT IN MY DREAM I BELIEVE IT WAS NOT ONLY YOU, BUT THAT YOU REPRESENTED ALL THE YOUTH OF INDIA. It was as though you were in a sense India herself, but especially India's youth. Not the middle-aged Maharishi in her 30s or 40s of nearly ten years ago, but of young India today—youthful‚ beautiful, intelligent, hungry for reality, hungry for love, hungry for the Spirit, hungry for the answers, hungry & thirsty for happiness, to drink of the Living Waters of His Word! PG! TYJ! Hallelujah!

9. ALTHOUGH THERE ARE STILL SOME THINGS ABOUT THE DREAM THAT I DON'T QUITE UNDERSTAND‚ I'm sure they were very significant & symbolic, & I have already begun to comprehend some of this symbolism & significance thanks to the Lord & prayer. In the dream I seem to be a young man again, a young sincere Christian, even a preacher, serving the Lord, & I even seemed to be single again—at first, that is. But perhaps that too was symbolic, just to show that I'm free to love you all & can belong to all of you in the Lord. PTL!

10. WE WERE STANDING IN THE AISLE OF THIS LARGE AUDITORIUM OR CHURCH & I had apparently been having fellowship with you & your girlfriend. We had been somewhere together like on a date or something or out to dinner. I have tried to recall the early part of the dream but it simply doesn't come to me, & when it doesn't‚ then I know the Lord knows it's not important & it is not necessarily necessary for the understanding of the dream.

11. BUT YOU WERE WALKING DOWN THIS GREAT CENTRAL AISLE OF THE CHURCH WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND & I was near the front door at the back of the auditorium waving farewell, smiling & saying goodbye, & you were just a few meters down the aisle, oh, perhaps not more than ten meters. You looked back at me a little wistfully & looking almost hurt, so I was trying to encourage you & cheer you up because we were parting.

12. AND I SAID SOFTLY SO THAT YOU COULD SORT OF READ MY LIPS FROM THAT DISTANCE without disturbing the other people in the church—all of whom seemed to be assembling & taking their seats as it seemed the service was about to begin—I sort of called you as I was waving goodbye & I said very clearly with my lips‚ "I love you!"—sort of whispered it like that so you could tell very easily what I was saying.

13. THEN YOU LOOKED A LITTLE HURT & RESENTFUL & YOU SPOKE RATHER SHARPLY. I'll never forget the words! I mean, some of these things stand out so strongly in these dreams, some of these specifics, certain words, exact names, specific places‚ & when I get dreams like that I know they're a message from the Lord & have something to do with something very important.

14. IT CERTAINLY IS SIGNIFICANT THAT I SHOULD'VE HAD THIS DREAM JUST NOW when we're trying to all move out of the North & we're really pushing for as much of the Family as possible to go to India!—That beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, mysterious land of such wonderful, beautiful, mysterious people, precious in the eyes of the Lord, millions of you there! So as I was waving farewell, it reminded me of an old song about those lands of the Far East. (Sings:)

15. "PALE HANDS I LOVED BESIDE THE SHALIMAR. Where are you now? Where are you now? Dark hands‚ pink-tipped like lotus buds that float. Where are you now? Where are you now? I would have rather felt you 'round my throat crushing out life than waving in farewell! Crushing out life than waving me farewell! Dark hands I've loved like lotus buds that float. Where are you now? Where are you now? Dark eyes I loved beside the Shalimar. Where are you now? Where are you now?" Hallelujah! PYJ! PTL!

16. I USED TO SING THAT SONG WHEN I WAS YOUNG, IT WAS A POPULAR SONG ABOUT INDIA, no doubt written by some dear British soldier about his Indian love. I don't even really know where the Shalimar is. I've tried to find it in my Atlas because I got something‚ a revelation from the Lord not long ago about the Shalimar. Is it a river in India? Or is it in Burma or where is it? At least it's in that area & it's so Indian! PG! GBY!

