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Trouble with Argentina, The

David Berg


—By Father David

1. —WHAT'S HAPPENED TO THE ECONOMY OF ARGENTINA?—Why is it in such bad shape now?—Why?—In a place where they've got such control & they're so rich & have been for years, where they've got everything—I mean they've got everything! They export more than they import & they're self-sufficient in food. What in the World has happened to the monetary system? What has happened to the banks? What has happened to their finances, when they're rich & produce more than they consume, produce & export more than they even use themselves!


3. WHY DID ALLENDE FAIL IN CHILE when he got a vast majority of the vote of the people? What happened? Why did the economy crash & the government to bankrupt!—The same thing that the [ACs] are trying to do to Argentina! They control the World's banking & credit business‚ & if you don't play ball with them it's very unlikely you'll survive as a nation!

4. IT'S ONLY THE STUBBORNNESS & SMARTNESS of the … South Africa[ns] that has managed to keep them going! … They know the game & they play it, & they have been able to win so far, at least keep their heads above water! But the [ACs] now have it in for Argentina! They know how to bring it down!

5. THEY DID THAT FOR AWHILE WITH BRASIL, … & nearly sank Brasil until [the administration] was finally ousted! For when Brasil saw the light, where they were making their mistake, they finally said "uncle" to Uncle Sam & his Bankers … & all of a sudden Brasil's financial prospects got very bright!: Billions were available in loans, tremendous funds available for the government, & more billions for a capital city out in the middle of the jungle!—Anything! Anything they wanted!—From then on Brasil could suddenly have anything they wanted! They poured it in by the billions!

6. BUT THE MINUTE ALLENDE TOOK OVER CHILE (he was in quite good fellowship with Moscow—who of course now is the [ACs'] bitter enemy & they're doing everything they can to fight Russia)—they just pulled the rug out from under him! I mean poor Allende was finished long before they entered the palace & shot him! The combination of … U.S. power & U.S. pressure & CIA infiltration jerked out the financial rug from under him so he couldn't get any credit‚ he couldn't do any banking, the couldn't get any loans, he couldn't finance the country & it went bankrupt!

7. VIRTUALLY EVERY NATION IN THE WORLD RUNS ON BANKING CREDIT.—Their banks have seen to that! But suddenly they jerked the credit away! Nearly every country in the World today is already really bankrupt from running on borrowed money, including the USA! But as long as their credit is good, they can keep going, even make the dollar sound good! But just let that credit be jerked out from under'm! & all of a sudden nobody wants to do business with'm! All of a sudden when your credit is gone you're a pariah & nobody will touch you, nobody will give you credit‚ nobody will give you a loan, you can't do any banking, you can't exchange funds, you can't do anything financial!

8. THE WHOLE WESTERN WORLD ECONOMY IS BUILT ON THIS AMERICAN-STYLE CREDIT SYSTEM! It was the "End of Allende!" (See Letter No.272.) He couldn't do any business, no credit, no money, no nothing! So all of a sudden, whist! Prices skyrocketed, inflation was phenomenal, banks failed & businesses went bankrupt! They couldn't sell abroad, they had no balance of payments, people were out of work & everything collapsed! The [ACs] had pulled the rug out from under him & his country collapsed!

9. IT'S A PRETTY STRONG COUNTRY THAT CAN HOLD ITS OWN AGAINST THEM when they pull the financial rug from under'm. …


11. BUT DON'T THINK FOR A MINUTE THAT THEY DON'T CONTROL THE ECONOMY‚ the banking & the fiscal policies of the World! There's hardly any country that's going to be able to stand up against them & survive financially. …


13. BUT I'M SURE THEY'VE NOW TURNED ON ARGENTINA COMPLETELY & totally abandoned it financially & done everything they can to ruin it! I don't know whether the rulers of Argentina realise it or not. Maybe they don't know what's wrong! But that's the limit when the [ACs] turn against a country & abandon it financially!—The poor—or even a rich country like Argentina's economy collapses sooner or later without'm!

14. THE [ACS] NOW CONTROL THE WESTERN WORLD, they rule the World financially & propaganda–wise. They're not trying to get control, they already control & have for years! They've finally gained political control over all the major World powers except Russia & China.

15. THEY HAD CONTROL OF RUSSIA FOR YEARS & WERE THE LEADERS OF COMMUNISM until the Russians woke up & decided they didn't like it & began to oust them. But by that time Russia was strong enough to be able to do it & take over, & have established an opposing World system that the [ACs] couldn't control financially, politically, or only other way—Communism—although some say they're still secretly in control there undercover!

16. ANYWAY, POOR ARGENTINA CAME OUT OPENLY AGAINST THEM & [so they] came out openly against Argentina Worldwide!—

17. SUDDENLY RICH, INDEPENDENT‚ PRODUCTIVE SELF-SUFFICIENT ARGENTINA IS IN TROUBLE! She's dared to challenge the [ACs] openly before the whole World, insulted & hurt them by kicking out [one of their media propagandists]! So now they've really got it in for Argentina & are coming out openly against it in their propaganda media all over the World, spreading the malicious slander that the Argentine economy is collapsing!—& doing their best to make it come true‚ doing their damnedest to destroy it by spreading lies that'll wreck its credit, & trying their worst to bring down its monetary system!

18. ARGENTINA HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE STUBBORN BELLWETHER OF SOUTH AMERICA‚ leading its weaker countries to defy U.S. domination ever since I can remember!—But because of its intelligent & industrious people & strong economy, the U.S. could never bring it to heel!—But now they've gone a bit too far & touched the U.S.'s most sensitive & violently reacting nervous reflex! … Argentina's monetary system & economy is already showing the strain! God help'm—Only He can! Maybe that's why God's sending some of you there! God bless you!—& God save Argentina! Pray for her!