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Dad's Wee Word of Introduction

David Berg

—To Our Friends and Followers (Comp.)

[Introduction to ML Volume 1]


1. AT THE BEGINNING OF THE REVOLUTION THE LORD COMMANDED US TO "PUT ALL THESE THINGS IN A BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE." "Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another (your reports): and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a Book of Remembrance was written before Him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon His Name. And they shall be Mine, saith the Lord of Hosts, in that day when I shall make up My jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serve the God and him that serveth him not!" (Malachi 3:16-18) By their records! PTL? ... Records and recorders are shown to be very important and necessary throughout His Word, and many times they were commanded to "WRITE ALL THESE THINGS IN A BOOK" that they might be remembered for the record. (129: Introduction)

2. WE ARE ALSO GOING TO BE THE TEACHERS OF THE WORLD, as "they that understand ... instruct many." The knowledge of how short the time is should cause you to not only study and memorise for your own sake and to be a better witness to many, but also to be able to teach others! How many teachers and leaders this job is going to require!—And how little time there is to prepare for it, and to prepare them for it! (156:44)

3. ARE YOU READY?—TO LEAD THE FORCES OF GOD AGAINST THE FORCES OF ANTICHRIST? Probably not!—But you're getting ready, being prepared by your present training, way of life, witnessing, strengthening in the Spirit, and "continuing daily with one accord," and "steadfastly in the Apostles' doctrine and fellowship‚" having "all things common." Praise the Lord!—AND THESE BOOKS OF OUR BASIC TEACHINGS OF YOUR APOSTLES SHOULD BE OF GREAT HELP TO YOU! WHO KNOWS?—MAYBE ONE OF THEM WILL BE THAT LITTLE BOOK OF REVELATION 10:8-11! Who else makes such little books as we do? If you printed anything smaller than our 3 x 5 you couldn't even read it!—And certainly these little books are going to prophesy before many peoples, nations‚ tongues, and kings! Hallelujah! ... And you might even find their words as sweet as honey in your mouth! Hallelujah!—Even though a little hard to digest! Amen! (146:7)

4. I ALWAYS WONDERED WHAT THAT LITTLE BOOK WAS, along with the same or a similar one described in the same way in Ezekiel 2:8 through 3:3. It certainly symbolised prophecies of God and if there is anyone who is preaching the Endtime prophecies of God, it's us, so that little book certainly symbolises our teachings, if not an actual reference to our own dear little 3 x 5 or the ones about to be published. Certainly they're similar, if not one and the same, and our Endtime ministry is surely similar to that of the prophets spoken of in these passages, Praise the Lord! The Lord has talked about us in a lot of other Scriptures‚ why not our little Book? PTL! ... OUR LITTLE BOOK OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD—HIS ENDTIME PROPHETS! (146:8)

5. (PROPHECY): "... YE INDEED ARE THEY UPON WHOM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH ARE COME. Ye indeed are they of whom all the prophets have spoken. Ye are My witnesses of the Last Days of whom I have spoken throughout the Ages.—By all My holy prophets. Ye indeed are they that shall be strong and that shall do great and mighty exploits and shall instruct many in the ways of Truth and shall open the Book by My mighty power and by the wisdom of My Spirit and shall reveal these secrets unto others which is greater than they did, for it was not given unto them, but unto you it is given (more weeping and tongues) and this is your day‚ that I have given unto thee that you may glorify Me‚ that I may glorify thee‚ for ye are indeed My Children, and I have called thee for this purpose. (64:3)

6. (TONGUES) RECORD THOU THESE IN A BOOK and write down these things that there shall be no misunderstanding that I have spoken this of thy King David, that he shall fulfill all these things! Write, and place it in the book that thou shalt have the record of the things that I have spoken! (128:26)

7. "... AND THOU SHALT HEAR THE WORDS OF DAVID AND SPEAK THE WORDS OF MOSES IN THAT DAY thou shalt write all I shall require of thee and put all these words in a book when thy David is taken from thee. (111:22)

8. JESUS HATH SPOKEN IT THAT IT MIGHT BE RECORDED IN A BOOK, that it might be unto thee. ... Dost thou not believe the words recorded and the words written in the book? Shall Jesus Himself have to visit thee that thou wouldst believe? Jesus will not visit thee if thou wilt not believe His Word! For the words that are written are spoken in the Book of David, and thou must believe, because they are My Prophet David's Words! This is all thou hast need of! (93:8)

9. DOST THOU BELIEVE IN MY SERVANT DAVID? DOUBT NOT THEREFORE THE WORDS OF MY SERVANT! Jesus hath spoken and Jesus performed it, and Moses hast carried it out. Oh, there would be books upon books upon books that are spoken by My Servant Moses! What more could be said than to you hath been said? Jesus hath spoken unto thee and Jesus hath written unto thee, and it hath even been spoken in the Books of Moses, that this is My Servant David that hath been given unto thee. Jesus hath spoken it in the book. Moses hath spoken it in the Book of David. Therefore, why dost thou doubt and not kiss the mouth of My Prophet David? Why dost thou not believe that which is spoken in the Book of David? (For "Books of Moses" reference, see Deut.18:15,18) (93:9)

10. FOR THOU ART CALLED MANY THINGS IN THE BOOK, BUT NOT NEARLY SO MANY THINGS WERE RECORDED ABOUT MOSES AS SHALL BE RECORDED IN THE HOUSE OF DAVID. So thou shalt honour and treasure the words of His mouth. Jesus will not fail in all these things; neither could Moses withdraw his words before them. (93:20)

11. AND ALL THESE WORDS SHALL BE INSCRIBED IN A BOOK ... SO SHALL IT BE RECORDED IN THE ANNALS OF DAVID. ... Thus it was spoken of David. Behold, in the volume of the Book it is written of me! AND I SHALL GREATLY INCREASE HIS SEED UPON THE FACE OF THE EARTH‚ ... FOR THESE ARE INDEED MY PEOPLE AND THEY SHALL BE CALLED THE CHILDREN OF GOD! ... "Teach us the ways of the Lord‚ for we would inquire of thee." (94:9,12,14,15)

12. PLACE ALL THESE WORDS IN THE BOOK OF DAVID. ... For the Lord thy God hath spoken it.—And Behold, thou hast recorded it faithfully. Thou art well-pleasing in My sight. For thou art faithful to all My Words I have spoken through My Prophet David. FOR THIS IS HE THAT WAS FOR TO COME—THE PROPHET WHICH I SHALL RAISE UP FROM AMONG THY BRETHREN—thou hast heard him! For thou hast received all of his words. Thou hast believed that which I have given—all the words spoken by the Prophet, of David, your King. (See Deut.18:15-18.) (94:16,27)

13. THEY ARE BETTER THAN GOLD AND BETTER THAN SILVER, THE WORDS OF LOVE THAT I SPEAK TO THEE THROUGH THY FATHER! More precious than fine jewels are these things I speak from his bosom!—Many precious things thou hast written in thy book. (254:8)

