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Dancing Girl Tips & Comments

David Berg

—Illustrated by Jacob SailorDO [1026b—part a is not typed]Compiled 8/81

—GLORIFY GOD IN THE DANCE!—Ps.149:3 & 150:4! PTL! GBY!

I've never seen such beautiful sexy dances‚ and I've seen quite a few in my life! It's because our girls have Jesus, they have the Spirit and that makes them want to love & do things for others. I can feel and know you love me & you're loving others when you dance. Most professional strippers just aren't sexy enough no matter what they do because they haven't got real love. Our girls are the sweetest, happiest, most beautiful in the world! They exude love and sex just the way god intended for them to do! They are the love of God!

How could I ever get tired of watching such beauty that god made!—That He created to be beautiful and tantalizing and exciting! TYL! Thank God for our sexy religion & sexy God & dancers that help us enjoy sex!

When you dance‚ move to the music, listen to the rhythm and move with it gently, slowly. It is always better to go too slow than too fast in this kind of dancing. I don't like it when the girls get up and just sort of jig around. It makes me think that they are in a hurry to get it over with. Maybe some of the girls like that fast kind of music and movement, but I prefer the slow, sexy, sensuous movements. It's nice to vary your tempo too: something slow, then a little faster. As far as the bumps and grinds go, it is nicer to move in smaller circular movements‚ not really making it too grindy: slow and sensual and sexy, that's the way I like it!—And your friends and fish will too!—Thanks! GBY! ILY!—Dad.


1. GET YOUR MIND INTO THE MOOD FIRST, so that you're thinking about loving & the Lord & Jesus & how you'd like to make love to the Lord & how you'd like to be if you were with Him!—And you are, He's watching! So do your best for Jesus!

2. I'M WATCHING YOU, SO LOOK RIGHT AT ME IN THE LENS & do it for me & do it for all of our dear lovers in the Family & all of our dear Family that love you & are not going to be critical, but loving & sympathetic & really thankful and appreciate what you're doing for us.

3. DON'T GO INTO YOUR DANCE WITH THE IDEA OF "LET'S GET THIS THING OVER WITH as quick as possible!" That's not the right mental attitude. You must make up your mind & picture in your mind & feel in your mind & your body what you want to do & you must want to do it—not be reluctant or embarrassed.

4. THINK OF JESUS & ME WHEN YOU'RE DANCING—it should make it easy & very enjoyable! When we dance it is like our praise to Jesus, we are loving Jesus with our dancing! Hallelujah!

5. SOMETIMES A SIP OF WINE HELPS you to relax—but not too much or you might relax too much! Ha!

6. PLEASE DO NOT USE BACK-LIGHTING. Have your picture fill the entire screen—makes it like you're there! Curtains or anything askew in the background can be a distraction. Use a fan or wind for blowing hair or veils, etc., soft & gentle.

7. IT HELPS TO HAVE SOMEBODY BESIDES THE CAMERAMAN TO HELP COACH—a director or directress to help the girl dancing—especially if it is the girl's first time. You might dance along with her if you can & help her. Be sure to have real good united prayer together for His blessing & help.

8. READ "SQUEEZE DON'T JERK" BEFORE YOU DO YOUR DANCE. Take it slow & easy & don't get hurried or rushed. Haste makes waste! The best way to be beautiful is just to be natural, act natural, "doing what comes naturally"!

9. EACH GIRL HAS HER OWN PARTICULAR CHARM & her own unique style. Even without limited scenery and costumes we have a lot of variety.

10. CHOOSE YOUR OWN FAVORITE MUSIC FOR YOUR DANCES & the numbers that you like to dance to & that you can feel the rhythm & dance to easily & naturally. Your music should definitely have a beat for you to follow. Use nice romantic music & vary the tempo.

11. THE PROFESSIONALS ALWAYS USE ABOUT THREE SONGS—eight to twelve minutes. It is nice to vary your tempo, too. Something slow at first, & then a little faster.

12. HAWAIIAN MUSIC IS MY FAVOURITE because it is so soothing & relaxing. Their music shows how much of a peace-loving people they are. Some of this Hawaiian music per se is not really Hawaiian but some poor fellow saying it is, playing his slide guitar, but it is not the real thing. You can tell the real Hawaiian pieces by their beauty. I just love that slide-string music!

13. IT'S BETTER TO DANCE TO MUSIC WITHOUT WORDS, just instrumentals, because the words become a distraction.

14. GO FROM THE SLOWEST NUMBERS to a little faster one each time, just like sex.

15. I DON'T THINK THAT FAST DISCO MUSIC IS A BIT SEXY! When you really want to get down to it, you play slow songs & dance slow songs. Disco music is good for exercise but it certainly isn't sexy. Even naked girls dancing to it don't look sexy, which is another proof to me that the Devil hates sex, because that's the most popular music today. It just shows you're trying to get away from sex with all that dope & drugs & this kind of music, violence & perversion. This kind of music gets you in the spirit, but not in the spirit of sex!

