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World Series--Chapter 13: PDQ Centers

David Berg

—World Series No.13—By Father DavidDO109320/1/82

1. THERE IS NO WORLDWIDE DICTATORSHIP THAT IS GOING TO BE ABLE TO CONTROL EVERY SINGLE PERSON UNLESS THEY CONTROL & MONITOR ALL COMMUNICATIONS, & THE POSTAL SYSTEM IS ENTIRELY TOO PRIVATE! (Maria: And they couldn't find enough people to do it all.) They couldn't possibly have enough people to open all letters & read'm all, etc. So they're going to have to have the Postal System all computerised, which the U.S. is already developing & already using, touting the advantages of instant same-day delivery.

2. PERSONAL PRIVATE MAIL IS GOING TO BE ALMOST A THING OF THE PAST UNDER THE WORLD SYSTEM. They're going to computerise & electronicise the mail through computers that can sift it out & almost analyse it & detect an funny things about it & it'll all be done through computers just like the economic system & the credit system & all that. It'll all be electronic, computerised, which of course is going to make it more efficient, more economical‚ faster & improve it in every way including total control. That's important because that's going to come in the last stages.

3. IT'S NOT GOING TO COME VERY FAST, EVEN THE NEW ELECTRONIC U.S. PASSPORTS ARE VERY SLOW RIGHT NOW. They're just begun to issue these passports. Even the U.S. hasn't got the machines installed at the border posts yet to read'm but they plan to & they will. The machines have been already designed & invented & are functional but they still haven't manufactured enough of them to deliver & install & put into operation. Everything takes time. Rome wasn't built in a day but they're building it little by little, brick by brick, more control.

4. AND OF COURSE, THEY'RE PROMOTING IT, YOU KNOW‚ AS A GREAT BENEFIT TO THE CITIZEN & THE INDIVIDUAL. It protects you from forgery, the theft of your passport. It helps you to get through the line faster & it simplifies the passport control, makes it more efficient & they're trying to tout it up like salesmen you know, "It's for your good!" It's exactly what every dictator has told his people as he enslaved them, "It's for your good, for your protection, for your security, for your benefit!"—Just like they tell them over in Poland right now: "It's for your own good we're doing this!"—Ha!

5. THE FACT OF THE MATTER, IT'S FOR THEIR GOOD SO THEY CAN KEEP TABS ON YOU & ABSOLUTE TOTAL CONTROL so no U.S. citizen can go back in the States & get in if they want them for some reason, & so they can catch you if you don't suit'm or please'm in some way. If there's any irregularity at all about your passport the machine will catch it, sound the alarm & then you've got to explain. If you're on the—what do they call it?—equivalent to the wanted list, this'll all be computerised & done by computer & they don't have to go behind the scenes & check down a long alphabetical list to find out if your name's on it. A computer can do it in a fraction of a second.

6. AN ARTICLE I READ DESCRIBED ONE & SHOWED HOW IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE TO DUPLICATE OR FORGE YOUR PASSPORT because they've got certain symbols & code system down on the bottom line & in the corner that to circumvent it the criminal would have to know the code & its tricks. If when they put it on the machine the coding is not correct it rings the alarm & they grab him, whoever it is. If it finds anything about the passport irregular or somebody wanted or anything—tock!—the minute you stick it in, it's fast!

7. THAT'S TRUE, YOU CAN GO THROUGH PASSPORT CONTROL ZIP, ZIP, ZIP & GET ZIPPED—ZAPPED—IF YOU'RE THE WRONG PARTY! But they haven't even got these readers, as they call them, installed & functional at even U.S. ports yet. They have said that they've gotten the consent already of European countries to use them when they've got'm going, but that's going to take time. Everything takes time. Rome wasn't built in a day. But it's getting more & more dangerous to go back to the U.S. if anybody there wants you for any reason.

8. THEY'VE ALREADY GET THE NEW ELECTRONIC MAIL SYSTEM INSTALLED & FUNCTIONAL NOW IN THE UNITED STATES: "Faster, more efficient, cheaper than telegrams‚ accurate, promising same-day delivery, at the most next day delivery! It's just great! And only one dollar!" I think for something like 25 words or something like that. It's really a substitute for the old-fashioned telegraph system, in fact, it's Western Union that's screaming about it & who has held it up for so long.

9. THEY'RE SCREAMING THAT THAT'S TOO CHEAP, IT'S GONNA RUN THEM OUT OF BUSINESS' cause you can't send a Western Union telegraph near that cheap! Western Union telegraphs usually cost I think it's five or ten cents a word or something, & even at five cents a word I don't know whether you get 20 words of message. But maybe it's 10 cents a word. I don't know what it is now but I used to send'm to Fred once in awhile. It got to be a common joke, "Don't send a Western Union telegraph that you're coming or you'll get there before it does!"

10. THAT'S KIND OF THE BEGINNING OF THE ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION SYSTEM TO TRY TO REPLACE THE MAILS‚ & from that they'll go on to the electronic credit system so that everything will be done electronically by computers, & of course under total complete governmental control. They're going to tell you eventually that it has long been that the Postal System is too archaic, too inefficient, too costly to have all this business without having private letters in all kinds of shapes & sizes that have to be stamped & postmarked & all kinds of other things & shipped in bulk across oceans, that this is entirely too slow & too inefficient & too costly & also too private to be continued. They're just starting to do this on a small scale now in the States, just between the major cities.

11. IT TAKES TIME TO BUILD ROME & THIS IS GOING TO BE‚ AS MANY BIBLE STUDENTS HAVE CALLED IT, "THE NEW ROMAN EMPIRE"! Some even went so far as to say it was the revival of the old Roman Empire‚ & of course, like Rome, it has its advantages of being World citizens & easier passage from country to country & more efficiency & more security & more everything including more total control.

12. SO THE REASON I GOT TO TALKING ABOUT THIS IS THAT THE INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE POSTAL SYSTEM OF PRIVATE LETTERS IS GOING TO DISAPPEAR EVENTUALLY! Now, that'll probably be toward the End because it's not physically possible yet & functioning soon enough, they don't have enough terminals. When all private mail disappears is when they've got those terminals down to the smallest Post Office. In the meantime they're going to start with the biggest cities & by & by they're going to require you to send your communications between those big cities via the more efficient faster, simpler, cheaper‚ electronic system.