17. SO AS I WAS WAVING YOU FAREWELL IN THE CHURCH AISLE & YOU WERE WALKING TOWARD THE FRONT, even that could be significant in a way. A church aisle, walking toward the front, symbolising a desire for unity, being joined together in marriage & in love. I waved & I whispered goodbye, "I love you!" But as you turned & saw & heard me say it, you spoke out even sharply & said‚ "No, you don't! If you loved me, you'd come to me!" And oh! That hurt like a sharp dagger in my heart because I knew it was true, that if I really loved you, I'd join you, I'd come to you.

18. SO AS THOUGH DRAWN BY AN IRRESISTIBLE FORCE OF LOVE FOR YOU, almost hypnotised, I suddenly walked right down the aisle & joined you & took your hand. And you smiled radiantly & happily & joyfully as though you were so glad now that I'd proved that I really did love you & that I was coming with you. And you led me right on down the aisle to near the front‚ about the third row from the front on the right hand side, & we made our way between the rows & past all of the people sitting there to almost the outside end of the row where there were two vacant seats.

19. AND AS ALL THESE PRECIOUS INDIAN PEOPLE SITTING THERE SMILED & VERY COURTEOUSLY LET US PASS—some stood, some drew their knees aside so we could squeeze through—we squeezed past this final dear elderly white-haired man who smiled graciously & let us by. And as we passed by him to seat ourselves in the two vacant seats just beyond him, you said to him, "This is the young man I told you about!" And he smiled graciously & hospitably & motioned to the two seats beside him. You took the further one & motioned me to sit down between you, you & this very fine-looking distinguished grey-haired—really white-haired—elderly man, whom I assumed to be your father.

20. NOW MIND YOU, THIS IS ALL SYMBOLICAL‚ OF COURSE, & HAS SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE. It was as though you were introducing me—you, young India—to the older generation, your parents—older India. He was very gracious & very polite, although he seemed to still be a little bit sort of reserved & conservative. He was giving me an opportunity to meet him & to get acquainted, but as though he were not yet quite familiar with me or certain of me or just who I was or what I was like.—So much like the older generation of India & your parents who have been very courteous & hospitable & polite, but a little reserved & concerned about what you're getting into with such a seemingly strange group of young people.

21. SO WE SAT DOWN HOLDING HANDS, YOU & I, & I LOOKED AROUND & THE SERVICE BEGAN. A preacher or teacher of some kind, Indian, stood on the platform & began to lead the singing in some obviously Christian hymns‚ & I was rather relieved to see that it was a Christian church & apparently you were a Christian.

22. MANY WESTERNERS DON'T REALISE THAT THERE ARE LITERALLY MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS IN INDIA who have been evangelised throughout the over one hundred years of British occupation there by British missionaries, & I'm sure that's probably why the Lord permitted Britain to occupy India for all those years in order that her dear Christian missionaries could travel the length & breadth of India winning souls & winning converts to Christ, so that today there are multitudes of Indian Christians in India, believe it not.

23. IN FACT, WHEN I WAS YOUNG THERE WAS A VERY STRONG, VERY LARGE INDIAN PENTECOSTAL CHURCH THROUGHOUT INDIA WITH TENS OF THOUSANDS OF MEMBERS. I recall seeing missionary movies of it from one of our missionaries who attended it, at which there were literally, I think, 20,000 Pentecostal Christians in attendance at this one convention or conference, open-air camp meeting. So there are many Christians in India, many Indians are Christians & have been converted & even genuinely saved & filled with the Spirit in the past.

24. BUT LIKE SO MANY OF THE CHRISTIANS OF THE CHURCHES OF THE WEST, MANY OF THEM TOO HAVE GROWN COLD & FORMAL & LOST THE FIRE, lost the inspiration of witnessing & soul-winning‚ seeming to almost have lost the Spirit, & have slowed down, stagnated, formalised so that now they're merely "churched" & going through the motions. Sort of gone to sleep & left their engine running & are no longer making any impression on India or other Indians & are not a very strong, militant, evangelical force for Christianity in India any longer.