14. THE WORDS THAT COME FROM THE BOSOM of thy father are as milk and honey to her soul, so that she longs to eat and drink like a thirsty soul at the fountain, and she comes back for more! (323:9)

15. BEHOLD HOW MANY SEEK UNTO DAVID their father for the words of living water!—How many, many hunger and thirst to suck at his bosom for life–giving flow! MULTITUDES!—THERE ARE HOSTS AND MULTITUDES WHO DWELL IN THE VALLEY OF INDECISION who seek for answers from thy father. (323:11‚12)

16. SHOULD YE NOT PRINT FOR THEM THE MO LETTERS?... For thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out.—And give them My Letters. ... And I Myself will publish My Letters. ... And I will feed them My Words. ... And they shall have the MO Letters. ... And I will set up even my servant David; he shall feed them, and he shall be their one shepherd over them, and shall feed them, even my servant David; he shall be their shepherd.—And he shall give them the MO letters. (233:2,11-14,23)

17. HENCEFORTH THERE IS LAID UP FOR US A CROWN OF RIGHTEOUS WRITING! We will give ourselves to the ministry of the Word and prayer, so that we may feed Thy sheep to strengthen and encourage them. ... And the world shall receive My Gospel by his hand and by his mouth. (331A:1‚9)

18. TAKE HEED UNTO THE WORDS OF MY DAVID! ... Hear thou the words of My Servant David! Many prophets would have that which I have given unto thee. (Strong tongues: ) Heed thou and listen! Look thou and observe! Do thou that which hath been spoken of thee. The number of the books shall not be sufficient to contain all the Words of David. (331A:67).

19. FOR THE WORD—I HAVE SPOKEN IT; AND THE WORD—I HAVE PERFORMED IT; and the Word‚—I have fulfilled it; and I shall fulfill all the promises I have promised unto My Servant David if thou shalt be faithful. (82:10)

20. PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS PROMISES UNTO THY SERVANT DAVID! Praise, all ye His saints! Praise‚ all ye His children! Praise the Lord for His promises unto His Servant David. Every jot and tittle shall be fulfilled, and not one shall pass away, but all shall be fulfilled, and thou shalt have every part of the Kingdom from the uttermost unto the uttermost; and thou shalt possess all of it,—for it has been given unto thee to fulfill all I have promised unto thee! For thou art My Children and thou art My Saints and thou art the Words of My Mouth and thou art My Prophets and My Obedient Ones and those who have inherited My Inheritance and those who have My Birthright. Thou art the ones upon whom is the crown of David, and therefore, thou art the ones who shall possess the Kingdom! (82:11)


21. THERE I WAS, IN 1968, WHILE VISITING MY MOTHER in her little cottage in Huntington Beach that we received the prophecy of Psalm 68, just before her Homegoing‚ in which God promised us an almost unbelievably fruitful ministry:" ... Thou‚ O God, hast prepared of thy goodness for the poor! The Lord gave the Word: Great was the company of those that published it! Kings of armies did flee apace!" etc. Surely this is now being fulfilled in our thousands of disciples in hundreds of Colonies in many countries around the globe, as well as the tremendous publicity we have received from many great publishing companies, such as newspapers, magazines, books, radio, TV, etc.! (172:96)

22. BUT FIRST LET ME GIVE YOU A LITTLE OF THE BACKGROUND so you can appreciate the terrific magnitude of our present progress: OUR ONE AND ONLY GP PUBLICATION BEFORE 1971 was the little all-time favourite, the "Warning Tract," which we'd been using virtually unchanged for the three years since our humble beginnings in 1968 and before! ... And our literature distribution was so low that we didn't even keep accurate records! (328A:2,3)

23. STANDING ON A HILLTOP IN TEXAS, I TOLD ABOUT 150 OF YOU THAT WE MUST PLACE OUR MAJOR EMPHASIS ON PRODUCING THE LEADERS AND THE LITERATURE we were going to need desperately in our booming growth and snow balling population explosion in the very near future, otherwise we would reach an almost insurmountable bottle neck that would cause such a traffic jam after a certain point that it would almost be impossible to expand beyond it without those leaders and the literature! (207:9)

24. GOD HAD TO ALMOST KILL ME AND DRIVE ME OUT OF THE COUNTRY, isolate me in exile to flee for my life and cut me off totally from everything and everybody, so that I had no other way to communicate except by writing it down. Through that, thank God, I learned to put it on paper where the whole world would hear about it. (303A:18)

25. IF I HADN'T STARTED WRITING IT DOWN THERE WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ANY REVOLUTION. We'd have died on the vine right where we were. As long as I stayed at TSC I couldn't even keep TSC straight, it went in one ear and out the other: Talks, lectures, teaching—here today and gone tomorrow. The other Colonies that didn't hear them at all were already going astray. (303A:19)

26. THEY HAD NOTHING WRITTEN TO HANG ONTO.—They had nothing concrete to really hang on to, to go by. God had to yank me out of that situation and send me half way around the world to where I was forced to sit down alone, virtually alone, and write down what I had to say. (303A:20)

27. "I GOTTA SPLIT!" EXPLAINS THE REASONS FOR WHICH GOD SENT ME AWAY, not only for self–preservation, but to give us time to preserve in writing the things which God has shown us and taught us during our years of experience in HIS Work, in order to pass them on to our children to help them continue working successfully for Him! (172:192)

28. AS THEY WEPT WHEN I FIRST LEFT‚ knowing I would likely never return alive, I told them that I had given them a good start, but was now unable to carry on in active participation and direct administration and they would have to lean more heavily on the Lord to lead them, care for them, guide and direct them, and bring them to victory in our world-wide Mission. I quoted them the scripture, the warning of the great Rabbi Gamaliel of old to the enemies of the Early Christians: "If this work be of man (or only of me, in other words), it will come to naught!—But if it be of God, no man can stand against it!"—Not even me or you!—No matter how much you try! (172:193)

29. THE MO LETTERS WERE JUST BEGINNING TO BECOME IMPORTANT IN 1971 and were only circulated privately to our own disciples and we were even afraid to give them to our friends! In fact, most of them were still being circulated only amongst our leadership who would gingerly share them with younger disciples on rare occasions, as they were considered such super secret and highly classified top security material—which they were, too‚ in those dangerous days of American oppression and persecution! (328A:4)

30. DEAR BROTHERS JOSH AND AARON AND OTHERS GOT THE BURDEN TO GET OUT THE POOR LITTLE 3 x 5 CLASSES composed almost entirely of the Letter of your Leadership, the literature lacked by leaders to help them with their leadership. God bless those boys for doing the best they could!—But it was not enough! These little 3x5 class books were soon little orphans floating around and almost as rare and priceless as some of the early manuscripts of the Church! But at least they tried, God bless'em! (207:10)

31. WE DID MAKE OUR FIRST FEW FEEBLE ATTEMPTS THAT MEMORABLE YEAR OF '71, our second year at TSC‚ to print a little news bulletin strictly for our own colonists called the New Nation News, thanks to Ho, Samson, Jacob‚ Deb and others.

