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World Series--Chapter 8 & 9: Before & After the War

David Berg

—The Safer Places.—World Series Ch.8 & 9.DFO 109422/11/81

1. YOU GET YOUR FORCES INCORPORATED UNDER NATO, & THEN NATO BEGINS TO LOAD YOU DOWN WITH WEAPONS & MISSILES & everything else, see?—And that hasn't happened yet in Spain. Theoretically Spain may have been accepted by NATO, I think they were voted in, their acceptance was approved‚ but the red tape & the actual incorporation of it would take almost years to make Spain a real threatened base such as Western Germany & all the others.

2. (MARIA: DON'T YOU THINK WHEN PORTUGAL GETS A HIT LIKE THAT IT'LL REACH AS FAR AS SPAIN?) Well, the nice thing about Portugal is that even if they had a dead-center hit on the South Atlantic NATO HQ, which they would be aiming at most of all, Carcavelos, it's a mountainous country & so many mountains between Portugal & Spain & the distance from Carcavelos to Southern Spain is so great that it would have no direct effect whatsoever on Spain.

3. THE ONLY THING SPAIN WOULD HAVE TO FEAR FROM A PORTUGUESE STRIKE IS A WIND DRIFT TOWARD SPAIN—FALLOUT! Whereas actually, the wind drift along the coast of Portugal is the tradewinds that go Southward past the Canaries. They're most apt to get even a fallout in the Canaries. It goes Southward past the Canaries & then across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.

4. BUT BECAUSE THERE'S A STRONG PRO-RUSSIAN COMMUNIST PARTY IN PORTUGAL, I BELIEVE THAT ACTUALLY RUSSIA WILL DO ITS BEST TO TRY NOT TO DESTROY ALL OF PORTUGAL. It'll only take about one good hit to knock the NATO headquarters out of commission, & this may wipe out the Estoril, that's true, or badly damage the Estoril & Lisbon. But I would say that the rest of Portugal, particularly Northern Portugal & the extreme South, the Algarve, which is adjacent to the Southern Costa del Sol of Spain, will be fairly safe, because I don't think they're going to destroy all of Portugal. They're going to try to hit that NATO HQ if anything. And who knows, maybe not even that!

5. WHAT'S EUROPE GOING TO DO ONCE RUSSIA'S KNOCKED OUT THE U.S., GERMANY & ENGLAND, & immediately France & Spain surrender to the winner, which is obvious? No country in its right mind, unless they really want to commit suicide, is going to try to resist after that, because they know that there's nobody left to help them & nobody left to stick up for them & fight for them or save them. The U.S., England & Germany will be gone, & the only superpower left in the World is the Soviet Union! So they're gonna have to surrender, & they'd be very smart if they surrender real quick, as Russia will have the means & the threat like a gun at their heads, "Well, either surrender or we're going to blow you up too!"

6. SO THE GREATEST DANGER IS THE FIRST STRIKE, because there'll be time for those areas which Russia will expect to surrender as soon as she's knocked out Germany, England & the U.S., those three major opponents she has. Only a fool would be willing to try to fight Russia then. Greece probably will get badly hit because of its serving NATO, been NATO for years‚ got lots of U.S. bases‚ etc., & it may even have missiles‚ I don't know. But it's probably definitely got missiles-sub bases & it's very likely to get hit. It's not very big either. Now Northern Greece way up around Yugoslavia & that area will probably be spared from any direct hit so far up there in the mountains. But anything around the major U.S. bases, ports, harbours, etc.‚ will be in danger. I understand that Crete has begun to put in U.S. bases too.

7. AND OF COURSE WE FOUND OUT & DISCOVERED BEFORE IT WAS EVER REVEALED PUBLICLY, while we were in Catania before it ever got out in the news, that Sicily was becoming the next major Mediterranean base for U.S. forces. So Sicily is not going to be a very safe place, especially Eastern Sicily. And Malta will be no target because Malta's kicked out all the Western powers & is steering a kind of a middle course & is quite East–dominated, really Communistic. But Dom Mintoff's very independent & he doesn't like anybody telling him what to do, he wants to be his own boss, so there're no nuclear ships or Western bases or any likely target. I expect Malta to still be quite safe as far as the war is concerned, & I don't think it could have any worse regime than Dom Mintoff's already got there, so, ha, that's about as Communist & Socialist as you can get!

8. BUT I THINK THAT FOR THOSE THAT HAVE TO REMAIN IN EUROPE‚ for some reason they can't get out‚ as I've said before, I think even Switzerland & Austria being neutral would be fairly safe places. Neither one have nukes, so they're certainly not going to be targets for nuclear bombs. They'll soon be taken over, of course, not first but in the final mopping up.

9. THE RUSSIANS HAVE A POLICY, A VERY SMART WISE POLICY SORT OF LIKE THE ROMANS, of sort of leaving countries alone, let them run themselves like they did even Palestine in the days of Rome, as long as they behave & kowtow. Rome appointed an Arab king, Herod, which was an insult to the Jews of course, he was Palestine's puppet ruler, but he let them pretty much run themselves. It was only the stubborn Jews that caused the trouble there & kept rebelling against the Roman Empire that caused Rome to finally come down & almost wipe'm out! But if they'd have behaved themselves & hadn't kept thumbing their nose at Caesar, then he would've let them alone. Pilate's Roman government was a fairly reasonable government for an occupied country.

10. BUT ALL COUNTRIES AFTER THE WAR WILL, OF COURSE, EVENTUALLY BE OCCUPIED OR DOMINATED COUNTRIES & they'll make sure they'll have their puppet rulers there, etc. But life will go on much the same as it does, you might say, in the East European countries today. They're Russian satellite countries & of course nothing goes on there that Russia doesn't like—at least not for long, as you can see in Poland & a few others like Czechoslovakia—& if they get too rebellious & too independent, why, they step in.

11. THE SMART THING FOR CONQUERORS TO DO IS TO LEAVE COUNTRIES ALONE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE & let them run themselves & worry about themselves & take care of themselves as long as they give allegiance to the World power‚ & that's what I expect them to do. The countries they're going to hit the hardest are the first strike countries—& that's what I'm expecting is a first strike—& a Russian first strike.

12. THAT'S THE SMARTEST THING THAT GOD COULD LET HAPPEN because that would end the War quicker & knock out more of the nukes so there would be less nuclear disaster with Russia socking it to the nuke-loaded areas of Western Europe such as Germany & England & the U.S. of course. If she makes a first strike at them, she will have knocked out most of their nukes & there will be some retaliation but they'll be pretty badly crippled & there won't be too much—& I don't think the Lord will allow too much because He's got to allow some of the Russian government to survive in order to run the World.

13. BUT I WOULD SAY—& I'VE SAID THIS BEFORE—THAT OF COURSE GERMANY & ENGLAND ARE GOING TO BE THE WORST PLACES TO BE because they'll be virtually wiped out, I believe. I believe that Russia would like to save them, of course, just as mere booty to rule them & to have them. It's not much glory or satisfaction in conquering a nuclear waste with no cities, no buildings & no people left & no riches. It'd be more of a problem to Russia than it would be a booty.

14. BUT THE NEUTRAL COUNTRIES, OF COURSE NONE OF THEM HAVE ANY NUKES, such as, you might say, Scandinavia & Switzerland & Austria & the non-NATO countries are not apt to be targets unless they're serious American bases, especially any nuke or nuke sub bases there. But I think they will try to avoid as much destruction as they can when they hit those that are a real threat. Once they've knocked out Germany & England & the U.S. there won't be much left, & if those places start shooting, if American forces there in one final vicious suicidal retaliation decide to use whatever they've got in a few little remote places there, there's still not going to be very much they can do so that Russia won't have to hit too many places left in them, if at all.

15. I DOUBT IF FRANCE ACTUALLY WILL BE A TARGET AT ALL because it has no nukes that are pointed at Russia that I know of. It has nukes but it's got too big a Communist & Socialist parties to want to destroy it. And it controls its own nukes, not the Americans, that's the point. So the Russians know that once Germany & England are wiped out in one hour, one day, France is not going to be ridiculous enough—being already very pro-Russian—to fire its nukes at Russia & invite disaster, catastrophe & suicide.

16. AND I THINK THE SAME OF SPAIN, except for the fact that Spain allows the Americans to control their own bases there. Even though Spain has not been a member of NATO‚ that's just as dangerous as being a member of NATO, so that very likely that big American air base there at Madrid is going to be a target & the nuke-sub base on the West coast—Rota—will probably be a target.

