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Song of India, The

David Berg

—By Father DavidDFO 109613/10/81

1. Commonwealthers with home support are much needed in India today. You are the only ones who can stay there for any length of time. It is shocking that in one of the greatest nations on Earth with one of the largest populations, nearly a billion people‚ we have only 22 Homes in only eight of its many great cities, some of which have never been touched, including Hyderabad which the Lord mentioned to us specifically as having a Maharishi who would receive us. (See Letter No.202.)

2. And although our MWM radio programme reaches throughout the nation & we have had thousands of response with hundreds of Club members, only a few teams of travelling minstrels are reaching them personally.

3. And although it is a mighty nation far from the war danger zone & with a delightful climate & wonderful people extremely receptive & responsive & appreciative, it is still one of the least evangelised by the Family.

4. Whereas others containing only a minute fraction of such population are overflowing with Family with more Homes in more cities than in this great nation, one of the greatest in the World!

5. Although most of it is very poor, of course‚ & in great darkness, nevertheless that's what we're here for, to bring the light into the midst of darkness & to preach the Gospel to the poor, as Jesus Himself said His calling was, & surely it is ours as well.

6. Why is it so few of you want to go to India when it is such a tremendous almost untouched field with so many golden opportunities & where the official nationwide language is English & the cost of living so extremely low & rents & food so cheap & transportation dirt-cheap?

7. Yes, of course, like most poor countries of the World it is poverty-stricken, dirty, disease-ridden & demon-infested. But what poor Third-World country isn't? That's why you're needed there to help them, clean them up, heal them, cleanse them, deliver them & set them free with the Lord's love!

8. Why should you Britishers & Commonwealthers trouble yourselves to have travelled to such distant & more expensive fields as the Caribbean & South America where you have so few tiny islands with Commonwealth residential rights, when you could go to India so much cheaper & closer & easier, where the cost of living is so low‚ & Commonwealth rights you would have in no other nation like it, & a language you already know & which all of its educated population speaks & who already know Hindi & its other languages in which they can pass your message on to its poor until you have learned them!

9. It doesn't take long to learn such simple languages as are spoken by its poor in order to witness very simply in a way they will understand, particularly with your love & smile & evident concern.

10. I told you of the story of one of the famous missionary pioneers of India of the past century who went there knowing only two phrases in the native language, "I love you," & "God loves you!" & he pioneered a great missionary work there in his generation, most of whom now, of course, are long gone & have died off.

11. But there are still thousands of their children & grandchildren there. But they have become so involved in churchianity & denominationalism that they have even ceased to evangelise their own people.

12. Each generation of Christians has to evangelise its own generation of the lost. Where others have failed we must not fail! It is our responsibility. God has given it to us‚ "And him that knoweth to do good & doeth it not to him it is sin." (James. 4:17.)

13. Aren't you Commonwealthers sinning against the Lord in failing to reach the largest member of your own Commonwealth? It's very difficult for anyone else to go there but you‚ & even more difficult for non-Commonwealth to stay there, requiring long expensive visa renewal trips to very distant surrounding borders.

14. But her surrounding nations are hungry too & neglected also, such as Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. If you can't go to India why not try them? But Commonwealthers, India is your particular responsibility, where you can go & stay there as no one else can.

15. Why not? Why don't you? God is going to hold you responsible for them, & unless you reach them with His love, their blood is going to be upon your hands! You British‚ you Australians, you New Zealanders & other Commonwealthers, why don't you go to the greatest member of your own Commonwealth?—India!

16. They're begging & pleading for your help & the door is wide open & the field is tremendous & the opportunities golden! The country beautiful, the people wonderful, the climate delightful, tropical, the cost of living minimal & the need immense! Why don't you go to India?

17. Ask our own Simon Peter of MWM! He's just been there & wants to go back & start a terrific far-reaching nationwide ministry through the followers of our own radio programme who are listening by the millions!

18. Why not take advantage of this marvellous golden opportunity where we already have thousands of contacts & hundreds of Club members who desperately need fellowship & teaching & encouragement to evangelise their own people in their own languages.

19. You don't have to wait to learn those languages: Our Club members speak English & those languages fluently! They already know them & they could wonderfully evangelise their own people if they just had your help & encouragement & inspiration & fellowship & teaching & leadership to send them out into the harvest fields so white & so hungry & so rich with harvest‚ so untouched if you would just go & help them, if you would just go & lead the labourers already there!

20. Why do you go to the already-evangelised overworked Christian fields of Australia & New Zealand etc. when India is waiting almost untouched!—Waiting for your wooing caresses like the Maharishi of Hyderabad! Read it! That was one of our first calls to India! Why don't you follow it up? Where others have failed you could succeed if you would just obey.