13. SEE, IT STARTS AT THE TOP & THEN IT GRADUALLY SEEPS DOWN. But as long as we can keep at least one step below the control level we can keep operating. But after the war that's not going to be easy to do an international one-central headquarters basis. There's going to be more control of odd-shaped packages like floppy disks & maybe eventually any type of intercontinental or transoceanic communications & things subject to inspection if they get suspicious, & they even did this with the telegrams during the last war & awhile after the last War.

14. I CAN REMEMBER WHEN I USED TO SEND WIRES TO FRED ABOUT THIS OR THAT, a station wanted a tape or something right away‚ & any type of code or numbers or anything that were in the telegram during the war & after the war, they were required to type them out in a special line at the bottom of the telegram for inspectors to check to see if it might be some kind of code communication. Fred laughed one time when he got a telegram from me & they had two Scripture references at the bottom & a "PTL"!—Ha! They didn't know what those meant.

15. ANYTHING THAT WAS IN THE TELEGRAM THAT THE OPERATOR DIDN'T UNDERSTAND OR DIDN'T KNOW WHAT IT MEANT, she had to type a special line at the bottom at the delivery point, see, so that the inspectors could inspect the telegram & see if there was anything suspicious that should be checked on, if you were having communications with the enemy or something.

16. (MARIA: DID THEY SEARCH YOU OUT AT YOUR ADDRESS IF THEY FELT THERE WAS SOMETHING?) Well, I suppose if somebody was sending too many suspicious words & coded messages the would've. I don't think I ever had any question about it except I think one operator one time asked me what does this mean? And I laughed & said, "Well‚ that's a referenced in the Bible." "Well, what is it? Ha! Then I quoted the Scripture for her & she seemed to be satisfied. (Maria: She probably didn't even have a Bible to look it up.)

17. IT'S ALREADY HAPPENED. WHAT'S HAPPENED BEFORE JUST WILL HAPPEN AGAIN on a more efficient, faster, computerised, electronic scale & they won't have to have stupid inspectors inspecting printed strips on the bottom of the telegram, it can be done in a fraction of a second by electronic computers. You've had enough to do with computers by now you ought to know what they do!

18. YOU CAN SEE IF THAT LITTLE COMPUTER WE'VE GOT IN THERE CAN FIND A MISSPELLED WORD or some little mistake or alphabetise or put out a search for anything you want to find in that whole Letter of tens of thousands of characters & pages & whatnot, you know good & well that their computers are going to be able to find anything they want to find that looks suspicious!

19. BY MEANS OF THE COMPUTER SYSTEM, SORT OF LIKE IN "THE SOURCE", THE SYSTEM COULD EVEN EVENTUALLY REACH INTO EVERY HOME!—The dear old "1984" Big Brother monitor! Not only just communications but eventually actual observation like the Big Brother rotating eye. Did you ever see "1984"? There was this T.V. lens shaped just like those red lights on the top of U.S. police cars, that go back & forth & rotate around like that. Well‚ they had it plastered on the wall of his room so that it swept the room back & forth & observed everything that was going on in his room all the time, & if he did anything he didn't want them to see he'd have to turn his back to it & fumble around in front of him, see, & it couldn't see what he was doing. "1984" was really some picture!

20. ACTUALLY, THE POSTAL SYSTEM IS ONE OF THE MOST INEFFICIENT, EXPENSIVE, OLD PONY EXPRESS HANGOVERS OF THE PAST & I'm sure only the Lord let it last this long, probably maybe for our sake, & even the governments behind the Iron Curtain today can't monitor all the mail, you know? But if they get suspicious about you, they can start opening your mail like they did in Israel.

21. OR LIKE THAT GUY THAT WAS GOING AROUND THROUGH ALL THE POST OFFICE BOXES THERE IN LOS ANGELES THAT DAY & I COMPLAINED. He was opening every box & just shuffling through it to see who it was coming from. I said‚ "What are you doing? I thought these were private boxes, private property!" He said, "There's no private property!" That was during the days of the cold war & McCarthyism & the witch-hunting for the Communists & all that right after World War II. He said, "There's no private property when these people are receiving all this mail from these Commies abroad!" They were just not opening it but shuffling through it to see who it was from, where it was from. (Maria: Well, they could do that easily then, couldn't they?)

22. WELL, THAT'S PROBABLY WHAT THE COMMUNIST COUNTRIES ARE DOING NOW‚ YOU KNOW? If you get too much mail from abroad, they may start opening it. They get suspicious & see if you're getting mail from Western countries. The mail is just too private, that's all, but they can have it all completely banned.

23. ONCE THEY GET THE CREDIT SYSTEM GOING WHERE ALL CREDIT & BANKING EXCHANGES DON'T HAVE TO BE DONE BY MAIL ANYMORE, cheques & paper & banking can all be done by electronics, wire & radio, then that's one of the main hurdles out of the way. Otherwise businesses would be screaming that they had to have the mails, see? Well, this'll be easier, cheaper & quicker, everything for business‚ & now they're working on private communications between individuals‚ "You can send your letter same-day delivery only one dollar!"—but it goes through a dear little computer.

24. THE WORLDWIDE GOVERNMENT HAS GOT TO HAVE IT, THAT'S ALL! It's got to have it to solve the money exchange & the Credit System & currency & cheques & banking & all that stuff, & in order to control it it's got to have it simple enough & easy enough, fast enough that they can control from a central computer bank. (Maria: So would they dispense with the mails all together?) They will probably dispense in the long run at least with long-distance communications, things that have to be sent long distances like intercontinental or something like that, they'll start probably on that.

25. BECAUSE THAT, OF COURSE, IS VERY EXPENSIVE‚ AIRMAIL & EXPRESS ACROSS OCEANS IN AIRPLANES. They may just leave local communications like your local communications within a city or a state or a country or even maybe within one continent, with all their politics & persuasion they may leave it alone at least for awhile because they may not necessarily be concerned so much about that. It'll be communications just like it is today between East & West, you know, suspicious communications that might be seditious.