17. AND OF COURSE THE SOUTH ATLANTIC NATO HEADQUARTERS IN THE ESTORIL OF PORTUGAL WILL VERY LIKELY BE A TARGET to try to knock out the centers of American-controlled opposition immediately, because the Americans there are apt to go ahead & shoot anyway just for revenge. Even though their country is wiped out & England & Germany & everything & they're committing suicide, they would be just vicious enough to want to get some kind of final revenge before they die, that is if they don't get hit first.

18. NOW IF RUSSIA MAKES THE FIRST STRIKE & manages to get in its missiles accurately aimed enough to wipe out the Madrid air base, the Spanish West coast nuke-sub base & the South Atlantic NATO headquarters in the Estoril of Portugal, if their aim's good enough & they wipe those out immediately‚ that'll be it! There'll be no retaliation from Portugal or from Spain nor from France. So they are not likely to be any further target at all, & those target areas are small enough & confined enough not to very greatly harm the rest of the countries at all.

19. I WOULD SAY THAT EITHER NORTHERN PORTUGAL OR ALMOST ANY PLACE IN SPAIN AWAY FROM THE MADRID AIR BASE & THE SUB-BASE on the West coast & in Spain & Southern Portugal, the Algarve resort area, the other parts of Spain where there are no American bases & no nukes & no subs, will be free of any direct target attack. Of course‚ there will be a disruption of government if Madrid is wiped out, because Madrid is close enough to that base for any direct hits on the base to virtually wipe out Madrid or a lot of it.

20. IT'S ALMOST AS BAD AS A DIRECT HIT ON HIROSHIMA OR NAGASAKI because that base is so close in‚ & they've got what they call strategic bombers there‚ bombers big enough to carry nukes to Russia if they don't knock it out. I don't think they have any missiles there. I don't think the Spanish have ever allowed any missiles, but they've allowed the missile subs to have a base on the West coast at Rota.

21. I THINK THE OTHER PARTS OF SOUTHERN EUROPE WILL BE FAIRLY SAFE FROM BEING TARGET AREAS. They'll no doubt suffer a little fallout, & I think even the more central & Northern neutral countries such as Switzerland‚ Austria & Scandinavia will be definitely free of any direct nuclear shots unless they go astray, but will only have to battle with some of the fallout. Scandinavia will suffer fallout from England‚ & perhaps Switzerland & Austria will suffer some fallout from Germany, & then Portugal, Spain & France with very little fallout because there'll be very few hits. Even in the Portugal hit on Estoril, the wind drift is South, the tradewinds that go South toward the South Atlantic.

22. ITALY, WELL, IT'S SO MUCH UNDER AMERICAN CONTROL & HAS SO MANY U.S. BASES, ETC., Italy's probably going to suffer quite a bit. I don't think they necessarily have any nuke silos there or anything like that, but they've probably got a nuke-sub base there somewhere. Most likely Catania, Sicily & around there is probably where they've got their nuclear naval base, & that'll probably be a target. And Malta might suffer a little fallout from direct hits on Catania, Southern Sicily.

23. WHAT THE ACTUAL BASES ARE IN ITALY‚ I DON'T REALLY KNOW, maybe some of our Family there could tell us where the biggest bases are. I think Naples is one of them, which is, of course, their major port. I don't know about Venice & Genoa, we never noticed any great U.S. naval presence in Genoa, did we? Nor Venice. I think the Americans have majored in Naples. So it would probably suffer a hit at any major American base which would be a serious threat to the USSR, a serious retaliatory threat.

24. BUT TO BE A SERIOUS RETALIATORY THREAT they'd have to have either a base big enough to harbour huge strategic bombers that are able to fly as far as Russia—which would have to be a pretty big air base like the Madrid air base—or they'd have to have nuke silos or nuke subs, & I don't think they have any nukes in Italy that I know of, although the naval base probably harbours nuke subs. So Naples would probably be most likely to be hit. I don't think Northern Italy will be in any nuclear danger, perhaps not Southern Italy except Catania & the big American naval base there which probably harbours nuke subs.

25. AND THEN GREECE, OF COURSE, WHEREVER THE BIG AMERICAN NAVAL BASE OR BASES ARE which I think is probably somewhere, I don't know, around Piraeus. I wonder if the Family knows exactly where. That will probably be a target because it probably harbours nuke-subs, just to make sure that they are knocked out. However, the rest of Greece—inland Greece, Northern Greece particularly up near the Yugoslav border in the mountains, etc.—I think all that area will be fairly safe.

26. I THINK THE RUSSIANS WOULD PROBABLY LIKE TO SAVE ATHENS & its ancient cultural ruins & beauties & art, etc., if they could. But if Athens is close enough to that American base, it may not be close enough to suffer a direct strike but it might be close enough to get pretty shook up or get plenty of fallout. But it might be spared as a city itself, I don't know.

27. BUT I'D SAY THAT NORTHERN ITALY WHICH IS BOUNDED BY FRANCE‚ SWITZERLAND & AUSTRIA WILL BE SAFE AREAS. I think if I were an Italian I'd certainly not want to be anywhere near Naples or any other American base such as Catania. I'd stay away from them & away from any major ports that might harbour nuke subs‚ & I'd say perhaps Northern Italy would be the safest area in Italy. I think I'd stay out of Southern Italy entirely, because Naples is on one side & Catania on the other, & if there's any miss, they're apt to miss in that area.

28. GREECE, I'D STAY AWAY FROM PIRAEUS & THE AMERICAN BASE PORTS‚ whatever they are‚ because they'll probably want to hit them. But they're not going to want to destroy any more than they can help‚ & they certainly don't want to destroy the areas in which they already have very large Communist parties which will help them to immediately organise a Communist satellite state which will be an alternative government which can quickly take over‚ its own Communist people there to take over the country. So they're certainly not going to want to destroy the huge Communist party of Italy nor the new radical Socialist party of Greece which will of course immediately kowtow; they're already anti-American & in a way already kowtowing to Socialism & pro-Communism.

29. SO RUSSIA I THINK IS SMART ENOUGH JUST IN MERE HUMAN WISDOM & COMMON SENSE & decency & common covetous greed for spoil & will not want to completely destroy all the spoil & all the countries, especially where she has large friendly Communist & Socialist parties, & that means virtually all of Southern Europe. All the countries of Southern Europe have very large Communist & pro-Communist Socialist parties which can quickly take those countries over. They will immediately, of course, come to power & be appointed by the Soviets to take over their own governments.

30. THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE, IT'S HAPPENED IN FORMER WARS. Norway was immediately ruled by a puppet quisling, & France, once it was occupied & conquered by the Germans it was ruled by a puppet French government called Vichy located in Southern France safer from Northern France, etc.‚ safer from attack. And the countries which were taken over, whether by Germany or otherwise, they were immediately ruled by German appointees, puppets governments, & that's what'll happen in those countries as soon as the first nuclear strike is over & the U.S., England & Germany are out of the picture & there's no further major country of resistance.

31. THERE MAY BE A FEW STRAY NUCLEAR SUBS WANDERING AROUND WHO MIGHT BE STUPID ENOUGH TO SHOOT, but where are they going to go & how long are they going to last? They have to come into bases for supplies & fuel & repairs & maintenance. So they're gonna catch'm sooner or later unless they simply commit suicide‚ unless they simply go & beach it on some remote part of the World & try to flee.

32. BUT RUSSIA'S GOT THE WORLD PRETTY WELL PATROLLED BY AIR & BY SEA & they'll have to come up for air sooner or later! If they already shot their wad & shot their nukes there won't be anything they can do & they'll be no danger to the new World System & they'll certainly not even be able to defend themselves. I would pity the sub crew who in spite of Russia winning the War decided to continue to shoot their missiles & do more damage in Russia.

33. RUSSIA WOULD CERTAINLY BE OUT TO GET THEM & HOUND THEM DOWN TO THE LAST DROP OF OCEAN WATER, just like the Jews hounded down the Nazis after the War, to catch these guys that, even though Russia had already won & the war was virtually over, went ahead & stupidly shot their nukes at Russia just to do more damage, just to inflict more suffering on people in vicious fruitless revenge. They would certainly be after them & they'd probably do better to commit suicide than let themselves fall into the hands of the New World Government. Every country in the World will be subservient & under it & under its rule & rulers & its puppets looking for them. So where are they going to go? They've got no place to hide. They can't stay under water forever.