25. AS ONE OF OUR OWN FOLKS THERE & RECENT CONVERTS IN INDIA HAVE TESTIFIED, that although you came from a Christian family who belonged to a good Christian church that believed in salvation, & you knew all about the Lord‚ you hadn't really gotten to know Him personally, hadn't really received Jesus as your own personal Saviour. Although your parents were Christians & you were brought up in an Indian Christian home & went to a good Christian Evangelical Indian church, you yourself, you, the younger generation were not saved.

26. EVEN YOUR OWN PARENTS HAD NOT WITNESSED TO YOU ENOUGH or not shown enough of a good example of genuine Christian faith & practice to win you, their own children‚ to the Lord. So therefore this up-&–coming younger generation today is Worldly‚ somewhat Godless, independent, rebellious & seeking satisfaction of the things of this World, & yet hungry for spiritual satisfaction too, & not finding it.

27. SO IT WAS THIS YOUNG, EXUBERANT, VIBRANT, ALIVE, YOUTHFUL GENERATION OF MODERN INDIA TODAY THAT YOU, RUTHIE, SEEMED TO REPRESENT. PG!—And I'm sure you do! I don't know that your parents were ever Christians, perhaps not‚ but the significance of this dream of us being in a Christian church & in this dream you or this girl, whoever she is, representing India & the young youth of India, it seemed to point out that there are multitudes, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of youthful Christians there in India, Indian youth who are from Christian homes & Christian churches who have been reared in the Christian faith & yet have never really gotten to know Jesus in a personal way or to have a personal desire to serve Him because of their parents having grown cold & their poor example & their cold formal churchianity‚ not really showing you a vibrant, living, real‚ genuine Jesus!

28. BUT THERE ARE THOUSANDS LIKE HER, BELOVED, & thousands of Indian young people who have been reared even in Christian homes & Christian churches who have not yet found the Lord & are just waiting there for you to come & tell them about a real Christ, a living Jesus, a personal Saviour who can thrill you & fill you with His Spirit & set you on fire for His Kingdom to witness & win souls from amongst your generation there in India, the flaming young evangelists of today!

29. I WAS THINKING THIS MORNING, LOOKING AT YOUR PICTURE, RUTH, & reading about your past in the tiny little thumbnail sketch vignette beside the picture of you & your mate Jethro where it says that you were faithful witnessers & workers on the Hindi Lit-Pic team. Jethro had been into dope & did a hotel management course & finally ended living in a cave in the Himalayas to meditate when he found Jesus & the Family about five years ago in Bombay.

30. AND IT SAYS THAT YOU, RUTHIE, WERE A LITTLE RADICAL, NAKED ON THE BEACHES OF GOA with all the hippies when you joined seven years ago, & that you now have two precious little girls together! Hallelujah! PYJ! TYL! How beautiful! How wonderful! What a wonderful example & wonderful fruit, lasting fruit of genuine witnessing & soul-winning & real true vibrant living spiritual missionary work in India by the Family. TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah that we have reached some of you & it has been fruit that has lasted, fruit that remains! TYJ!

31. BUT EVEN AS I READ THAT I THOUGHT, "WELL, HOW WISE IT HAS BEEN OF THE LORD TO CHOOSE THE WILD YOUNG SEXY GENERATION IN EVERY COUNTRY‚ on every continent, to be reached by the Family, by the Lord, with His message of Love, & to turn them to Him to find their answers & their joy & happiness, satisfaction & spiritual fulfillment in Jesus in order to turn right around & go back amongst the same young people with whom they once lived so wildly & so radically & naked on the beaches, & shout with joy to let them know that you have found the answer, you have found what you've been looking for all the time!

32. THEY'LL LISTEN TO YOU‚ YOU'RE ONE OF THEM—or you were!—You understand them, you know them, you know their hearts, you know their sorrows, you know their joys‚ you know their lives, their habits, their hungers, their thirsts, their disappointments, their emptiness & you understand them, & now you have the answers! Now you have what they've been looking for & you can go back to them as one of them—or like them—them knowing that you understand since you were one of them‚ & that you're just like them except there's something different that's happened to you & now you're happy & you have genuine joy & you have Jesus! PTL! Hallelujah!