32. BUT IT NEVER REALLY GOT OFF THE GROUND and soon fizzled due to our many moves and the beginning of our mighty mammoth exodus that year from the USA‚ and wasn't to be revived again until nearly two years later in London, while MO Letters were still being circulated strictly to our own disciples and a very few trusted friends! (328A:5,6)

33. AGAIN GOD WARNED US that the answer to the crying need for more literature was still the same: More Letters from the Leader, MORE LETTERS IN PRINT, MORE LEADERSHIP LITERATURE FOR LEADERS from the Leader!—And this time dear Ho and his helpers on the far off needy mission field of Europe got the burden and reprinted the pitiful little 3 x 5's in little gospels, God bless 'em! But again it was too little and to late. They were in such demand and so needed, but so few, that they were hardly out before they became almost as rare as collector's items, like those valuable first editions! (207:11)

34. AFTER BEING FORCED OUT OF TSC AND LA many of us moved to the Pacific Northwest USA of Washington State. We there fell heir not only to a goodly portion of the Jesus Movement of that area, ... but also the swinging little newspaper, Truth. Deb and Barkos soon transformed the Truth into the NITNew Improved Truth, ... and for the following year it became the official news organ of the Children of God, as well as one of its greatest expenses! (328A:7,8)

35. THOSE NIT-WITS DID HAVE THE COURAGE UNDER DEB'S BRAVE LEADERSHIP to make our first great literature breakthrough by finally daring to include our first MO Letter ever presented to the general public by anyone besides our enemies and the news media!

36. I'VE FORGOTTEN NOW JUST WHICH ONE IT WAS, but is was something we thought sufficiently simple and harmless enough to dare expose to the people, like "Diamonds of Dust" or "Faith‚" or something along that line.

37. BUT SINCE THE WORLD DIDN'T COLLAPSE over that one‚ they began to include one of the more mellow MO missives in each issue, until they even became bold enough to expose such dangerous doctrines as "Space City" and the like! (328A:9-11)

38. 1972 WAS ALSO THE YEAR OF ANOTHER OF OUR MAJOR PUBLICATIONS BREAKTHROUGHS, our first actual book of MO Letters, the Dallas MO Book, Letters from a Shepherd, selected and printed by faith under the continued courageous leadership in this field of our own dear Deborah and her helpers ... very beautifully designed and illustrated and colourfully covered to try to please our friends and appease our enemies, but without too much success.—Even some of our friend didn't like it! It was just a little to hot for them despite its attractive appearance. It was likable looking but dreadful reading for some!—yet it was a good try in the right direction.—But still too little and still too late! (328A:12; 207:12)

39. THAT WAS ALSO THE YEAR, 1972, of our major population explosion of the "Great Escape" from the United States, ... [and] that was also the first year we began to compile accurate statistics of our literature distribution. (328A:13‚14)

40. IN '72 WE HAD ALSO FIRST PERSONALLY REALLY BEGUN TO PUSH PUBLICATIONS by changing the name of our newspaper back to the New Nation News. (328A:15)

41. THEN PUBLISHERS WERE CLAMOURING FOR A BOOK from us about us by us and when I asked the Lord about it, again He said, "It's already written: It's the Letters I have already given!" So we tried to present them with the idea of using the Letters for the book they wanted, but our feeble efforts along this line were not met with much success, as the few approached seemed to think they were either too hot or this was not what they wanted or not what the public would read.

42. THEY SAID THEY WANTED SOMETHING IN A SHORT, READABLE STORY FORM ABOUT OUR BEGINNINGS, HISTORY‚ BELIEFS, PRACTICES, ETC. SO SURVIVAL WAS THE RESULT!—But even this they wouldn't print, so we were compelled to print it in very limited numbers ourselves. It served its purpose with our friends as well as our enemies, but still did not meet the crying need of the lack of literature, of letters for the leaders! Now we were beginning to get desperate!

43. AT LAST HO AND THE GOOD BRETHREN OF EUROPE PUBLISHED MOST OF THE BASIC CLASSES in the little "Revolution For Jesus!" hand book for new disciples, a major milestone for many! (207:13)

44. WE HAVE ALSO REPUBLISHED GRANDMOTHER'S BOOKS, The Hem of His Garment and Streams That Never Run Dry" ... and made the first public offer of current weekly MO Letters, as advertised in "Monster on the Move," in which we predicted that "Literature is going to become one of our greatest and most widespread witnesses," and due to the leadership shortage of that time the Letters would have to become the leaders! (207:14; 328A:15)

45. THEN JUST AFTER THE TURN OF THE YEAR OF 1973 GOD DROPPED THE BOTTLE-BREAKING BOMB OF THE "BIRTHDAY WARNING" which nearly doubled our total literature distribution and those witnessed to in only one year! (328A:16)

46. BY MID–1973 WE WERE STILL MAKING SO LITTLE PROGRESS in publishing because of extravagant attempts at publishing a fancy colour magazine for exorbitant prices we personally blew our stack and decided to discontinue the NIT in favour of the New Nation News‚ with Ho's encouragement. (328A:18)

47. INSPIRED BY STEPHEN, WE BECAME CONVINCED THAT WE COULD START SELLING SINGLE MO LETTERS RIGHT ON THE STREETS‚ feeling that at least some of the kids and freaks would buy 'em ... and the Letters began to be the leaders as they began to make a hit on the streets, selling by the thousands to the general public! With this major MO Letter breakthrough in illustrated GP editions the Lit Revolution really began to roll! (328A:19,21)

48. BY THE END OF THE FOLLOWING YEAR OF 1974, we had nearly quintupled our first three years' witness of half a billion to nearly two and a half billion in only two years! (328A:16)

49. IT WASN'T LONG BEFORE THE SALES OF LITERATURE ALONE WAS SUPPORTING OUR COLONIES, ... and we were no longer utterly dependent on provisioning, forsake alls‚ gifts, the mail and donations from friends and supporters.

50. IT WAS A MIRACLE THAT GOD HIMSELF HAD PREDICTED IN THE "BIRTHDAY WARNING" if we would faithfully spread His own Words to the spiritually starving millions, and now we're seeing the fulfillment of His promises in our own booming production of His Letters by the "millions for the billions"!

51. THIS HAS NOW BECOME BOTH OUR SPIRITUAL AND ECONOMIC SALVATION so that any little disciple wherever he may be can now get out and earn his own keep through the sale of the Letters alone! Certainly the Letters have become the leaders, thank God! It was all His idea and He's now blessing us for obeying it as well as blessing the world with the Word! Praise God!

52. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO BELIEVED HIM AND WERE WILLING TO TRY HIS CRAZY IDEAS on the waiting public and are still faithfully ministering His Wonder Working Words to the world! God bless you!—And He has, thank the Lord! Praise His precious Name and promises forever! (328A:22-25)


53. MANY YOUNG LEADERS AND COLONIES ARE WRITING US FOR ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS which have already been thoroughly dealt with in these past MO Letters! All they need is the letters so we can refer them to the answers and not have to continually repeat these in unnecessary replies and special communications, and often times too late to prevent the troubles! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Let's publish them now!