26. THIS IS ONE LITTLE WORD THAT WAS USED A LOT-SEDITION & SEDITIOUS. It meant somebody's apt to be a little soft on Communism & easy on the Communists. The President when they got tough on them I think was Eisenhower after the war. McCarthy was in the '50s, Well anyhow, they started witch-hunting & sifting out communications. I imagine that the System would not even want to necessarily be bothered with local communications, at least not at first, local Postal Systems & letters, especially when the thing has got to grow to where all Post Offices have computers & have the System, & it's just being started & tested in the U.S. just now. It takes time for those things.

27. YOU TAKE THIRD WORLD AREAS LIKE SOUTH AMERICA & THE FAR EAST ETC., IT'S GOING TO BE A LONG TIME BEFORE THEY GET SYSTEMS LIKE THAT WHICH THEY CAN TOTALLY CONTROL, & in the meantime they'll have to have a Postal System for all kinds of business communication, banking in the local area. Those businesses just aren't going to give up that easily, nor the private individuals. But they will get the System going between the major centers & the major countries where if you want to send something from this big city to that big city‚ even the private communications have gotta go through their computer system because they've gotta control communications if they're going to control the World! But that'll take, I think, quite awhile before they can even manufacture & produce enough of them & install'm & get the system going.

28. BUT HOW THIS APPLIES TO US, AS I WAS SAYING, IS THAT IF DURING & AFTER THE WAR WE WERE CUT OFF FROM COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN CONTINENTS, I believe there will still be a Postal System & communications within a continent at least, like South America, & with everybody of our Family who's going to migrate to South America. A publishing distribution center in South America could take care of them with the U.S. gone & Europe gone or partly gone, enough to disrupt communications & distribution & Postal Systems, etc.

29. WITH A PUBLISHING CENTER IN SOUTH AMERICA WHO CAN NOW HANDLE ALL THREE CONTINENTS‚ North & South America & Europe, with North America & Europe gone they'd only have to worry about South America & there would probably be some kind of communication still available in that one continent which will not be subject to bombings & it'll take time to control, & the same goes for the East such as India & Southeast Asia etc.

30. THERE WILL PROBABLY BE MEANS OF PUBLICATION & DISTRIBUTION IN MORE LIMITED AREAS WHICH HAVE NOT YET BEEN TAKEN, the local Postal Systems have not yet been replaced. They can't just banish them & abolish them because they're needed for too many things. Even the government needs the Postal System for mailing bills & taxes & all kinds of stuff.

31. THEY'VE GOT THE WHOLE THING ALREADY INVENTED & FIGURED OUT but it just takes a lot of expensive equipment & not every little government has it now or can afford it or even wants it! But when the World Government takes over‚ they'll be able to afford it & want it & have it & install it, But it's going to take awhile, & frankly‚ I don't think it'll come to pass until the World Government comes to pass after the War.

32. IN THE MEANTIME WHEN THE WAR DISRUPTS TODAY'S COMMON POSTAL SYSTEM, IT COULD DISRUPT COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN CONTINENTS, but I don't think it's going to affect communications, particularly Postal communications too much on Third World continents in countries where there was no war such as South America, India, Southeast Asia & the Pacific. I think since they will not actually be involved in the direct warfare, their systems will pretty much be able to continue as is today in the old-fashioned archaic Postal System which makes it possible for us to so easily distribute our literature.

33. THEY'VE BEEN FIGHTING THIS OUT FOR A LONG TIME & HAVING TO FIGHT COMPETITION & BUSINESSES LIKE WESTERN UNION, Telex, etc., with government power to insist on installing it. If they've had to take so long to do it, you can imagine how long it'll take until there is a Worldwide totalitarian government that can enforce it & who'll be able to concentrate all their efforts in having them manufactured & installed & used & enforced.

34. SO THAT'S GOING TO TAKE TIME EVEN AFTER THE WAR & THE NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT GETS STARTED. It's going to take time, & even in the Bible you can read how he's busy running back here & there & fightin' here & fightin' there & still trying to subjugate different areas, etc.* There's still going to be plenty of opposition but not enough to be very signficant or even a threat, except it just takes a little while for every conqueror to completely subdue a conquered country, just like it's going to take this World conqueror a little time to completely subdue a conquered World & install his new systems & his new controls & all these things. (*Daniel 11.)

35. BUT IT'S ALREADY INVENTED, THE MACHINES EVEN ARE ALREADY MADE & the System is already figured out, they just need time to manufacture enough of them & install'm & eventually enforce'm for communications. So that's the new System‚ & then they will be able to control every word that goes through it.

36. WELL‚ IT'S PRETTY HARD‚ AS YOU KNOW, TO ENFORCE THAT KIND OF A SYSTEM; IT JUST TAKES ALMOST TOO MANY PEOPLE. But with a computerised system‚ those big brains, they can find things in a fraction of a second! They can search it out, type it out, ring the alarm bells or whatever! But see, Rome wasn't built in a day & this new Rome is not going to be built in a day. It's going to take time.

37. AND IN THE MEANTIME, EVEN IF AFTER THE WAR WE'RE CUT OFF BETWEEN CONTINENTS—which wouldn't be surprising if they decide to temporarily cut off intercontinental communications just in order to establish themselves—at least I believe that publishing & distribution on a local scale, intercontinental, that means within the continent, will still probably continue much as it is today, both telephone & telegrams & the Postal System.

38. SO WHAT THAT MEANS TO US IS, THAT IF WE HAVE A PUBLISHING CENTER, for example, on the remaining existing continents that have not been destroyed or affected too much by the war, such as the Southern ones which we recommend the Family to go to—South America, India, the Far East & the Pacific—that their communications system within their areas will continue much as it has been without being affected for awhile.