16. LET'S PLEASE NOT WEAR ANY CLOTHING EXCEPT A BEAUTIFUL THIN FLOWING VEIL, NO OTHER UNDERGARMENTS.—The veil, the music & you! Clothe her lightly! The material should be really filmy, almost not there, soft & not too stiff.

17. SEE-THROUGH CURTAIN MATERIAL WOULD BE PRETTY FOR DANCES—the drapable filmy kind. Sexy negligees are nice too!

18. YOU CAN EVEN USE TWO VEILS, as in Salome's "Dance of the Seven Veils," taking them off provocatively! A scarf looks nice over one breast.

19. OR TO BE FREE OF A VEIL WITH MORE FREEDOM FOR ARM & HAND MOVEMENTS, you can wear a long graceful thin Grecian type of nightgown with very low neck & low armpits & narrow strings‚ very revealing, preferably long, clear to the ankles or feet. Or if you have beautiful legs that you'd like to reveal, it could be baby–doll length, down to just slightly below the crotch.

20. WE'VE FOUND THAT IF YOUR LEGS ARE DRAPED with a thin veil, scarf‚ shawl or sari of some kind‚ they are even more graceful & more beautiful in your dancing.

21. USE A VEIL THICK ENOUGH THAT YOUR PUM IS NOT TOO NITTY-GRITTY‚ hairy & obvious‚ but just sufficient that we may see a dark spot there but not offensive or ugly.

22. IF EDGES ARE REALLY FRAYED ON THE MATERIAL, you can use pinking shears, or if you have time, rollhem the edge after you trim off the stray threads‚ but not too much!

23. IT SEEMS THAT THE REDS, blacks (like lace shawls), bright blues & greens show up best.

24. I REALLY LIKE FLOWERS IN YOUR HAIR, it makes you girls look so Polynesian! Flowers are just made for girls' hair! That's the prettiest decoration you could have!

25. I LIKE PEARLS OR GOLD BUT NOT THAT KIND OF SHINY GLITTERY JEWELRY that looks like it's going to stick you or hurt you. I always prefer the real things. You should probably take off rings & watches too, to be really in keeping with the poor island girl. The girl herself is the jewel! I like flowers best of all, next pearls, next gold chains. I don't go in for jewelled gaudy jewelry on a naked girl.

26. I LIKE A CHAIN BELOW THE TUMMY—it accentuates the beauty of your voluptuous tummy & its curvature. It's prettier that way than around the neck. To me, around the neck it's in the way, it's bothersome it's going back & forth from one bosom to the other & distracts attention.

27. WHEN WEARING A CHAIN‚ I LIKE IT EITHER ON THE WAIST OR BELOW THE TUMMY LINE. If you don't have a prominent tummy, then the line right above the pubic hair line. The pearls or chain should hang loosely, not be tight. I'd like to see someone do something with the pearls going around each bosom. (MWM did it beautifully!)

28. A STRING OF PEARLS OR CHAIN or whatever, if too bulky to be knotted to fit properly, can be tied with a small rubber band or wire. Playing with your jewelry is sexy!

29. START OFF WRAPPED UP IN YOUR VEIL, & then as we become enraptured with your glamour, slowly unwrap yourself & reveal more and more until you're there in all your glorious beauty, completely revealed except for your pum! Keep something between your pum & the camera lens at all times.

30. DON'T TAKE TOO LONG TO GET AROUND TO SHOWING US HOW PRETTY YOU ARE by staying wrapped up too long. We're not trying to tease & tantalise & torment & torture our men folks, friends or fish. "She that withholdeth it tendeth to poverty, but she who scattereth abroad it increaseth!" So if you've got it girls, flaunt it!—Quickly! One number of teasing & intrigue is enough!

31. COME OUT WITH THAT LOVELY VEIL WRAPPED AROUND YOU, gradually opening one arm & then another, dancing with your back to us completely stark naked behind the veil with both arms outstretched, each hand holding a corner of it so that it's beautifully draped behind you or just held straight out flat behind you, dancing before the camera. It really makes us feel like we're seeing something we aren't supposed to be seeing!

32. WHEN DRAPING THE MATERIAL‚ a slit on the side is nice—before slipping around towards the front—play with the long tie you make.

33. DON'T WRAP THE MATERIAL TIGHTLY AROUND YOU when your back is to the camera‚ keep it held out on either side. It's nice to hold your material out like wings.