54. WE CONSIDER THESE PROJECTS ALL VITAL TO A COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING OF THE REVOLUTION, our message, method, way of life and operation of our Colonies according to the ideas God has given us. Many pitfalls could have been avoided if the kids had had the letters in their own hands and been familiar with their answers to their problems. But you can't blame them if they've never even heard them!

55. SOME COLONIES EITHER DON'T HAVE ANY OF THE OLDER MO LETTERS OR AREN'T READING THEM daily as suggested, or in a regular daily course of MO classes for both Babes and LTs as they should, so it's no wonder the kids are making so many mistakes!—How can they do the job without the instruction and training they need?—And the main source of this SPECIFIC INSTRUCTION ON NEARLY EVERY SUBJECT IS IN THE MO LETTERS!—Especially for leaders!—And for the conduct, organisation and operation of Colonies and answers to their usual problems as the Lord has shown us.

56. SO LET'S PLEASE GET THE MO LETTERS INTO THE APPROPRIATE HANDS as soon as possible. There's hardly a student who doesn't know all the details of Bible Prophecy! But when it comes to MO Letters or classes, except for the recent ones, the kids are woefully ignorant and almost totally unprepared for leadership! If this situation is not corrected at once you're going to be sorry! They cannot find the way without the Shepherd's voice‚ no matter how much they know about theories! SO GET THE "LITTLE BOOKS" OUT NOW! Tomorrow will be too late!—And it's already too late for some!

57. AND WE SHOULD INSIST HERE AND NOW THAT EVERY COLONY HAVE AT LEAST A ONE OR TWO HOUR DAILY MO CLASS TO READ AND STUDY THESE LETTERS TOGETHER! Basic classes can be reviewed together by the whole Colony together, including its leadership! LT classes can be studied and taught together by the leaders to the LTs in a separate session. And this must be done at once, as we've found the Colonies and Leaders making the most mistakes and asking the most questions are those who've had the least MO Letters!—There is a definite relationship here to their many problems!

58. IF THIS IS NOT DONE IMMEDIATELY, WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A RUNAWAY REVOLUTION THAT DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT'S DOING OR SUPPOSED TO DO! Many God help us!—This is how most Movements go astray, when they get away from their original leadership, vision and instruction and lose the real meaning of it all!—Read "Drop–Outs" and you'll see! God forbid that it should happen to us!—But it will, and it already has, because some of these young leaders and Colonies are getting completely out of touch with the original teaching, plans and purposes of the Revolution!

59. ONE REPORT EVEN COMMENTED RECENTLY THAT SOME WERE GETTING BACK INTO THAT "OLD REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT"!—Would to God they were!—I don't know what the girl meant by this, but I'm sure she didn't mean the original spirit!—Maybe she just wasn't going back far enough!—Some of them only remember back as far as TSC's materialistic spirit, or LA's hard, tough militant attitude, etc., which were unauthorised and unjustified changes in the original ways that we taught some of you personally. It was your own personal interpretations and revisions—revisionists, as the Commies would say!

60. THIS IS WHY MAO HAD TO GET OUT HIS LITTLE RED BOOKS, Thoughts of Mao, and make 'em memorize it, so they wouldn't stray away from the original ideas of their leadership, every man doing that which seems right in his own eyes!—Which may be entirely contrary to the original! If you want to keep the whole Revolution on the straight and narrow path to ultimate victory‚ you'd better publish these "Thoughts of MO" now to keep 'em straight!—Or the whole thing can wind up in a spirit of "I'm of Jeth" and "I'm of Josh" and "I'm of Faith" and "I'm of Ho" confusion!—Whether you or they realise it or not! ONLY THE MO LETTERS AND THE LORD CAN KEEP US UNIFIED and united in ideals, actions, spirit and goals! (156A:7,10-12,16-18)

61. YOU BELIEVE IN ME AND MY WORDS AS MUCH AS YOU READ AND OBEY THEM! ... How many of my letters have you read lately on subjects you need the most, no matter how old they are? The inspired and the revelatory are still true and helpful as ever, just as when God gave them.

62. YOU'RE LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN RUNNING TO THE TEACHER FOR ALL THE ANSWERS THE EASY WAY INSTEAD OF SITTING DOWN AND STUDYING the text books and lessons already given and digging them out for yourselves as you should as good diligent students of the Word. ... (Abrahim: "Wonderful are the Words that the Lord gives to thy Father!") (311B:9,10‚7,13)

63. EVEN GETTING OUT THE LIT IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS GETTING INTO THE LIT YOURSELF FIRST! We need to get the Words in as well as out! Some of you are really getting them out but not getting them in.—And you'll never have the spiritual strength and stamina to keep going to get out the Word—unless you yourself are drinking in the Word and being spiritually nourished and strengthened by it yourself first. (320:56)

64. YOU ONLY NEED GUIDANCE TO REMAIN ON THE RIGHT TRACK going in the right directions and continuing in your Apostle's Doctrine and Family fellowship and all speak the same thing and head toward the same goal—world conquest through God's love!

65. FRANKLY, I THINK THAT OUR LETTERS FROM HOME ARE ABOUT ALL YOU NEED for this now, a little Godly counsel and wisdom from the Lord through Papa and Mama, a few suggestions on how to do it better and an occasional admonishment.

66. IF YOU NEED A LITTLE EXTRA AUTHORITY TO DO SO TAKE IT FROM MY LETTERS! Why don't you have the guts to just stand up and speak up for your rights and simply say, "I'm sorry, but that's not the way MO or the Lord or the Bible told us to do it!"

67. IF YOU KNOW GOD'S WORD AND THE MO LETTERS WELL ENOUGH as you should as real leaders, you should be able to quote some of these old–bottle dictators chapter and verse to authenticate your challenge to their authority! (328C:10,11‚27,28)

68. THIS IS WHAT WE'RE TRYING TO DO THROUGH THE MO LETTERS‚ like Paul's Epistles. We're TRYING TO ADVISE YOU FROM WHAT WE'VE LEARNED FROM THE LORD, our own experience, but you don't necessarily have to do what we say! YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS, according to your own leadings from the Lord! You don't have to agree with me! I don't even agree with everything Paul had to say, and I'm sure he made a few mistakes, as I know I have!

69. BUT ONE THING I HAVE FOUND‚ AND THAT IS THAT NEARLY EVERY QUESTION YOU DO ASK ME HAS ALREADY BEEN COVERED IN DETAIL IN SOME MO LETTER or in the bible! So your main problem, when you ask these questions that have already been answered is, that you're either not studying your Bible or the MO Letters, or you'd already know the answer! Like the Bible the Letters won't do you any good if you don't read and study them and even review them!