39. SO THAT MORDY IN SOUTH AMERICA COULD STILL BE PUBLISHING & DISTRIBUTING TO THE FOLKS THERE & we could have another center in the East which can distribute locally by the Postal System or by hand. It'll still be possible to communicate & publish & distribute communications, Letters if nothing else, within those more localised areas & we have to prepare for that now. That was one of the things that came to me in the night, the night before last‚ & I was arguing with the Lord about it. He was saying:

40. "WELL, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? JUST COMPLETELY DESERT THE REST OF THE WORLD & concentrate everything on South America only, & abandon the rest of the sheep & the rest of the World?" I said, "Well, I'm gonna get Keda & Ho & different outstanding leaders to take care of that part of the World!" "Yes, but they're going to need your Letters & there are people going to need guidance too & you've still gotta have some kind of publication & distribution system for that part of the World to continue to lead the sheep & guide them & notify them & communicate with them."

41. SO I GUESS THAT IS THE WHOLE IDEA OF WHAT THE LORD IS DOING NOW IN GETTING MORDY ALL SET UP TO SERVICE THE SOUTH AMERICAN FAMILY. Whereas God's going to help us establish another pubbing & distributing center somewhere in the East to help them. When we are cut off then the local Family will continue to provide local material for the Magazine, & God helping us, I'm sure the Lord will not leave us completely incommunicado where we can't at least squeeze a Letter through from me.

42. THIS WAS A WARTIME THING, MAYBE YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THAT, BUT DURING THE WAR THEY ONLY ALLOWED THEM TO SEND THOSE LITTLE ONE–PAGE LETTER SHEETS, the letter itself folded up into an envelope, & that's all you could send. Because there were communications monitors between continents & that's all that planes were allowed to carry‚ just those little tiny airmail sheets, that's all! So, D.V., we'll still be able to send something, the latest hint or communication of some kind as long as it looks like a normal letter, even if I have to write it by hand or something!

43. SO THE LORD WON'T LEAVE US COMPLETELY WITHOUT COMMUNICATION as He didn't even in the difficult days of the Early Church when they had no Postal System, only had couriers & messengers. The World got along with nothing but messengers & no Postal System, no telegraph, no telephone for almost the first six thousand years of its existence‚ in fact, until just a little over a hundred years ago the first real Postal System was established in the United States back in about the early eighteen-hundreds I think it was.

44. ANYBODY REMEMBER THE FIRST DAYS OF THE PONY EXPRESS? That was the first fast Postal System, messenger system that came out just before the telegraph. Then came the telegraph & that was the next fast messenger system. But the Postal System grew from the Pony Express, & you know what those were? Those were fellas who rode horses as fast as they could & changed horses from town to town as the horse got worn out, & carried messages even from coast to coast in the United States by Pony Express. The mail had to be carried & then finally the Postal System grew & the mail was carried by coach mailbag & developed into what it is today—by trains, trucks, buses & planes.

45. WELL, THERE'LL STILL BE SOME WAYS OF COMMUNICATING, I'm sure the Lord will not leave us completely comfortless & leave anybody in any area completely without communication from the Lord, & if they can't hear from me He'll raise up a prophet of their own such as Faithy or somebody. I wouldn't have to worry a bit about all South America as long as Faithy's there as a spiritual leader.

46. I BELIEVE THE LORD WILL EMPOWER HER AS A PROPHETESS OF GOD AS HE HAS BEFORE! She was virtually the leader of Europe for quite awhile before we got there & she pioneered Europe & she pioneered Italy & she's got the fire & she's got the Spirit! She may be sometimes a bit scatterbrained, but I think maybe she's gettin' a little bit better organised. She may not have much common sense, but she's got a lot of uncommon sense! She's definitely led by the Lord! She may not know what it is, but she knows when it ain't‚ & I'm sure the Lord would use her in that area as their prophetess & their leader even if I were completely cut off from communication with them.

47. SO THAT'S THE WAY I SEE IT RIGHT NOW, & that is that if we will at least be prepared for the first problem of the war, & after the war for each area to have this own publication distribution system established & have that functioning even before the war begins. If we started now it would even save us an awful lot of money & for example it would save us a lot of time.

48. IF WE WOULD SPLIT UP OUR PRESENT PUBLICATION & DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM INTO TWO‚ at least start off with two areas, maybe three eventually‚ then when the War comes it would not completely disrupt our whole publication & distribution system. We would still be able to have some kind of Magazine in each area. Even if we couldn't exchange bulky news & mail from all other parts of the World, they could at least make up a Magazine of the news of what's going on in their own areas.

49. THEY'RE GOING BE THANKFUL TO GET EVEN THE NEWS OF OTHER FAMILIES IN THEIR OWN CONTINENT, even in their own country much less their own continent! And if that same little Magazine would contain even one Letter from us they'd thankful if we were able to get it to'm somehow!—Even if we had to fly somebody across the ocean or something to get it to them! We would still have some kind of communication & some kind of publication being distributed to reach the Family & guide them in every part of the World, understand?

50. WHAT WOULD WE CALL THEM, A DISSEMINATION CENTER? PUBLICATION & DISTRIBUTION? Pubdist? I don't know. A publications center at least. Publication center, that's where we publish our glad tidings. It would be wise if right now as we're getting our own system organised & established, which has been pretty international & completely done from the top, if we would begin to break it up as we're doing now into two or three international centers & then begin to push down & localise publishing centers even more than that. Do you know what I mean?

51. SO THAT IF EVEN THESE INTERNATIONAL CENTERS WERE CUT OFF FROM SOME OF THEIR AREAS‚ THEIR LOCAL AREAS COULD PICK UP THE BALL, & that's probably where the LIMs & some of those are going to come in as major publishing centers for their countries or their own areas. Because we have got to be prepared to service these areas & feed the Family in all of these areas even if some areas are cut off from each other. We're got to get the system established, we've got to get the publishing houses established, we've got to get the leadership going so that they'll be able to carry on.