34. SO I DON'T REALLY CONSIDER THOSE NUKE SUBS ARE GOING TO BE ALL THAT GREAT A THREAT after the first day of the war, really. If they're smart they'll probably surrender. If they're stupid—as I might expect Americans to be & "better dead than Red"—they may shoot their wad & sink, or try to flee to some remote beach & get away. But from the World Government there will be virtually no hiding places, because it'll be a one-World Government & all governments will be in surrender or subservient to it sooner or later. It'll only be a matter of time & a "wait-&-see" policy.

35. THIS IS ONE REASON THE SOVIETS HAVE BEEN VERY SMART IN ESTABLISHING STRONG COMMUNIST PARTIES IN MANY COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD which will immediately be a source of leadership & alternative government to take over those countries for the Communists, & the quicker the better. The less fighting & the less war & the less holocaust suffering there will be, the quicker the new Government takes over. Of course, the new Government is gonna be a tough Government & very restrictive, but it's going to allow its satellites to be run much like the Eastern European countries are today. They're tight, they're closed countries, but there are lots of Christians there & they survive, they even still witness & read the Bible & even meet clandestinely, etc.

36. BUT IF I WERE YOU IN ANY ONE OF THESE EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, I'd make sure I was at least in either a neutral country or a semi–neutral country like France & Spain with as little or no nuke bases. If you want to survive a direct hit or near hit I'd stay away from those bases & out of the areas where they're located. Of course‚ the most dangerous part of Europe will be Northern Europe, which means England & Germany primarily, & maybe the low countries because they're caught between & they've allowed missiles & they're gonna get it, probably be nearly wiped out.

37. IT'S POSSIBLE THAT SCOTLAND & IRELAND WILL BE FAR ENOUGH AWAY that they won't suffer too much, & Scandinavia has always been neutral, except for Norway, therefore as long as they don't have any nukes, they won't be targets, & they'll quickly have enough sense to surrender. And Austria & Switzerland too, they're neutral & they'll surrender, of course, & they won't be targets.

38. I'D SAY MOST OF SOUTHERN EUROPE WILL BE FAIRLY SAFE FROM ANY DIRECT HITS—most of Portugal, most of Spain, most of France—perhaps all of France because I don't expect them to aim any nukes at Russia‚ & I don't think the Russians would expect it either, 'cause the Americans don't have control of the nukes there. Wherever the Americans have control of the nukes, that's going to be the dangerous spots‚ & the Russians know it & they're going to try to knock'm out right away lest they retaliate.

39. LET ME TELL YOU‚ IF THEY DECIDE ON A FIRST STRIKE‚ THOSE PLACES ARE A WHOLE LOT CLOSER THAN THE U.S. & THEY WILL PROBABLY GET IT FIRST, FIRST HITS! They have less warning—almost no warning—from the time the missiles are fired to the time they hit. They will be hit‚ they figure, from the time they find it out, within 15 to 20 minutes. The U.S. is counting on something like half-an-hour to 45 minutes. But those American bases in Southern Europe will be the ones to get it, primarily nuke & air bases.

40. BUT IF ANY FAMILY CAN'T MAKE IT OUT & MUST STAY, they should stay away from those, & I would say particularly in extreme Northern & extreme Southern Portugal. As I say, in Spain almost anywhere except around Madrid or that nuke sub base at Rota on the West Coast. And Italy, stay out of Southern Italy away from Naples & Catania & any American bases. Northern Italy I think will be fairly safe surrounded by more or less neutral countries & with no nukes & lots of mountains.

41. MOUNTAINS ARE GREAT PROTECTION AGAINST THE DIRECT BLAST or the blinding flash which can blind you even miles away‚ burn out your eyeballs, & the concussion of course. Mountains are very good protection against any direct concussion or anything like that. Of course, if they're within the main target area where the concussion is severe & the fire blast is severe, well, that's "sudden death is sudden glory!" But say if they're anywhere from 100 miles or more away from the actual pinpoint target area, they stand a chance of survival, pretty good survival if they don't get too much radiation or too much fallout. This is particularly good in mountainous areas because the mountains offer very good protection against any concussion, fireball & in some ways even fallout, because winds hit the mountains & there's an updraft, etc. The Lord Himself said "Flee into the mountains!"—Mt.24:16.

42. SO THERE ARE PLACES!—I'D SAY I'D WANT TO BE IN NORTHERN ITALY, I think, Northern Greece, Southern France, Southern Spain, Southern Portugal & the Canaries or even North Africa. North Africa is definitely safe from any nuclear blasts & even from much in the way of warfare or takeover, they'll quickly be subservient to the Russians. But what's the use of being there when it's already a forbidden closed country & you can't litness, witness or hardly anything?

43. WELL, THAT'S THE EUROPEAN SITUATION AS I SEE IT IF THEY CAN'T LEAVE EUROPE. I look at those countries of Southern Europe & they're fairly safe areas, as well as the neutral countries of the North. I look at the neutral countries of the North as I would look at Canada in North America being a monstrous country & widespread. I don't know that they even have any nukes or nuke bases, but if they do, they're located mostly in the Southeastern populous area, not the Northwoods. Of course, there's not many people to witness to in the Northwoods but the Indians & the Eskimos, but anyway, away from any such bases if they have them would be the best place to be in Canada. They've also thousands & thousands of miles of Western farmland, etc.‚ far from any nuke targets, & if they're going to stay there anyway, they might as well try to stay away from target areas.

44. I WOULD SAY THAT CANADA IS PROBABLY THE SAFEST PLACE TO BE IN ALL NORTH AMERICA if they must stay there, just like Scandinavia & the neutral countries of Northern Europe would be the safest place to be if they must be in Europe, except I think Southern Europe is even safer.

45. WHEREAS I WOULD LOOK AT SOUTHERN EUROPE ABOUT LIKE I LOOK AT THE CARIBBEAN. The Caribbean will not necessarily be a direct target for any nukes, but of course it'll be subject to immediate Black–Red takeover of all those islands, etc., where the Blacks predominate. And of course they'll be Red & Communist because they're already pretty well influenced & led by them. They're poor, & just as a matter of greed they'll want to take over what looks like the riches of the Whites, so they'll be subject to immediate revolution.

46. IN FACT, THEY'RE ALREADY SUBJECT TO REVOLUTION EVEN NOW BEFORE THE WAR, & the Reds could take over almost any of those islands almost immediately if the U.S. was busy somewhere else or unable to help them, & so far the U.S. hasn't done very much to prevent the Communists from taking over some of those Caribbean countries & islands. They haven't been able to prevent Cuba from going Communist or Nicaragua or the Island of Dominica—not the Dominican Republic but Dominica—& a lot of other places going Red there now, especially those with large Black or poor populations.

47. BUT OF COURSE‚ THROUGHOUT THE WORLD ANYWHERE, THAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN AS SOON AS THE FIRST STRIKE OCCURS & the West is knocked out of the battle, those majority poor peoples are going to rise up & take over their countries under Communist leadership. So that'll be true anywhere. Only in countries where Communism has been very weak or almost virtually stamped out—such as the countries of Southern South America or South Africa or countries which are already pro–Communist or Communist–dominated in Southern Asia—I think only those will escape for a little while from complete Communist takeover & rule.

48. NATURALLY THE RUSSIANS ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER WHAT'S EASIEST FIRST & their forces & their Communists which are almost in every country are gonna simply be handed the reins of government under Russian decree‚ & very few of those little tiny countries would be foolish enough & suicidal enough to try to resist—although there might be a few nuts & militarists who would rather be dead than Red & who might try it! But it will be such pitiful resistance that it will be ridiculous.

49. OF COURSE‚ AUSTRALIA, THE AMERICAN BASE THERE WILL PROBABLY BE A NUCLEAR TARGET because it's a nuclear sub harbour & an air base big enough to maybe do damage. And also the Philippines' American bases will probably be targets. But the areas of these countries as far away as possible from the nuclear targets, of course, will be the safest & will survive, because I don't think the Lord's going to let everybody be wiped out. I think He's going to try to save as many lives as He can & as many people as He can, & so will the Russians!