70. SO, THE NEXT TIME YOU FEEL LIKE WRITING ME ABOUT THIS OR THAT, WHY DON'T YOU FIRST SEE IF THE ANSWER'S IN THE BIBLE or you can get it by the Spirit, or it's already been answered in another MO Letter before you sit down and write me a lengthy letter which it may be weeks before I even have time to read much less answer! Amen? God bless you! I love you! But if you want to get any quick answers, you better get them from the Bible, the Lord, a previous MO Letter, or one of your immediate leaders, not me!—sorry—I'm just too slow, and so are letters! (127:28,29,30)

71. AND THIS REMINDS ME, THAT YOU‚ MY DEAR CHILDREN HAVE AN APPOINTMENT WITH ME EVERY DAY, and you'd better not miss it‚ or you're going to be sorry! To ignore the Word of the Lord through His Prophet is to ignore the Voice of God Himself, and if you're not going to be willing to spend time listening to God's directions, you're not going to get far!

72. GOD MADE ME YOUR SHEPHERD!—AND YOU HAD BETTER FOLLOW, or you're going to miss God and His will! It was not my idea!—It was God's! If you think you can be a part of God's mighty Movement without following its leadership—His chosen leadership—you are mistaken! If you think you can be a Revolutionary for Jesus and not follow the one God Chose to start the revolution—you're going to be sadly disappointed!

73. I DID NOT CHOOSE TO BE YOUR LEADER: GOD CHOSE ME!—I MERELY OBEYED! And, as God told me, by one man's obedience, many would be made righteous! I am merely following God, and, as the Apostle Paul said, Be ye therefore followers of me, even as I am also of the Lord Jesus Christ! (1Co.11:1) As throughout all time, God has always required His People to follow and obey His chosen Mouthpiece, His Prophets‚ His man of God, His chosen Leader, Shepherd, or King! Those who rejected God's leadership through His anointed ones fell by the wayside‚ or were destroyed! But those who believed, followed, and obeyed, were blessed of the Lord, prospered, were protected and provided for, and reached their goal!—God's goal! Those who doubted, followed not, and disobeyed, ended only in confusion, frustration, and despair!

74. BUT THE REAL REVOLUTION ROLLS ON UNDER GOD'S CHOSEN AND ORIGINAL LEADERSHIP, AND YOU HAD BETTER FOLLOW IT OR YOU'RE GOING TO MISS THE BOAT like the rest of them! So what's all that got to do with MO Letters? It means you'd better read and study them and share them with your flock, or you, too, are going to miss the original pattern that God has given from the very beginning, and fall by the way like the rest of them! You'll make mistakes‚ pull boners, blunders, and really blow it‚ if you don't stick to the plan God has given, and follow the leadership He has anointed and appointed! You'll miss the mark!

75. SO MO LETTERS ARE MY DAILY CLASS WITH YOU, AND SHOULD OCCUPY A SPECIFIC HOUR AND A HALF TO TWO HOURS OF YOUR DAILY SCHEDULE EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL, FOR LEADERS, LTs, AND ALL, "treasures both new and old," the voice of your Shepherd!—Or you're going to be sorry and go astray, get caught in the brambles, lost, or devoured by the wolves. There are even many good portions of Letters addressed to "Leaders Only" which can be shared with LTs and even the babes; and many directed to "LTs Only," portions of which would be very good for the babes as well, if you'll use discernment and wisdom. Any parts that you think would be good for others than those for whom they are designated, and which would not be too strong meat for them or cause weaker brethren to stumble, you are welcome to share with those under you. But I certainly don't think it's wise to read many of them to Systemites or outsiders‚ or when they are present! Some of you have very foolishly read strong meat like "Gypsies" etc. when strangers and even enemies were present, and blew some of them away, which was pure folly! Please use wisdom!—And please read them at a time when visitors are least likely to be present, but please try not to read them so late that everyone is too weary to even hear them, much less absorb them! And please‚ for God's Sake and His sheep's sake, TRY TO GET SOMEONE TO READ THEM WHO LOVES THEM, studies them, knows the spirit of them, and can really read them with all his heart, expression, and understanding, so the kids will catch the spirit and meaning of every Letter! Thanks for listening! GBY! (155:30-32,48,49)

76. I BELIEVE THE PERSONAL PRESENCE OF THE MAN DISTRACTS FROM THE MESSAGE. That's why God sent me away and why Jesus had to go away. I'm with you in spirit through the words that I speak unto you. They are my spirit and my life, by His Spirit and His Life—and if you will read them, study them, prayerfully, diligently, like you do His Word, you will have more of me than you've ever had before. You will understand me better know me more intimately, enjoy my fellow-ship more purely, than ever before—By His Spirit through these words! And the record will be there to remain for posterity—our spiritual children—to encourage, inspire‚ edify, instruct, rebuke, exhort, feed, comfort, lead and guide, as never before‚ in a way that would be impossible in person. (253:13; 28:15)

77. THE RAYS FROM MY PEN WERE REACHING OUT TO ALL OF YOU AT ONCE, enlightening you all together, simultaneously, uniting you in one single blaze of glory of one mind and one heart, and of one spirit, through the miracle of this simple medium of communication—writing!—And the mails!

78. YES, "USE IT—DON'T KNOCK IT!" and if you use it you'll benefit by it—but if you neglect and ignore it you'll suffer for it! Like His Word, it won't do you any good unless you read it—an even then—you must obey it to bear fruit.

79. EVEN SO WITH THESE EPISTLES FROM ME: if you are reading them, studying them, sharing them, praying over them, and following the light of their truth, you will be melted together in His Love‚ blended together in His truth, joined together as one body, fitly joined together according to His Word.

80. THIS IS THE BEAUTIFUL PICTURE THE LORD SHOWED ME, AND I KNOW IT'S TRUE—and you'd better believe it! This was the main reason He sent us away—so we could be more help to all of you in this ministry of His truth. You'd better appreciate it and take advantage of it and let these rays of light shine into your own heart, lest ye be found wanting‚ and in darkness, when I come again. Jn.14:2,3,16-21,24,26; 15:26,27; 16:4,25.

81. I HAD MANY THINGS TO SAY UNTO YOU, BUT YE COULD NOT BEAR THEM THEN: howbeit, now, the Spirit of this truth is coming to you and will guide you into all truth‚ and He will show you things to come. HE THAT HEARS MY WORDS AND RECEIVETH THEM‚ HE IT IS THAT RECEIVETH ME; but he that heareth not my words, neither receiveth them‚ receiveth neither me, nor the Father that sent me. FOR THE WORDS THAT I SPEAK UNTO YOU ARE NOT MINE, BUT THE FATHER'S HEAR YE HIM! (28:16-19,23)

82. ISN'T IT WONDERFUL TO HAVE GOD'S WORD FOR IT, for our encouragement! I hope you are brainwashing yourselves with it constantly and absorbing it into the very fiber of your being, for it is His Word by HIS Spirit in His Love that makes you strong! Please do not neglect it for it is food for your soul and gives you strength for the battle! Read, study‚ memorise, and enjoy it, and ye shall have strength for your souls! God bless you!

