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World Series--Chapter 12: Go East

David Berg


1. DUE TO THE MOVES NOW BEING MADE BY WS UNITS IN THE NORTH TO SAFER LOCATIONS IN THE SOUTH BECAUSE OF THE IMPENDING WAR, THEY WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO RECEIVE & PROCESS YOUR MAIL AT THE FORMER ADDRESSES IN MADRID. Please now send your mail to the following addresses: For FN articles formerly sent to Maria Campos, Apdo. 46131, Madrid, Spain, please now address your mail to: Jose Balcells, P.O. Box 30339, 65th Infantry Sta., Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico 00929; for personal mail sent to M&M previously sent at M. Nees Clark, Apdo. 35090‚ Madrid, Spain, now address this mail to: Pilar Gutierrez, P.O. Box 685‚ Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 00919; for artists' original Komix & other communications formerly sent to: Vincent Coppola, Apdo. 2331, Madrid, Spain‚ please now address this correspondence to: Rosario Moreno, P.O. Box 5231, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00628. Please begin immediately to use these new addresses & do not send any further mail to the old Madrid addresses or it may not be received by us.

2. ALL WS UNITS WHO HAVE BEEN LOCATED IN THE DANGEROUS NORTH ARE NOW LEAVING FOR THE SAFER SOUTH, INCLUDING MWM. Simon, Jeremy, Michael & staff will be moving to India, D.V., & the remainder of MWM, MM & MCM will be locating in other areas around the World. Until we notify you of new addresses, please continue to use the old C.P.O. 220 for any correspondence with MWM & it will be forwarded immediately. This tremendous monumental WS move involves almost 200 people at once, therefore we request your prayers & patience regarding our answering of your mail & other communications. They may be a bit delayed due to forwarding of mail & the time to answer you.

3. THE LAST BIG PROJECTS TO BE PRINTED AT OUR MADRID LOCATION HAVE JUST NOW GONE TO THE PRINTERS. These include Volumes 4 & 5 of the Komix Books, your new 1982 Diary, the big 700-page Dito Book & the Study-Helps Book. These Books will be mailed to you during the first or second week of February‚ D.V., so please make arrangements to either collect them yourself or have someone do it for you when they arrive. You may need to check both your old address & your new address, as if we do not receive your new address notice in time‚ it may be mailed to your old one.

4. INSTEAD OF ONLY ONE MAILING THIS MONTH FROM WILDWIND & ONLY ONE FROM MWM‚ YOU WILL, D.V.‚ BE RECEIVING AT LEAST TWO OR THREE MAILINGS OF TAPES FROM EACH UNIT in order that we may get out to you the tapes that we already have on hand as we make our Exodus. Beriah's first mailing will include 7 Chapters of the "World Series" Talks entitled "Before & After the War". They are on their way to you already, & Chapters 8, 9 & 10 are printed in this Mag 46, D.V. The tapes of these last 3 were poor so will not be distributed. For the second Wildwind mailing we are planning to send out the rest of the "Garden of Eden" tapes, D.V., & if we have any more time, another mailing of an exciting series of Grandpa Stories, fascinating for young & old. In the MWM mailings we hope to include many more DM tapes, as well as more show & song tapes. Please pray for our hard working units who are sacrificing sleep & security to labour day & night endangering their health & lives to try to make things easier for you. Pray for your mailings also, that they will reach you safely & quickly. God willing, the French LIM will be mailing to all French speakers on its mailing lists the brand new Shows of Musique Magique, or about 4 tapes. We are mailing them now as this may be our last chance before the War. Pray desperately that the Lord will hold off the War a little longer until all Family is out that is going to go & you receive these.

5. TO THE LATIN AMERICAN FAMILY HAVE ALREADY BEEN SENT THE FIRST 4 MCV SHOWS. We hope you will be faithful to make a priority push of taking these to the Radio Stations immediately for auditions & bookings for a booming radio ministry in L.A.! PTL! Cephas & Singin' Sam will also be going back to Brasil shortly, D.V., to help get the Brasilian MWM on its feet.

6. FOR ALL YOU COMMONWEALTHERS WHO'D LIKE TO JOIN THE FAMILY IN INDIA, FROM ENGLAND TO INDIA YOU CAN GET AIR FLIGHTS FOR ONLY 180 POUNDS! This is only about $350 or about 1/4 of most fares to South America! So you are not only the only ones who can go & stay there much easier, but also much cheaper! Please go to India if you can! We already have nearly 1,000 Homes in South America where the population is only about 300 million‚ whereas India has nearly 700 million! Any Commonwealthers going to South America instead of India are missing a Golden Opportunity!—& maybe even your calling!

7. WE BELIEVE EVERY COMMONWEALTHER WHO POSSIBLY CAN SHOULD GO TO INDIA! It's an immense field where English is spoken & you are welcome & can stay as long as you like if you have good Home Support! So please don't go to South America if you can possibly go to India! South America is gonna be overcrowded with Family & already has about one of us to every 100 thousand of her people, whereas India only has about one to every 7 million!

8. SO THERE'S LOTS OF ROOM IN INDIA FOR MORE FAMILY IN A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY OF BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!—& most of it has a beautiful warm tropical climate where costs are low, some of the cheapest in the world with houses renting for a tenth the cost of most Western countries, food extremely cheap & transportation unbelievably cheap by train!—& even servants to cook, wash, clean & care for your kids for only a few rupees a month!

9. YOU'LL NEED LESS HOME SUPPORT IN INDIA THAN ALMOST ANY FIELD IN THE WORLD!—But you must have it, as most of the people are very poor & can't donate, & the Government is very disapproving of Western "beggars"!—They have enough beggars of their own who're actually starving!—So don't go without Home Support!—But where it may cost you $1,500 a month to live in South America, you can live in most of India for only about $500 a month!

10. SURELY YOU CAN RAISE THAT LITTLE IN HOME SUPPORT by pledges from friends & family & churches before you go!—Then keep up a good Missionary Mail Ministry from the field to keep'm giving because of all the good you're doing there!—Amen?—Even Americans & other nationalities can live there for years without problems!—& have!—Why not YOU! GBY! Go to India! India calls!—Are you listening? Go now! Tomorrow may be too late! GBY—& send you to India! Indian souls are just as precious as those anywhere else in the World & there's a lot more of'm!—Go to India! C'mon, let's all go!—We're going, are YOU?

11. P.S. We just heard that from Athens to India a one-way fare costs only 140 pounds!—That's only about $260!—Now what's your excuse?

12. P.P.S. EUROCRO IS ALSO MOVING SOON, so they will soon send you folks in Europe a new address to report to with your TRF. Please use it for your next TRF. Tks! GBAKY thru' the War!—And please pray for us in all these new major moves. Tks!