34. THERE'S A CUTE LITTLE TRICK OF BEING ABLE TO THROW ONE CORNER IN ONE HAND OVER YOUR HEAD so that you can turn around but continue to hold the veil in front of you so that at no time is either your rear or front view uncovered before the camera. If you're dancing with the veil behind you‚ a corner in each hand stretched out, when you begin to turn around you simply bring one hand around in front of you & you turn around & find that the veil suddenly is in front of you instead of behind you.

35. ON YOUR LAST DANCE WE FOUND ALMOST THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DRAPE IS TO KNOT THAT VEIL RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR PUM VERY LOW, almost revealing the hair, & well below your tummy, following the natural curved line of the creases on both sides of the pum, but with the knot right on top of it‚ very low on the hips resting on your derriere, so low in the back that two or three inches of the rear crack shows. That low line goes along the natural bodyline, otherwise it looks like you have been chopped in half. Never have anything cutting across the stomach, only below it.

36. MARIA DID A BEAUTIFUL DANCE HOLDING THE VEIL WITH ONE HAND COVERING HER PUM flowing more or less between her legs as she danced just holding her hand there while she waved her other arm & hand around completely nude except for holding the veil just over the pum.

37. WHEN YOU DANCE, MOVE TO THE MUSIC‚ listen to the rhythm & move with it. Move gently, slowly. It's always better to go too slow than too fast in this kind of dancing. I don't like it when the girls get up & just sort of jig around, it makes me think that they're in a hurry to get it over with. Maybe some of you girls like that fast kind of music & movement‚ but I prefer the slow, sexy sensuous movements. And I like those bumps & grinds!

38. AS FAR AS THE BUMPS & GRINDS GO‚ it is nicer to move in smaller circular movements, not really making it too grindy. Slow & sensual & sexy, that's the way I like it!—You need to learn the beauty of slow music & slow dancing!

39. THE SLOWER YOU MOVE THE BETTER! Slower body movements are so much more beautiful & seductive. Just jiggling around really just kind of turns me off. It's good exercise & I'm sure you enjoy it, but it's purely for your benefit & it's not for ours. It's not nearly as beautiful as the slow slinky movements of the South Sea Island or Hawaiian dances. To me, the Asian or South Sea Island music & dances are the most beautiful, sexiest & seductive & charming & entrancing in the whole World!

40. SOME OF YOU HAVE DANCED TOO FAST & YOU'VE BEEN A BIT JERKY. Squeeze, don't jerk! Just do those lovely undulations slowly & gracefully & not jerkily. Please dance slowly, sinuously, gracefully, artistically, & the slower usually the better. But do some genuine undulating movement to it & constant rotation so that we can see all sides from all angles, as well as arm & hand movements.

41. SWIVEL AT THE WAIST & give suggestive hand movements. Lean your head toward one side, then the other. Try to keep feet together.

42. PLEASE LET'S NOT HAVE ANY MORE OF THESE ACROBATIC ANTICS, but let's rather have really truly graceful undulations & graceful postures, slow & graceful to the genuine rhythm of the music. Feel the music!

43. BEGIN WITH SLOW DANCES AS YOU GRADUALLY UNFOLD & LIMBER UP, and gradually progress to slightly faster dances, until your last number should be fairly rhythmic, not necessarily jerky, but with a definite beat that you can dance comfortably to in almost disco fashion.

44. STEP UP THE TEMPO A LITTLE BIT AS YOU GO ALONG. I think some of you in particular would find it easier to dance & more comfortable if the final tempos were a little bit more rapid as you're getting into the fiery fury of the glorious climax of your dance! Then you could perhaps taper it off down to a slightly slower tempo for your grand finale of worshipping the Lord with arms upraised in praise looking Heavenward, glorifying God in the dance!

45. DON'T FAIL TO LIFT YOUR ARMS & HANDS IN A WORSHIPFUL GESTURE & your eyes & face & head to the Lord in your last final end of your dance to show that we're really glorifying God in the dance & in a posture of praise to the Lord as you lift your leafy arms to pray—whether you be with back toward us or facing us. Remember to stretch your arms almost straight up or in a "V" with palms up & hands out-turned in a genuine worshipful attitude‚ not only holding them over your head, but in final surrender.

46. DON'T FORGET TO TRIM YOUR PUBIC HAIR FREQUENTLY & keep it down to a minimum just above the shaving point. Half-an-inch is a good length. Be sure that it is not sticking out from under & not showing up too visibly & clearly. Please no beards! Also, shave underarms.

47. IF A BUNCH OF YOU GIRLS ARE DOING IT IN SERIES, ONE TURN AT A TIME undressed, be sure to wrap up & keep warm in-between the numbers. Also, Cameramen, if you can, please list credits at the beginning in the order in which the girls will dance.