33. HOW WONDERFUL THE WISDOM OF GOD TO CHOOSE YOU, THEIR OWN PEERS‚ THEIR OWN FELLOW YOUTHS who are of their generation & of their background & their former haunts & habits, to come back & reach them—speaking their language, knowing their ways—to reach them with the Gospel of Love!—Not churchianity, not formal Christianity, but true‚ genuine, wonderful, free Love of Jesus! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah!

34. YOU'RE REALLY THE ONLY ONES THAT CAN REACH THEM, because they won't listen to the older generation, nor their parents, nor their teachers, nor hardly their politicians. The older generation has disappointed them, disillusioned them & not satisfied them, not answered their questions, not given them any goals & real reason for living, not taught them a genuine spiritual motivation & they're fed up with the older generation.

35. THE YOUTH OF TODAY AROUND THE WORLD ARE FED UP WITH THE OLDER GENERATION! The older generation has failed them! Who are the rebels? (See Letter E.) Well, you read it. It's not really the youth‚ it's the parents who have turned from God & rebelled against the Lord & His ways, & it's the youth that are trying to find Him & trying to find their way back to the ways of the Lord & the Truth & Love of Jesus! PTL!

36. SO I WAS SITTING THERE BESIDE YOU HOLDING YOUR HAND, thinking how wonderful it was, I was so thankful, since I loved you so much & now I realised that you really loved me & wanted me & wanted me to come with you. I was so glad that you were a Christian, at least in a Christian church amongst Christians in my dream. And though I didn't understand all the hymns & their words, I hummed along showing you that I was in sympathy & that I was familiar, at least, with some of the tunes & the hymns. And you sat there beside me glowing & squeezing my hand & seemingly very happy & glad that I had answered your call, & come‚ & was with you sitting beside you, clasping hands together in love & spiritual union as well, PG!

37. SO PERHAPS IN THE DREAM YOU WERE NOT ONLY SYMBOLIC OF ALL THE YOUTH OF INDIA, BUT ALSO IN PARTICULAR THE CHRISTIAN YOUTH OF INDIA who have not found satisfaction in the formal churchianity of the Christianity of India which the British left behind.—The Christian youth who are just waiting for a message of Christian freedom & love like ours, liberation from formal churchianity & so much of its superficiality & hypocrisy & self–righteousness & phariseeism & so critical of its own youth for whom really they're responsible for making that way.

38. BUT THERE THEY ARE, SITTING IN THEIR CHURCHES JUST WAITING FOR US TO COME & JOIN THEM, looking back at us as we wave at them from afar saying, "I love you!" But you're saying to us, "No, you don't!—If you loved me, you'd come to me!" And that's certainly what God is saying to us from the rest of the World today, "If you loved her, you'd come to her & you'd woo her & you'd win her with your love for the Lord in Jesus' name." Amen? PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

39. WELL, THAT'S NOT ALL THERE WAS TO THE DREAM! THAT WAS JUST THE FIRST SCENE! But it was certainly encouraging that your father received me as I sat there between them & was kind & polite & hospitable, at least, & seemed to be open to be shown. But you were just in ecstasy, thrilled & happy & joyful that I had proven my love for you by joining you & sitting there with you holding your hand,

40. GOING ALL THE WAY AS FAR AS I COULD GO WITH YOU, at that time, at that moment, showing that I really loved you & I was willing to join you, become one with you, even in your church.—As we may need to do in order to reach these young people, to go to their churches & find them & give them our message & sample of love in order to win them for Jesus & really help them to find a genuine living Lord & life of Love! PG! So that was the end of that scene.

41. BUT NOW THE NEXT SCENE IS EVEN MORE INTERESTING because you & I were on the back porch or veranda, terrace‚ whatever you want to call it, a lot depending on what country & language you're from, sort of a back patio of a lovely modest home. It was apparently a Family Home of ours with children playing in the backyard, & it must have been now because at least three of the children who were playing there were my own—David & Davida & Techi! They were playing about the yard & coming up every now & then to say something, as children will, & there were other older Family members sitting about relaxing in the beautiful warm evening air which I'm sure must be like India as the cool evening breezes begin to blow.