50. THEY WILL BE HIS INSTRUMENT‚ HIS SWORD OF JUDGEMENT & DESTRUCTION, & the places that need the judgement the most are going to get it!—Such as the U.S., England & Germany & any other very pro-American areas, especially the ones who have allowed American bases, they're going to get it!—And they deserve to get it, & they will get it! But those who have resisted American domination & who have refused to have American bases—particularly those who have already been somewhat pro-Russian, pro-Communist or Socialist or sympathisers—will have the least destruction & the least insurrection & revolution or pockets of resistance & there'll be immediate puppet government takeovers & a fair amount of enforced peace, & at least some survival.

51. I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT THE COUNTRIES THAT WILL BE VIRTUALLY WIPED OUT—like the U.S., England & West Germany—survival there will be a horror! But in these other countries who are not the major resisting World powers & the major nuclear powers & the major nuclear targets who may have just one or two or very few nuclear targets, there will not be such chaos & anarchy, & the pro-Communist alternative governments will be able to take over very quickly & restore order & re-organisation & utilities & peace & food & some semblance of civilised living.

52. SO I DON'T GIVE ANY HOPES AT ALL—OR VERY LITTLE—FOR AMERICANS LIVING IN THE U.S. OR ANYBODY LIVING IN ENGLAND OR WEST GERMANY. West Germany's going to be a nuke desert, & so is England as well.—Both of them very wicked places, incidentally, along with the U.S.!—Extremely wicked countries, evil, vice-ridden, corrupt, perverted & God-defiant & almost utterly‚ horribly, sickeningly, stinkingly corrupt—morally, spiritually, physically, every way. So I think God's going to wipe them out to help clean up the World!

53. THE OTHER COUNTRIES THAT HAVE AMERICAN BASES, THEY'RE GOING TO SUFFER QUITE A BIT‚ but there's not going to be complete desolation, they're not going to be completely wiped out, & for those countries there will be a chance of fairly good survival under fairly decent conditions under a new government with not complete devastation or mob rule‚ cannibal savage rule like there's going to be in the U.S., England & West Germany—if any of West Germany survives at all.

54. SO IF YOU MUST STAY IN EUROPE‚ I WOULD SUGGEST THOSE SAFER PLACES TO BE. If you must stay in North America, you'd better head for the Canadian Northwoods or the Wild Wild West & get away from the possible nuke or big air bases & so on that might be targets. Although Canada has been quite independent in posture a lot of times & even anti–American sometimes & often quite neutral & even pro–Russian sometimes. I'm sure that it probably has tried to take that stance & will be spared as much as possible by Russia.

55. I DON'T THINK THERE ARE VERY MANY TARGETS IN CANADA which the Russians would care to hit that would be any threat to Russia. The targets they're going to hit first are those that are going to be a threat to Russia, actually a threat of nuclear retaliation, & that's the nuke bases or the big air bases capable of handling planes that can fly halfway around the World & drop nuclear bombs.

56. THIS IS WHAT I WAS GOING TO PUT ON THE LAST VIDEO but I never got around to it, maybe it's just as well, I don't know, the aftermath, what's going to happen after the war, & this is what I foresee for it. This is just plain human wisdom & logic & perhaps the wisdom of God too, because it's the logical thing which can be expected to happen, just some pure common sense.

57. OF COURSE‚ THE MINUTE THE U.S. IS KNOCKED OUT COMPLETELY, as I say, the poor Black areas of the Caribbean will rise up & take over their governments in revolution. There won't be too much resistance, or if there is, it will be suicidal because there will be no America to save'm anymore, & they know it, & they'll only be fighting a "better dead than Red" battle if they do. Northern South America is much the same, as I've said, it's largely Black & poor, particularly in places like Columbia & Venezuela—except there are some rich in Venezuela, of course, but also many poor.

58. SO AFTER THE FIRST STRIKE THAT KNOCKS THE U.S. OUT & INTO TOTAL CHAOS so that she'll not be able to defend or help her neighbours any, the Blacks of the Caribbean will rise up against their White masters & overcome them‚ maybe even wipe them out like Haiti once did to the French. It's now a Black hell hole of the Caribbean, almost totally ruled by the Devil.

59. THE MAJOR DANGER, I THINK, TO THE EASTERN SIDE OF THE ISLAND OF THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC—which is mostly White Spanish & American-dominated—is the possible rising up of the Haitians to come over & try to conquer the Dominican Republic. But it's fairly well-armed & right now Haiti is no threat to Dominica. We used to call it Dominica or Santo Domingo—it was the major city then—now I understand it is called the Dominican Republic & the capital was called Trujillo after a former dictator.—Is it still?

60. SO FIRST WILL COME THE CARIBBEAN AS THE POOR REDS & BLACKS & INDIANS TAKE OVER, & then no doubt Northern South America, until the wave finally reaches Southward into the poorer countries of Central South America. The last pockets of resistance, of course, will be the strong anti-Communist dictatorships of Chile, Argentina & Uruguay, possibly Brazil. But Brazil being so Black & wicked, it'll probably be one of the first major powers to fall South of Northern South America. It's also been a major American-dominated country, but there's enough poor & enough revolutionaries & enough Communists there to help take it over, probably before the others.

61. WHEREAS ARGENTINA, CHILE & URUGUAY WOULD EXPECT TO HOLD OUT A LITTLE LONGER, at least enough to get fairly good surrender terms & make a fairly good deal with the new World Government to run themselves as much as possible under Communist domination & puppet rulers.

62. SOUTH AFRICA IS THE KIND, I THINK, THAT ALMOST WOULD FIGHT TO THE END‚ "BETTER DEAD THAN RED‚" & it's got the armaments to do it & possibly even nuke bombs. But the Whites there are so tremendously outnumbered, 6-to–1, & having already lost Rhodesia it wouldn't take too much to conquer them. But again, those resistant pockets—because they're powerful & would be useful to the new World Government with their brains & technology & even their armed forces in helping to rule the World—they may be able to work out a pretty good negotiated deal with Russia of surrender & kowtowing powers, so to speak‚ but still very much under their own personal people & governments‚ etc., although Red-dominated.

63. SOUTHEAST ASIA, OF COURSE‚ & INDIA WILL BE TWO OF THE FIRST TO FALL being already either Communist or pro-Communist with very few strongly pro–American resistance pockets such as Thailand. I think the Communists will want to preserve such international trade & banking centers such as Hong Kong & Singapore as they did before in the last World War, they are still there & still thriving. And Macao which is already virtually Chinese, & Hong Kong is considered by China to be Chinese territory, merely rented to the British & their lease is soon up. Singapore is an independent government in itself & Socialist & would be very smart, undoubtedly, to immediately surrender to preserve itself.

64. INDONESIA HAS BEEN STRONGLY PRO-AMERICAN, although it at one time under Sukarno had a Socialistic & somewhat pro-Communist anti–American government. That revolution was overthrown some years back & all those strings of Islands of East Indies were taken over by a strongly militaristic anti-Communist pro-American government. That revolution there, which is one reason they are so good to us as Americans in both Thailand & Indonesia & any other places where they're good to Americans.

65. BUT THESE PLACES WILL HAVE NO CHANCE OF RESISTANCE WHATSOEVER, they're too small, too weak & if they're smart they'll immediately surrender & negotiate as good terms as possible of surrender & self-preservation. Some of them like India are already more pro-Communist than they are pro-American—they are anti-American really—at least the government more or less. Pretty good reason: They're next door neighbours to Russia, & the U.S. hasn't treated them very well. The U.S. sided against them in the war with Pakistan & helped the Pakistanis, so I don't think the Indians will ever forget that, that the U.S. literally fought a war with them through the Pakistanis.

66. PAKISTAN IS VERY HIGHLY-ARMED BY THE U.S. & A U.S. ALLY, but resistance at that close range to Russia when they're right next to it would be suicidal & I doubt if there'll be very much trouble knocking Pakistan out of it. But I wouldn't want to be in Pakistan I don't think much either now under its present government, or then, when it stands a pretty strong chance of immediate Russian invasion & takeover militarily, & it might even try some suicidal resistance—which will be suicidal, self-destructive. The other countries of Southeast Asia are not strong enough in any way to resist & the only one that does have that much strength might be Vietnam, but it's already pro-Communist & under Russian domination.