52. I'VE BEEN COUNTING ON KEDA & EVEN HO, WITH KEDA KEEPING AN EYE ON HIM! Ho's a good man & he loves the Lord & he knows the Letters & I think could even be a help to help lead the Far East when the crunch comes‚ with Keda as the overseer. The Lord'll raise up His leadership, really. But just like the Antichrist, if he's going to take over the World shortly he must be somewhere already in leadership training & already getting his training & being prepared for it. So these leaders must be around somewhere now & we need to give them an opportunity to start preparing for it, particularly on the feed end of the line, the publishing centers where we can distribute.

53. FOR EXAMPLE, IT'S A GREAT DEAL THE WAY WE USED TO DO IN THE EARLY DAYS OF OUR COLONIES when we used to send one Letter to each Colony & then they had to Xerox them or mimeograph them & print them up there & distribute them to their people. We only had seven copies & we couldn't send more, so then they had to start distributing in their areas. So it's going to be a lot the same as we did even then. (Maria: And they did Local Pubs as well.)

54. WE SENT OUT JUST ONE CARBON COPY OF A SIMPLE LITTLE HAND—TYPED LETTER that just looked like an ordinary letter to officials. The only place they ever got suspicious of it & opened it up—not our letter that I know of—but opened up anything was in Israel, of all places, & I don't know why that particular letter attracted their attention or suspicion but it did, from dear Joel.

55. BUT AS LONG AS YOU & I ARE ABLE, IF WE HAVE TO GO BACK TO WHAT WE STARTED WITH, you on your little typewriter typing a three or four-page Letter or even a one-page Letter like we did much of the time, with six or seven carbons that we sent out to six or seven major Pub Centers for distribution, from there we can keep going. Right? (Maria: Yes, right!) We may have to go back to that eventually, & that's what we started with.

56. THIS HUGE INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM OF PUBLICATION DEPENDENT ON THE MAILS THAT WE HAVE TODAY IS A GREAT BLESSING & has helped to really speed the tremendous productions that we have been engaged in, & I'm sure the Lord has allowed this in order to really flood the Family with all this material as quickly as possible before the War comes, so that after the War we won't have to publish so much material. It'll already be in their hands.

57. ALL THE FAMILY WILL NEED FROM THEN ON IS THE NEWS OF THEIR AREAS & AS MANY NEARBY AREAS AS POSSIBLE, & even as much World news as possible as we can get to them, an exchange between centers. This idea of the disks & all that could be a great help, but I don't know, because apparently these disks, as we found out, have problems with customs already. So that doesn't help much if they're going to have to go through customs & be under suspicion, etc.‚ what good is it?

58. BUT THE LITTLE MICRO TAPES I THINK ARE GOING TO BE SO PREVALENT & so in use that it's going to be impossible to stop every micro tape & want to know what's on it & everything else, particularly the micro tapes. The micro tapes would be far more secure & wouldn't attract as much attention. And then, of course, we can go back to what we started with or eventually developed, & that is the microscopic 35mm film which we sent through the mail & you can disguise as a Letter & that virtually made our international publications system possible because we could exchange these from here to there & disseminate them in a letter & pages upon pages reduced to 35mm size & distributed throughout the World so they could shoot'm up & shoot'm out.

59. THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF WAYS OF DOING IT & THE LORD'LL SHOW US THE WAYS‚ BUT WE NEED THE PEOPLE & THE UNITS ALREADY SET UP WHO KNOW HOW TO DO THESE THINGS! We need them in these specific areas as quickly as possible, do you understand? Units that know our system of publication & how it's handled & how we produce Letters & printed matter & Magazines etc., that we need to multiply. Thank God Mordy did train somebody that knows something about his printing end!

60. WE HAVE TRAINED PRODUCTION UNITS—EDITING, TYPING, RECORDING & FINALISING MATERIAL, you might say what amounts to editorial offices. We have trained out World Service production United who produce publications & even the taping Units. I hope Beriah is going to or has trained somebody that knows something about how he does it, because we are going to need what he knows, not only in South America but we're going to need it in the Mideast & Far East. They've got lots of talent over there in South America & they're going to have oodles more when all those Americans get down there.

61. THIS IS WHY I'M EAGER TO GET THE MICROS GOING! At least if even one person in an area has a micro that we can send it to, they'll be able to put it on their micro & hear it or listen to it in their group or even transcribe it & distribute it, & that's the fastest way there is! Because the printing method is quite slow comparatively speaking. I don't know how the newspapers do it, but we've never been able to get to that stage yet where we could get it out that fast—have it done, typed‚ edited & published virtually all in one day!

62. ALTHOUGH THE MICROS ARE A LOT MORE BULKY THAN 35'S, AT LEAST THEY'RE NOT BEING SUBJECT TO CUSTOMS & INSPECTION & EVERYTHING NOW. At least we could get by with them for awhile! If we can't get by with the big tapes, we could probably get by with the micros for awhile. Then even if we're ever forced eventually to go back to 35's, well, we could do it. But these bulky computers & floppy disks, they're helping to make possible rapid production right now, but until they develop something that's better than what they've got, then they're being too subject to inspection & customs etc. Some of these countries are getting smart.

63. WHEN IT COMES TO SECRECY & SECURITY THESE BIG COMPUTERS ARE FOR THE BIRDS‚ FORGET'M! Right now they may know everything‚ be able to do everything & that's great‚ but I was looking for miniaturisation, not magnification. These may be able to do everything & that's fine & we may need that for a little while, but it's not going to last forever! Because if you can't send them through the mails securely then they're out, except for our own local use. Well‚ that's a help.

64. WELL ANYWAY, WE'RE ALREADY LATE IN WAKING UP & GETTING OUR OWN DISTRIBUTION CENTERS ESTABLISHED IN EVERY AREA beginning with top, in a sense. We already in a way have gotten started at the bottom with the LIMs, & they can hold some of them together in the areas to which they're moving, they & their talent in order to service more local areas like a local country or a part of a continent etc. for printing & distribution, then if we're able to get the material to them they'll still be able to publish & disseminate.

65. WE WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO PAMPER SOME LANGUAGE AREAS WHICH THERE'LL BE NO CALL FOR SUCH AS EUROPEAN LANGUAGES‚ except where they're very widespread in Southern areas such as Spanish in Latin America, & English is spoken largely & widely throughout the East so that we won't even have to localise with local languages there necessarily unless they're already there, & those are there & they're functioning & they're not moving, they're already there.