83. THIS IS WHY THE CHILDREN OF GOD ARE SO MUCH STRONGER THAN THE CHILDREN OF THIS WORLD: you know the Word, and none can stand against it! You stand strong in the power of His Spirit, which is the Word of God, mighty to the tearing down of strongholds—not the pitiful little carnal weapons that our enemies use, who try to wrestle against flesh and blood with their puny carnal weapons, only to find that they have come face to face with Almighty God and His Children! Let them therefore beware, lest they be found to be fighting against God Himself—and His Children! (155:5,6)

84. WHEN I HEAR ABOUT ALL YOU DIFFERENT GUYS USING ALL KINDS OF DIFFERENT BOOKS OF OTHERS BESIDES OURSELVES IN YOUR TEACHING, some who are known and obvious Systemites, and others who are even unknown, which is worse, how do you know what you're teaching?—which is terrible!

85. HOW FAR CAN YOU TRUST A SYSTEMITE, WHO IS STILL A MEMBER OF THE DAMNABLE RELIGIOUS SYSTEM, some of whom you don't even know, so you don't know what their fruits are! Get rid of those books! Burn'em! Books were my downfall! They nearly ruined me! I oughtta know—I used to have a whole roomful of 'em, so many I couldn't even read 'em all, until THE LORD SHOWED ME I DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO READ BOOKS IF I DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO READ MY BIBLE!—I don't care who the hell wrote 'em! You don't even have to read my Mother's books, if you don't want to, or mine, either, for that matter, because all you need is your Bible—and when I discovered that‚ it started a Revolution! IF YOU WANNA READ SOMETHING REVOLUTIONARY, READ OUR STUFF! AT LEAST YOU KNOW WHO WROTE IT, AND WHAT OUR FRUITS ARE!—YOU!

86. YOU DON'T BELONG HERE IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN WHAT WE TEACH AND PREACH AND WRITE ENOUGH TO READ IT‚ STUDY IT, MEMORISE IT, AND TEACH IT,—AT LEAST YOUR BIBLE IF NOTHING ELSE—that's all you really need, if you learn it; and you'll never have enough time to learn enough of it for what you need! So get busy right now, Brother; start studying‚ Sister; Get with it, Cat; those other damn books are not where it's at! If they told it like it is, you'd be there, so why aren't you? Because they haven't got it! We alone have the words of the kind of Eternal Life that Jesus means for people to live, and we're the only ones that I know of that are living it, teaching it, and preaching it, in any sizable number‚ with any visible effect! How about you?


88. "IT WAS ALL THAT WORD STORED UP IN THE BUILDING THAT SAVED IT!" ... So "Builders Beware!" that by your so-called "improvements" you do not destroy the very thing you're attempting to build! Above all, do not remove the ballast, the Words of God‚ your only hope of its salvation, the only thing that will keep it steady and on His foundation of His teachings and His writings! This is all that will help the house keep its equilibrium. IF THE WORDS ARE RETAINED THEY WILL PRESERVE THE BUILDING NO MATTER WHAT other alterations you may make. (309B:12,43,44)

89. THE PLAN‚ OR THE IDEOLOGY ... IS ALL IN THE BIBLE AND THE MO LETTERS! Although you may have to have teachers now to teach you the Plan‚ the Bible and the MO Letters, we're teaching now that one day soon you will no longer need the preachers and the teachers of the Bible. All you really need to teach you is the Bible and the MO Letters if you'll just read them and believe them and accept them! MO also is only for the time being, and MO is merely the one who is giving you the Plan. If you will faithfully follow the Plan, the Bible and the MO Letters, soon you'll no longer need MO, for "I Gotta Split!" That's why God is giving it all now. I'll be gone one of these days‚ but God has spoken by His Spirit to give you the Plan.

90. YOU SEE, THE BIBLE WAS ENOUGH IN ITS DAY, it was all the truth that man needed when it was fresh and new and had just been given by the prophets, the original prophets, until it was contorted and distorted and misinterpreted and mistranslated and everything by the preachers! Although the Bible is just as new and fresh and good as ever to us, if we can sweep away all this fabrication of man's garbage and get back down and delve underneath to find the foundations then we can see the Plan, how it was supposed to be.

91. BUT THE TRUE FOUNDATION HAS BEEN SO CLUTTERED UP THROUGH THE CENTURIES BY MAN THAT HE HAS LOST SIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL FOUNDATION‚ the original Plan. Even though he has the Bible and looks at it, he can't see it. He can't see the forest for the trees. He can't see it because he's been mentally conditioned by all the preachers and teachers and false teachers and the wrong way they live, their dandy bad example, which is so contrary to the plan of true Christianity, that the Plan is lost under a heap of man's own rubble!

92. NOT THAT THE PLAN IS NOT AS GOOD AS IT EVER WAS‚ BUT WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO REDISCOVER THE TRUE FOUNDATION? Who does the discovering?—It takes an archaeologist who comes in and clears away the rubble? He knows the difference between rubble and the genuine Foundation, and he clears away the wreckage, debris and dust of centuries and uncovers for you again the true genuine Plan. He shows you what the Plan really was like. He digs out the Bible from under all the trash and reveals it to you as it really is and really was.

93. BUT IT TAKES A LOT OF HARD WORK AND A LOT OF DIGGING AND CLEARING AWAY OF THE RUBBLE OF CENTURIES, all the false teaching and example and false systems, to uncover the basic Foundation and the real Plan, compared to which the rest is all trash! God Himself, the Master Builder, built the foundation, but man covered it and buried it in his litter‚ so God has to take whom to unbury it? He has to take and use man and man's tools for the sake of man to unbury His Foundation.

94. WHO IS THE ARCHAEOLOGIST? IN THIS CASE I AM YOUR ARCHAEOLOGIST. With every Letter I'm clearing away the church rubble, getting rid of man's debris, and pushing aside the preachers' litter, to try to uncover for you once again what the Bible really says and means‚ what Jesus taught, and how He really lived, and what the disciples really showed, and what they were really trying to show by their example. In other words‚ we're rediscovering what God's plan was all the time! It's been there all the time and is as good as ever, but we can't build on that Foundation again till we get rid of all the rubble of the Rabbis! (255:27,40-45)

95. IT WASN'T MAO'S TEACHERS AND LEADERS WHO DID THE JOB OF MOLDING THE MINDS OF 800 MILLION CHINESE REVOLUTIONARIES!—It was his own teaching via the printed page! The teachers were simply seed sowers and scatterers of this seed for years, and the mighty harvest is only now being truly reaped as a result! A few well ordered fields of followers and fighters scattered this seed, but the harvest is the entire population! Personal witnesses and visible living, working Colonies bring quick but limited visible results, and are dramatic samples of the ultimate. But seed saturation sowing is more far-reaching and will bring a mightier harvest in the long run!—A whole world of youth won by Jesus' love!—Through our literature telling our example and how it works through the love of Jesus! Hallelujah! Amen?

96. THESE MAGAZINES‚ NEWSPAPERS, TRACTS, MO GOSPELS‚ LETTERS, LESSONS, ETC., ARE GOING TO GO FARTHER AND REACH MORE KIDS than you or I or all the rest of us put together could ever reach!