67. CHINA IS TRYING TO STEER A COURSE OF INDEPENDENCE IN THE MIDDLE walking a tightrope between the U.S. & Russia, but the minute the U.S. is knocked out of course, the Chinese are smart, they'll say, "Kowtow to Russia!" And I don't think they've actually got any operational nuclear missiles there that I know of yet. If they do, they're so few & far between the Russians could easily knock'm out & most of China will be spared.

68. I'D SAY ALMOST ANY PLACE IN CHINA WOULD BE SAFE, about as safe as it is now, which isn't too safe since it has a Red Communist government still & is a very tight closed country in many ways & restrictive of travel, litnessing forbidden & about all you can do is [quiet] witnessing & FFing. [HomeARC note (9/98): FFing was discontinued in 1987.] So as I say‚ I don't think China will be any more dangerous then than it is now.

69. THE STRONGLY ANTI-COMMUNIST MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT IS TOO SMALL TO PUT UP ANY KIND OF RESISTANCE so that all those little Southern Asian & Southeast Asian countries & governments & East Indies will have to immediately surrender & they'll just have a Communist takeover by Communist forces already within the country, Communist personnel & leadership & puppet governments.

70. AUSTRALIA'S GOT THE POWER & THE MANPOWER & IS SUFFICIENTLY ANTI-COMMUNIST that it could put up possibly a little resistance, but not much when the U.S. & the West are gone & it would be suicidal. Besides, it's far enough away & once its nuclear American bases are knocked out it will be no threat to the Soviet Union & they may just let'm sit for awhile but insist that they surrender & yield to a Communist puppet government.

71. BUT I THINK LIKE SOUTH AFRICA & MAYBE SOME PLACES IN EXTREME SOUTHERN SOUTH AMERICA‚ there are a few places in the World which are anti-Communist enough & pro-American enough & with tough stubborn attitude of "better dead than Red" enough that they may actually try to keep on fighting to the death! So there may be a few pockets of resistance which will have to be taken by military force‚ but they'll be very few & far between & isolated & very very hopeless helpless situations. But I wouldn't want to be in those particular places where people are apt to insist on shooting & get shot at & shot, because there will be some conventional warfare going on then to mop up & clean up the pockets of resistance, perhaps even in the U.S.

72. NEW ZEALAND‚ A TINY COUNTRY & VERY INDEPENDENT MIGHT STUBBORNLY TRY TO RESIST TO THE LAST‚ but hopelessly, of course, & will have to surrender. And of course‚ the little islands of the sea, they're no problem at all because they're no threat to Russia & even if they have any pro-American anti-Communist governments‚ the local natives will take care of those in a hurry, & if they're not able to do it themselves they'll get Communist help to do it. Well, that's about it, the way I see it after the War.

73. I'VE ALREADY SAID THE PHILIPPINES, OF COURSE, WILL BE A TARGET, their American bases will be a target. But other parts of the Philippines will be safe, & the people are wonderful sweet people & will probably try to protect us & help us because we've loved & helped them. But it will go under a Communist government, of course, whatever parts are not already devastated by being nuclear bases.

74. JAPAN, LIKE THE CHINESE, THEY'RE VERY SMART PEOPLE, THEY DO WHAT'S BEST FOR THEIR COUNTRY. They're not stupidly, utterly, totally anti-Communist or anti-Socialistic‚ in fact, it's really a very socialistic society, internalistic & tribalistic & very prosperous because they've refused to have any armies & navies & air force. In fact, the U.S. wouldn't let'm at first, & now that the U.S. wants to make'm have'm they don't want them because they see that prosperity comes with peace & no armaments & no huge military.

75. SO THEY WANT TO STAY THAT WAY BECAUSE THEY HAVE BOOMED & THRIVED ON IT & become one of the richest countries in the World as a result of no war, no military, no armaments, no navy, no army, no air force, no nothing but the minor police force to keep order in their own country. The greatest danger to Japan is those American bases there which will be targets if they are nuclear, but most of the country is far enough removed from those that you could be quite safe in other parts of Japan.

76. BUT THEY WILL BE VERY SMART just like they were as soon as Hiroshima & Nagasaki got devastated, they immediately surrendered to the winner. So they'll right away surrender to the winner, like China, & there will be peace & a puppet Communist government under which we would expect to survive & be able to carry on under very restrictive conditions to a limited extent as we do even now in some Communist & Muslim countries & Mideast countries & East European countries‚ etc.

77. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT'S GOING TO BE LIKE IN THOSE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD WHEN RUSSIA TAKES OVER, just take a look at Eastern Europe & other Communist-dominated countries of the World such as Cuba, Nicaragua‚ Dominica, Vietnam, etc. Conditions there for witnessing are difficult but they're not impossible. You'll have to be, no doubt‚ a native or citizen of that country to be able to stay, they're not going to allow any foreigners unless you have very good talents or technical abilities that they can use. Everybody will have to have a job just like they do in Russia & Eastern Europe, everybody be put to work, no foreigners allowed unless you're there on business they can use or with skills they can use.

78. YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO COME JUST AS TOURISTS, there'll probably be little if any tourism after the War. There will be mostly what they call reconstruction & restoration & rehabilitation & a striving to return to so–called normalcy which is something similar to what's going on in Poland right now with a total military rule & tight control‚ & the Family will have to go [very low-key].

79. IT'LL HAVE TO BE IN EACH COUNTRY PROBABLY STRICTLY NATIONAL, only native-born people unless they are borrowed technicians‚ unless you have a talent or a technical ability or skill that the Communists can use or the government can use & will surrender to their will & put it to their use, you can survive & perhaps get by with a little … witnessing on the side‚ a little FFing, etc., but no more litnessing.

80. I THINK THAT THOSE NOW GOING TO SOUTH AMERICA & WILL BE CAUGHT THERE WHEN THE WAR HITS, those U.S. Americans, I don't think any country would be heartless enough to send them back to the wasteland of nuclear devastated U.S. They're more likely to make them local slaves & put'm to work in whatever education, talents, etc., they have, which most Americans do have. Most Americans either have trades or skills or teaching abilities or can teach'm English, maybe even Russian, & they'll probably just put'm to work down there, that's all, like the rest of the people.

81. THEY CAN HARDLY SEND THEM BACK TO THE U.S. WHEN THERE WON'T BE ANY U.S. TO SEND THEM TO! There won't be any transportation to the U.S., no airlines or boat lines or anything that are going to want to go to the U.S. nor will go to the U.S., probably not even the Caribbean until the revolutions die down there & the Communist takeover is complete. So whether they want to send them home or not, when there's no home they can't send them home & they'll have to stay there, even if they were to round them up & put them in concentration camps like they did the Japanese & Germans in some countries.

82. THEY'LL HAVE TO STAY THERE, & humanitarianly speaking we hope that even if you get thrown in a concentration camp or prison that they'll at least feed you, & those may be safer places for you than outside amongst the Communist rabble & Red Guard & cultural revolutionists & teenage savages! You might be better off in jail or a concentration camp than on the outside where you will be slave labour one way or the other but at least continue to be able to operate.

83. WHEN ROME TOOK OVER THE WORLD & DURING THE EARLY CHRISTIAN ERA, most Christians, believe it or not, the Early Christians were Jews of Israel & they were totally conquered & made slaves & so were the others of the Mideast & Asia Minor, & they simply became slaves of the dominant Roman government & local governments. We will probably become the slaves then & the slave labour, intelligent slave labour of these puppet Communist governments of these newly Communist-dominated countries.

84.FOR EXAMPLE, ROME CONQUERED GREECE FIRST & MADE THE GREEKS A SUBSERVIENT CONQUERED COUNTRY & TOOK SLAVES—not just menial labour slaves to work in the salt mines—but teachers‚ technicians, doctors, brains & they put them immediately to use. This has happened all through thousands of years of history. The conquering nation takes the intelligentsia & puts it to work at what it's best at, technical skill, teaching, etc.

85. MANY OF THE SLAVES IN CAESAR'S OWN HOUSEHOLD WERE GREEKS & Middle Easterners, etc., & turned out that they were Christians & they even converted Caesar's household. But they were teachers & childcare workers & technicians & doctors & mathematicians & skilled intelligent labour. (Maria: Musicians?) Yes, musicians, of course! Oh, musicians will still be in demand & music will still be, of course, greatly prized & greatly desired.

86. THAT'S ONE REASON THE GYPSIES HAVE SURVIVED SO LONG & why their music is so widespread throughout Europe, particularly Southern Europe where they spread when they were forced by the Turks & Russians out of those places, they spread their music across all Southern Europe & even into the U.S. & South America & other parts of the World because their musicians & their women were much in demand.