66. THE LIMS WHICH ARE SERVICING LOCAL LANGUAGE AREAS OF THE SOUTH ARE NOT MOVING! They're functioning, they're growing, they're booming rather than moving! So we don't have to worry about them. Those in the South will grow & explode because they're going to be more needed all the time than ever! It's just the other European languages of the North that are going to be almost passé anyhow unless the people are in the South, & there they're going to have to be able to either read English or the local language or that's tough! So they'd better know one or the other in a hurry! They'd either better now English or Spanish or Japanese or whatever.

67. SO ANYWAY, THAT'S THE WAY I SEE IT & I THINK THAT'S WHY THE LORD'S LETTING US START MAKING A PUSH IN THAT DIRECTION. We need to get, I would say, at least three international centers set up for publishing: South America, the Mideast such as the India area‚ & the Far East such as the East Indies, Southeast Asia, Philippines, Japan, Australia & New Zealand. They need something in each area that'll handle the communications & publication & distribution of the Word—& we're behind now, we need to work on it.

68. WE'VE BEEN SO BUSY WITH GETTING OUT HUGE PUBLICATIONS & A FLOOD OF THEM RIGHT NOW, so busy with the present we haven't been able to look really sufficiently into the future, but now the Lord is forcing us out. He's even going to get us out there helping to pioneer the effort & establish these centers & we need to do it quick because the War is coming quick!

69. MAY THE LORD PLEASE HOLD OFF THE WAR LONG ENOUGH TO AT LEAST GET THIS IDEA ORGANISED where we'll have some type of communication & publication in each area that can carry on even if the major areas are cut off from each other. And then eventually even if the smaller areas are cut off from each other, each smaller area like the LIM area can at least be able to continue publication in their own area if nothing else.

70. AND IF SO, IF THERE'S ANY KIND OF A LOCAL PUBLISHING & DISTRIBUTION CENTER ALREADY ESTABLISHED & FUNCTIONING‚ which it should be, & knowing how to go through the motions & how to do the job with personnel that can handle it already doing it locally, then I know the Lord is going to make it possible for us to somehow get the Word to them from wherever we are or wherever He is. Either from us, though us, or direct to His prophets in the area.

71. SO PTL! THAT'S THE WAY I SEE IT FROM HERE WHY WE DESPERATELY NEED TO IMMEDIATELY TRY TO ESTABLISH THE THREE MAJOR INTERNATIONAL CENTERS, I would say something in the Mideast area somewhere around India & something in the Far East area of perhaps the Philippines or somewhere out there. It remains to be seen where it could be possible, where we'd be able to print & distribute.

72. IT'S MY JOB JUST TO GIVE YOU GUYS THE GENERAL DIRECTION OF THE WAR. The Commander-in-Chief having given you the direction of the War, it's you generals' job to work out the local battles. And don't tell me you can't do it! In the days when you & I in a little hotel room were typing out MO Letters on your little mechanical manual typewriter one page at a time with seven copies at a time & sending to seven different Colonies to distribute it further to their other Colonies & other people, at that time did you ever dream of this system that we have today? Would you have ever dreamed such a thing was possible? You would've said, "Oh, my God!"

73. IF HE'D SHOWN YOU A VISION OF WHAT WE'RE DOING TODAY YOU'D HAVE SAID, "THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! I could never do it!" Well, here you are doing it! The Lord doesn't let you do it in one day‚ He lest you grow into it just like a child grows. Our whole Worldwide publishing system has grown & it's time for us, however, to start growing into this other system, a body where any arm or leg or part of it can operate on its own if it has to. If it does get cut off it will multiply anyhow! Just like some germs or the hydra-headed monster or the amoeba maybe or something. It's got to be, so that they're not totally dependent on us.

74. IT DOESN'T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT! ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY! We didn't accomplish these things & build such a Family as ours & system as ours, publications etc.‚ we didn't do that overnight, it grew gradually. And even though the Lord may show us advance glimpses of how big it's going to be as He did even in the early days of advance glimpses of how big it's going to be as He did even in the early days of Huntington Beach‚ I could hardly believe it & it scared me to see anything that big!—And at that time He only showed me pictures of nationwide fires & forests & waves & trees, & that scared me! Even thinking about being the head or the manager of anything so big!

75. AND WHEN HE GAVE ME THAT SCRIPTURE ABOUT "GREAT IS THE COMPANY OF THOSE THAT PUBLISH IT" I NEARLY CHICKENED OUT!—Because I didn't want to be great & I didn't want to have to be the leader of any great company of publishers! Yet here I am! But the Lord didn't let it happen overnight so it'd freak me out & scare me & kill me or anything, we just grew gradually. And we're going to have to grow into this new system as well, this new plan & program of being able to publish in any part of the World individually, locally without being dependent on some other part of the World.

76. BECAUSE THAT'S THE WAY IT'S GOING TO BE IF WE'RE GOING TO CONTINUE AFTER THE WAR, & He's not letting it happen just overnight. He's giving us a little glimpse a little further ahead each time. We're now growing into the idea of how to prepare for the War & He's shown us how it's going to be during the War & how it's going to be after the War, right? And gradually opening up our minds to the message of what we're going to be doing & how we're going to do it & a lot of other ways.

77. NOW WE'RE FACED WITH THE PROBLEM OF PUBLICATION, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? God is working that out & showing us little by little, bit by bit the picture of each situation & not more than we can stand in one dose‚ right? He said when we get where we're going, there it will be shown us what we're supposed to do. So we don't have to know now, we don't have to know everything, but we need to be prepared for it & need to have the vision for it & know that this is the goal we're aiming at. But how to accomplish it is going to take time, just like it's going to take the World dictator time to get control of World communications & get control of the World. So PTL!