97. WE CAN MAKE AND DUPLICATE LITERATURE MUCH FASTER THAN DISCIPLES! And the lit can be made to preach our message and tell of our sample much quicker and in more places and even more accurately than they! We've got to have the samples to back it up and prove it's not all ads, but the ads will go a lot further and faster than the samples! And remember: Our main job is to witness the message even more than prove it! We can do both with loads of disciples with even more loads of literature! So let's get with it in an all out worldwide drive for more literature! The time is now! Tomorrow may be too late! Write‚ print and pass it now! (156B:17,18,19)

98. WE'RE MAKING TREMENDOUS PROGRESS IN SOLVING THE LITERATURE CRISIS! No army on the move can do without plenty of ammunition, and the Lord is raising up a great company of publishers, printshops, and publishing houses that are rolling out our literature: lessons, letters, tracts, pamphlets‚ booklets, books‚ newspapers, cartoons and magazines at a tremendous rate of hundreds of thousands all over the world in many languages!


100. PAPER POWER!—NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PAPER! The great men of the world have come and gone and the great conquerors of the world have come and gone, and the only thing that still lives on is paper power!—Worlds and ideas permanently recorded on paper for posterity! YOU MAY REACH PART OF YOUR OWN GENERATION IN PERSON, BUT YOU'LL REACH THE WORLD AND ALL GENERATIONS ON PAPER!

101. I HAVE THE SATISFACTION OF KNOWING THAT WHAT EVER HAPPENS TO ME, I HAVE GOTTEN IT DOWN ON PAPER! As a result, I've accomplished more in the past four years than I ever accomplished in the first 50! When I finally got away alone with the lord, and began to write it all down on paper, it did more than all 50 years of preaching and teaching in person!

102. WE NOW NEED MORE STUDY TIME AND LESS CLASS TIME! We now have nearly everything you need to know in print and you only need time to study it! Why have all these classes with boring teachers droning on for hours, when you can read and study it for yourself at your own speed on your own time? I've said enough already why say more?—Just let 'em read it! GIVE'EM TIME TO STUDY IT!—THEN JUST TEST 'EM ON IT!

103. WE NEED TO TURN THESE BORING TIME-WASTING CLASSES INTO A MO LETTER READING COURSE, instead of an hour-after-hour harangue by some guy with the preacher's itch! You'd get more done and you'd all learn more if you'd just learn MO!—And what the Lord has already said! My definition of a bore is a Colony Shepherd who wants to talk when I want to talk!—And God's already said plenty in His Letters!—Amen!

104. SO FOR GOD'S SAKE‚ SHUT UP AND LET 'EM STUDY!—Now they have the Letters‚ you don't need any more classes!—At least, not many! A short devotional in the morning to start the day off right—may be a silent reading of a MO Letter or Bible passage—then off to the streets with the message!—Or off to your work printing it, or making it possible for others to go into the field by cooking, typing, provisioning or taking care of necessary business, kids, etc.

105. THEN BACK FROM THE FIELD AT NIGHT WITH A ROUSING, INSPIRING TESTIMONY MEETING sharing the glorious victories and witnessing experiences of the day!—Followed by another quiet MO Letter study time just before bed!—How's that!—You'd get a lot more done, studied and learned that way, than in all these long boring classes, meetings and conferences! Amen?—Hallelujah! LET'S START READING MO LETTERS AND SPEND MO' TIME IN THE FIELD REACHING MO PEOPLE! Amen?

106. IN FACT, THE WRITTEN WORD HAS PROVED TIME AND TIME AGAIN TO BE UNQUESTIONABLY THE MORE EFFECTIVE METHOD. There are not many more than a hundred of you who have ever seen or heard me personally, and yet the rest of you obey just as well and sometimes a lot better than those who were there in person! And why?—Because you read and study the Letters, and it's all there for the record! (253:33,37,40-44)

107. ANYONE WHO GETS TRIPPED OFF INTO THAT OLD FALSE DOCTRINE OF NOT NEEDING THE WORD NOW THAT YOU HAVE THE SPIRIT, and which‚ as I say, began with the Devil's lies in the Garden of Eden and is now being recently revived by many members of the modern so–called Charismatic Movement‚ or "Body" or "Sons of God" or "Latter Reign" or some just plain lazy Pentecostals, is headed for serious trouble with both us and the Lord, and should be checked on immediately, reproved, and corrected‚ and brought to repentance for having endangered the work of God and led others astray! God will not tolerate such foolishness and we certainly can not have it in any of our Colonies or their leaders!

108. MANY WHO THINK THEY CAN GET BY WITHOUT READING MO LETTERS MAY MISS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE REVOLUTION and wander away from God's appointed Shepherd and teaching and get lost! Beware!

109. BUT, YOU SAY, I HAVE NO NEED OF THE BIBLE OR HIS PROPHET!—His Spirit will lead me into all Truth!—Yes, you're right!—He will: Through His Word and His Prophets as well as your individual leadings and personal revelations. But to keep His People united and their efforts coordinated and all parts of the Body working well together, God has always chosen a head—a Leader—His Man of the Hour—His Voice of the Vision—His Man of Faith to send them forth—His Father-Figure to symbolize His own Presence with His People—A Guide and Shepherd for His sheep, and His sheep know His Voice—His Prophet—and they follow Him. This has always been God's way of leading His People.

110. ALL THE SUCCESSFUL MOVES OF GOD THROUGHOUT TIME AND THE BIBLE WERE LED BY GOD'S CHOSEN MAN FOR THAT TIME AND PURPOSE. Read your Bible and Church History and you'll see this always has been true. God's Move is always led by God's Man who is God's Voice for God's Vision—the Voice of His choice—the Vision of His Chosen—whether they liked it or not—It was God's Will! It seems most of them didn't like it and tried to get out of it, but God wouldn't let them! They had to yield to His Will, mere creatures of the Creator, vessels of His Volition, and tools in His own Hands—a mere part of His Plan.

111. SO YOUR LEADER IS NOTHING BUT AN INSTRUMENT IN THE HAND OF GOD!—The mere Trumpet that carries the Message of His Mouth to His People!—The Communicator of His Words—His Voice—And God's sheep hear His Voice, the Prophet of God, and they follow Him! They are following God, not the Man. The Man is merely His Manifestation, the Voice of His Vision! God's Man is nothing but a Wirephoto and Teletype machine, like the news media use, on which they get the latest news in words and pictures! That's all I am, God's means of communication: He sends the pictures and the words by turning on my Key on my wavelength‚ and I His little machine‚ simply rattle it off and pass it on to you! It's just that simple and that easy, crazy as it may seem!

112. BUT IF YOU DON'T READ THE MESSAGE AND GET THE PICTURE, YOU'LL NEVER KNOW GOD'S LATEST NEWS FOR YOU! But if you faithfully read and study these MO Letters—God's latest news—you'll be well informed and know exactly how to proceed, with His Plans made plain by His pleasure! And it'll be a pleasure because it'll always work, if you do His Will according to the Voice of His Vision through His jolly little old Noise-maker-me! That's just the way it is! The way God made it!