87. SO OUR FFers & OUR MUSICIANS WILL PROBABLY BE HIGHLY-PRIZED & FAVOURED COURTESANS & COURT MUSICIANS in the takeover for entertainment & pleasure as long as they cooperate & don't resist & don't try to anti-propagandise & don't too obviously witness. Of course, the guys who insist on still going on the street with lit & preaching in the park are going to get it in the neck right quick! There'll be no more busking or cafe singing or street litnessing or distribution of publications much any more except very secretly just like the Early Church did it, just like they're doing it today in Russia & other Communist countries.

88. THERE STILL IS AN UNDERGROUND CHURCH IN COMMUNIST COUNTRIES, & a very large underground church of thousands in Russia who still even some of them meet secretly in small groups & still study the Word & there is still some witnessing just by their life & their own example & the people who will seek after them for solutions & answers which even the conquerors know they don't have & even as many have done today.

89. MANY OLDER SYSTEMITES HAVE SOUGHT AFTER OUR GIRLS & OUR MUSICIANS & their happiness & their smiles & their shining faces & their radiant lives & joy & want to know, "Why? How come we don't have it? We've got money, we're the rulers of the World, we've got power, we've got everything‚ but we're not happy! What is it you've got that we haven't got?" And they seek after us as they did the Early Church & the Early Christians.

90. THE ROMANS WONDERED WHAT IT WAS: "WHO IS THIS CHRIST & WHY DOES HE MAKE YOU SO HAPPY? How can I find this kind of happiness that I don't have although I'm your ruler & you're my slave & I've got everything & you've got nothing, you've got something I haven't got! You have happiness, joy, love, peace of mind, contentment of heart. Even though you have nothing‚ you've got everything! I have everything in the way of things, but I have nothing in the way of spiritual contentment, joy, peace of mind, happiness, much less salvation."

91. SO IT'LL BE A WORLD SIMILAR TO THE WORLD OF THE ROMANS & the Roman persecutions & the World of Communism today where litnessing will be taboo‚ completely forbidden & virtually impossible. Witnessing will be very dangerous but possible under very wise conditions in which you have really won hearts through your music or your FFing or just your plain life & example so that they come to you & want to know how, why?

92. THEY'LL SEEK YOU OUT IN THOSE DAYS, GOD'S WORD SAYS SO! "The people that do know their God shall be strong & do exploits & shall instruct many." (Dan.11:33) You really won't have to go to them then, they'll come to you because they'll know you've got something they haven't got. And they'll come at even risk to themselves, endangering their own selves, secretly like Nicodemus did & others did to the Early Christians to find out, "What is it you've got that I haven't got that makes you so happy even though you have nothing, seemingly, & I have everything!" We'll be sought out.

93. AMERICANS‚ AS WILLIAM BRANHAM SAW IN HIS VISION‚ WILL BE THE MOST POPULAR SLAVES IN THE WORLD & sold at high prices. In the most powerful countries, the most intelligent countries, the most civilised countries, the leaders of the Communist World such as Russia‚ etc.‚ Americans will be their prize slaves because of their high level of intelligence & education & technical skills & music & … beauty. … The dances they're learning now are going to be tools of their trade in that day. The [other social] skills they're learning now are going to be tools of their trade in that day to help them survive & have favour of their masters & win their hearts & their souls as well, PG! "Hear ye the true words of thy father!"

94. SO THOUGH THE CONDITIONS WILL BE DIFFICULT & strenuous & arduous & restrictive & virtual slavery, the conditions for witnessing will not be impossible. If anything, in some ways they will be better than ever! Because having gained the World—the World-conquering powers of Communism—& having established a World government, the greatest in man's history, having established Communism Worldwide, they'll very soon find out that it doesn't do the trick. Just having everything materially doesn't make people happy. Being the most powerful rulers in the World doesn't bring them satisfaction & peace of mind & heart—they're still empty, loveless & really lifeless because they have not the Life Eternal of God & the Love of Jesus.

95. SO AS I SAY, WE WON'T HAVE TO GO TO THEM THEN, we will be forbidden to go to them to witness, but they will come to us. You girls will be … slaves dancing for them, … loving them‚ & really it won't be a lot different than it is now under the present System. In a way, you're the slaves of the System today. You're under their strict laws & restrictive conditions in many countries.

96. … [Y]ou'll be completely their slaves. Well, you are in a way even today. You are dependent upon them for your sustenance & your support & your housing & your food, etc. Then you'll probably be placed in either houses for such or some of you girls will probably be favourites of some of the rulers & be housed in your own quarters supported entirely by them, such as many courtesans of the past throughout history have been. Even the paramours of kings & dictators & rulers & governors.

97. YOU'LL PERHAPS EVEN HAVE YOUR OWN PALACES & your own swanky apartments where they will keep you & support you separately from their own families & jealous wives, of course, but nevertheless living in style & in luxury & in love because you have the kind of love that'll survive that kind of condition & you'll be able to really love them with the love of God & give them genuine love & affection … which they can find no where else. So you'll be highly-favoured, well-favoured favourites.

98. I DON'T DOUBT THAT OUR GIRLS WILL BE FAVOURITES OF THE RULERS OF THAT DAY just as they are favourites of the rulers of today! In every escort agency that they join, they are the most popular & the most in demand because the men like them the best. They even want to marry them or they want to support them or they want to live with them, go with them, travel with them, will do anything for them, because for the first time in their lives they found real genuine love as well as truly satisfying affection. …

99. SO I SEE A TREMENDOUS FUTURE FOR FFers IN THE DAYS OF THE NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT.—As long as you're wise … in your witnessing, as long as your sponsor, your sponsoring ruler is wise in his conduct & doesn't make it too obvious he's become a convert & thereby ruin his position. Although some will & some perhaps will have to to be loyal to the Lord, a testimony. If they're called on the carpet to deny their faith they will have to stand true & perhaps suffer for it or even die for it.

100. YOU WITH HIGHLY TECHNICAL SKILLS, PARTICULARLY THE LATEST SKILLS SUCH AS COMPUTER EXPERTS & engineers‚ doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, tradesmen‚ skilled trades, mechanics, secretaries, all of you who have a highly valuable skill or trade or talent‚ including music‚ will be greatly in demand!—As long as you toe the line & acknowledge the Communist power & pledge your loyalty & obeisance & obedience to the government, as long as you don't resist the power.

101. GOD'S WORD DEFINITELY SAYS NOT TO RESIST THE POWER! (Rom.13.) Because the power—meaning the ruling power‚ whatever it is‚ be it Communist or otherwise—is ordained of God, & its police & forces are the forces of God, believe it or not, & its soldiers are the ministers of God, because it's God that has allowed the dominant World power to take over to rule the Earth because He could find no better & the others were even more corrupt & worse.

102. SO GOD HAS CHOSEN THE COMMUNISTS TO RULE THE WORLD because He considers them at least better in some respects & stronger & able to do so more rigidly & with greater force & power to keep a very wicked World in line until the End. Until‚ of course, the dominant power becomes so powerful that the dictator, the Antichrist, demands self–worship & denial of God & all other religions & tries to enforce this. Then, of course, God will not tolerate this, that he's trying to wipe out all Christians, & the Lord will put an end then to it by His Own coming.

103. BUT YOU'RE TO BE YIELDED, YOU'RE TO BE OBEDIENT, YOU'RE TO EVEN BE LOYAL TO THE WORLD GOVERNMENT! You're to bow down to it, you're to take the yoke of Babylon upon you & live (Je.27:12) & serve it well & faithfully just like many men of God & many prophets of God did in the past—Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Nehemiah, Ezra, many of the prophets of God—& those of the Early Church who served the World governments of their day. Even go back as far as Joseph under Pharaoh, they served their World rulers so well that they were promoted even next to the king himself, until Pharaoh didn't even know all that was going on & Joseph ran the country!

104. JEREMIAH WAS RUNNING ISRAEL, THOUGH HE MAY NOT HAVE KNOWN IT! Daniel certainly ran the Babylonian Empire, in fact, he ran two empires, one under the Babylonians & one under the Medes & Persians who conquered them, & he was next to the king himself. So that these men of God who were prophets of God & great outstanding faithful men of God, actually because of their faithfulness & their skill & their wisdom of God & their prudence & smartness in not trying to oppose the ordained World power of God that He had ordained to rule the World at the time, they were actually promoted in their positions, even next to the king himself, & their people were saved as a result of their influence, such as under Daniel & Esther & Joseph.