78. (MARIA: THAT'S WHY I THINK THE LORD IS GOING TO GIVE US MORE TIME BEFORE THE WAR & IT'S NOT GOING TO END IN A COUPLE MONTHS.) Well, it's possible, I hope so. I certainly hope so. I hope that it's not going to be for two or three months. (Maria: I see why the Lord had to give us such a shock to get us started since it takes so long to get moved!) It takes so long for us to get the point & get movin'!

79. ANYHOW, IT'S GOING TO TAKE TIME, BUT WE'VE GOT TO AIM IN THAT DIRECTION, go in that direction‚ start working on it so we can gradually build it to where it is functional and operational and working before the calamities and the emergencies happen that are going to require it and going to so desperately need it to be already in existence. So that's what we've got to work at now, OK? I've given you the direction of the war, you guys work out the battles! PTL! ILY! XX! GBY! TYJ!

80. (PRAYS:) LORD BLESS'M, HELP'M GIVE'M WISDOM IN ALL THESE PLANS & PREPARATIONS & IN OUR MOVES & DIRECTIONS, Lord, & choice of places & personnel & material & publications systems & everything‚ Lord, work it out. Help each one to work it out & raise up the leadership who'll be able to take the responsibility & push it. We believe already now South America's going to be pretty well taken care of. TYL! We've got that going & now we need to push it in other areas. So help us in Jesus' name. Bless us, keep us & make us a blessing to the whole World & a continued blessing, Lord, to the whole World even after the war as long as possible till Your coming, in Jesus' name. Amen. PTL!

81. WELL, I'M JUST TRYING TO SAY THAT THE LORD HAS ESTABLISHED A WONDERFUL INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION & PUBLISHING NETWORK WITH TOP—CONTROL which had to be done to unify the Family & to get us back on the right track after the break-up of the Chain-Saul days & to properly teach & train & organise & get us back on the right track spiritually & everything else through the Letters by direct communication & control of the Family.

82. BUT NOW THE ONLY SAFE HEADQUARTERS OF THE FAMILY IS GOING TO BE WITH THE GENUINE COMMANDER-IN–CHIEF, JESUS CHRIST & IN HEAVEN, because I could be knocked off or any part could be knocked off! If right now with one unified top international control, in this situation if they were to knock out our chief publishing house & editorial offices this would virtually end our operation as far as international publishing is concerned all over the World! But now if we set up more localised publishing & distribution centers, regardless of what happens to one, the others will be able to continue.

83. WE'RE DOING AGAIN WHAT WE'VE DONE BEFORE IN OTHER WAYS. We've done it with the Family as a group, we've done it with the Blobs & Colonies & scattered them into more scattered smaller Homes, we've done it with our finances. We have dispersed & scattered & decentralised our Homes, & in the Fellowship we're even trying to decentralise the government. The one area in which we really need to decentralise now in order to keep up communication after the war is publishing so that if something happens to us or any part of the world, in this case it would be just one, it's not going to stop our whole Worldwide publishing.

84. WE NEED TO ESTABLISH CONTINENTAL PUBLISHING HOUSES, disperse, push the publishing down now to a continental basis in at least three different areas‚ & then have them push the publishing on down. If necessary, or have it prepared to be pushed down to a lower more local level in case the publishing cannot even be done continent–wide. Do you understand?

85. WE HAVE TO NOW DECENTRALISE OUR PUBLISHING IN SOME WAY SO THAT EACH AREA CAN PUBLISH ITS OWN, if necessary, if cut off from all other areas. Or each group of areas can continue, like South America, even if cut off from the rest of the World. Or the East can continue to publish even if cut off from South America, & so we can continue as long as I live, God permitting, to communicate with them. And even if we cannot do bulky publishing & bulky Magazine distribution throughout the World from one center, each area can publish its own Magazine of its own local news just like the Local Pubs used to do.

86. WE GREW UP FROM THAT TO CENTRALISATION IN ORDER TO GET BETTER CONTROL & GET THE WHOLE TRAIN BACK ON THE RIGHT TRACK. Now that it is, we can afford to break up a little more in order to prepare for the war & the aftermath of the war so that each area can be more indigenous & localised & be able to continue to exist on its own & publish & distribute & disseminate & communicate in their area without depending on any other part of the World, if necessary, & it will be necessary!

87. MEANWHILE, AS WE BREAK UP THE PUBLISHING CENTERS & THEY WILL START PUBLISHING IN THEIR OWN AREAS, you & I, we will continue from here, the top, to issue Letters & communications from the Lord & give them revelations & dreams, whatever the Lord gives us, & we will scatter these out to these major centers & that will be the only thing we need to be involved in. We need to train more editoral staffs like the folks whom we've had before working with a central publishing house. We need people like that in each of these three major areas‚ as well as the editorial staffs who know how to do the transcribing, editing, photowork‚ finalising & everything of news.

88. WHILE WE'RE STILL IN COMMUNICATION WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD WE CAN GET IT FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD & WE CAN HAVE A PRETTY STANDARD MAGAZINE PUBLISHED EVERYWHERE. But when the time comes when we're cut off, they can continue to publish news, at least, from their part of the World because they've got the machine all built. They've got the mechanics all set up already. They've got the people who know how & they've got the people who know how to do the whole job of printing some kind of a publication, a Magazine or a little paper or something & distribute it at least to their area so they won't be completely incommunicado & completely without any leadership or without any communication.

89. THIS IS HOW OUR FAMILY IS TIED TOGETHER IS BY COMMUNICATION & BY PUBLICATION‚ by the Magazine & the publications, & when it comes to the point we cannot continue a Worldwide ministry from a centralised Headquarter, this will have to be done to a more regional area basis. The Lord is preparing us for those last days when this will be necessary & when His international headquarters, ourselves in a sense, at least I am moved to Heaven & the headquarters has to be set up there & the publishing be done on a more local basis in scattered areas throughout the Earth. Amen?

90. WHO KNOWS? MAYBE I'LL STILL BE SUPERVISING THAT & SUPERINTENDING IT FROM THE OTHER SIDE! Well, that would be a logical practical thing to do! Since I've been engaged in this all this time, I'm sure the Lord's going to use us in the same fields, talents & knowledge that we already have on the other side, just to help from that side to help guide it etc.‚ but out of reach of the Enemy, that's the nice thing about it. PTL! Can't touch us then! But we'll be in some kind of communication with you, I'm sure.