21. We're sending Simon Peter himself there to push this great new plunge into India, & also Keda has gone there to help with this fresh new invasion! Don't you want to be a part of it? Wouldn't you like to be one of the re-pioneers of India? We are going to reap the greatest harvest we have ever had yet, I believe it!

22. All they need is you, all they need is helpers, the harvest is already white unto the harvest. "Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers into His harvest." (Mt.9:38.)—And the first one He'll send is you!—You Commonwealthers‚ because with good home support you can stay there indefinitely.

23. Your only excuse for staying home is to raise your support before you go. Be sure you do that, because you will need it there. It's a very poor country, & if ever needed it anywhere it's India. You cannot depend upon its already poverty-stricken starving millions to support you, but you must get it form your own rich home country who should be supporting you.

24. Give the burden of India to your homefolks! Give the vision of India to your supporters, friends‚ contacts, fish, kings, queens, relatives & our Homes who are still at home in the rich countries of the Commonwealth. Set them on fire for India! Get them to praying for India, giving to India‚ going to India & India shall be ours! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!

25. In closing let me share with you what was really our first call to India clear back in March of 1972, nearly ten years ago, which has never before been published, which Maria just handed to me! (It was only partly published in "Flee as a Bird!", 160B. Read!)

26. "The Song of India", "The Call of India"! (Sings)

"Unnumbered diamonds lie within her caverns!

Unnumbered pearls within her golden shores!—

O mystic India wondrous fair!—

Precious children that Jesus wants in His crown!

Pearls of rare price in that land!"

Precious sweet people. Those countries would have loved us, but we didn't love them.

27. Maybe we can be first missionaries to India? I've always loved India! I want to live there. Where's Jehore? Maybe Goa? Depends on the weather & the seasons. (MO blows on the bottle like an Indian flute:) The wind moans & makes sad sounds when you blow upon the bottle.

28. I want to go & live with the poor people of India. I belong in India. I'm an Indian. I came from India & I want to go back home. I have been a sojourner in many lands, & I want to go home & die in my homeland. I want to go home to India. My people came from Israel, but I came from India! (Abrahim is speaking!)

29. India has already joined the winning side! Lovers of peace rather than war‚ & lovers of the poor. Have compassion upon poor people! Indira Ghandi is a woman of God & a lover of peace!

30. A house in India costs less than trailer space in America! Many many sheep for Jesus! They love the wisdom of the ancient. They worship ancesters. They love grey beards & silver hair & little girl who takes care of her old father. I'm one of their ancestors from long ago. Maybe we can live there till Jesus comes!

31. (Princess Maria: We have a palace there?) Uh-huh! And we wear robes & you wear beautiful sari with nothing underneath! You would be beautiful woman to Indians & they love you because you love them.

32. I always wanted to be missionary to India & I want to go. Mrs. Ghandi is a good woman. She loves & helps the poor, has spirit of Jesus. I don't even care if I die in India. I always wanted to go to India. Very beautiful women who are so sweet!

33. We need to go to India in the place of my forefathers. I think maybe I like to go by boat to India. Then I can die in the land of my fathers, the land of snow. The land of my fathers is the land of snows. I come from land of snows of the North wind. But it's warm in the South where weak people live. But I come from land of snows: The land of Jehore for strong people! That's where I come from. I want to go home to the land of my fathers where I can die in peace away from these bad ugly Americans!" (ML #160B:14 & 15.—Read it all if you want a surprise!—WOW!)

34. So there's your call of India‚ our first call of India!—The Song of India, obviously from Abrahim himself, our guardian angel & spirit-helper of many years of faithfulness, true guidance & direction!

35. Will you heed his call? Will you answer his plea for India? Will you obey God's call? Will you have compassion upon its poor & its hungry to give them the greatest help of all, Jesus? Its goddess is waiting for your love for its people. The Lord is waiting for you to love Him through them, & wants to love them through you. When will you go? Today the door is open & the need is great.—Tomorrow will be too late!

36. It was only a few months after we received this "Song of India" from Abrahim that we passed on to you our first Letter on India "Call of India" (No.177) in September 1972‚ the same year! Read it! Get the burden for India, you Commonwealth volunteers with home support—or possible home support.

37. Write Keda or Simon Peter or anyone else you know who is already on the field & knows the field, such as the VSs Tim & Faith, if you want to know more about India in order to answer their call. PG! TYJ!

38. God bless you & help you to say, "I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord, o'er mountain or plain or sea, I'll stay where you You want me to stay, dear Lord‚ I'll be where You want me to be!" Answer the call now! Tomorrow will be too late! In Jesus' name, amen.—Amen? PTL! GBAKY for India!