105. I MEAN‚ THERE ARE SO MANY EXAMPLES ALREADY IN THE BIBLE! If you want an example of what it's going to be like, just study the Bible! The Jews under the first Pharaohs. It's only when the Jews began to be a threat to the government that they were made slaves. Example after example! The Jews under the Babylonian Empire‚ they actually lived in their own cities & communities & had virtual independence, except they were subservient to the Babylonians & they acted as their technicians & teachers & intelligentsia & they used their skills.

106. THEY WERE ALLOWED TO OPERATE VIRTUALLY ON THEIR OWN, independently in their own communities, except, of course, there were enemies in the government frequently to try to wipe'm out. But as you can see, Esther & Mordecai saved the people, Daniel saved his people, one after the other later saved their people. Even under the Roman Empire there were converted leaders who favoured the Christians, Romans who saved God's people.

107. AND THOUGH MANY SUFFERED PERSECUTION & SOME DIED AS MARTYRS, the vast majority of Christians or God's children has always survived & lived under fairly liveable conditions‚ even favouritism of the government because of their dependability, their skills‚ their wisdom‚ their loyalty. The government trusted these foreigners such as Joseph & Daniel, etc., more than they could trust their own people‚ because these were men of God—honest‚ not liars, faithful, did a good job, were loyal to the king, more loyal than his own men!—Because they recognised that God was favouring this government & the ruler was of God regardless of his nationality or his religion or whatever, therefore the kings favoured them.

108. WE NEED TO WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT WHATEVER WORLD POWER TAKES OVER IS OUR GOVERNMENT & WE MUST BE FAITHFUL TO IT, diligent in serving it, loyal to it. We'll probably be more loyal than some of the halfhearted Communists! We will honour it, honour the king & honour the government & obey it, because the power is of God to rule the Earth with force, the force that it will need to stamp out the wickedness & the corruption & the greed & the selfishness of the Western Capitalistic empires.

109. THEREFORE IF WE'RE SMART WE WILL BECOME THEIR MOST LOYAL SUBJECTS, their most loyal …, their most faithful‚ hardworking, diligent, & wisest until they seek our advice, our counsel & even promote us to positions of leadership because of our God-given wisdom & loyalty & faithfulness & diligence & skills. Just like they did men like Joseph under the Egyptians & others under the Assyrians, & Daniel under the Babylonians & Medo-Persians, & men of God even under the Romans like Paul & John, etc., who were spared for many years because the kings did not even want to kill them, really, like John the Baptist under Herod.

110. BECAUSE THEY REALISED THEY WERE MEN OF GOD & THEY HAD GREAT POWERS & GREAT WISDOM & they sought their counsel, they sought their advice, even followed it!—Until their enemies rose up to some extent & demanded their death or they were ousted, in which case they had served their time, they had served their purpose, they had fought a good fight, finished the course & were ready to go having finished their job for the Lord. (2Ti.4:7,8)

111. SO THERE WILL BE THOSE CONDITIONS WHICH ARE NOT AT ALL UNUSUAL, NOT RARE, virtually no change from many proceeding World empires & anti-Christ governments that the World has had for centuries, nay, millenniums, thousands of years, even let's say the present Western Capitalist System. They are particularly in places like the U.S. virtually a police state.

112. IT'S AMAZING TO US AMERICANS WHO GO TO EUROPE TO SEE HOW FEW POLICEMEN ARE AROUND, where in the U.S. you see a cop on nearly every corner & traffic policemen in the middle of the block! It's virtually a police state & you can't get away with anything! Whereas in Europe it doesn't look like there's any traffic control hardly & very few policemen around even if you needed one, & the people are almost a law unto themselves, there's so much greater freedom & independence in Europe & some of the other countries of the World, the non-Communist countries.

113. WE EVEN FOUND IN SOME WAYS A GREATER FREEDOM & MORE ENJOYABLE GOVERNMENT UNDER FRANCO SPAIN‚ greater liberty & a greater feeling of security & peace‚ less hounding by the government than we had in our own country of the United States of America, & we survived there for several years under Franco Spain & the following Democratic government.

114. IN FACT, IT WAS UNDER THE SO-CALLED DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT WE FINALLY GOT OUR PERSECUTION—or so-called democratic government which took control & appointed a new governor to Tenerife who the Bishop put the pressure on & the central government put the pressure on to harass us & persecute us & annoy us, arrest us & bring us to court when we had to flee. We were safe & secure under Franco, we had to flee under the new so-called liberated democratic government.

115. WE MAY FIND OURSELVES GREATER SECURITY & IN SOME WAYS GREATER FREEDOM, if not in litnessing, at least in survival in some of the tough powerful dictatorships of South America & the rest of the World than in some pro-American, American-influenced so-called democracies! It is the democracies that have persecuted us the most—the United States, England & Germany. BBC just had a new broadcast blasting us again, where we were discussed in Parliament & all this.

116. IT IS THESE SO–CALLED DEMOCRACIES WHERE THE DEVIL HIMSELF HAS THE GREATEST LIBERTY & the greatest power under the evil democratic governments who have hounded us the most, persecuted us the most & driven us out! We have been driven out, I would daresay, more by so–called democratic governments than by totalitarian dictatorships. Therefore, you may be surprised to find you have greater security‚ greater protection, even favouritism under a tough military junta or dictatorship or in some of these totalitarian governments of the South.

117. IF YOU BEHAVE YOURSELF, MIND YOUR P's & Q's, don't misbehave, pledge your loyalty to the government, show your obedience to its laws‚ show that you're not trying to fight it or overthrow it & that you're trying to obey it & you honour the government‚ you honour the king, you try to keep its laws, you don't publicly litness or witness in some way that offends them but you just quietly, even now, can serve in virtually the same capacity as you're going to be serving under the dictatorship of the World Antichrist Government.

118. YOU COULD GO INTO THOSE COUNTRIES NOW & SERVE THE LORD: As a musician—we have some of our best musical groups in some of those most totalitarian governments; as an FFer. … Men always need love …, & if you are good to them, they'll be good to you.

119. OUR TEACHERS ARE IN GREAT DEMAND because they were given the wisdom of God & skill by God & are excellent teachers having had lots of training in childcare & experience in the Family, so our teachers are in demand in many of these countries under these very dictatorship governments, & there won't be too much difference between these present dictatorships & the coming World dictatorship, it'll be virtually very much the same.

120. SO I WOULD SAY THAT YOU FOLKS WHO ARE EMIGRATING TO THE TOUGHER DICTATORSHIPS OF THE SOUTH & totalitarian governments of the South, military juntas, etc., are going to be better prepared & better experienced & will be better off than those who have been operating more freely & publicly in public litnessing & witnessing & busking, etc. I think you who've had experience already under a strict dictatorial government with laws against litnessing & open witnessing‚ public witnessing.

121. YOU WILL SURVIVE BETTER & GET ALONG BETTER UNDER THESE SOUTHERN DICTATORSHIPS than will the people who have come freshly from wide open countries where there was a lot of public freedom for litnessing & busking, etc. You're going to have to learn new ways of witnessing. You're going to have to become teachers, skilled technicians, musicians, FFers & … privately witness. You people who have come from the Mideast & North African countries are going to know more about how to witness under such conditions, how to survive.

122. SO I WOULD SAY THAT THOSE OF YOU ALREADY WORKING UNDER SUCH CONDITIONS, under such dictatorships, will not find very much change between what exists there now & the new World dictatorship. It will be a new ideology, it'll be a turnover of top-dogs & leadership & government, but what's the difference between one dictatorship or another?—Very little. Usually between the either so-called religious dictatorships or Muslim dictatorships or Jewish dictatorships or Christians dictatorships they favour their own religion, including Communism, & if you try to buck the established government religion, of course, you're going to be in trouble.

123. BUT IF YOU USE YOUR HEAD & ARE SMART & STAY OUT OF TROUBLE & don't try to come out in open opposition to the government nor to the established governmental religion & you just do your job or you entertain or you [love] or you train or you work for them faithfully, loyally, diligently, obediently & are a good worker or a good entertainer, … whatever it may be, you'll be favoured.