42. YOU & I WERE SORT OF OVER AGAINST THE BACK WALL OF THE HOUSE NOT FAR FROM THE KITCHEN DOOR, & I WAS HOLDING YOU IN MY ARMS, tenderly kissing you, caressing you, kissing your forehead & your eyes & your ears & even your nose & especially your mouth, as though you were being wooed & won by my love more & more‚ becoming more & more intimate, closer to me‚ & we were really really beginning to make love!

43. BUT SUDDENLY YOU PUSHED ME AWAY AT ARMS LENGTH & DELIBERATELY OPENED YOUR SARI, thin enough as it was, showing me both bosoms, as though you wanted to bare your breast & your heart to me right then & there & cause me to make another decision. Would I love you anyway even when I saw what your bosom was like!—Because although your left bosom was beautiful & whole & young & youthful & tempting—bosoms being such an evidence of a woman's love as she bares her breasts to your caresses—your right bosom had been cut away in apparently an operation to remove it for some reason, perhaps a cancer, a mastectomy—I think that's what they call it—& had left an ugly scar. No bosom, the breast completely gone, & nothing there but an ugly scar.

44. I WAS SHOCKED FOR A MOMENT AT THE SIGHT, but you were looking deeply into my eyes questioningly as though, "Are you still going to love me anyway‚ even though I'm scarred & bruised & broken by the past & only have one bosom left to love you with, will you love me anyhow?"

45. HOW LIKE THE YOUTH TODAY, SO SCARRED & BRUISED & TORN & MARRED BY THEIR PAST‚ the drugs & the degradation of the sinful lives they have already lived, much more wicked than the youth of their parents. Now broken, scarred, marred, wounded, almost handicapped by their past‚ they come to us for love & wonder if we will love them anyway in spite of their past, in spite of their scars & wounds & handicaps & the mars of sin which still show up sometimes.

46. I LOOKED FOR A MOMENT STUNNED BY THE SIGHT, & THEN I GRASPED YOU INTO MY ARMS & CRUSHED YOU TO MY BOSOM & loved you with tears flowing down my face! I loved you more than ever! My sympathy as well as my love manifest by my weeping as I really felt for you & my heart went out to you & my heart joined yours as ours bosoms joined—bosom to bosom—as though I were even closer to you & you were closer to me even without that bosom. I held you close to my breast as I kissed you & loved you & fondled your head on my shoulder, & you wept too as we wept together, as we realised that the love we had for each other was truly genuine.

47. I HAD PASSED THE TEST‚ THE SECOND TEST. First I had come & I had found you & not just waved goodbye & gone—as some have, by the way. They've come to India for a few weeks or months, they've loved you a little while, but then their love was not enough to remain with you & go with you all the way, & they've come & gone & they're not there any longer.

48. BUT I CAME, I SAW & YOU CONQUERED MY HEART! I had gone with you & apparently now we were lovers‚ already living in a Family Home, & I was loving you more than ever, closer than ever, more intimately than ever. Kissing & loving & caressing & making love, & even the sight of your poor marred body only made me love you the more.

49. SO AS WE ARDENTLY KISSED & MADE LOVE, I FELT MY PENIS GETTING VERY HARD & PRESSING HARD AGAINST YOUR PUM, & you felt it too‚ of course, & now the decision was up to you, how far you were willing to go in our love. I said, "Shall we go to bed?" And for a moment you hesitated. For a moment it seemed that you even left my arms as though you tore yourself away for just a minute to think & make this heavy decision, because it was against all your customs & your traditions & the customary way of doing things there where such relationships have to be very formal & formalised to please the System & your parents & the older generation.