91. SO THE LORD IS TRYING TO PREPARE US FOR WHAT'S COMING & FOR HEAVEN AS WELL, BUT THIS IS WHAT'S GOT TO BE DONE. I'm quite thrilled with the whole idea the Lord's giving & this very turning point of this change of direction has crystallised it & made it clear why He's doing this. I couldn't even understand why at first. But see, it's just like a movie or a play that unfolds scene by scene.

92. YOU DON'T READ ALL THE PAGES OF THE BOOK AT ONE TIME, YOU TURN PAGE AFTER PAGE & EACH ONE IS A NEW REVELATION, each one is a new unfolding of the story. He just can't boom it in bam–o all at the same time or it'll drive us nuts! He's got to unfold it & show us scene by scene, step by step, moment by moment, decision by decision, place by place & move by move as it unfolds & He shows us what to do.

93. SO PTL, AT LEAST WE'RE GETTING THE IDEA, AT LEAST WE'RE GETTING THE POINT! At least we made the right decision to go the right direction to help start establishing these centers & get'm established & going & functioning, if possible, before the War. And I believe the Lord will help stave off the War perhaps long enough at least to help us get these major distribution centers established so that even if they're cut off from each other, each can continue to function to feed its sheep and keep it's own people in communicatoin with each other, to disseminate it's own news & its own letters etc. so that they can continue to function as a ministry as local shepherds of the sheep. PTL? Amen? That's the idea so let's get with it & get busy!

94. LOOK WHAT BIG THINGS HANG ON SUCH LITTLE TINY HOOKS! God turns the wheels of His magnificence upon infinitesimally small little pivots. Just because I was willing to obey & make the right decision even though it was embarrassing—it was almost confusing & seemed to be a complete contradiction of everything we've been planning & doing—then the Lord is willing to open up why He's making us change direction.

95. FIRST OF ALL HE WANTS TO SEE IF WE'LL JUST OBEY WITHOUT KNOWING WHY, SEE? When we get to that point then there it'll be shown to you what you're to do‚ & already He started showing us why we have to go that direction & why the overall plan, the huge Worldwide plan, what a difference it's going to make & how important it is as we're preparing for the War & the aftermath of the War. It is very essential that we break up our publishing system into smaller units that can continue independently of each other in necessary. PTL! Amen?

96. LOOK HOW THE LORD DOES JUST ABOUT LIKE WE USED TO DO WITH OUR LITTLE KIDS WHEN WE DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO EXPLAIN WHY. They'd say, "Well, why Daddy?" "Just because I told you so! That's why!" That was enough! You're impatient, you're in a hurry & haven't time to sit down & explain it all & you just say, "You gotta do it because I told you so, period!"

97. AND SOMETIMES WHEN THE LORD REQUIRES AN INSTANT DECISION like He did yesterday morning & we had to quickly cancel our reservations & not go‚ I didn't know why, I didn't have the faintest idea why, really! He began to tell me little by little & show me how it could be done, but He didn't show me the whole overall plan, He didn't have time! We had to tell'm quick before nine o'clock to cancel the reservations.

98. SO HE JUST AS GOOD AS SAYS, "DON'T ASK ME WHY! I TOLD YOU ENOUGH, THAT'S IT! JUST DO IT BECAUSE I TOLD YOU SO & when you get to that point, there it will be revealed to you what you're supposed to do!" So we obeyed just because He said so. Look how much the Lord hinges on your obedience just because He "said so"‚ even without knowing why or where or wherefore. But you've just got to do it because He said so, just operate on naked faith in His Word that He told you to do it, that's all, & then afterward He'll take time to explain why, which He's beginning to do now. PTL? (Maria: Amen!)

99. 23/1/82: THANK YOU FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL UNFOLDING OF YOUR PLANS THIS MORNING, LORD, & WHY YOU'RE DOING IT. Just beautiful, Lord‚ You didn't have time to explain it all to us the other night. You just told us enough to get us to make the right decision even though it was sudden & embarrassing‚ Lord, & somewhat confusing & shocking, but nevertheless, Lord‚ it's certainly of Thy will. TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah!

100. I JUST HAD TO MAKE THE DECISION QUICK ON HIS WORD, PERIOD, THAT'S IT, WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING WHY! But boy, it began to unfold this morning! Well, that's the long & short of what the Lord showed us, that this is for us to help really give a push to getting these other centers on a more continental basis.

101. RIGHT NOW MORDY NEEDS TO BE EXACTLY WHERE HE IS OR AT LEAST SOMEWHERE IN THAT AREA. He's in the ideal location or in that general area‚ at least, for a publishing & distribution center. I wish I didn't have to keep repeating all those big words. Why don't we just call it a PD Center? We like alphabet soup! Dear Franklin Delano Roosevelt built his whole government & his whole system & his whole administration on alphabet soup as they used to call it, including his own name FDR! He got nicknamed FDR & that's why LBJ chose LBJ because he was a follower of Roosevelt. They like the alphabet soup, it makes it simple for people.

102. SO LET'S CALL'M A PD CENTER, THE MAJOR INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATION & DISTRIBUTION CENTERS which will service a whole continent such as South America, such as the subcontinent & such as the Far East, see? A PD Center where they can get it done "PDQ" as they used to say. You never heard of that expression? PDQ was what ASAP is today‚ "Pretty Damn Quick!"—Ha!

103. SO THEY'LL BE OUR PDQ CENTERS!—Ha!—Amen? PTL! GBY! TYJ!—See, we've got quite a bit of alphabet soup already!—Ha! Now all we need to do is get it done PDQ!—Pretty Damn Quick!—Thanks! ILY!—Wanna help?—Then send in your ideas—or go East & help'm get established! Amen? PTL! GBY! Keep movin' East, as many as can. There's already too many in South America. Move East, folks, move East!—& grow up PDQ! GBAKY! ILY!—In Jesus' name, amen.