48. KEEP YOUR HAIR TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE—not separating it & putting some in front & the other part in back. It's nice to sway your hair back & forth, especially when your back is turned to the camera, moving your hair with your hand to one side to show your pretty back, or sway back & forth so we can get a glimpse of your back.

49. MOVEMENTS OF YOUR HANDS DOWN BELOW IS VERY SEXY! When you rub your hands on the sides of your belly & down in your crotch it's really exciting!—It really is thrilling to watch a girl caress herself‚ very stimulating, masturbating breasts & pum with your hands!

50. YOU CAN PUT POWDER LIGHTLY OVER YOUR BODY BEFOREHAND if it's too sticky to smoothly run your hands over it while dancing.

51. YOU CAN STROKE ONE ARM WITH THE OTHER—with your arm on the side & moving your hand across & then working on towards your body, then caress your breasts & move on down to your tummy & hips. If you are turned around or as you are turning, it is nice to massage your buttocks. Everything slow, slow, slow ... that makes it really sexy!

52. RUN YOUR HANDS UP YOUR LEGS‚ squeeze your tummy & then run them over your bosoms.

53. WHEN YOU STRETCH YOUR ARMS & FACE US, if the camera is aimed below your chin you've got to stretch arms horizontally or we don't see them.

54. IT'S NICE TO SEE YOUR BACK, & when you swish your material back & forth & catch a glimpse of your bottom, ooh! It's nice to get a glimpse of your bosoms from the sides too!—Love those profiles!

55. IT'S BEAUTIFUL WHEN YOU PUT YOUR ARMS UP ABOVE YOUR HEAD & PULL YOUR HAIR UP OVER YOUR HEAD, very sensuous! I like it when you lift your hair up & let it fall down again‚ or run your hands through your hair. Combing your hair looks real pretty too & taking your hair down while dancing is quite exciting!

56. IF YOU ARE HAVING SOME TROUBLE GETTING YOUR SKIRT DOWN, you could always turn around & untie it to loosen it. If you are having problems with your skirt being too long & stepping on it‚ roll it up some below your tummy.

57. I DON'T LIKE TWO GIRLS DANCING INDEPENDENTLY TOGETHER unless they're dancing in unison. It puts them in competition‚ & one of them is bound to suffer by comparison with the other. Also‚ you never know which one to be looking at! We much prefer solos closer up!

58. I REALLY LIKE IT WHEN YOU GIRLS HOLD IT A LITTLE LONGER ON THE PROFILE SHOTS so we can see your nice tummies & erected nipples. But if you have droopy bosoms or an overly–plump stomach or are pretty pregnant, then I wouldn't stay too long on the profile.

59. VERY PREGNANT GIRLS SHOULD KEEP THE TUMMY COVERED with the material, perhaps tied right under the breasts.

60. MASSAGE YOUR NIPPLES & BREASTS SO THAT THEY PROTRUDE, but don't use claw-like motions with your fingers, keep your fingers gracefully together. Arm movement should be graceful & flowing. It's beautiful to sometimes close your eyes & look ecstatic & throw your head back in a sort of surrender!

61. IF YOU'RE GOING TO GO FOR A TAN, GIRLS‚ you'd better remember to go bra-less, make it a hundred-percent, otherwise you're apt to look like a car with its headlights on! Ha! I think either all-over tan or no tan is better.

62. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PART OF YOU IS THAT LOVELY RADIANT HAPPY SMILING SPIRIT-FILLED FACE! The eyes have it in their entrancing hypnotism of the charming beauty that we see looking out through those windows of your soul from the very depths of your being in a language that no words can speak!

63. PLEASE LOOK HAPPY & SMILE! Your dance is supposed to be a witness to our joy & happiness & inner beauty & glory & the wonderful joy of the Lord!

64. I'VE NEVER SEEN SUCH SEXY GIRLS! I just think girls can't be so sexy without the Lord!

65. SO YOU'VE GOT IT, GIRLS, FLAUNT IT!—Not only your bodily beauty, graceful dances, sexy music, but that beautiful radiant heavenly sunshine of your face & happy spirit that shines out through those gorgeous enchanting eyes!

66. BOY, I FEEL LIKE WE'RE FFing ALL OVER AGAIN!—Teaching you girls how to do it. I taught you how to FF, I didn't dream I was ever going to teach you how to dance and striptease—or strip, we don't tease! Teasing is withholding. We strip & give! Hallelujah!

67. PROPHECY 25/5/81: "BEHOLD, HOW THY DAUGHTERS STRIVE TO PLEASE THEE!" Just what I always wanted a harem of dancing girls! Even better, I've got you on video tapes forever!—Thanks! PTL! GBY! Glorify God in your dance!—& He'll glorify you!"

—And finally remember: "Whatsoever ye do, do all to the GLORY OF GOD!