124. —AS LONG AS YOU POSE NO THREAT TO THE GOVERNMENT, you're not opposing their policies or their politics or their economics or their religion in any way, but show that you are just as loyal, if not more loyal, than their own people, & more diligent, more obedient‚ more faithful, harder working & more entertaining & happier, more content, nicer to have around than some of their own cantankerous, stubborn‚ wilful, selfish, jealous, power-struggling people of their own.

125. CHRISTIANS WERE VERY POPULAR SLAVES UNDER THE ROMANS‚ the Jews were very popular under the first Pharaohs, & the Americans & highly-skilled Europeans will be very popular slaves under the new World dictatorship!—Just as some of you in a sense are already now in some of those countries where we have had entertainers & teachers & FFers already working‚ including skilled technicians‚ financiers, computer experts & analysts.

126. SOME OF OUR OUTSTANDING STAFF MEMBERS, WORLD SERVICE UNITS, ARE NOW LEARNING THE SKILLS OF COMPUTERISATION. These are tremendously in demand!—Probably more in demand than almost any other skill today are the young people learning computers & computer technology, as some of our own leaders are. They will be in terrific demand to operate computers under the new World system as long as they will pledge allegiance & loyalty & obedience & not fight it but join it & "better Red than dead"!

127. AS LONG AS THEY FIND YOU'RE DEPENDABLE, diligent, hardworking, faithful, you will be very popular slaves & favoured & given good living conditions—just as the most favoured technicians & scientists & engineers & teachers of Russia are to this very day!—Those who haven't tried to buck the System or buck its Communist religion or be political dissidents …‚ they are highly-favoured & highly-paid—engineers, technicians, computer experts, teachers, mechanics, electronics experts‚ etc.

128. EVEN ENTERTAINERS ARE VERY WELL-FAVOURED UNDER THE COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP OF RUSSIA & are highly paid, get the best apartments, get the best of everything—more freedom & liberty, can travel more, everything!—Even allowed to travel out into the rest of the World as long as they are dependable & loyal & can be fairly trusted not to defect. Very few of them have defected.

129. THE DEFECTIONS FROM THE TRAVELLING GROUPS & opera groups & dance groups & cultural groups that have travelled outside of the Soviet Union into the Western World have been rare & very few & far between compared to the vast overwhelming majority of them who have gone out on their trips & enjoyed them & enjoyed showing the culture of the Soviet Union & their individual nationalistic cultures of various parts of the Soviet Union in their dance & singing & musical & operatic groups, etc.

130. THEY'VE ENJOYED IT & GONE BACK HAPPILY TO THE SOVIET UNION AGAIN when they had every opportunity to defect. Because they heard enough from former defectors that living conditions in many ways are more difficult in the West than they are in Russia where you're sure to have a job & some income & something to eat & some kind of an apartment & something to do rather than be unemployed & broke & in contempt in the Western World, even resented as many Eastern refugees are in the West.

131. SO THINGS ARE NOT GOING TO BE ANY, IF MUCH DIFFERENT, FROM CONDITIONS TODAY where many Christians are still living & working under the Soviet Union under the government but simply not trying to buck the politics or the religion of Communism nor its methods, etc.‚ but are serving as faithful servants & slaves of the power that is ordained of God despite its so-called anti-God, anti-Christian stance, anti-religious stance. It in itself is a religion.

132. SO THAT YOU CHRISTIANS IN RUSSIA WHO NOW KNOW HOW TO SURVIVE UNDER THE COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT, there'll be no change for you. There'll be very little change for those in other governments which the Communists take over where you've already learned to exist & survive & even work & thrive under a totalitarian system government of some kind where open witnessing or litnessing is, of course, totally forbidden & even secret witnessing is dangerous but possible, & even your very life & your light & your example & your love are a witness in themselves & sufficient & all that God may expect of you until they come to you & ask you why.

133. THEN, OF COURSE, WHEN THEY SEEK YOU OUT & you know that they're sincere & they really want to know, you're going to have to tell them & they may have to become secret believers & continue to work under their government just as you do, but secretly believing as literally tens of thousands, if not perhaps even millions, of Russians do today!

134. THERE HAVE BEEN VARIOUS ESTIMATES OF THE UNDERGROUND CHURCH, even the open ground, aboveground churches such as the ones which are permitted by the government such as the Orthodox & Baptist in particular. They have even church buildings & meetings & are even allowed some activity as long as they do not try to so-called proselyte or convert Communist young people, & of course there's a great deal of restriction on their worship & their witness.

135. THEY'RE FORBIDDEN TO WITNESS, forbidden to litness, & in many places forbidden to even gather or fellowship in large numbers. But they are allowed to exist, even Muslims. Russia is now even printing Bibles, believe it or not, & they're now even printing Korans! They're printing Orthodox Bibles for the Orthodox Church & they're printing Korans for the millions of Muslims that they have.

136. THEY ARE DISCOVERING THAT TO TOLERATE A LITTLE RELIGION IS BETTER THAN HAVING TO FIGHT IT!—That fighting it & persecuting it only makes it thrive & makes the true & loyal religionists even more loyal & more active & more aggressive & more obstinate & more difficult to deal with! Whereas they found if they tolerate them, give them a little freedom—restricted freedom within certain limitations—that this is more tolerable & easier to get along with than total restriction, total banning & total obliteration.

137. THEREFORE, IT'S ONLY OF COURSE WHEN THE ANTICHRIST GETS TO THE POINT THAT HE TRIES TO WIPE OUT ALL RELIGIONS & to establish his World religion of self-worship of the Devil & his idol, this is only when he starts really getting in trouble—both with the peoples of the World & the religions of the World & their followers—& he begins having all kinds of wars, believe it or not, under the World Antichrist Government. He has wars with different areas & nations & sections—no doubt the most religious—& he has a lot of problems in those last days of the Tribulation, & God will give him a lot of problems too. But God will spare us even in those days, because those days will mean the Antichrist's doom.

138. THOSE DAYS OF HIS WORST BEHAVIOUR & his worst opposition to God & to religion will bring about his downfall & his greatest opposition from God & even the peoples of the World, until finally he is completely overthrown. So those last days will, of course, be the most difficult as Jesus Himself said, "That day of trouble such as has not been in all World history, neither indeed ever shall be again!" (Mt.24:21)

139. THOSE WILL BE THE MOST DIFFICULT, BUT AS I'VE SAID BEFORE, I THINK EVEN THEN WE'RE GOING TO SUPERNATURALLY‚ MIRACULOUSLY WITNESS & shine so brightly as we have never shone before until we are still a Worldwide witness, perhaps a greater witness than ever!—Just through the mighty signs, wonders & miracles we will do in our supernatural protection, calling down fire from God out of Heaven to devour our enemies & being on Worldwide television as amazing things, witnesses that even the Antichrist himself cannot stop! With all his power & miraculous abilities & signs & wonders, he cannot put an end to us, He cannot kill us until God has ordained it to be so!

140. SO THEREFORE, WE WILL CONTINUE IN OUR WITNESS TO THE VERY END! We will continue to survive to the very End, some of us. Most of us, I believe, frankly. God will allow a few, maybe many to suffer persecution & great persecution, & He will allow a few even to be martyred—as a witness, as a testimony to their faith‚ to show they really mean business‚ they're really willing to die for it!—And that's your final testimony, your final witness!

141. YOUR GREATEST WITNESS, OF COURSE‚ IS YOUR DEATH FOR THE LORD. When you die for your faith you are laying down your life for your friends, "And greater love hath no man than this, than a man lay down his life for his friends." (Jn.15:13) And that's your final witness. I think our folks will do it gladly & joyfully just like the Early Christians did in their day, & the Lord might even make it painless as He did for some of them.

142. BUT EVEN IF IT'S PAINFUL‚ IT'LL ONLY BE MOMENTARY! The Lord will never let it be unbearable, He'll take you first in your departure of death. Down through history the martyrs have died singing in the fire, praising God, happy, joyful, seemingly painless deaths.

143. SO HOWEVER YOU WITNESS, WHETHER YOU LIVE OR WHETHER YOU DIE, YOU LIVE & DIE FOR THE LORD & for Love & for others & you can do it to the very End of the World as the World witnesses for Christ till He comes, in Jesus' name. Amen! God bless you & make you a worldwide witness in this World Series where we are the final winners! Praise God! TYJ! Amen!