113. SO HOW YOU THINK YOU CAN DO THE MASTER'S WILL WITHOUT THE MASTER'S PLAN, I DON'T KNOW! I certainly couldn't! And how you think you can just wander off and do your own thing without listening to His chosen Voice and following Him, without getting lost, I don't understand! His sheep know His Voice and they follow Him, and a stranger they will not follow! How do you think you can get by and carry on His Work and follow His Plan and accomplish His Purpose without listening to His Voice and heeding His advice in the Epistles of His Prophet? You can't! It's impossible! You can't get along without listening, and you can't accomplish anything without obeying His Words, His Voice, through His Prophet!

114. NO GREAT KING, LIKE GOD, WOULD EVER THINK OF SENDING HIS MEN INTO BATTLE WITHOUT A PLAN! And no officer in his right mind would think of defying the orders of his Commander-in-Chief, Who knows the Master plan! And what foreman of a factory would send his workers in to operate those expensive machines without giving them careful study and training in their operation? Would he think of hiring help indiscriminately and just say‚ "Now go make cars, boys!"—Without any plans, any blue prints‚ or any training? And what country would recruit soldiers and merely stick a gun in their hands and shoo them off to battle without any training or preparation or plan and say, "Now go fight our war, boys!"—Without leadership, without organisation, without strategy, without training, and even without proper equipment and supplies? They'd certainly lose the war, those cars would be piles of junk and the King would lose His Kingdom! It would be disastrous! (161:31,38-44)

115. WE DIDN'T TRAIN WHEN I SAID TRAIN, so now we've created a monster whose body is growing faster than the head is able to handle it! We're now so far behind on leadership that, except for some miracle of God, we might never catch up! We're just going to have to throw the babes out in the woods, and hope by some miracle of God they'll survive! My one comforting thought is that, since we failed to train the leadership, God, by the power of His Spirit and His Word‚ and, THROUGH THE ONE TEACHER THEY CAN TAKE WITH THEM‚ LITERATURE, will try to teach and guide them: He will use the MO LETTERS, and maybe if they'll read the MO LETTERS they'll learn!

116. THE ONLY WAY THIS REVOLUTION WILL BE ABLE TO EXPLODE to fill the whole earth, since we have failed to produce the leadership "to teach others to teach others" as was our motto‚ (but we didn't follow it)—OUR ONLY HOPE NOW IS THAT GOD BY HIS SPIRIT WILL USE HIS WORD AND THE MO LETTERS! Since the Word of God has been so horribly wrested and distorted by the Church all these years, we have to interpret and explain it, and that's what the MO Letters are for, besides supplying the general training the kids need!

117. YOU'VE GOT TO GIVE THESE KIDS SOME KIND OF INSPIRATION! I have nearly violated what was once almost a vow with me: I was so crazy about the Bible when I was a young man that I said: "Everybody and every cult has always gone astray on somebody's writings!—God forbid that I should ever write a book! I was fanatical about that right up until Huntington Beach! But I found at Brentwood Chapel they needed something to hold in their hands to help them grasp the truth that was in the Bible, but that they couldn't understand. So I wrote a little two-page leaflet with a map to try to summarize the whole Bible! It was almost too simple. When I felt a little tract was needed, I printed up solid Scripture because I was so afraid to put down any words of my own!

118. BUT GOD FINALLY HAD TO DO IT SUPERNATURALLY by almost forcing prophecy through me to give me the true living water for today! He almost forced me to write what needed to be written and to show me the Bible was not enough!

119. IT'S A DAMNABLE DOCTRINE OF CHURCH DEVILS TO CONFINE ALL THE TRUTH AND REVELATIONS OF GOD STRICTLY TO THE BIBLE! True prophecy won't teach anything contrary, but it sure can fill in a lot of gaps! The Bible is still going to be the standard of measurement. But that was God's message for them; but today, we have to tell them how to it under these present circumstances. God can give it out faster than we can receive it!

120. We didn't train them when they were few in number. THE ONLY HOPES I HAVE NOW IS THAT GOD AND HIS WORD AND HIS SPIRIT AND ALL OF OUR WRITINGS WILL HELP DO THE JOB! We have been so busy doing it, we haven't had time to write about it enough! You leaders should have written more classes about the things which you knew best and were most needed, such as delivering babies, childcare‚ and schooling, provisioning, dietetics, food care and preparation, house cleaning, maintenance and management, vehicle maintenance and repairs, office organisation, secretarial training, travel and camping tips, do's and don'ts of witnessing, and so on and so on! Our only hope now is to almost virtually declare their freedom and give them the change to be released from your control and tell them to just GO AHEAD AND FOLLOW GOD AND THE BIBLE AND THE MO LETTERS THE BEST THEY CAN!

121. THIS IS NOT ENTIRELY WITHOUT PRECEDENTS. It happened in the Old and New Testaments. When you've got a whole New Nation that's too big for you, you have to get drastic! In a similar occurrence in history where a whole nation was taken out of its culture and the society of its day‚ and its whole religion, government‚ and economy and laws were changed so that they had a totally new nation and society—when God did that, He explained everything they were supposed to do to the utmost detail, including how to go to the bathroom and eat and wash!

122. WE'RE THE CLOSEST THING TO SUCH A MONUMENTAL CHANGE SINCE THE DAYS OF MOSES! Another time when it was almost the same was the Early Church!—And what had to be done, as a result, to help guide this new religion and way of life outside of the organised churches of their day, so they could survive? What was created to guide them?—The Gospels and Epistles and whole New Testament! (175:15,16,18-23)

123. THE LORD GAVE THE WORD, AND GREAT WAS THE COMPANY OF THEM THAT PUBLISHED IT! Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord! That's our job, Lord. You give the Word, You're doing Your part. We just receive it, and it's our job to publish it. Help us to be faithful publishers of Thy Words. Thank You, Jesus! Praise You, Lord! Amen, Lord!

124. "KINGS OF ARMIES DID FLEE APACE, BUT SHE THAT TARRIED AT HOME DIVIDED THE SPOIL!" Help us to mind our own business, Lord, and stay at home and divide the spoil (or the oil!) and not get involved in the world's wars and all of this! In Jesus' name! Thank You, Lord, for not letting us get involved more than we have to, Lord, just by Thy truth in Thy word. Bless and protect Thy Children from those that will not like the truth, even though sometimes on both sides.

125. LORD, WE'RE CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE! HELP US TO BE FAITHFUL PUBLISHERS OF THY WORD. Thank You, Jesus! Praise You, Lord! Hallelujah! Even so let it come quickly, Lord Jesus, whatever. ... Amen.

126. AMEN, GIRLS AND BOYS, GOD BLESS YOU ALL! I LOVE YOU and thank you for your faithfulness and all your help getting His Words that are doing such a great work to the world that's waiting for them! Praise God! God bless you! (282:27-29)