50. YOU LEFT ME STANDING THERE JUST FOR A MOMENT, STARK NAKED, PENIS STICKING STRAIGHT OUT, a little embarrassed before the other Family members who were there who seemed almost a little bit amused. You tore yourself away for just a moment as though you had to think about it a minute, but suddenly you rushed back into my arms, thank God, & threw your arms around me!—Virtually threw yourself at me & put your head down on my shoulder again, lay your head on my bosom.

51. AGAIN I SAID, "SHALL WE GO TO BED? Do you want to go to bed?" You didn't say anything, you were so overcome with emotion‚ but I could feel your little head on my breast nodding up & down, & I could see that little black head of yours nodding in consent. And suddenly I woke up & my penis was still hard!—Ha!

52. AND I WAS STILL THRILLED WITH THE MEMORY OF YOU THERE IN MY ARMS & us loving & making love, thrilled with each other's love—genuine love, true love, not just only sex but genuine spiritual love, in love with each other & the Lord, & of course also manifested in the physical relationship of sex as well‚ praise God! That's the outward manifestation of true love, if there's true love between two people of the opposite sex. Praise God! TYJ! Hallelujah!

53. SO YOU NODDED YOUR LITTLE HEAD & I'M SURE WE WENT TO BED, because I woke up immediately. As soon as you nodded your head & gave consent, apparently that's all the Lord wanted me to know in the dream was that you had consented, tested my love, found it true & then you had consented & realised I loved you & you loved me enough to yield to my love & to go to the bed of love with me to be joined together, not only in mind & heart & spirit, but in body as well! PG! Hallelujah! TYJ! So there you are‚ there's my dream of love!—My beautiful, thrilling, exciting, inspiring dream of love!—Young love, Indian love‚ love for India.

54. DO YOU LOVE HER? ARE YOU WILLING TO ANSWER HER CALL? HER SONG? HER PLEA? "If you love me, you'll come to me! You'll join me & join with me in love all the way!" PG! Hallelujah! TYJ! Will you? She's waiting, she's beautiful, she's lovely & lovable & loving & sexy & emotional‚ fiery, thrilling, filling, satisfying! She'll satisfy your heart's desire, she'll satisfy your every need, your physical needs, your spiritual needs, if you'll just come & love her & satisfy her & her needs, her spiritual needs & physical needs & her need for Jesus! PG! Hallelujah! TYJ!

55. WILL YOU COME? WILL YOU GO? WILL YOU FOLLOW HER? Will you join her? Will you join with her in love? Will you love her all the way despite her scars & mars from the System? Despite her disfiguration by the operations of her System & the older generation, the mars of past sin? Will you love her anyway?

56. WILL YOU LOVE HER EVEN MORE WITH COMPASSION & SYMPATHY AS WELL AS LOVE BECAUSE SHE SUFFERED SO? Will you love her even more? Because she needs your love the more for having suffered so much, endured so much, been hurt so much, scarred so much. Will you love her even more with even greater compassion because of her handicaps? Amen? Amen. GBYIJN.

57. MAY JESUS HELP YOU TO GO & FIND HER & LOVE HER FOR THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, all the way, to join with her forever in an eternal union of love of the Lord & each other in His Kingdom forever! In Jesus' name, amen. God bless you & keep you & help you to love her all the way.

58. GO TO INDIA, SHE'S WAITING FOR YOU! She's waiting to be ravished with your love & she'll love you like you've never been loved before in a love like no others!—The love of India! Go & love her in Jesus' name, & she will love you forever! TYJ! In Jesus' name. Amen. (January 18: I saw you again last night, Ruthie!—For the first time on video!—The one Simon brought back from India!—And you were exactly like the India of my dream! Beautiful‚ dark, vibrant, sparkling, sexy, alive & thrilling!—And with your tiny daughter Simona, Simon's own child on your lap!—We have truly become one! TYJ! GBY! ILY! Thanks!—And thanks to all of you‚ my Indian children, for your marvellous testimonies & dances on that wonderful video! I'm in love with you all! GBYAKYGFJ! IJN, amen! ILY!—Come with us to India, Dear Ones‚ & be thou ravished with her love!—Amen?)